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One of the great things about modern travel is that there are endless options for accommodations. There are countless choices when deciding where to stay when traveling far and wide. You can stay in a hotel, at a campground, in your RV, at a bed and breakfast, or even in someone else’s home! The variety of and style of overnight accommodations has evolved over time and now there are options to suit everyone. If you are thinking about booking a stay at a bed and breakfast these are the pros and cons. Check them out before you book to see if you’d enjoy this type of stay!

Pros of Staying in a B&B

Let’s be honest, I don’t always like to start with the positives but let’s mix it up a little today!

There are TONS of activities happening in house at most bed and breakfast locations. They schedule fun crafting, cooking, touring, and even little trips. Usually the activity levels at a bed and breakfast will depend on the owner but typically speaking there are lots of things to do when staying in a bed and breakfast.

Interaction / Meeting New People:
One of the benefits of staying at a bed and breakfast is meeting new people. Usually it’s a pretty tight knit arrangement so you’ll run into other guests during your stay. This can be great for making new connections, playtime for children, and just filling the down time during travel.

Most bed and breakfast locations have a theme. They keep all of their rooms, styling, and events on a certain theme. This can be really fun if the theme is something that you are interested in or something that you what to learn about! Sometimes bed and breakfast lovers go back to their favorite places just to stay in all of the different rooms.

Local Culture:
Staying in a bed and breakfast almost guarantees you a personalized experience. You will be staying with people who know the area and who are familiar with things that you can check out and enjoy during your stay. Most bed and breakfast locations are immersed in the local culture and this can be a great benefit when staying in areas that are unfamiliar to you.

Cons of Staying in a B&B:

There’s bound to be some drawbacks to staying in a bed and breakfast. They can be overlooked if you are a big fan but if you don’t know how you feel these cons of staying in a bed and breakfast should be considered before you book!

Touchy Feely Home Like Accommodations:
This might seem weird but  you should consider if it you like the ‘sterile’ feeling of hotel rooms. Staying in a bed and breakfast often feels like sleeping over at someone’s house. It’s a home like accommodation and it can be off putting if you don’t like feeling like you are in someone’s home.

Scheduled Activities:
If you go on vacation to wing it and take each day as it comes you might not enjoy staying at a bed and breakfast where much of your time would be scheduled and set up after check in. Of course the activities are not mandatory but they can feel that way when you are staying in a home with a group of people. For the relaxed vacationer bed and breakfast might not be the perfect fit.

Most bed and breakfast locations are not going to have the amenities that you are  used to seeing at a hotel location. They will likely be lacking a pool and hot tub, most of them are not going to have a gym with forty treadmills, etc. If these are the things that you LOVE in a vacation location then you might want to avoid the bed and breakfast scene.

Distance / Convenience:
Bed and breakfast’s are typically located a little out of the way. Some are located in the thick of things but if you are heading to a busy location so that you can experience all of the local attractions you might have to travel. Being at a bed and breakfast can also mean that you are further away from public transportation. You might have to call a cab or make sure you have a vehicle to travel to any of your ‘excursions’.

If you’ve never had a chance to stay at a bed and breakfast, it might be something to consider trying at least once. As with anything, do your research before you book and make sure you find one that’s a good fit for you.  If you’re heading to a touristy area, there are usually several choices available, so make sure you read reviews and make sure the amenities are what you are looking for.

Do you prefer bed and breakfast stays over hotels? What kind of accommodations do you typically book when you travel?

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  100 Responses to “Pros and Cons of Staying at a Bed and Breakfast”

  1. I think a bed and breakfast would be a great alternative since it gives you a homey feel and a comfortable place to stay in. You could also meet new people.

  2. Forbus staying at a bed and breakfast is all about getting away. We like this small ones. Less people. Look for places to hike and see great outdoors.

  3. I stayed in one in Vermont and the view from the bed was awesome.

  4. I love the charm of a bed and breakfast!! Th amenities would be a hard one not to have but sometimes it’s nice to just go with out some of them.

  5. We typically stay at larger hotels when we travel, but a bed and breakfast can be fun, too. Youre right- there are so many options nowadays when traveling!

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in a Bed and Breakfast. I do know that in Savannah, GA they had them all over. They looked fun to stay at for sure! I’d love to try it.

    I’ve only stayed in hotels and cabins before.

  7. I prefer hotels than B&B’s because I really love to feel like I am in a hotel not at home if that makes sense.

  8. These are some good points. I usually go for hotels by default but I like staying at the occasional B&B.

  9. I have stayed at a few bed and breakfasts and have always enjoyed myself. They are a great option and just something different.

