Oct 252017
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Conagra Brands sponsored this post, but the opinions are my own!
You never know when you will need a delicious meal in a pinch. Banquet and Marie Callender's Pot Pies are perfect for those times.

Do you ever have nights when you plan out a great family meal, but then everything goes wrong? You know those nights…you’re running late, there’s traffic, you get a flat tire, practice runs late – you know what I’m talking about! You finally get back home and everyone is starving, but by now it’s late and there isn’t enough time to get that fancy pants meal on the table. Thankfully there are Banquet or Marie Callender’s Pot Pies to the rescue!

With Banquet or Marie Callender’s Pot Pies you can whip up a quick and delicious meal for yourself and your whole family. Even better, why not stock up on Pot Pies for a great price at Walmart. Then you will always have some in your freezer when you need them. There are lots of varieties, so everyone can have a pot pie they like.

You never know when you will need a delicious meal in a pinch. Banquet and Marie Callender's Pot Pies are perfect for those times.

Banquet Pot Pie options: Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Broccoli Pot Pie, Beef Pot Pie, Turkey Pot Pie and Sausage Gravy Pot Pie!

Marie Callender’s Pot Pie options: Chicken Pot Pie (16 oz. and 10 oz.), Turkey Pot Pie, Beef Pot Pie, Chili Pot Pie, Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie, Mushroom Chicken Pot Pie, Parmesan Chicken Pot Pie and Veggie Pot Pie.

Have you ever tried a Banquet or Marie Callender’s Pot Pie? They are delicious. They have a wonderful homemade taste that you want to savor! The Golden flakey crust is made from scratch (just don’t forget to cover the edges with foil when cooking in the oven).

You never know when you will need a delicious meal in a pinch. Banquet and Marie Callender's Pot Pies are perfect for those times.

My family gobbles their pot pies up every time I make them!  A definite family favorite around here.

You never know when you will need a delicious meal in a pinch. Banquet and Marie Callender's Pot Pies are perfect for those times.

If you are heading to Walmart to stock up, be sure to use this Ibotta offer when you go: Earn $0.50 with purchase of 2 of either Marie Callender’s Pot Pies or Banquet Pot Pies 16 oz. or smaller. You might as well save even more while you’re going to stock up anyways, right?

Know what else pot pies are great for? Second lunch. Yes, you read that right- second lunch. My boys, especially my 13 year old, comes off the school bus starving every day. I mean hangry! I like to be prepared with second lunch to help tide them over until dinner time. I’d rather feed them an extra meal than have them snacking on and off for 3-4 hours until dinner time.


Banquet and Marie Callender’s Pot Pies have saved dinner in my house on many occasions, which is why I always have a stash of them in my freezer. You never know when you will need a delicious meal in a pinch and these pot pies are perfect for those times.

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  53 Responses to “Pot Pies For Dinner FTW #potpieseason”

  1. I swear, it’s like we’re sisters from another mister. I keep both of these brands in our freezer at all times. They are perfect for hectic days – which I have a lot of! LOL

  2. My kids eat second breakfast, and while they have lunch, they’re SO HUNGRY when they get home from school/daycare. It’s been so long since I’ve had chicken pot pie. I’m definitely stocking up this weekend!

  3. These really are perfect as quick meals for busy kids. I like that there are quite a few different varieties!

  4. My husband is a pot pie fanatic! He could eat them every night! We have a few Banquet pot pies in the freezer right now!

  5. My dad always loved Banquet potpies. He always kept a few in the freezer.

  6. I just had a chicken pot pie today. This is one of my favorite comfort meals.

  7. That sounds delightful! It’s definitely convenient to have this in the freezer in case you have no time to cook dinner!

  8. That’s definitely something that I would have stocked in the freezer. I get you with the boys being hungry all the time! These would be perfect!

  9. That’s pretty awesome! I love meals that are easy to prepare especially since I started with my business, days can get pretty busy! These are the kind of meals that I turn to on those days.

  10. These look delicious! It’s always nice to have an easy dinner night!

  11. Pot pies are among my favorite dinners. I grew up eating them!

  12. I love pot pies! I always keep a couple chicken pot pies in the freezer- just in case. They’re also great for a late snack 🙂

  13. You are speaking my love language with this one. I adore the MC Pot Pies in the restaurants and at home. The quality is so fantastic.

  14. Comfort food for the win! It is the best time to cozy up with warm foods that fill your heart and your belly. Not having to spend all day in the kitchen means I get to spend that time with the people I love.

  15. We love getting those for dinner. They’ve got veggies and a good amount of protein and they fill everyone up plus they’re cheap!

  16. I am going to stock up on these too. I have those days way too often and I always worry I am not giving my family healthy, nutritious food. These pot pies would be a welcome treat for us. And for sure we won’t have a problem with the taste and quality.

