Jan 252014
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A couple of weeks ago, we took the boys up to Burlington, MA (about an hour north of where we live) to the Rainforest Cafe.  Every year when we go to Disney World, we eat at the one at Downtown Disney, but since we have one relatively close by, we decided to take them there as a treat.

My boys LOVE the animatronic figures they have there, which include elephants, gorillas, jaguars and butterflies.

Here are a few of the pictures I took of them while we were there:







We are BIG fans of the volcano for dessert there. Have you ever been to a Rainforest Cafe?

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  63 Responses to “Rainforest Cafe”

  1. I have never been but I have a grandson who would love it there You took some nice pictures

  2. Nice pictures it always entertaining there

  3. That looks like such a fun place to eat! I keep meaning to get over there to try one of those volcanos that I keep hearing about!

  4. How fun!! I’ve not been there in YEARS. I’d love to take my boys one day.

  5. Very fun place to go. We have one near us….the scenery is awesome and worth a trip. The food at ours could be a little better. Glad you all had fun…sure looks like y’all did.

  6. I have never been there myself, but looks like a fun place to eat! Have a great Saturday now 🙂

  7. it’s amazing how much they put into the decorating, isn’t it!! I like Rain Forest Cafe. 🙂

  8. I’ve been here twice I think, it’s such a very fun place to go especially when we’re with little ones. Now I can’t wait for my baby niece to grow a little older so I can bring her there!

  9. Of the big franchise restaurants, Rainforest Cafe is one of the more fun ones to eat at. I haven’t been there in ages and quite miss it.

  10. We used to go to the Rainforest Cafe in Las Vegas. Haven’t been there in years and not sure it is even still there. You got some great pictures of the boys in the Cafe.

  11. I have ate at the Rainforest before also. I really enjoyed it. Now that I have kids I think it is time to revisit it as I am sure they would love it too:)

  12. We love it there! My boys are constantly asking to go back! The Volcano is something we reserve for only special days!

  13. Wow! Pretty awesome place! I bet the kids really enjoyed the stay! I love all the decorations and human-sized animals!

  14. I like the elephants! They look the most real. Such a fun place!

  15. That lion painting is gorgeous! My favorite though is that macaw looking bird. I would LOVE to go to that place 🙂

  16. I had a chance to visit one once, except it was a smaller version in a mall. I loved it! I would be thrilled to visit a standalone one, I bet it’s a million times cooler than the mall version.

  17. It looks like you all had a great time. I have been to the one in Las Vegas before and I really enjoyed it. The next time I go to Florida I will have to make a stop there.

  18. I remember when RC’s were new the wait was literally hours! We haven’t been in eons.

  19. Must be an American thing. Never heard of it before.

  20. I love Rainforest Cafe! The closest to me is a couple hours away. Worth the trip! Great pics.

  21. I had no idea they have them outside of Disney and certainly not here! I went to the one at Disney once and wasn’t too impressed. I was overtly hungry and it took too long to get my meal, so I was grouchy. We should give it another try.

  22. We used to go off and on when the kids were younger. Its a lot like eating at a TGI friday’s but being surrounded by Disney-type animatronic magic. Its always a BIG hit for the under 10 crowd. The “storm” may be scary for the under 2 set if you are there that long, but other than that, I think even the really tinies are even captivated! (and yes, we love the Volcano dessert!)

  23. Looks like I am going to have to add another destination on our future vacation list… My autistic daughter (and the other two as well) would absolutely love that place. Food and Disney… nothing can compare.

  24. Rainforest Cafe is awesome! I wish I could take my kids there sometime… its great that you live close by.. Your boys seems to enjoy it 🙂

  25. Do we have these in Canada? I have no idea — maybe the major cities. Because this is sooo cool. My kids would love this. it would definitely be well worth the trip to check one out.

  26. Great photos! That is a fun place. We’ve been to the one in Downtown Disney and I believe the one in Nashua….well one in our neck of the woods anyway….:)

  27. i eat there when i’m at the downtown disney too! what a treat for them!!

