Jun 202014
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** This post is brought to you by ecoATM.  All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own**


Last December, my husband and I both upgraded our phones from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5C.   At the time, we were no longer under contract with our provider, but had an awesome data plan that we didn’t want to lose, so we bought our phones outright.  With our provider, normally when you take the upgrade option with them, you have to turn in your old phone, but since we bought the phones at full price – we got to keep the old ones.  Neither of us really had any use for the old iPhone 4’s, so they were basically just sitting around collecting dust.

Did you know that nearly nine out of 10 American device owners have outdated and unused items at home, but only 10 percent or less have tried to earn money from their old devices?

That is where ecoATM comes in.  You may have seen their kiosks around in shopping malls and select Walmart stores.  ecoATM is a  nationwide network of automated electronic recycling kiosks that provides cash payments for unwanted mobile phones, tablets and MP3 players that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Awesome, right?

As soon as I heard about ecoATM, I had to go check it out for myself.  As it turns out there was a kiosk at my local mall (The Silver City Galleria in Taunton, MA), so I grabbed our old iPhones and Chris & we took a ride over to the mall.  We found the kiosk and followed the step by step instructions (written on the screen of the machine and spoken) to recycle our old phones.  The process only took a few minutes and it really couldn’t have been easier.

Recycle Electronics with ecoATM

To date, ecoATM has recycled more than 500,000 pounds of devices in its four-year history—that includes more than 2 million individual devices, 70,000 pounds of copper and over 1,500 pounds of silver.

Here are some facts about ecoATM

• The first ecoATM was installed in September 2009; there are approximately 900 kiosks2 in malls and large retailers in 42 states.

• Cash given for mobile devices ranges from $1 to $300 per device, and every transaction provides an opportunity to donate some or all proceeds to charity.

• ecoATM is able to find a second life for 75 percent of devices collected. For the remaining 25 percent of devices, ecoATM partners with certified eWaste reclamation facilities to ensure those materials are responsibly reused and recycled.

• According to EPA calculator tables, the average environmental impact of a single ecoATM recycling phones over a one year period is equivalent to the energy savings of taking four U.S. houses off the grid.

• In 2013, the ecoATM network of kiosks resulted in a savings equivalent to enough electricity to power more than 2,750 U.S. homes and a hazardous waste reduction equivalent to the weight of 267 refrigerators.

ecoATM kiosks accept devices of any era or condition and use a worldwide auction system to offer consumers competitive prices depending upon condition, which can include a few hundred dollars for newer smartphones. Some very old phones may not be worth anything, but with ecoATM, consumers can rest assured knowing that they will be responsibly recycled. ecoATM is able to find a second life for 75 percent of devices collected. For the remaining 25 percent, ecoATM partners with certified e-waste reclamation facilities to ensure those materials are responsibly reused and recycled.

Do you have some old devices that you want to make a little cash from?  You can find your closest ecoATM here.  Oh, and you can catch up with them on Twitter & Facebook, too!

Do you have any old devices that you could recycle?

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  101 Responses to “Recycle Your Old Electronics With ecoATM”

  1. Very easy to use and gives you money and you are helping the environment

  2. Wow this is really great. I will have to see if there are any near us.

  3. I have so many old phones. I’m definitely trying this out.

    • Ha ha! I joke around that we hoard electronics, but we really do have a ton of phones! I have to check this out!

  4. I patiently waiting for the new iPhone release hopefully at the end of the summer and will definitely keep this in mind when I do for my old iPhone. Thanks Robin 🙂

  5. This is a great idea for making a little cash, but (because Grant will only pay for a pay-as-you-go phone for himself) we keep our old device(s) and use them as free portable devices – the kids will use my old iphone to play games on, Grant uses it for running apps. It is a personal fitness device for him. Its also a means of streaming music as well and we don’t pay for the extra data/phone line.

  6. I have never heard of this before, this is a great way to get rid of older items. I will have to check this out!

  7. These are so cool (and we’re not too far from Taunton!). We have so many old cells just sitting around! I’ll have hubby wipe them and bring them to the ATM next week!

  8. You have no idea how badly I needed to learn about this! We hoard our old electronics because I really just don’t know what else to do with them!

  9. Good to know. Will they take whole computers? I have one.

  10. That sounds so cool. I’m going to see if we have one of those around here because we have a stockpile of old phones lying around.

  11. I am always calling around trying to find a place to recylce electronics so knowing abut Ecoatm is great.

  12. This is definitely a great alternative to throwing them in the trash or just cluttering up my junk drawer.

  13. I love this idea. We have some electronics that we haven’t donated yet, because I can’t figure out how to wipe them of our passwords and such. It was different in years past when we only used cell phones to make phone calls!!

