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Perfect Christmas Pranks for the Kids

Every year I have to be THAT mom and have a little fun with my kids. Life just isn’t the same if you do not spend time having fun. I think Christmas time is the perfect time to have a little good clean fun with the boys. I wanted to share some of my best prank ideas to pull on the kids.

Empty Box Wrapped Up

Okay, this one might be just plain mean, but it’s hilarious. Wrap a huge box with wrapping paper and place it under the tree. Don’t say anything and let your kids open it Christmas morning. I’m just saying that you have to have something amazing for them to open after pulling a prank like this.

Early Christmas

Take things from around the house and wrap them up. Surprise the kids about a week before Christmas and tell them you are having Christmas early. They may just love opening a box of brownie mix a week before Christmas.

Wake Them Up Early

Remember all of those mornings your kids have woken you up early to open presents? Now is your chance to wake up your kids early. Don’t wake them up TOO early, but 5 AM is always a great start. It’s great to get a reaction to them when it’s the adults waking them up early to open presents.

Disappointing Presents

One of the best pranks to pull on the kiddos at Christmas time is to gift them with a really bad gift. Have a sponge lying around? Use that to help prank your kids this Christmas season.

Pranking your family on Christmas morning can be fun. I always say to use your imagination and everything will go just perfectly. Some may ask “why would you do such a thing?” Well, it’s all in good clean fun and I’m hoping my boys will look back and laugh someday!

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  1. Oh man too funny, I am try a few of these, but not waking them early no matter what! 😉

  2. This is great for kids but trust me from experience I tried it on my wife with a sponge in a Tiffany’s box and was banish to the shed till new years eve.

  3. These are great ideas!!! How fun. I can just see my boy’s expressions for them to. Isaak would have the sad puppy dog eye with raised eyebrows. Mica would just be pissed.

  4. I love it! I love the empty box idea simply because my kids are five and three and whenever we get a package in the mail they have fun playing with the empty box for hours, so I could legitimately wrap and say here ya go, since you like playing with empty boxes and toilet paper rolls so much… Too funny Robin!

  5. Presents are so much fun to pull pranks on. Thanks for the great ideas!

  6. You’re mean 🙂 But a lot of these are really funny!

  7. I wake up myself way too early still on Christmas morning. I just get so excited now to see my kids faces when they wake up. Though I may find a big box and wrap it up. Haha that would be great! 😛

  8. Oh my gosh, I love these! I’m so messing with my kids this year, consider it pay back for the countless hours of “I want that & I want that & I want that…”. LOL

  9. Hubby had real looking Lotto tickets one year. Let’s just say it was interesting…his sister fell for one and she’s a dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mama.It was not so pretty, which made him laugh harder. lol

  10. OMG those are hilarious! Your poor children! These are like when Jimmy Kimmel has parents tell their kids they ate their Halloween candy!

  11. There have been times where we were so ancy because Santa had came that WE woke our kids up early! They were sleepy but really excited.

  12. They’re totally going to pay you back over the years. I can’t wait to see what they do!

  13. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who enjoys playing pranks with the kids. My husband, on the other hand, doesn’t always appreciate my pranks. 😉

  14. Way too much fun. I would love doing these.

  15. These ideas look fun and I love the fact that you are making some great memories!! It’s always good to laugh!!

  16. I like that you aren’t afraid to have fun with your kids. Some parents are so uptight they’re afraid to joke around with them

  17. I think your Christmas pranks are hilarious. I’ll be trying one or two on my family this year. Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. You’re a mean mom, but I guess it’s better than the mom who told her kid that she ate all of his Halloween candy.

  19. These are funny ideas! My sensitive boy might not forgive me if I pulled one on him

  20. Fun! We have always played praks on my mom at Christmas. Last year i got a huge tablet from staples. The kind that goes on an easel. I wrapped it and gave ir to her as hwr gift. After a laugh i gave her her real tablet, a Kindle.

  21. I can just imagine the looks on my kids faces if I did some of these. I have 1 that would think it is funny.. and 1 that could go either way – he would either be super upset or laughing.

  22. My MIL would wrap one of her old sneakers when she was giving the girls a piece of jewelry. We always loved the expression on their face. Love your ideas

  23. I love this! I’ve done the lame present prank on my son a few time hehehe
    My hubby is King when it comes to doing that though. He loves giving us empty boxes filled with wrapping paper.