  28. What a wonderful place! I’m sure any kids would love to eat there, and bigger people also. I would love to be able to visit it.

  29. I haven’t been to the rainforest cafe in forever!! I love the atmosphere there and all the special effects!

  30. We live close to Disneyland and love the Rainforest Café! Didn’t realize they had one all the way up in Mass, good for Disney. Love the Volcano Brownie dessert!

  31. that is a treat! I enjoy that place very much and the food is so comforting after a long day in a mall or walking the parks. Glad you don’t have to wait another year to visit it 🙂

  32. WE have been to one in the past but it has been years. Very fun experience though!

  33. I love Rainforest Cafe and TRex just for this reason. Atmosphere is everything here.

  34. I haven’t been to a Rainforest cafe before, but after reading this article it really makes me wish we could go! The Volcano dessert sounds amazing!

  35. I have never been to a Rainforest Cafe, but I have wanted to visit the one in my area for quite a while.

  36. I’ve never actually heard of the Rainforest Cafe, but it looks beautiful! I wish we had something like this nearby!

  37. We have a Rainforest Cafe in Galveston, Texas. It looks different than your cafe. Our’s has the lazy river, and the kids always have a blast floating through that ride!

  38. I have been to the one at Disney World and the one in Nashville. It’s been years since I’ve been there though!

  39. I like it that your boys are not resistant with picture taking, they look cool unlike my son who does faces lol. Looks like a beautiful place out there.

  40. We go to the Rainforest Cafe at the Mall of America. We love the huge aquariums, the animatronic animals and the thunderstorms. Really fun!

  41. We love that place! My daughter had her 4th birthday party there!

  42. There used to be one at one of the big malls here in Toronto … I don’t know if it’s still there.

  43. Nice pictures. 🙂 We have gone to the Rainforest Cafe every time we went to Disney. It is definitely an experience! 🙂

  44. Wow it looks amazing – I’ve always fancied gong to a Rainforest Cafe but we don’t have one nearby here 🙂 x

  45. We stay at the MGM Grande when we are in Vegas and so we usually eat at the Rainforest Cafe a couple of times a year. I love that place. Very lively and the food is good.

  46. I love the rainforest cafe. Whenever we go to Disney we always make an effort to get there as well. I have a photo of my youngest son sitting on the sign at the entrance to the park. 🙂 Great photos of the kids.

  47. I’ve never been to a Rainforest Cafe, but I have wanted to go for a long time. They look like so much fun! Now that my daughter is getting into animals, I know she’ll love it too!

  48. I LOVE Rainforest Cafe! They are a little pricey compared to regular chain restaurants but the ambiance and the little lightning show is always worth it!

  49. Yes, I’ve been to the one at Downtown Disney as well. It’s always fun for the kids (and adults too).

  50. I’ve never been to a Rainforest Cafe. Actually never even heard of it but it looks like a lot of fun for kids. My youngest boys are 4 and 6 and they LOVE things like this.

  51. my kids love this place, it’s so much fun. I wish there was one close to us.

  52. It’s pretty cool. in there.

  53. Rain Forest rocks! My kids loved it, however I wasn’t crazy about the food, but the fun made up for it.

  54. How cool! It looks so much fun! We are in Nashville (the closest rainforest cafe near us) but I think we are going to the cheesecake factory instead.

  55. we love Rainforest!! the one at Animal Kingdom was the kids’ fave so far

  56. I miss the Rainforest Cafe. We had one about an hour away but it closed down many years ago. 🙁

  57. So funny we have these same kind of picture! We love the rainforest cafe and try to go when we’re near one!

  58. My family always goes to the one in Downtown Disney when we visit Orlando. It’s always a hit with everyone.

  59. I love rainforest cafe! I wish ours was closer to us!

  60. We love going, it’s a drive to get there but it’s sure is a treat.

  61. We went to a Rainforest Cafe recently and had soooo much fun. The food is fantastic too!

  62. I was at one a long time ago…I think it was in Minneapolis. Cool place!