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When I first started dating my husband Christian, one of the first stories he told me was about how he applied to be on the very first season of SURVIVOR.  He tells the story about about how he had to fill out an application, write an essay on which Gilligan’s Island character he most resembled (he chose the Skipper because he compared himself to someone in a leadership role) and make a short video about what he would take with him to the island if he was chosen to go.  Thousands of people apply each season and while Christian was not chosen to be on the show, we never miss a season and we’re super excited about the premier of the 32nd season tonight on CBS!

Castaways embark on the most grueling 39 days in Survivor history and test whether brute strength, looks or smarts will be the attribute that helps capture the title of Sole Survivor. Also, one castaway deals with excruciating pain when a bug gets stuck in their ear, on SURVIVOR, when the Emmy Award-winning series returns for its 32nd season with a special 90-minute premiere, Wednesday, Feb. 17 (8:00-9:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


The spring edition of SURVIVOR was filmed on the island Kaôh Rōng in Cambodia and  will be themed “Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty.” The location offers harsh conditions and relentless weather for the castaways, presenting one of the most physically grueling seasons in the show’s history.

The groupings of the three tribes, each comprised of six castaways, possess similar characteristics that make their group unique – high IQ, muscular physique and physical looks –and test whether there is any truth to the pre-conceived notion that certain characteristics will help you win the game of SURVIVOR. All castaways will compete to outwit, outplay, outlast and ultimately be crowned Sole Survivor.

This season’s cast will include an Army veteran, an emergency room doctor, a bounty hunter, a former FBI agent, a pro poker player, a superfan, a quantitative strategist and a former NBA champion.


The battle begins when these three tribes compete:

The Brains Tribe
Peter Baggenstos
Aubry Bracco
Joseph Del Campo
Neal Gottlieb
Elisabeth Markham
Debbie Wanner

The Brawn Tribe
Cydney Gillon
Darnell Hamilton
Alecia Holden
Kyle Jason
Jennifer Lanzetti
Scot Pollard

The Beauty Tribe
Michele Fitzgerald
Anna Khait
Nick Maiorano
Caleb Reynolds
Julia Sokolowski
Tai Trang

Here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s premier episode:

SURVIVOR is hosted by Emmy Award-winning host Jeff Probst and produced by SEG, Inc. Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst are executive producers.


Be sure to follow SURVIVOR on all of their social media channels so that you can keep up with all the latest news and updates:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Survivor
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Survivor_Tweet
CBS Twitter: @CBSTweet
Instagram: @OfficialSurvivor_CBS

Will you be tuning in to SURVIVOR tonight?

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  1. Not really a fan myself, but still I know that this show has a pretty big following for all the years it has been on. So thanks for the reminder about the premier tonight 🙂

  2. I’ve personally never been a fan. It sounds like a new interesting take. Maybe I’ll give it a go this season

  3. I have never heard of the show before but it sounds like an exciting must watch program!

  4. I used to watch this show all the time, but haven’t watched for a few years. I should tune in. This season sounds pretty interesting!

  5. I have to say it isn’t one of have favorite reality tv shows. But I’ve never really watched a whole season. Maybe I’ll give a season a try.

  6. I have not watched this show since the second season.

  7. I watch it sometimes. I did not know it had been on so long.

  8. I didn’t even know this show was still on! I can’t wait to check this season out.

  9. I haven’t watched the show in years, but, I always pay attention to who wins.

  10. I still can’t believe they are on their 32nd season! That’s a long time. I miss watching this show with the girls and it would be nice to be able to watch it again. The theme sounds exciting. I hope it’s just as awesome as the other seasons!

  11. Survivor was one of my fave reality series… such a cool concept and honestly, I’ve thought of applying to it myself if it ever came to Singapore haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  12. My family and I used to watch this show and I really like this reality show. This is really great. I’m so excited to watch this again.

  13. Darn it, I’ve missed the premiere episode. Definitely going to have to watch the rest of the season. Sounds good.

  14. I love watching The Survivor series. I can really feel the drama and hardship in life.

  15. My family would love this show so much. I am excited for this season

  16. I enjoy watching the show, though I have missed some series. I am excited for this season.

    • Me too! I enjoy watching it but I’ve missed a few season. It would be great to be able to watch it again.

  17. I’m not a viewer of this show but just reading about a BUG getting stuck in someone’s ear is freaking me out!!!!

  18. I love Survivor and am super excited for this season. It sounds like it’s going to be great.

  19. I remember watching this with Rob and telling him there is no way either of us would make it a week, LOL. I haven’t watched this in a little while but I know this is something our 13 yr old son would probably like so we might be watching this again. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I didn’t even know a new season was starting to be totally honest with you! My oldest is usually the one who shares this tid bit of knowledge and she moved out so we are now in the dark! Glad I have time to set my PVR!