  24. I always loved the idea of a White Elephant gift exchange, but no one here is ever on board. I will have to get my chuckles playing a few pranks like these on the girls now!

  25. Oh I love the really bad gift idea…I think I will do that this year for my grown children. It will be FUN!!!!

  26. Haha I’m such a prankster and may try some of these with my boy when he’s older. I really want to wrap up a box with one orange inside and give it to my brother this year then act really sad when he’s disappointed with it – evil aren’t I 🙂

  27. My daughter is 10 years old and one thing she loves is pranks! I would love to prank her with one of these, she would think it was so funny!

  28. This is great! My girls are only 2 and 3 but once they are older, I will have to take some of this in to consideration! haha!

  29. This is great!! I’m not sure I’d do this because my kids are so young yet, but I think this would be great when they’re older! They may just hate me for it though. These are so funny!

  30. You’re a nut! I keep telling my son, “I can’t wait until Christmas! You’re going to LOVE all the awesome underwear Santa got you!” He’s too smart though, he throws it right back at me with “La la la, spoiler alert!” Wake them up early? I used to be up ALL night waiting for my mom to get up!

  31. My husband would love these ideas…very fun!

  32. Haha! These are awesome! Except waking up at 5….not doing that one! Lol

  33. Oh I have totally wrapped up empty boxes for the boys and even my oldest as well. They didn’t like it one bit. One year we hid most of their gifts and put the crappy ones under the tree. You should have seen their face on Christmas morning. 🙂

  34. OMG, you are so hysterical! My in-laws have tried a few of these on the grandkids, and it’s always a hoot to see their facial expressions. Glad to know we’re not the only sadistic family on Christmas morning! 😉

  35. These are great! My kids are at the stage where they still wake US up early! 🙂

  36. My son wants an Xbox One for Christmas. I’m thinking of getting him one but taking it out and just wrapping up the box. I can’t wait to see his reaction!

  37. Hahaha, I’ve never heard of Christmas pranks before. 🙂 I loved the opening stuff from around the house prank.

  38. This reminds me of the videos I saw from jimmy Kimmel’s show where the parents told their kids that they ate all their Halloween Candy. I dont think my kids would find this funny at all. They would just be mad – lol.

  39. Ha! Love how you are adding some fun to the holidays!

  40. Ha, ha, ha… now those are hilarious. I have never thought of pranking like this. How fun

  41. Great ideas! We have a tradition of wrapping empty boxes under the tree. At first my son would open them but then he learned that they had nothing in them.

  42. We play a game of dirty santa with silly and prank gifts every year. It’s always fun!

  43. I want to pull these fun pranks on my boys when they are a little older. They are still young enough to sleep in, so I enjoy that extra rest too much to pull the one of waking THEM up!!

  44. Great idea’s! I always woke up at like 2 am to get presents, lol but my parents always said Go back to bed!

  45. One year my parents got me a cell phone. But they wrapped socks inside my cell phone box and the cell phone inside a skincare box. haha

  46. I never thought about Christmas pranking before. I think it would be hilarious to have the kids open gifts and its household items…film it like the Jimmy Kimmel “I Ate Your Halloween Candy” series. LOL

  47. Awesome ideas! I love giving the kids socks and underwear for their first couple of gifts — just to keep their expectations low, ha ha!

  48. Those are some hilarious ideas. I’ve got to do at least one of these this year.

  49. I just said this morning I was going to give my middle son half presents because he was supposed to sweep his floor this morning and he did half of it and left it. I told him I would get him a skateboard and no wheels or a new tablet with no battery to try to get him to learn what its like to only give half effort. So glad you posted this! lol

  50. Well, I personally love the one about giving them a sponge. I’m seriously thinking about ‘extra homework’ though. Their grades bite. If they open a box of worksheets, and they are told they don’t get their real gifts until the grades come up, maybe they’ll be a tiny bit more studious!

  51. These are funny, but I don’t know about the early wakeup thing. That would mean WE would have to wake up.

  52. We have done the empty box presents.. Very funny pranks when you see their faces when they open it.

  53. Those are really funny pranks, and so harmless. However, my son has autism and does not understand many jokes, so these would not work in my house!