  14. This is a great idea! we have quiet a few old phones that need recycling that are just taking up space in a cupboard.

  15. This is pretty cool. I had no idea that something like this even existed. I am going to check it out in my community. Thanks for sharing!

  16. That is really a neat idea! I sadly just trash ;/

  17. I’ve seen the ecoATM at our mall. They look interesting. My husband just upgraded his iPhone and kept the old one. It is useless for talking, but still functions for apps, so I think we may end up giving it to our son to play with. (Most expensive toy ever.)

  18. I need to check this out as I have so many outdated phones.

  19. I have an old smart phone that I would like to recycle, but the screen is shattered. I was told by one company that they wouldn’t take it because it was damaged. I wonder if we have these kiosks in my area. I’ll check it out!

  20. This is a great service. Right now I am trying to “Recycle” my old phones by selling them on Craigslist LOL!

  21. This Is Great I Have So Many Old Phones I Really Need To Find A Kiosk Such A Great Idea!

  22. This is great! We have a bunch of old electronics that I have no idea what to do with. Do they take stuff like laptops?

  23. That’s such a cool idea. Does it let you know how much you’d get first?

  24. I think I’ve seen one of these kiosks at my local mall! I might have a device or two I could recycle, I will have to swing by the kiosk sometime soon!

  25. I hadn’t heard of this before. How much does it pay you for your old iphones? I’m sure you can still get people to buy old smartphones on eBay, but this is another alternative I’d like to try out. Thanks for the tip!

  26. Wow! This is really cool and easy to do! I love green ways to help the planet!

  27. This would really come in handy for me! I have tons of old electronics (especially phones) that I’d love to get rid of in an environmental friendly way. Getting a bit of cash back would also be a bonus!

  28. I’ve never heard or seen one of these. Maybe coming to a town near me soon???

  29. What a neat machine. I need to find one near me. I’d put it to good use. I’m still “spring cleaning” around my house and I have plenty of old devices I’d like to recycle.

  30. What a great idea for properly disposing of old phones. Most people don’t realize that cell phones can leak chemicals into landfills and damage the environment.

  31. I have never heard of this. We are in a small town, I bet if I drove a bit I’d see one. Very cool!

  32. That is very convenient, we have so many laying around the house!

  33. WOW! That’s a great way to recycle! We normally just sell ours to other people LOL That’s environmentally-friendly, right?! 🙂

  34. We donate ours to the school. I think it’s a great way to help.

  35. This is a very cool idea. I had no idea this was even a thing. It is nice to know you can get rid of those old devices in a responsible way…and that you might make a little bit of your money back, too.

  36. This is such a neat idea! I am going to have to look out for one near me.

  37. I just went in to check and there is one in a mall not that far from me! I’m not sure they will want the old phones I have but it is worth a try. Thank you for the info!

  38. I definitely have old electronics I could recycle! I need to see if there is one near me!

  39. This is awesome! Currently we give our old phones to our kids so they can play games on them, but I ‘m sure when the day comes that they want their own phones, those things will not be used anymore and I’ll want to make sure they don’t end up in a landfill. I’ll have to see if they have one at my mall!

  40. That is very interesting !! I had no idea about this.

  41. I had no idea these existed. We have quite a few items we could take in!

  42. This is a great! I have seen one in our mall- I am not sure if it is an ecoATM- but something very similar!

  43. Such a fantastic idea. We have so many old and unused electronics just sitting at home because we don’t know what to do with them and throwing them in the garbage just doesn’t feel right. Is this only in the US? Or do they have a counter part in Canada?

  44. Will have to see if one of these are located in our local mall. I have a drawer full of old phones I would love to get rid of.

  45. What a fabulous way to recycle your old devices. I love that they have charities linked up as well. Makes donating and decluttering that much easier!

  46. Thats pretty cool. I read somewhere that places like that end up refurbishing some of the phones. At least the ones they can. They will go to government programs like SafeLink or Access Wireless (thats what they are called here in MI) that will give a free phone and some minutes to those on state assistance and low income. I am not sure if this is one of those companies, but its still pretty cool to not end up in a landfill!

  47. these are awesome.. i have never seen them around..

  48. Wow! No way! They are creating vending machines and convenient machines for just about everything! This is awesome!

  49. We always have a turnover of electronics but it’s a pain with some bigger sites. Maybe this will streamline things with shipping and fees!

  50. You are so right about unused devices. I have quite a few and had no idea what to do with them. It didn’t want to be part of the problem and just toss them in the trash. EcoATM sounds like the perfect solution.

  51. I’ve noticed that ecoATM’s have been popping up at our malls. I love the idea! Great for the environment and great for your pockets <3

  52. What an amazing enviroment friendly service! I wish there was something similar here but recycling in Ecuador is really taking its baby steps yet.