  10. I’ve always wanted to stay at a bed and breakfast. But haven’t yet and I’m not sure why. I love the interaction with other people and the homey feel of them.

  11. Bed & Breakfast would be my go-to accommodations when I’m staying overnight. What I like about them is how they’re usually nicely situated in town plus they’re not as intimidating as hotels.

  12. This is a great post. I never thought of it before, but it CAN feel like you’re a guest in a home. That might throw some people off.

  13. I love staying at bed and breakfasts. It’s funny you mention the guest feeling as a con. When we first stayed at one, I had to keep reminding myself that I was basically in a more cozy hotel.

  14. I’ve always loved bed and breakfasts. I’ve never felt like I was a guest at a home in a bad way. Like I’ve never been worried. I really love that cozy feeling, actually.

  15. I totally agree with all that was said here! I’ve tried to find out what type of person I am, what type of accomodation I like, but it changes with every trip!

  16. Bed and breakfasts can be a great alternative to hotels if you like a more family style feel to your stay. We did quite a few of those before we had the baby.

  17. I don’t mind where to stay during my trip whether in a bed and breakfast or a hotel as long as I can get some rest 😉

  18. My husband, daughter and I stayed at a bed and breakfast a couple of years back. It was a different experience for sure. I think your pros and cons list is pretty accurate.

  19. Great photographs! And i totally agree with you, the local culture is a big pro for staying at a B&B.

  20. I definitely love the quaint, quiet of a bed and breakfast. It’s an experience in itself 🙂 It’s one of my favorite things to do when going to a place like Napa or a small town.

  21. I love a bed and breakfast when I want to get away from it all. They usually get me in a crafty/decorating mood too!

  22. I’ve been wanting to stay at a bed and breakfast for awhile now because i love all the pros, like the cultural stuff, and i think it would be a great way to experience the area and because hotels bring back bad memories. They are on the pricey side and they don’t have all the amenities i would like for that price. i just want to stay at one just once though!

  23. This is so true, great list of pros and cons. My husband and I will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary and were just discussing if we wanted to go away to a bed and breakfast or a resort. It does change the feel of the get away. We are still undecided.

  24. I used to love going to bed and breakfasts because the food was usually amazing. However, I am now liking going to hotels, I like that they don’t know me and care about where I am going. I am sure I will change back eventually!

  25. Aaand you lost me at scheduled activities. Up until that point I was fine with everything and mentally planning my first trip to a BnB.

  26. This is great to know. I’ve never stayed at a bed and breakfast before but I’ve always wanted to. I think it would be kind of neat!

  27. I don’t know why but I’ve never wanted to stay in a B&B. This makes me reconsider that though, I may have to check one out soon.

  28. I prefer hotels as I like having a pool. I bet there are some bed and breakfast with pools

  29. I really enjoy staying at bed and breakfasts. They are definitely not for everyone but they are a fun change of pace.

  30. So I usually just book a hotel, I prefer them, mainly because I can have more meals (foodie right here) so I have never considered a bed and breakfast. Thank you for sharing this! I must try. hopefully I can get to share with you, when I do. xo

  31. I’m not sure if a bed and breakfast would be for me. It sounds nice, but I like having pools and such. Plus I’d worry that everyone would want to talk to me before I’ve had any caffeine.

  32. I’ve never stayed at one before and had always been curious about them. I like my privacy.

  33. We’ve never stayed in a bed and breakfast before. But after reading this, I think I am going to plan a trip soon.

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  34. Okay my husband and I LOVE bed & breakfasts. We actually just stayed in our first hotel since we got married! I must say, I love the “homey” feel of the bed and breakfast. Great post!


  35. I’ve never stayed in a bed and breakfast before – but mostly just because I haven’t had reason to just yet. I think I’d like to try it at least once though, for the experience. This was a good list for newbies to see though – it’s always good to go into new experiences with a good idea of what you’re doing.

  36. We’ve never stayed at a bed and breakfast before, namely because of the lack of amenities. I have seen a few with private jacuzzi tubs and I think that’s when I would make the exception. I also think it would be a lot more of an advantage when in a foreign country, so as to soak up as much culture as possible.

  37. This post is so helpful because I’ve never stayed in a Bed-And-Breakfast before. I really like the theme and the room decor in the picture but wouldn’t like someone else planning my activities for me and the touchy feely home like accommodations.

  38. It has been years since we stayed at a bed and breakfast. I remember really enjoying the atmoshpere so I don’t know why we have never tried another.

  39. I don’t think I have ever stayed at a bed and breakfast. I guess it could be like staying at a friend or family’s house. But sometimes it is good to get away. You are right. The problem is where to stay because there are so many options.

