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What is a Regulah Coffee

Hi my name is Robin and I am an addict. A coffee addict that is and I am a Dunkin Donuts girl through and through.  I stop there at least once a day for a coffee, and some days I am there two or three times.

I literally have four Dunkin Donuts shops within a three mile radius of my house, so it’s not like I have to go out of my way to get my coffee fix.  I usually go to one DD’s shop in particular because they know me there (because I go there so much) and we’re at the point where I don’t even have to order anymore because when they see me, they already know what I want.

But, if I happen to be out & about and end up stopping at a different Dunkin Donuts, this is my order:

A medium caramel, coconut iced coffee regulah (or as you guys not from around here would say, regular).

But what exactly is a “regulah” coffee?  

It just means a coffee with cream and sugar.  Simple as that.

But apparently, as I found out the hard way, ordering your coffee “regular” is just a New England thing.

Case in point:

This past April, my family and I spent a week out in San Diego.  There are no Dunkin Donuts stores out there yet (gasp!!), so my choices for coffee were limited to McDonald’s or Starbucks.  We stayed on the Navy Base on Coronado island, which had a McDonald’s right on base,  and since that was very convenient – that’s where I went to get my coffee that first morning of my vacation. Thinking nothing of it, I ordered a large hot coffee (it was chilly that day) “regular”.  The poor girl at the drive through literally thought I was crazy.  She had no clue what I was talking about whatsoever.  After the same thing happened the next day with a completely different person, I got the hint and ordered my coffee with cream and sugar.

Let me break it down for you even further.  At Dunkin Donuts, a small “regulah” coffee has 2 creams and 2 sugars.  A medium has three of each.  A large has four and an extra large has five.

The moral of the story is, if you’re coming to Boston and want to fit in when you go to Dunkin Donuts, order your coffee “regular”.

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  1. As I have first hand knowledge of Masshole Mommy’s coffee addiction, I, unlike our boys, know not to bother her until the first cup is more than half way done.

  2. Coffee can be confusing. I always have to fancy my coffee up!!! I don’t think I could do a regular or a regulah… I need my coffee to taste like something other than… coffee! BTW.. we FINALLY got a dunkin donuts in San Antonio!

  3. I think you know I am a Dunkin Donuts all the way, too here 😉

  4. That’s funny. We have a variety of doughnut places around here. I try not going to them. I just don’t want to be hooked. I do love coffee. Sometimes during lunch I’ll walk over to McDonald’s to get a coffee.

  5. I was an addict before I started having heart problems. Now it’s decaf.

  6. Haha I was surprised to See that Ca didn’t have a dunkin. Found plenty of Starbucks.

  7. When do you think the boys will understand not to bother you before that first coffee? Before HS I hope! lol I use my own sweetener, so I never order a regulah, but as a girl from NE, I knew what one is. 🙂

  8. My 1st job at 16 was at Dunkin Donuts. We hardly have any around here in VA though.

  9. I am a dunkies gal, too, but I get mine extra extra!

  10. I thought crispy creme was the Boston favorite. Well, either way, enjoy your donuts and wicked drinks.

  11. There is a Dunkin Donuts on Camp Pendleton!

  12. Nope we don’t order our coffee like that here too 😛 Coconut as in coconut milk?? Our regular cafes won’t have that choice either!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  13. That’s funny! Our Dunkin Donuts went out of business for a few years and are just now coming back. I was thrilled when they opened one down the road from my house. Though I don’t drink coffee, I do occasionally stop in for one of their 99¢ iced coffees. Though the sugar is never dissolved, and it usually tastes terrible, I can’t resist a 99¢ drink lol.