  54. Haha I love the early Christmas one – I would probably have been so confused as a kid lol.

  55. I remember my dad duct taped a gift for my cousin one year. We definitely like to have a good time joking around with gifts. 🙂

  56. What a great way to build up a gift! Wrap something disappointing! I can’t wait to okay some pranks

  57. Hahah these are too funny! I may do a couple of these on my toddler. #DontJudge lol

  58. Bwahahaha. Oh, Robin, you are DELIGHTFULLY evil. I’m totally doing this to my son. >:)

  59. Lol. These are such great ideas. My family is into practical jokes.

  60. So funny, love the empty box idea, but it has to be one huge box! lol

  61. I do remember buying a small bag of (bubble gum) coal one year for one of my kids.

  62. Lol… these are too funny. I would actually pull off the empty box prank, or old sponge prank with my kid!

  63. Omg this is just awesome!!!! Wayyy too funny!!!!

  64. LOL – I’ve never even thought of pranking the kids but this is a great idea! Although that empty box thing miiight be a little too far for the first go-round. 🙂

  65. I’ve got to send this to my sister. She can visit some of this evility on my niece and nephew. =D

  66. These pranks would be awesome haha. Glad none of the pranks go too far. 🙂

  67. I love what you have been doing with elf on the shelf. What fun photos on instagram.

  68. We used to do GIANT boxes full of paper and then like one or two dollar bills in it! That was so fun.

  69. These are all really great ideas. We always use multiple boxes to wrap presents.

  70. I love pranking the kiddos. I’ll have to give a couple of these a shot!

  71. These are hilarious ideas, but I’m not sure I’d have the heart to do it. Maybe when my kids are older and more annoying. 😉

  72. Ha! Moms of boys right? I will be trying all of these except getting up at 5. No way.

  73. The empty box trick is hilarious! I might try that one!

  74. We have played some fun ones over the year including the empty box. The kids always loved them.

  75. These are hilarious! I’ll definitely have to try it on my kids this Christmas season.

  76. These are great prank ideas. I like to add cans to a gift to make it heavy.

  77. These are comical. I think it is funny to put something very small in a huge box. ha!

  78. LOL! Your boys are gonna love you when they are older! You are always thinking of the funniest stuff!

  79. These are all fantastic pranks to pull on the kids. I will have to try a few this year.

  80. Lol. This is so fun! I better try some of these with my kids

  81. I’m all for a good prank, but I’d never prank a kid at Christmas- they are so excited for the holiday! It’d be mean. But my husband…. well, he’s open season.

  82. My kids have been horrible lately. I might need to give them a sponge.

  83. Those are too funny. I would love to wake my teenager up at 5 am – he would not be a happy kiddo.

  84. Wow — I’ve never tried a prank on Christmas. Fun ideas.

  85. These are funny. I am sure the little ones won’t mind being woken up early though! ha!

  86. I’ve thought about doing the empty box for Christmas myself. It’s like putting a raw egg in with the hard boiled ones for Easter. LOL

  87. LOVE The empty box idea! LOL This year we got the boys an Xbox I think we will have to do a scavenger hunt for them to have to find this gift!

  88. I love the idea of waking them up early! I would have loved that as a kid! My parents always made us wait until they were showered and dressed!

  89. I cant wait for my kids to be older to do these things! Makes me laugh!

  90. These all sound so funny, but I don’t think I could do this to the kids; I much prefer seeing their smiles!

  91. How funny for the common prankster! I bet some kiddos get a kick out of this.

  92. This is a great list for Christmas pranks. I’ll have to share this around LOL.

  93. I just may give that waking them up at 5am a go, if I can get out of bed that early lol

  94. These tricks seem to be bearable. I wonder who will get mad. Haha

  95. Lol! I will do this when my son gets older. Right now all he cares about is ripping the paper. Well, I can do this to my little brother and sister though. That would be hilarious!

  96. LOL Just reading these and imagining them made me laugh! I love the bad gift one – might try that with our 12 yr old >:)

  97. Since I don’t have a kid yet, I can’t put these tricks on test. BUT, as soon as I get one, I will be one annoying mom! 😀

  98. I love these ideas, they’d be so hilarious!

  99. I don’t think I would ever do these, but they are funny!

  100. Love these ideas, to play tricks on the kids would be priceless!

  101. Too funny. My mom was a prankster. She used to wrap tiny boxes inside of boxes inside of boxes. You spent half your morning unwrapping this giant box only to discover a tiny box. She didn’t do it every year. When I was younger I think it was Barbie shoes or something. When I was older it was slippers. One year she hid a birthstone ring inside of a jewelry box. I had no idea why I was getting this ‘dumb’ box since I didn’t really have jewelry to put in it. So, I sat it aside and went on to the next gift. My parents started to laugh. Pretty funny looking back on it now.