  21. I have only seen a few episodes over the years. It is amazing what the body can put up with.

  22. I admit my interest was piqued after watching the trailer. I wonder if they ever had a British version before as I would like to find out!

  23. I have not watched too much of the show. I do like watching the games and stuff like that but the whole rest of it kind of bores me. Your husband should apply again just for the fun of it.

  24. I am so excited that it is back on. I have watched every season and I can’t wait to watch this one.

  25. Oh wow can’t wait to watch! I’ve been a big fan of the show for years.

  26. I am SO excited that Survivor is back for another season. I’ve been watching it since season one, and it never gets old.

  27. I’m not a fan but saw the advertisement about the show and would love to watch but I keep forgetting to.

  28. I never got in to Survivor. It looks like a neat show, but I have too many to catch up on already!

  29. Unfortunately I am not. I used to watch it…but gave up after the Johnny Fair Play issue. Still think the Australia one was the best!!

  30. I really like this show! I haven’t seen it in a while thanks for reminding me I’ll be watching

  31. I use to be a major Survivor fan. I think I fell off the bandwagon once kids came around.

  32. I hate to actually admit this, but I have never seen an episode of this show. Ever! And it’s been around forever! I may have to try one this season!

  33. I admit it I never have gotten into this show but my sister in law loves it. She is always telling me about what happens. Enjoy your premiere.

  34. I haven’t watched this show in a while. I’ll have to tune in to watch it. I actually really love this show too.

  35. Sounds good such a shame its not aired here in the UK

  36. I have seen this show a couple of times and it always keeps me alert of what is going on in there.

  37. I haven’t seen this in a very long time, but my husband and I were just talking about it. Maybe we will catch this season.

  38. I love Survivor. This is one of those reality shows that actually has some meat on it. I never get tired of watching it.

  39. I have never seen a single episode. I really should start watching!

  40. We watched it last night. I think Tai painted a target on his back by getting caught looking for the idol so early. Not very smart….

  41. I can’t believe for this new season. I can’t wait to watch this with my mom

  42. I can’t believe Survivor has so many seasons. I can’t wait for the new one. It’s a classic show at this point.

  43. I can’t believe Survivor is still on! I like the fact that it’s actually reality TV unlike some of the other ‘reality’ shows out there that are clearly scripted. What these folks put themselves through…mentally and physically is nothing short of amazing!

  44. Goodness I haven’t watched Survivor since season 3, I was completely clueless to it still being on air until your post. I may have to watch it again

  45. Man it has been years since I’ve seen this show! I should tune back in to see the changes.

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    Rebecca Kelsey Sampeon

  46. I’ve never watched even a single episode of Survivor. I may be the only person in the country. Haha!

  47. I haven’t watched Survivor since the first season. I was pregnant and laid on the couch like a beached whale and enjoyed it.

  48. I’ve actually never watched Survivor before. It was interesting learning what the application process is though.

  49. My mother watches Survivor faithfully. She is too excited for the new season to start.

  50. I didn’t realize it was time for the next season of Survivor already!! I can’t believe how long its been on tv but love to watch the show!

  51. I haven’t watched the last couple of seasons, but I think this one looks good. I have it on the DVR and plan to watch tonight!

  52. Me, me, me! I cannot wait! This show has been on for so many seasons. It is so fun to watch!

  53. That’s an interesting cast for this season. I have several friends that have followed this series since it began. Now I know when not to call them, as it’s not fun to get interrupted during any of the show’s action. How fun to learn what it takes to apply for the opportunity of being selected.

  54. I have actually never seen Survivor once. 32 seasons seems like a really long time, I didn’t realize it’s been out for that long.

  55. My favorite show ever! I have watched ALL seasons. I watched it last night, some of these people amaze me. It will be an interesting season!

  56. This is always an entertaining show! Looks like a fun mix of people – I think I can guess from the photo who is the ex-NBA star 🙂

  57. I have to be honest in saying that I am not a fan of the show. I watched for the first couple of seasons and then it just became too much for me and too redundant. Perhaps I’ll give it another shot. Thanks for the premiere reminder!

  58. Man, I’ve never seen it. Unreal considering how long it’s been up and running.

  59. I haven’t watched Survivor in ages but I may watch this season. I didn’t even realize it starts tonight.

  60. I actually have to admit that I have not seen Survivor in years! I haven’t had “normal” TV in a while outside of Netflix and it seems I miss out a lot! I used to love watching this show with my family!