  14. I have had the very similar experience when I was first here in Michigan from Toronto Ontario Canada. In Toronto there is this amazing coffee place called Tim Horton’s. While when I first arrived in Michigan 10 years ago I was 21 there wasn’t a Tim Horton past the outskirts of the boarder so I had to make do with Dunkin donuts, Starbucks and McDonald. I order a double double that’s two creams and two sugars. The look on the lady’s face she didn’t know what I was talking about either. I rather frustrated said it’s two creams and two sugars just a cuter faster way of saying it. Fast forward to a few years later and Tim Horton’s finally arrives in Kalamazoo Mi long and behold I could at last order my double double nope nada the lady there looked at me funny while her co worker was thinking I was crazy lol I said look if your going to have a Canadian company in the USA you gotta have the Canadian lingo down. Tim Horton’s does get a lot of Canadian people visiting their stores. There service is also slower in the USA 10 minutes in the USA vs 1 minute in Canada for coffee and bagel. That’s for a rant for a different day. Oh we have so much in common lol

    • LOL – when I visit family in Lambertville, Michigan I stop at Tim Horton’s. I love their coffee – but yes the service is slow! Really Slow! 🙂

  15. Can’t live without coffee….especially Pumpkin Spice coffee or lattes this time of year. 🙂

  16. In Wisconsin no Regular Coffee – I think if you ordered a regular here you would get a medium size cup. You are so lucky to have 4 Dunkins by you! My closest is about 10 miles! too far!! I do enjoy the Dunkin K-Cups – they are delicious!

  17. That regulah coffee sounds so tasty. I also want to try it and hope that I find it on Dunkin Donut’s menu here in Manila. 😀

  18. Hahaha, thanks for the laugh this morning. Now I am completely educated on how to order coffee when in Boston. Since I plan to run the Boston marathon one of these days, it will be very useful information that will save me from looking like a fool 🙂

  19. I wonder if this will work in NY too. Though I just make my coffee at home and hardly ever buy it when we are out and about. I even bring the Keurig with us on vacations. LOL.

  20. and thisi s why I hardly ever buy coffee out unless it’s a place I can pour my own! lol I have cut down (or have tried) on my caffeine intake, but coffee is my weakness!!

  21. Dunkin Donuts finally came to Santa Monica so i assume it will be taking over the west coast shortly. Not much of a coffee drinker here but I loved this post.

  22. Gosh- looks like you really are a big lover of Dunkin Dontus coffee. 🙂

  23. That’s good to know that a a small “regulah” coffee has 2 creams and 2 sugars. My husband loves Dunkin Donuts and wishes that we had more of them here. There is one about 20 minutes away and we go there frequently.

  24. That is so funny! Being from the south I wouldn’t have known that at all. A “regulah” to me would have just been a black coffee- Caffienation straight up. I learned something new today!

  25. That’s definitely a New England thing in SC where I live that would get you a black plain old coffee! That’s regular here but my husband is like you only worse. I tease him and tell him he orders a little coffee with his cream and sugar. Me, I’m a southern girl I wake up to a glass of sweet tea and I go to sleep with the same thing. They don’t call it the house wine of the south for nothing!

  26. That’s so funny because I would never think “regular” or “regulah” would mean anything but a plain, black coffee!

  27. I can appreciate this post so much. For a while I was the only Southerner in my family and when we would go visit family in Mass. I would be made fun of because of my accent.

  28. Haha too funny! Very few DD’s over here unfortunately 🙁

  29. I prefer brewed coffee at Dunkin Donuts over the more expensive ones at Starbucks. I prefer to have it two creams and two sugars on my coffee.

  30. My husband also orders his regular but it took me a long time to order it that way for him. I was always like “What if they don’t know what that is??” I always said “with cream and sugar.” My order now though is a medium iced coffee with one skim milk and one sugar. After I get all that out of my mouth it’s easier to just say regular for him 🙂

  31. I don’t drink coffee, can we still be friends? LOL I’d probably feel overwhelmed with all the choices, I’d need a coffee interpreter to order for me.

  32. I so didnt’ know how they were like Starbucks to us here in Seattle on every corner until I went to visit. We have one I think it may still be there but it’s like 3 towns over.