  53. Okay, that is so cool! i wish there was something like this in my area!

  54. This is freaking fantastic! There are 3 of these really close to me and I never even knew it! Totally going to utilize this soon! Thanks for sharing!

  55. That is a very good idea! Get money and help the environment I will have to see if there is one in my area!

  56. This is a great program! I love the fact that you get cash and help the environment

  57. This is great information. I have an old iphone that I need to dispose of. I will be searching for my nearest ecoATM.

  58. What a great idea! I have some things I could stand to get rid of right now!

  59. What a great program! I noticed one of these kiosks at the mall awhile back, but I didn’t know anything about it.

  60. This is so cool. Now I’m wondering if we have one near us. It’s always nice to earn a little cash! I’ve always turned our phones into Verizon because they say they donate them to battered women shelters.

  61. Love this idea, we have so many old electronics to cycle too. Will keep an eye out for one of these; great post!

  62. I have never heard of this but will definitely be looking for one!! I need to get rid of some old, old phones!!

  63. I have not seen these yet but I love the idea!

  64. I saw these at the mall where I live

    I don’t even have a cell phone though ha-ha

    good idea to recycle them though 🙂

  65. This is great! I have a few people that have been looking for something like this. Thanks for sharing.

  66. What a fantastic way to recycle! I have so many electronics I so could use this for!

  67. It’s important to recycle electronics so they don’t end up in the landfills and leach toxins into the water supply! Glad you could make a few bucks from your upgrade too! 🙂

  68. So glad that you posted this! Found a location near me and I am taking mine in!

  69. Thank you for sharing this one I had never heard of this before and I think it is just great.

  70. I always say to myself when I open the Hubs drawer of old electronics – what can i do with this junk. Now I know and have to see if ECOATM is near me!

  71. This is such a great idea. They make it so easy with the Kiosks!

  72. This is a really great thing! I’ll have to check to see if we have one near us! Thank you for sharing.

  73. This is so neat! I have a phone or two that I have to see how much they give for.

  74. Oh my goodness, I have never heard of this… so simple and awesome. Will have to see if there is one near me. Thanks

  75. I have tons of electronics just laying around. I wonder if there’s one close by me so I can recycle and get some money as well. Will have to check it out.

  76. I love the ecoatm a couple months ago we got rid of a bunch of really old phones we bought for the kids we made 60 bucks out of nowhere!

  77. This is a really neat concept! I will keep my eyes open for one around here!

  78. What a great concept! I have an old iPhone that I have no idea what to do with…I’m going to see if I can do this!

  79. We definitely have a few old phone that should be recycled. I’ll try to find a kiosk. I hope there is a site in Northern California!

  80. Sounds like it was easy to use and worth it. We don’t have one near us and I just sold our old phones but this sounds like a great idea.

  81. I’ve seen one of these at one of the malls where I live. I keep forgetting about it though and I have several electronics I need to get rid of. Thanks for the reminder.

  82. That is such a cool idea! I need to find one in my area.

  83. Very neat! I have my iphone battery to recycle. I wonder if they take them..im not expecting money.

  84. Very cool program! I’ve seen a kiosk at the mall but never stopped to check it out. I’ll have to look and see if we have anything to recycle.

  85. I had no idea. I think we have a few phones too that we can recycle. I will have to look up where the closest one is to our home.

  86. Wow, that is such a neat idea! I love that.

  87. That is really awesome! At least now people will know how to dispose their old electronics instead of just laying around the house collecting dust. At least you get to recycle it this way. Great one! Thanks for sharing.

  88. wow! I have never seen one of those. Pretty neat idea. Great way to recycle.

  89. I usually try and sell my old devices but I have one or two that are so old they won’t sell. I will look for one of these!

  90. This is such a great idea, and good to know about too! I bet you we have at least 5 items sitting around doing nothing but collecting dust that would qualify.

  91. This looks great! I’ve seen these before but didn’t know much about it!

  92. What a neat concept. We don’t have that here…. yet

  93. This is awesome! I need to find one and bring up some old phones.

  94. We always ‘recycle’ our phones in some way – either giving them away or trading them in. But I like the convenience of an “Atm”

  95. How cool is THAT? I’m about to get a new phone…..just found out I have an upgrade. Perfect timing to get this info!

  96. I don’t think I have ever seen an EcoATM before or may be I may have never noticed one before. Thanks for this info, I will be looking for some stuff to recycle.

  97. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these kiosks! So simple to save the environment and get a little cash

  98. What a great way to make some extra spending money! Given that you won’t use the old electronics, why not? Will have to check out their site!