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I don’t know about you, but it’s not even Christmas and I’m exhausted. All of my out of town in-laws were back home for two weeks and there were many family get-togethers over those weeks, so when it came time for me to host a get-together the last thing I wanted to do was a lot of cooking for it. Then I heard about Qdoba’s catering bar, which features a hot buffet-style lineup of bold flavors that makes hosting holiday parties super easy.

Qdoba offers fresh, delicious Mexican food and perfect for business or personal occasions. You can serve as few as ten people or more than a hundred with their Hot Bars or boxed lunches. Set up is a snap and each Hot Bar comes with everything you’ll need – napkins, utensils, and chafing dishes that keep the hot stuff hot.

When you order catering from Qdoba you can choose from a Hot Taco Bar, Naked Burrito Bar, Nacho Bar, Boxed Lunches or Breakfast Burritos. As you can imagine, I was torn about what to get.  I mean tacos are awesome, nachos are awesome and burritos are – you guessed it -awesome.

We ended up choosing the Hot Taco Bar. There is a 10 person minimum (order increments of 5) and it costs $10.50* per person. Per person without dessert is $10.00*
*Pricing for 10 and 15 person Hot Taco Bars will vary based on protein selected: grilled chicken or steak.

Now for the important part. Here’s what you get:

  • Marinated grilled chicken OR marinated grilled steak
  • Flour tortillas
  • Corn taco shells
  • Three salsas – Salsa Roja, Salsa Verde, Pico de Gallo
  • Cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Hand-smashed guacamole
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Handmade tortilla chips
  • Chocolate chip cookies or double chocolate brownies

They even offer beverages as an add on. Bulk iced tea or bulk lemonade are $6.99 each.

So now you’re probably wondering how it all works. Once my husband and I had decided that we wanted to go with a taco bar for our family get-together, I called my local Qdoba (in Wareham, MA) to get the ball rolling.  They went through a list of questions (my address, the date & time I wanted my delivery and my menu) and told me they would call me the day before to confirm.  The guy that was making the delivery actually called the morning of and he confirmed all of our information.

When the day and time of my party came, the delivery person, Tim, was on time and set everything up for me.  It was awesome.  I had him come in about 30 minutes before my guests were set to arrive and when they got to my house, boom!  Everything was all set up and ready to be devoured.

There is a $25.00 delivery & set up fee and additional long-distance fees may apply.

Overall the process was really easy and the food was delicious.  As promised they brought Sterno cans to keep the food warm until all of our guests arrived, so the food was fresh and warm for everyone.

Tim, the delivery driver also told us that if we returned the stand with the hot foods, we’d get a free entree when we brought it back. Score.

If you are tired of cooking already, you can celebrate the holidays this year by offering your guests customizable burritos, tacos or nachos from Qdoba like I did. It was completely painless and I will definitley be using their catering services again in the future. You can count on Qdoba to always be on time, and as they did for me, they’ll even set up the catering bar for you so you don’t have to lift a finger.  Easy peasy.

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  1. I wish there was a Qdoba near me! I’d definitely have them cater a holiday party or two for me. I love how (for a fee) they deliver and set up the food. What a great party idea.

  2. We are big fans of Qdoba! I love their burritos and Knockout Tacos 🙂 That’s awesome they do catering too. May have to remember this for my next party!

  3. I’m so sad our Qdoba closed. Thought they were just moving locations, but they haven’t returned!

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  5. How cool! We love Qdoba. They have such delicious choices. And I like how the guacamole is free.

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  12. That is my kinda food. And catering sounds even better because I don’t have to cook it!

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  14. We used them last week for our holiday party in the office. The set up was easy and the food was delicious. This was our second time using them.

  15. This is a great idea! I understand what you’re saying when being exhausted already. December is always the busiest month for me between work, my daughters birthday and Christmas parties and Christmas and New Years too.

  16. amazing…im always exhausted..and holidays are way more exhausting…so when catering is involved i am in 100%. great ideas keep them coming and i will keep reading and using and sharing

  17. There is one of these near me, but we’ve never been. This looks delicious! My family loves fajitas and tacos.

  18. I love Qdoba. I need to do this for our next family gathering. So much easier than cooking.

  19. This is an awesome idea and I bet the food id yummy!! Great idea!!

  20. Qdoba sounds like the perfect solution for a busy family get together. It sure comes in handy when you already have your hands full. The food looks delicious too!

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  24. What I love in Qdoba is it’s easy to make than cooking. This is such an awesome idea!

  25. This sounds good. It lessens the kitchen work and you got to serve a protein-rich snack. Tacos was an all time favorite in every party and that was the first one I am looking for in a family gathering.

  26. This is awesome, all you have to do is set everything up and you’re good to go! I love the convenience!

  27. Oh my goodness this is so freaking awesome! With this busy holiday season, sometimes dinner is the last thing I want to do!

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  30. We have a huge family get togethers for the holidays. A catering setup like this could make it SO much easier.

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  32. Such a great idea! I also get tired from all the cooking the festivities involve, so this catering bar sounds like the perfect solution. And everybody loves Mexican food!!!

    Carlota |

  33. This is totally worth the price. We don’t have a Qdoba anywhere near us, but if we did, this would be my go-to for the holiday season. I’m sure I spend at least $10 a person just making food.

  34. I had no idea! This might be an option for our daughter’s graduation party this summer. It’s so hard to find food that everyone will enjoy.

  35. I haven’t had Qdoba in forever. This is definitely a plus. Especially during the holidays. Being so busy can make us forget to cook and by the time you realize its too late.

  36. This is such a great idea! I find so many times that I spend more time in the kitchen cooking and getting things set up that I miss the time to spend with my friends and family! I haven’t ever had Qdoba but I think there’s one close by!

  37. Great idea! There’s a Qdoba near me; I’ll have to check this out! A burrito breakfast bar would be perfect for my holiday brunch with my in-laws.

  38. What an amazing idea. I eat at QDoba often and never thought of using this for a party

  39. With this, you can never go wrong with food! It’s definitely a perfect choice if you don’t have a lot of time to cook food for a party!

  40. With this, you can never go wrong with food! It’s definitely a perfect choice if you don’t have a lot of time to cook food for a party!

  41. I like Qdoba and a catering menu would make holiday entertaining easier. I don’t think we have one in our area which is a bummer.

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  47. What a great way to cater a holiday dinner!! I had no idea that Qudoba had a catering service like this!

  48. What a great way to cater a holiday dinner!! I had no idea that Qudoba had a catering service like this!

  49. This is completely ideal when I have family over for dinner! I love the entire setup and how easy it looks to clean up afterwards.

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    Belle | One Awesome Momma

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  56. I love Qdoba! That is amazing that they deliver and set up everything for you! I will definitely be using this service!

  57. My old job used to cater from them for Friday lunches! They’re SO good!!!

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  59. This sounds so easy! Mexican is one of our go to meals, grab a buritto, some meat and a whole bunch of salads and make your own!

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  74. I could eat a bunch of them and still look forward to having more the next day! Price is just right, I hope Qdoba branches out to other areas.

  75. This looks great.
    It makes it look like fun to put a party together!

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  91. There is a Qdoba in a nearby town but I have yet to give their food a try.

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