  40. This post is so helpful because I’ve never stayed in a Bed-And-Breakfast before. I really like the theme and the room decor in the picture but wouldn’t like someone else planning my activities for me. I also would like the “touchy feely home like accommodations”.

  41. This is really helpful! We are staying at a B&B this spring and I am really not sure about it, but the rest of our extended family is excited.

  42. I am definitely more a hotel girl. Although the charm of a bed and breakfast is cute, I need my quiet space.

  43. I think a Bed-And-Breakfast theme would be good if you only prefer to relax and have time to rest and share most of the time with your partner.

  44. I’ve never stayed in a bed and breakfast before, and never really even look when booking vacation destinations. Thanks for giving me something to consider the next time we are traveling!

  45. We have never stayed at a bed and breakfast, but is something that I want to do for sure. I just think something so quaint would be nice for just hubby and I.

  46. We’ve stayed at a bed and breakfast a couple of time in our marriage and we have always had a positive experience, we really like the themed rooms!

  47. This is a great post, I’ve always been curious about what it’s like to stay at a b&b. I didn’t realize they typically have activities scheduled for you, that’s good to know!

  48. I usually stay at a hotel, but I do enjoy the occasional bed and breakfast. It really depends on where I’m staying and what I’m doing during my trip.

  49. I have never stayed at a bed and breakfast. I wasn’t sure what they entail until I read this. I may try it one day. I love everything about it except someone else planning my activities. I would like to just relax.

  50. Me and my husband are always stressed out from work. i think bed and breakfast getaway will surely wipe out our stress!

  51. I have to say I have never stayed at a bed and breakfast. I think I am turned off by it because I assume people bombard you when you’re there, at least that’s what they show on tv, lol. However, I know I’m being dumb. I have to try it someday because this place looks wonderful!

  52. I’ve never been to a bed and breakfast but I always hear such amazing things about them. I’m going to add them to my list of things to do for 2017.

  53. I stayed in a bed and breakfast in Hot Springs, AR! It was one of the best vacations that I enjoyed. This really brought back memories.

  54. Bed and breakfasts are fine although I find myself staying more in hotels. I think it depends on where you’re going and for how long.

  55. I tend to lean more towards hotels because shared bathrooms and thin walls freak me out haha! But we just stayed in a B&B recently on the Cape and loved it!

  56. We have some absolutely wonderful bed and breakfasts locally and we really enjoy staying at a couple of our favorites occasionally. I find it very calming and relaxing and always ends up being a special treat.

  57. I have never ever stayed at a B&B and this post just reminds me it is something I really need and want to do!

  58. We stayed in a bed and breakfast hotel before and I really loved the experience. I enjoyed the experience and meeting new people.

  59. It will always depend on who I’m with or where I’m going. It’s fun to stay at bed and breakfasts if you’re looking into a much quiet and peaceful vacation for the weekend, something like that. But if I’m with the kids, I would prefer to stay in a hotel.

  60. I am definitely more of a hotel person – especially as b&Bs tend to be in more far flung locations.

  61. Stayed in a bed and breakfast looks fun to do with your friends or loved ones. I always wanting to try it.

  62. I have always wanted to find a cute B&B to stay at. It would be such a different experience to hotels. I have a short trip coming up soon. I will have to see if I can book one for a night.

  63. A very good pro and con appraisal of the Bed and Breakfast vacationing approach.
    If you are into experiencing new information and culture of a place, the B & B is a good approach, but if you are the shy’er type of traveler and just want to do things independently, a hotel would be a better option.

  64. We usually opt for a hotel. We have done a bed and breakfast once, when we had a little overnight trip for Valentine’s Day. I think it’s better than you want to celebrate romance!

  65. I have never stayed in a bed and breakfast. I think it would be fun to try some day.

  66. I find that I enjoy both hotels and bed and breakfasts, it’s just that there are times when it’s better to stay in a hotel. Whenever I’m going on a short vacation with my husband, I like staying at a bed and breakfast!

  67. Bed and breakfasts are hit and miss with me. I love most homely rooms but I hate the ones look too homely as if you’re staying over at someone’s house, like you said 🙂

  68. I kinda mix it. If the hotels in certain areas are too expensive, we don’t mind staying in B&B for a few days..But you’re right, I always enjoy the facilities and amenities at the hotels, so B&B will be the next choice

  69. I would love to experience a bed and breakfast one time. I think that the pros definitely outweigh the cons for me.

  70. Great list of pros and cons! I’ve never stayed at a bed and breakfast but I’ve always wanted to give it a try!

  71. Yeah, I totally understand the “touchy feely” home accents part. I’ve considered staying in a bed and breakfast but don’t think I would do it if there was a comparably-priced hotel option.