  33. The first step is admitting you have a problem. =D Seriously, though, Dunkin’s coffee really is the best. I get it whenever I can.

  34. In my town, it’s pharmacies on literally every corner instead of Dunkin Donuts! I wish we had more DD around! Love their donuts!!

  35. It cracks me up how there are these small idiocracies depending on where you live, what coffee chain your frequent ect

  36. I love the Boston accent and that you do things “your way.” I have never been and I’m looking forward to it because that’s the home of the Red Sox. I won’t be joining you for coffee, but we can go to the ball game 🙂

  37. I have never been to a DD! I want to though! But yes reg. coffee is awesome but here it just mean reg or decaf!

  38. This is good to know, I have a Dunkin Donuts just up the road from me. I like to get a regular iced coffee on a hot afternoon.

  39. Dunkin’ Donuts is a regular coffee house, huh? I love going somewhere where they remember my order like that. It feels so friendly.

  40. I grew up in Seattle, the land of Starbucks, and we don’t do regular coffee, they would just give you black 🙂 Around here there aren’t very many coffee places at all, Dunkin Donuts refuses to come into the state, we do have Tim Hortons though and their coffee is decent (and they have yummy donut holes). I love your post, it’s funny how regionalized everything, including coffee can be!

  41. I miss Dunkin so much, from my time in RI in college! My grandparents are 1st generation Mass residents (from immigration) and I knoew exactly what you meant (and how it was said) when I read ‘Regulah’ Now I miss my family!

  42. If you order it regular here in Iowa, you’ll be getting it black!

  43. No Dunkin Donuts OR Starbucks here so I’m stuck making my regulah coffee at home every day. I always make it with a pinch of sugar and hearty splash of milk.

  44. OMG I LOVE IT!!!! I love Dunkin Donuts coffee!

  45. The first part of the process is admitting right? 🙂 Good to know regular coffee in Boston 🙂

  46. Ah, this is good info! I used to work for a publishing company that had a coffee shop IN THE BUILDING. They knew my deadlines, and always had my coffee ready for me LOL I miss that place…

  47. That’s hilarious. Yeah, you can really only order like people know you when they actually KNOW you. =D

  48. I am a fan of Regulah coffee! HEYYY!

  49. Differences in phrases and common sayings depending on where you live has always been interesting to me. Cultures vary so much.

  50. Those are the looks I get when I order “pop”. It’ll always be pop to me no matter where I live, but down here they just look blankly at me when I say the word.

  51. Love dunkin donuts too. I was such a fan of their jamoca almond fudge iced coffee before they got rid of it 🙁

  52. up here we call the regular a “double double” — but that is at Tim Horton’s. I don’t know if we have a Dunkins here in Canada??? But I do know I cannot order a double double at Starbucks or the other popular coffee shop Timothy’s. It gets rather confusing – I just want my darn coffee!!

  53. Lol, poor you. Regular to me would have been standard coffee with some cream and sugar. But so many coffee shops who really speaks coffee.

  54. Totally unrelated to your coffee: I remember visiting my brother on that Navy Base out there!
    Anyway, coffee: yes, you actually have to say cream and sugar here, even in our DD!

  55. Ha ha, noted! You guys certainly have a lot of Dunkin Donuts and they’re way nicer than the ones in New York.

  56. Ah I love coffee and Dunkin Donuts too but just take mine with half n half, no sugar.

  57. Lol. Dunkin Donuts is the place to go for a coffee fix.

  58. Wow how strange that things are so different – I always thought a regular was milk and sugar 🙂

  59. My husband gets a regular and I get xtra cream regular sugar. I used to be an xtra xtra girl.

  60. omg I love this post! People who don’t live in NE just don’t get it! I’ve been to DD twice today – The coffee addiction is real.

  61. My bosses favorite coffee is this as well. I don’t know what they call it here, but I know they automatically add cream and sugar. I found out the hard way, I do not like sweat coffee. But, I don’t recall how to order it, so I instead tell them cream only!

