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Here in Massachusetts a sandwich isn’t just a delicious combination of lunch meat, condiments and bread – it’s a town on Cape Cod, too. Yes, the actual name of the town is Sandwich and what a lovely town it is. I actually spent many childhood summers in Sandwich and I have so many fond memories of all my time there. My Great Aunt Millie and Uncle Jack used to rent a beach cottage on N Shore Blvd every summer and as kids we loved visiting them and playing on the beach. Sure there are beaches in Maryland (where they were from), but there is something really special about Cape Cod and it kept them coming back year after year.

Aside from the amazing beaches, there is charm everywhere you look. Cape Cod is filled with antique shops, boutiques, museums, cafes and so much more. It really is a wonderful getaway destination and I have just the place for you to stay when you start planning your trip to “The Cape”: The Dan’l Webster Inn & Spa!

 The Dan'l Webster Inn & Spa is the perfect destination for your Cape Cod vacation, business gathering, wedding or simply a quick Cape Cod getaway.

The Dan’l Webster Inn & Spa in Sandwich, Cape Cod’s oldest town, has been in business for over 300 years. When you book a stay in one of the 48 guest rooms/suites at the Dan’l Webster Inn & Spa, you will be pleasantly surprised when enter your guest room. Each room has it’s own lovely decor and is full of amenities that you will help you to have a comfortable stay, including WiFi, a coffee maker, hair-dryer and more. If you are looking for a little more than just a room, there are suites available which feature canopy and/or four-poster beds, fireplaces and over-sized whirlpool tubs.

Don’t get me wrong, the Dan’l Webster is very family friendly, but if you’re looking for a romantic getaway, look no further.  You can’t get much more romantic than a Jacuzzi and fireplace right in your room. Order some room service and you may never even have to leave the room!

 The Dan'l Webster Inn & Spa is the perfect destination for your Cape Cod vacation, business gathering, wedding or simply a quick Cape Cod getaway.

The Dan'l Webster Inn & Spa is the perfect destination for your Cape Cod vacation, business gathering, wedding or simply a quick Cape Cod getaway.

The Dan’l Webster Inn & Spa has a very special place in my heart and I was super excited that I got to spend a night there recently.  When we were kids visiting my aunt and uncle in the summers, we would go to the restaurant at the Dan’l Webster Inn for breakfast every Sunday. It was such a treat. My favorite thing on the menu was the french toast with bananas foster, and I was excited to have it again during my recent stay at the Inn! It was just as good as I remembered.

The Dan'l Webster Inn & Spa is the perfect destination for your Cape Cod vacation, business gathering, wedding or simply a quick Cape Cod getaway.

Speaking of the restaurant at the Dan’l Webster Inn, did you know that they were named one of the top 1% of restaurants in the country? True story. Dining there is more of an experience than just a meal. The Chef’s fusion of regional and organic ingredients creates a healthy, contemporary American Cuisine which has been inspired by Cape Cod. Of course Cape Cod is known world-wide for its fresh seafood and the chef at the Dan’l Webster Inn has created some real seafood masterpieces for the menu. The Dan’l Webster Inn also has an impressive collection of wines, single malt scotches and micro-brewed beers on draft, so it’s safe to say there is something for everyone.

The Dan'l Webster Inn & Spa is the perfect destination for your Cape Cod vacation, business gathering, wedding or simply a quick Cape Cod getaway.

While you’re there, pamper yourself in their luxurious Beach Plum Spa. The Beach Plum Spa at The Dan’l Webster offers the ultimate in luxury for Men and Women…from completely organic Body Treatments and relaxing Massages to soothing Facials and more!

The Dan’l Webster Inn & Spa is the perfect destination for your Cape Cod vacation.  It’s in a great location on the cape and once you’re there, you will never want to leave. Find them at 149 Main Street in Sandwich and book your reservation at the Dan’l Webster right here: https://www.danlwebsterinn.com

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  1. This is the kind of place you want to go to when you’re in desperate need of some rest and relaxation! It’s perfect for a quick getaway during the weekend as well, after a long and stressful week!

  2. If we ever decide to travel in that direction sounds like perfect place to stay. Love all great photos of the place.

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  4. That looks like a really romantic place to stay. I’m not sure I’ll ever be in that area, but if I am, I’ll totally check that place out! I really love the tub area, so fancy!

  5. A town named Sandwich is a place I definitely want to go. I love love your hotel room, I want to stay in a place that has a huge tub like that!

  6. Jaccuzzi and fireplace in the rom? I NEED a room like this stat! It would be great for a romantic getaway but just a solo break too :-).

  7. What a great place for a vacation! You could totally stay in the room the whole time. 🙂 I wonder if it’s already booked up for Valentine’s Day.

  8. The bed and jacuzzi are enough to get me on the road NOW. The french toast is enough to get my husband in the car with me. LOL!

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  10. Oh yes, I would love to stay here and relax. I’d be sitting in that hot tub with a good book. And pigging out in the restaurant.

  11. We need a getaway like this! I love everything you wrote and the pictures you posted! Ideal place to chill and relax!

  12. I always think of the Cape as a summer place so when it is under 20 degrees I don’t think of it. It does look so quaint and the food so good so I would love to go anytime.

  13. This looks like a wonderful romantic getaway! I have been needing a romantic vacation! Maybe one of these days my husband and I will travel up that way.

  14. I would love to go on a romantic getaway. My friend went to Cape Cod recently and had a great time. I would love to check out this spa in person.

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  17. This looks like a beautiful place to visit! My husband and I never got to go away for our ten year anniversary last year, one of our kids decided to break their arm which meant cancelled plans. We have been wanting to plan a new trip for just us, this seems like a great option!

  18. The Dan’l Webster Inn & Spa looks like it has a lot of character. I mean 300 years old, that says a lot. I’ve yet to have visit Cape Cod but it’s on my travel bucket list.

  19. I thought we were coming up that way this year but it’s not coming together yet. Cape Cod was on the list and this would be a great place. We’ve never been there.

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  21. What a beautiful place. So romantic. As I am reading your post, I am listening to songs by the Cranberries. The lead singer died unexpectedly today. Your inn is so romantic, it seems inspired by the songs I am listening to.

  22. Oh my goodness, I have always wanted to go to Cape Cod and the decor and aesthetic of this inn is right up my alley. Plus, who doesn’t love a spa day?!

  23. This looks like an amazing place to stay. I am already dreaming of a relaxing soak in that tub.

  24. First of all, I am absolutely fascinated by the name of the place, Sandwich. The place looks so charming and ideal for a quiet getaway.

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  33. I would love to stay with my hubby at this hotel. If we ever get a chance to get away together I will definitely keep this place in mind. The food looks amazing too!

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