  102. Thank you so much for sharing, this is great. The kids will be out of school until 2nd week in January and I’m going to prank their little behinds.

  103. I did the empty box prank on a friend when we were teenagers, he never forgave me. We often pack small things in really big boxes for the kids

  104. This is hilarious, I am not sure I could do the empty boxes wrapped up. My 8 year old would have a total meltdown and the 6 year old would probably be so angry. The other ideas though? I would totally have fun with them. Very cute ideas!

  105. Hahaha… I’ve done a few of these myself. Another one that I do is wrap the present in many boxes. Takes them forever to figure out what it is.. hahaha gotta love it!

  106. These are all too funny! I never thought about doing prank gifts for the kids!

  107. LOL, these are great ideas! I would have been so mad if my parents used some of these on me when I was younger! Haha

  108. Love this! The wrapping and giving of an empty box is a yearly tradition in our house….but who gets it each year rotates!

  109. My Dad set the fire alarm off one Christmas morning really early to get us up. We were teenagers and he said it was pay back for all the early mornings we did to him throughout the years.

  110. I love these ideas, would love to do this one year!

  111. I’ve never thought of Christmas pranks at all. Now you gave me an idea. I think I’m going to do it this year. 😀

  112. We are big jokers here too. Another trick I’ve seen is to wrap a present inside a box of something else they would never want.

  113. Cute idea. I love the empty wrapped up box one.

  114. Ha! These are really cute ideas! Love them and will have to give it a try this Christmas!

  115. ha! I love these! I like the disappointing presents part the best and of course the waking up early. But I do think I’d do the 4am bit just because 5am wouldn’t be miserable enough! lol!

  116. Lol, too funny! I’ve never thought of Christmas pranks before!

  117. OH my lord! I love love these ideas 🙂

  118. My kids would not be laughing at these pranks at first,but I sure would be!! I must try t least one!

  119. Hahaha….these are hilarious! It will probably come up in therapy when they grow up but it sure would be funny!

  120. how cool! these are funny ideas!

  121. Oh how I love the empty box idea! So cool

  122. We always wake up early on Christmas day. It’s something we have done as kids and now I do with my kids

  123. My son would have an EPIC melt down! Empty boxes, bad gifts? He’d lose his marbles!

  124. Ahhhh, if only my kiddo didn’t wake up at 5 on Christmas on his own. Haha!

  125. I don’t think it’s mean as long as you tell them, once the box is opened, that they have been Punk’d 🙂

  126. HAHA!! These are great! I actually love doing the disappointing gifts, it’s fun to see my kids confused. Luckily they still say thanks for a roll of toilet paper.

  127. These are great pranks. I know we played these on my son when it was his birthday. We did the empty box gift.

  128. I’ve never pranked on Christmas, but these sound fun. The first one was the one I did with each of my kids at 1. None of them cared too much for the presents themselves, they LOVED tearing up the paper!

  129. These are some cool pranks. I love the empty box idea.

  130. I love these ideas! They are so funny, my boys would have a fit!

  131. OH!! we got our son the Xbox he was wanting!! I should totally wrap an empty box — and then have the real box hidden somewhere! that would be hilarious. well, for us at least. LOL

    I like the pre-Christmas gift idea too – I just happen to have a box of cupcake mix and I think they would love that.

  132. Okay got to admit these are funny ideas but it would be so mean. lol Thanks for sharing.

  133. It’s refreshing to see this pranks post in the midst of all of the “feel good” holiday posts going around right now. I love pranks. April Fools is the best! Why not bring a little April Fools fun to Christmas, right? Love it.

  134. I LOVE THIS! I think I will use your sponge idea for sure that will be awesome!

  135. hahaha! my daughter will definitely cry if try one of this pranks at her.. She’s such a sensitive little lady..

  136. Those are pretty funny actually. Last year my daughter was having doubts about Santa last year and ended up getting an empty box of Wheat Thins. She wasn’t too happy.

  137. Great ideas! I once cleaned my room and gave the trash to my aunt who was always bugging me to do the cleaning.