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Over the summer, Christian and I found ourselves at a food truck festival up in Worcester, MA – which is nowhere near where we live, but the two of us love to eat and have no problem driving for food. Plus the bacon truck was supposed to be there, so duh, obviously we were going. It was totally worth the drive!

So there we were up in Worcester – which remember is nowhere near we live, walking around the festival and stuffing our faces enjoying all the different food options and browsing the tables that local crafters and businesses had set up there. As we were walking around  I said to my husband, Christian – “Hey, isn’t that Amanda & Eric?” Amanda & Eric are our next door neighbors and sure enough, it was them. They run this awesome business called Re-Wine It where they make scented liquor bottle candles and glassware made from recycled liquor bottles, wine bottles and beer bottles. They make some really cool stuff including shot glasses, drinking glasses, serving slumps, utensil holders and so much more!


The items they make are all handmade by them.  They started out making them in their home (basement & garage) and have grown so much that they have their own studio where they make all their amazing products. Have a look around their site – their stuff makes wonderful gift ideas or even buy some for yourself. Their glassware would make great decor for your home bar or in your man (or girl) cave.


Plus, think about all the bottles they are saving from going to the landfill.  Re-Wine It takes hundreds of bottles every month and turns them into works of art.


All of their bottles are collected through the efforts of their friends, family and local businesses. They never know what bottles they will end up with so their inventory is constantly changing – so they always have a different variety of items available for sale.  And guess what?  They take requests.  They are happy to work with you to create that special item you are looking for – just send them a message.


Earlier I told you how my husband and I ran into them at the food truck festival, well if you are local, there is a good chance you will run into them at some of the local fairs and festivals throughout the year. They set up a table at many fairs so that people can see their products first hand.


Be sure to follow Re-Wine It on Facebook to learn about special promotions, updates and new product pics!  They are on Pinterest and Instagram, too!

That’s not all. Amanda & Eric are giving away one of their best sellers, the Patron Shot Glass Set to one (1) lucky reader of mine.


Mini Patron Bottles make up this great upcycled tequila shot glass set and serving bowl, which is absolutely perfect for Tequila fans!This set includes four 50 ml Patron bottles that have been carefully crafted into four amazing shot glasses. This set also includes a 750 ml Patron bottle which has been upcycled into a serving bowl perfect for serving up limes at shot time! Each shot glass holds approximately 1.5 ounces.

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  85 Responses to “Recycle…Reuse….Re-Wine! Find Unique Gifts from Re-Wine It and a #Giveaway”

  1. I like the Shot Glasses from Upcycled Mini Bombay Sapphire 50 ml Blue Gin Liquor Bottles

  2. I also like the Remy Martin Scented Candle.

  3. How cool! I don’t think I’ve ever seen candles made from old alcohol bottles before. What a neat idea.

  4. Those are actually far more gorgeous than I would have thought. Gray Goose makes an excellent candle glass!

  5. Those are such great ideas! I had no idea that these bottles would make such beautiful candles.

  6. I like: Not Your Father’s Root Beer Candle

    That drink tastes so good!

  7. This is such a cool idea. The vases look great for flowers.

  8. Now that’s a great idea! I have a friend who’s got quite a bit of alcohol, she loves to do stuff like that so I’m going to tell her all about this. She would love to do it.

  9. I love those wine bottles and the candles!! Such a creative way to re-use them.

  10. Oh!! I love these ideas!! I have a lot of bottles here and I’m going to use them.

  11. They have a lot of great items. I really love the candle made out of the cider bottle and Patron shot glasses.

  12. What a clever idea! I love the Sam Adams White Christmas Candle. These look like great gifts for the holidays.

  13. Oh my goodness, these are just awesome. I love that they have re-purposed all these items. So cool. Thanks for the giveaway, too

  14. These are some really beautiful ways to reuse these bottles.

  15. I don’t drink and would have to get the glasses form someone that does but I love the re purposed ideas! Thanks

  16. What a cool way to re-use wine bottles. I really like the Grey Goose candles.

  17. What an ingenious idea. Each piece is so unique. I especially love the glassware. All of these items would make for great gifts.

  18. What a cool way to reuse bottles that would otherwise go to waste. I love that their selection is always changing as they get in new bottles!

  19. What an interesting idea! I’ve really never seen something like this. Some of them are quite pretty!

  20. I have a re-wined candle. They are so cool and make great gifts. I had no idea they now made candles out of liquor bottles too.

  21. This is really cool. Anything that helps cut waste is a good thing. Plus there is alcohol involved, so that is good.

  22. Awesome gift ideas. Loving that square glass bowl. It is my kind of style.

  23. What a wonderful way to recycle and create something truly unique. I really appreciate that they take custom orders too!