  17. That actually looks so good! I don’t know if Chicken Pot Pies are especially big in America, because I’ve never had one before! I really want to try it though!

  18. Chicken Pot pie is my husband’s favorite. If he could have it everyday for the rest of his life, he is fine with that. I will have to stock up on these pies. If I happen to have to work late, he can help me with dinner by popping these treats in the oven. Simple. Easy. Dinner served in a flash.

  19. We love these pot pies as well! I’m too lazy to make them on my own, so I love how easy these are to prepare. And they’re delicious.

  20. Funny thing my husband loves the Marie Callender pot pies won’t touch the Banquet ones and the kids love the Banquet pot pies but not the Marie Callender ones. So we have to keep both brands on hand. Add a salad or side veggie and dinner is done.

  21. We usually make everything from scratch. I can see if your in a hurry these would come in handy to have on hand.

  22. I have not had a pot pie in such a long time. But since the weather is getting coooold…I’m looking for more warm and cozy meals. And quick ones too! These look really good and super fast to make. I’ll definitely keep my eye out for them!

  23. Fall is the perfect pot pie season. Now if it would just get cool here in Texas. We love Me Calendars!

  24. I grew up on pot pies and love them! Since I’m the only one in the family who eats them, I’ll have to look for these in the grocery next time for myself!

  25. These look delicious, and I love how easy it makes mealtime. My daughter loves pot pies and it makes those busy evenings a lot easier, especially when I need the kids to fuel up fast for swim practice. I’ll have to stock up on these!

  26. The Banquet pot pies here locally are priced less than $1.00, and the Marie pot pies are not that much more, and you get a little more for your money. Both are delicious!

  27. I grew up eating these and the were perfect for busy nights when we had sports events or other activities. Haven’t had one in years but I might have to stock the freezer now and give them another try!

    • My dad loved these. I remember him keeping them in the freezer for busy nights when he didn’t have time to cook.

  28. Oh now these sound awesome, what a great dinner idea and so easy to make on a day you don’t want to do too much cooking.

  29. I know what you mean about hangry, my son comes home and eats his second lunch and two hours later is dinner. Those pot pies look very scrumptious and wholesome.

  30. My husband LOVES pot pies. For me, it reminds me as being a kid because my mom woul make Banquet Pot Pies all the time

  31. Tis the season for Pot Pies! I absolutely love them. So good!

  32. Pot pies are a go to when I don’t want to cook. I grew up on Banquets but after having Marie Calendars, no going back. The crust is worth having one.

  33. Oh gosh! Those looks so tasty and I am really eyeing that broccoli cheddar one sounds delicious! I am with you on having something as a back up plan for nights when dinner is chaos!

  34. These sound like such interesting flavours! I absolutely love pies so I’m sure I’d love to try these! And perfect for a quick family dinner

  35. The pot pis look like a great and healthy option. Would prefer the veggie ones though, great for stocking up for the festival season.

  36. There are so many options to choose from. Everyone can have their favorite! This is a great idea for a night in with the family!

  37. I literally just had a pot pie for lunch yesterday. Not this brand but i should try it.

  38. Pot pies remind me of my childhood, in a good way! My 17 yr old son loves them, there’s always a variety in our freezer.

  39. Growing up we would have tons of pot pies in the freezer so we could eat them after we got home from school. Super satisfying.

  40. It’s my first time to hear about this brand but I would love to try it. Those look delicious!

  41. These pot pies look delicious. They have been my go-to lunch back from when I was a kid.I’ll be getting more for the kids.

  42. Pot pies during the fall are winter are the best! I always stock up on Banquets, the y have the best price!

  43. I usually stock up on Banquet pot pies for whenever I need an on-the-go lunch. They are super tasty and convenient.

  44. I have seen these Marie Callendar pot pies at Walmart, but haven’t tried them yet. They look delicious!

  45. Pot pies are such a classic meal. The broccoli cheddar pies are something my daughters would really like!

  46. I’d like to try the veggie pot pie. They really are the best of comfort food when it’s chilly outside.

  47. I loved pot pies when I was a kid!!! They were one of the dinners I begged my mom for weekly lol. So yummy

  48. I think Banquet’s and Marie Callender’s pot pies are so yummy. They have saved me at meal time often. Especially for myself. They are so delicious.

  49. These definitely look like they would be perfect for those nights where things are hectic. Gonna stock on up!

  50. I never knew that they had so many varieties. There is definitely something that everyone will love.

  51. I also keep a few frozen dinner options on hand for nights when I don’t want to cook or have time. It really is a lifesaver and a money saver.

  52. They look good. I’ve only had a few pot pies in my life. They’ve been good each time.