  72. We stayed in one last winter and we had so much fun! The key is higher end…I need it to be nice with that close of quarters. Haha!

  73. People with rules and strict routines tend not to travel much anyway, so I guess that checks the amenities out from the list. Regardless if you started with the positives, they all simply outweigh everything else. The satisfaction and enjoyment is just there!

  74. I have never been to a bed and breakfast! Ive always wanted to try one out though, just to see what they are like!

  75. This was a great post! We stayed at a bed-and-breakfast one time man really loves the homey feel and the breakfast was amazing! We stayed at he black swan in New Smyrna, FL

  76. Ive never in my life stayed or even thought about doing a bed and breakfast. I just never grew up going to one and maybe its a millennial thing to just plan our own trips now. I think I would do it once though thanks for the great info!

  77. This is a very balanced view on bed and breakfasts. My hubs and I have talked about staying in one before, but always talk ourselves out of it for several of the cons you have listed.

  78. Very helpful tips indeed! We stayed one in Colorado and it was OK. I think I’d prefer staying in a hotel instead. Thanks for sharing.

  79. I love to travel and often stay in Hotels. I’m not one nor have i ever been one for a B &B. partly due to a bad experience. However, I love the clinical cleanliness a hotel has ( even though i know its probably no cleaner). Having said that, there are more BnBs sprouting up that offer that hotel feel on a smaller exclusive scale. For that reason, once day I might just try staying at a BnB. thanks for sharing,

  80. f you have a personal bathroom I think it’s a-okay. If you have to share, I’m not overly keen. The sense of community though is always nice (outside of that).

  81. thanks for sharing this. i love how you added the cons as well as the pros

  82. I have actually never stayed at a B&B before but I really wan to! Thanks for this post!!

  83. I’ve stayed at a bed-and-breakfast when I went wine tasting on Long Island and it was perfection. But I also stayed at another place on the shore that didn’t really live up to expectations, so I can definitely see the pros and cons. I think it’s best to do your research and see if you can find reviews or get recommendations.

  84. This is such a great post! I love bed and breakfasts but mostly do them only with my husband and no kiddies!

  85. I would love to do that, it’s been too long for me! Looks like a yummy breakfast!

  86. I’ve stayed in a few bed and breakfasts in my time, and I must say I quite enjoy them. However, I think I’m more of a hotel girl at heart! Especially when they are modern with lots of facilities.

  87. Getting to know people who know the area is also one of the advantages, glad that you mentioned that. I don’t have a problem with the idea in general, BaB’s are awesome.

  88. For sure I’d like to experience one especially with different themes! It’s also a great way to meet people who know the place.

  89. Both me & my husband travel a lot and we have experienced the bed-and-breakfast staying in the past. I agree with all the cons and pros mentioned by you and I always take the positive side of meeting new people & also love the chance to explore local culture as well!

  90. i have never stayed at a B&B before but I really want to. You did a great job of laying out the pros and cons. I’m more of a hotel girl, but like i said, i want to try one sometime.

  91. I love staying a bed & breakfasts! There’s just something so much more personal–like out of a Nicholas Sparks novel!

  92. I like the feel of being in a hotel when I am traveling and I agree with you, the bed and breakfast can feel like sleeping over someone’s house.

  93. I had no idea that B&B’s offered activities – maybe that’s just in America? The one’s I’ve stayed at the UK just give you breakfast and then you’re on your way! 🙂

  94. No breakfast in bed with 2.5 year old at home for me hahaha

  95. We only choose B & Bs of we are going away for less than 3 days and the accommodation reviews are eitehr fantastic or we have stayed before. We love Luxury, most B & Bs are simply basic….not meant for longer stays!

  96. This post makes me want to plan a trip the soonest 🙂 Perfect to relax and have quality time with hubby. Thanks for this very helpful post.

  97. I haven’t stayed at a bed and breakfast before. I’d like to check one out. The cons don’t bother me. It helps a lot to have a heads up of what to expect. Thanks!

  98. We have been to many B&B. I enjoy them. I love meeting people. I also love the breakfast. Almost all of the breakfasts we have had have been so good, much better than any hotel offers. However, sometimes I would like some more privacy or I don’t want to talk to the individuals in the house.

  99. This reminds of the episode of Bob’s Burgers where the wife tries to turn their apartment into a bed and breakfast. xD We have some lovely ones around here but I’ve always been too afraid to try because I feel like it will be too awkward. Ah, someday – hopefully.

  100. I’ll go for bed and breakfast if I stay there with hubby. It looks romantic!

    Mhaan | http://www.mommyrockininstyle.com