  62. That is so funny. I had no idea there was a Geographical way to take coffee. what a great story.

  63. I’m a coffee addict as well. But, I’m from CA, so I didn’t know about a regulah. I could tell you all about the Starbucks menu, but at this point in my life, I prefer to brew my own coffee. Strong. balanced coffee. I take it with sugar only. ahhhh, coffee! Maybe I’ll go get another one now! 😉

  64. I find it quite funny that you can throw a stone in any direction in New England and hit a DD, but anywhere else and you sometimes have to hunt and entire neighborhood before finding a cup of coffee.

  65. Dunkin Donuts is one of the things I miss the most about living in Boston. It was easy to order, I knew what I wanted every time and I didn’t feel guilty about going there daily, or multiple times a day because the coffee wasn’t outrageously priced

  66. This is funny! I had no idea what that would mean and would totally think you had lost your mind had you ordered that here.

  67. Love Dunkin Donuts and not just for their coffee! I like my coffee with cream and nothing else!

  68. You are so my girl! I am exactly the same way…Duncan Donuts Regular. There is nothing and no one out there that can bet it!

  69. I drink Dunkin Donuts all the time. They have the best coffee out there. I don’t seek it out quite like you do, but if I’m in the mood, and it’s on the way, I’m grabbing it.

  70. Good to know – does that work for tea too?

  71. My first thought is it was the choice of location because they never get my order for peppermint hot chocolate right. There are so many regional things though. Thanks for the Boston vernacular.

  72. I can just HEAR the boston in regulah coffee. Thanks for the great post. It made me laugh.

  73. I’ve never heard anyone order their coffee “regulah”… or “regular” for that matter! I always think regional slang is so interesting.

  74. Love that . I like Duncan Donuts Regular.

  75. That’s hilarious! At least they didn’t give you plain black coffee! My son-in-law, father, and father-in-law are all coffee addicts, and they each have their own very particular way of drinking it.

  76. I would have never thought of this before. I honestly am a picky DD gal, I prefer regular cream and extra extra sugar 🙂 I definitely can relate to not pronouncing the R at the end, it does sound more like “ah” … *guilty*

  77. You crack me up! What a great post.

  78. Ha good to know! I miss living in Chicago because there was a Dunkin on ever corner!

  79. I need my coffee in the morning, it’s what keeps me going through the day!

  80. I am a Dunkin’ Donuts addict — donuts, not coffee. And I can’t believe I live in San Diego now, where, as you discovered, there are no Dunkin’ Donuts. That may be reason enough to move back to the East Coast!

  81. You can order a regular here in New York as well. Dunkin was my favorite until I got hook on Starbucks. I have to visit Boston now.

  82. That is exactly how I like my coffee and I love Dunkin Donuts coffee…mmmm. Wish I was back in the US for that. Once a day or every couple of days is good for me though.

  83. I think I’m the only blogger on the planet not fueled by Coffee, I’ve never been a ‘hot’ beverage fan and don’t drink coffee or tea. When I do drink tea everyone knows I’m sick, LOL 🙂

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  84. I love Dunkin’ Donuts coffee much better that Starbucks! I like my coffee with vanilla creamer but regulah would be good in a pinch! 😉

  85. You know, sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. =D Seriously, it IS nice to have a place where they know you.

  86. I’m with you girl, I love my coffee and have to have it first thing in the morning. Just the other night for some reason I was smelling cappuccino and kept craving it. I couldn’t wait to get it in my hands the next day. LOL

  87. Dunkin Donuts is my favorite coffee. I always order large, light and sweet but I never even bothered to ask how many cream or sugars they put in it. LOL. It always tastes great though.

  88. Dunkin Donuts has some excellent coffee. I love to get their flavored varieties. Any one will do. They’re all awesome.