  61. I have never watched the show before but it sounds interesting. I will have to check it out.

  62. I didn’t realize that Survivor was still on TV! I haven’t seen it since the early seasons but this season sounds interesting.

  63. I can not believe it is the 32nd season of Survivor. I have been watching since it first started. It was to join the work pool and bet on who was going to win.

  64. I am excited for the premier of Survivor tonight. It looks like they have a good group of people this season.

  65. I haven’t gotten into Survivor yet. But it looks like a ton of fun this season.

  66. I have never watched Survivor. It looks like a good show.

  67. I’m don’t watch much reality TV, but my best friend is a huge survivor fan. I always get a kick out of listening to her compare notes about Survivor with another fan.

  68. I really miss the days where I had time to watch shows like survivor. I LOVED this show in the beginning…

  69. I have enjoyed watching Survivor since the first season. I enjoy the competition and the scheming that happens along the way.

  70. It’s a good thing they didn’t pick me as a contestant as I’d fit in all of those categories. Ha! Can’t wait!

  71. I taped this and am so excited to watch it this weekend and just veg out.

  72. Survivor was kind of the show that kicked off the reality show craze! It’s not surprising it’s kind of outlasted them all!

  73. All of their seasons are totally exciting and thrilling. I don’t want to miss their premier night. Thanks for sharing!

  74. I’ve always enjoyed the show Survivor, thrilling and very challenging! I can’t wait!

  75. I’ll admit I don’t really watch but my husband is a huge fan and I didn’t know it was starting back up again. I’ll have to make sure he knows. But I’m sure he does and will catch up soon enough!

  76. How exciting. I loved watching this show. What a way to get your attention.

  77. It is amazing how long this show has been on the air. It is so fun the stuff they come up with!

  78. I can’t believe that it had a new season. I can’t wait to watch it

  79. nice! wish i can watch this online! i used to watch survivor on tv and now no ones using the tv haha thanks for the updates!

  80. I have to admit, I never have seen this show. But, the group looks tough and I have heard a lot of good things about this show.

  81. I really wish I liked this show more. I watched it for the first few years it was on with my mom and my grandparents but I haven’t seen it in years. I will have to take a peek!

  82. Would you believe I have never ever watched an episode of Survivor?! I just never got into it. My father is a HUGE fan!

  83. I did not know that this show was still on! I recall watching it years and years ago when it first premiered! Wow, I will have to tune into it now!

  84. I can honestly say that I have never watched an episode of survivor! I keep meaning too! I am going to start!

  85. I haven’t seen Survivor in years. I loved it when I did watch it though.

  86. I haven’t been a big fan of the show, but this season’s twist sounds interesting. I might just have to check it out, on DVR, of course 😉

  87. My parents love Survivor. I can remember watching it way back in the beginning and enjoying it. Who knew it would survive on TV so long?

  88. Wednesday’s premier was soooo good! I love Survivor, I look forward to it every season! Caleb is my favorite because I loved him on Big Brother!

  89. I haven’t watched Survivor since when Boston Rob won that final time he was on. I loved that show for so long, but once they have an all-star season, it kind of makes me want them to ONLY have all star seasons. The same thing happened when I used to watch Road Rules (do people even know about that show now?) I might check it out though, because I am out of new shows to watch 🙂

  90. Such a fun post about a tv show. I feel we are all impacted by the shows we choose to watch and follow and it makes an impression on us. We learn from them and get entertained and at the same time appalled at times! Interesting thought for the post!

  91. I have watched since the very first season. I’m so excited Survivor is back!

  92. I don’t really watch it, but it sounds like an exciting must watch program!

  93. Wow that’s a lot of seasons! I know it’s a super popular show, but I haven’t been able to get into it yet

  94. Admittedly, I haven’t watched survivor in a couple years, but I saw the preview for this year the other day and I really want to catch it! I noticed it was brains vs. brawn vs. beauty this year and that sounds interesting.

  95. I had no idea it was still a show. I always think I won’t watch it, but the minute it comes on, I am hooked.

  96. I only saw the first season of Survivors. I have some catching up to do! lol

  97. I used to watch Survivor a lot. I can’t remember the last season that I watched though. Loved that show!

  98. I can’t believe this show is still on TV!!! I use to watch it pre-mommy days, when I actually had time for things like tv. I really should start watching again!!!

  99. I’ve never really watched this show. I should. I’d probably learn how to survive.

  100. I missed it but I plan to watch it on demand. I can’t wait to see the new season.

  101. Wow Survivor is still on??! Wow thanks I swear I didnt know it was still on tv thanks!

  102. I haven’t seen this one for a looong time. Looks like a great season we got here

  103. It’s been a fun season so far! I am really liking it.