Nov 252009

I have a lot, and I mean a lot, of pet peeves. I am a very observant person and I always seem to pick up on things, especially the things that get on my nerves. Now, with that said, there are probably hundreds of things that bug me, but the subject I am about to touch on drives me BANANAS above all other things. I mean, it drives me crazy!! To the point where I actually get mad when I see people doing it.

Wondering what it is?

Ok, ok. It drives me absolutely INSANE when two people go out to dinner with each other. The two said people get seated at a booth and proceed to sit next to each other in the booth instead of sitting across from each other like they should be!!! I’m sorry, but there is no logical reason on the face of this earth as to why they anyone would choose to cramp themselves into a seat, right next to another person, when they have the other whole bench of ass space right across from them.

For the love of Pete people, just sit across from each other. If not, go eat at a greasy spoon with a counter, which is actually designed for people to be able to sit next to each other. GRRRR!

  10 Responses to “Pet Peeve”

  1. Too funny! I've actually noticed that happening quite a bit. Sure…I sit on the same side of the booth as my son, but definitely not my husband! I like a little breathing room while I eat.

  2. How funny. I have a ton fo pet peeve's as well. That is not one of them but it definitely makes me wonder. I think it is weird, like they can't get enough of the person they need to be next to eachother. Absolutely horrible for convrsation as well.

  3. LMAO….we are sooo much alike it is scary sometimes!!
    i am the same way, i would be staring at them giving dirty looks and rolling my eyes the whole time!!!

  4. That especially frustrates me when there are 2 people taking up a booth made for 4 or (gasp!) 6 and a group of 5 that walks in is forced to sit at a table with extra chairs pulled up…grrrrrr!!

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  5. I can't stand the sound of ANYONE chewing so the farther away they sit, the better….

  6. I have enough of my own pet peeves and plenty of them drive me up the wall. The sitting on the side of the booth however gives me one of two reactions. Most days it's an eye roll with a thought of get a life. Other days, when I'm feeling generous (or maybe I'm feeling mean) it's more like, wow, there are two really sad souls that are in a co-dependent relationship…I feel really bad for the life they must have. Either way – not very nice of me and I will try to be better tomorrow. 🙂

  7. You'd hate the Hamptons.

  8. This cracked me up. Not because the samething bothers me, because it doesnt really, but I have plenty of crap like this that does!

  9. This isn't something that seriously bothers me, but it would be annoying to have my significant other sitting right next to me, especially when he's left handed and I'm right.

    Plus, I like sitting room!

  10. I don't like that either. Why wouldn't you want to face the person you're eating with? Unless of course, they are a food spitter. In that case, parallel seating makes sense.