  24. Awesome looking pictures.
    This is a really creative idea.

  25. This is so cool! What a wonderful way to reuse the bottles.

  26. We have a friend who orders Patron every time we go out. This would make a perfect gift for him.

  27. I think it’s an awesome idea, they’re very creative to be able to come up with something like this. It’s a great way to recycle and to also earn some money on the way. I like the shot glasses, they’re pretty cool!

  28. This is such a cool idea. I would love to order a few of the candles for Christmas gifts.

  29. I am always looking for unique products. These are fantastic shot glasses. These are great gift ideas.

  30. These are so neat! They do an amazing job repurposing the bottles. I have to check out some more of their stuff.

  31. I want to buy one of everything! I love how creative and funky their upcycled glassware collection is! What a wonderful way to recycle and what cool gifts to give to any adult on your list!

  32. These are so amazing! I love that they are recycling and finding a new way to reuse these bottles!

  33. These are so incredibly cool! I love the candles especially. What awesome gifts these would make, particularly for those with bars in their homes

  34. I have a bunch of empty bottles that I was planning on tossing in the recycling bin. But now, well, I just may have to rethink that. Love these ideas!

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  36. Wow, now that is a SUPER cool way to repurpose. I love this gift idea!

  37. These are so gorgeous! I need me one of those vodka candles hahah

  38. Cutest glass ever! I know some pretty great people who would love this set! Thanks for telling us about them!

  39. How cool! repurposing objects is the best. I always try to repurpose things before throwing them away because I hate making perfectly good things trash!! These are awesome.

  40. Oh wow! These are so cool and amazing! My wine loving friends will surely love every piece of these!

  41. I want the Patron Tequilla shot glass set! What a great idea to repurpose wine and alcohol bottles.

  42. That was really a great idea, i could use this

  43. That upcycled tequila set is awesome! I didn’t even have a clue that they did this! Definitely putting them on my list of must haves!

  44. I think this is a fantastic way of upcyling pre-loved items. Loving that there is a giveaway as well, my American friends would like to enter I am sure!

  45. What a great way to make use of the bottles. Their ideas are so creative and unique. I would like to have one made for me.

  46. I love the candle idea. It’s such a cute way to reuse the bottles as decor. The shot glasses are a fun idea too.

  47. What a fantastic idea!! I love the idea of making candle holders. It looks way better than when I just used to stick a taper candle in a wine bottle and let the wax drip down when I was in college. ha.

  48. Wow, these ideas are really unique. Sounds like perfect gifts for wine lovers like my uncles!

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  54. This reminds me of our high school project way back years ago. I find it very creative!

  55. This is so unique. That candle idea is perfect for All souls day!

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  57. This is so cool. I love this idea and I know a few friends who would love these.

  58. These are all great ideas! I have seen the glasses and candles but I have never seen the shot glasses. So cool. I knew there was a reason why I was keeping all my awesome liquor bottles. LOL

  59. What great products! I love how they’ve taken the old bottles and found a new use for them, such creativity!

  60. I love it they look great, and you get to use that glass cutter tool that used to be popular…

  61. What a unique recycling/upcycling idea!! I love some of the designs they created and they have such creativity. We should all be encouraged by this to look at the common things in our world with a more creative view. What possibilities exist?!

  62. We love to entertain and these cocktail glass would be perfect. They also make a great gift!

  63. This is seriously the cutest idea ever! I am always on Pinterest and I have been very into DYIing things. But this is seriously awesome! Good luck to your friends, and props to them for thinking of this.

  64. I have ALWAYS loved seeing bottles reused like these are being reused. I think they’re unique and look really cool and eco friendly!

  65. I really like the Dalmore 12 Year Scottish Gift Candle. Thanks.

  66. Those are some nice looking items. The Jameson shot glasses are my fave. My son would like those.

  67. The candle is such a good idea! We collect (well, keep) our old empty bottles of alcohol. Sometimes I have seen bottles made into lamps!

  68. I love these!! They are so innovative and cute!

  69. I seldom drink, but these are definitely unique and wonderful gift ideas! Something like the Wine Decor Candle from Upcycled Red Tree Pinot Noir Bottle would look darling in my living room.

  70. The selection and quality on their Etsy store is awesome. I really like the shape and color of the Don Julio shot glass set.

  71. How awesome and creative! And I totally get about the food and having no problem driving – we’re the same, too. And we go where the bacon truck goes! Lol

  72. Okay this is too cool and on so many levels! I love the idea of upcycling and these just would look so neat on display.

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  77. White Christmas candle in Sam Adams Boston Beer Bottle
    Thanks for the chance

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