  89. I feel you. I am a coffee addict as well and dunkin donuts coffee is just awesome.

  90. There used to Dunkin Donuts here EVERYWHERE but Tim Hortons destroyed them and Dunkin went out of business. Here a regular coffee = medium coffee.

  91. I don’t have one close but when I see it, I definitely stop for coffee!

  92. I’m not a coffee addict, but I’ll be sure to remember this when I go to Boston to visit my bestie! Thanks for sharing 😉

  93. I am not a coffee drinker, but I have heard people rave about their coffee. I love their sour cream donuts though!

  94. Girl you need coffee drinkers anonymous. Lol. I quit over 2 years ago. I was never really a big drinker so I quit cold turkey. Sounds like you love your addiction so it’s all good 🙂

  95. You and I need to live closer, I too am an addict. I do not get there daily, but at least weekly!

  96. Oh my gosh this is hilarious! I love the way you take your coffee! I’m pretty sure that Kansas is a lot like San Diego, not a lot of regular coffee orders around here. You would probably just get black coffee. Haha

  97. I don’t know about regular, I order my DD extra sweet with cream. I had a problem with the undissolved sugar at the bottom of the iced coffee than I learned to ask for simple syrup and fixed that issue lol.

  98. lol great story. I’m a Dunkin Donut’s lover myself. I can’t imagine getting stuck in San Diego with no Dunkin Donut’s in sight. I was sure that every city in the US has one!

  99. That’s always how my mom would order her coffee when I was growing up, then she up a stopped added cream/milk to her coffee. Now she takes it with just sugar. I’m now a regular coffee drinker, when I’m not pregnant.

  100. To me, regular would be a black coffee!

  101. Coffee Cream and Sugar- Let’s gooo! This is in my cup every morning! 🙂

  102. I always have to ask for extra milk in my coffee at Dunkin because it’s so hot! Everyone else loves it that way. I’m a milk and coffee girl- no sugar.

  103. Good too know. I always get their iced coffee or latte and as for extra sugar.

  104. nice nice! we have dunkin donuts in philippines too but haven’t tried their coffee! i will try to order your suggestion and see what its like

  105. Wow, that’s crazy that there’s so many DD’s near you! And thanks for explaining “regulah” coffee. 😉

  106. LOL, I love visiting the Boston area and all the DDs! I never thought about regulah coffees had stuff in them already. Good to know

  107. Here in Florida I have to order my Dunkin Donuts coffee with extra cream and sugar to make sure it’s sweet enough! Great story and tips though,

  108. I love this post. When I visited Boston I got a DD iced coffee “regulah” every single day I was there! I remember they asked me if I wanted it “regulah” and I said sure and it was sooo good!

    Here in Canada at Tim Horton’s our version of “regulah” is called a “double double”. It’s the most common way people order. It’s 2 creams, 2 sugars.

  109. I have never had coffee before, I think I would end up needing it too much. 😉

  110. I always thought that a regular cup of coffee was just taking it black. I have always drank my coffee black but on occasions I will add a lil creamer. Thanks for sharing.

  111. NO one makes the coffee like the Dunkin’ We don’t have a good one here though, so… I make do at McDonald’s here, or Tim Horton’s if I go into town (thank goodness for ’em too). I still miss my DD though, and ‘regulah’ sounds good to me. 🙂

  112. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, ybut I will drink it once in a blue moon. When I do, it’s normally black coffee. 🙂


  113. haha totally relate! When we go on road trips, as we head south and the dunkins start spreading out we start binge drinking, Dunkin Donuts is such a way of life up here!

  114. Isn’t that funny how different things are even at the same establishments? To me regular just means plain. Around here you have to be very specific. My favorite place is an independent coffee house. They have all the great flavors in sugar free and they have coconut almond milk. We have a Starbucks, which I don’t mind from time to time but even they are limited with what they make. This little coffee house has leather furniture and tons of bookcases. I just love the smell and atmosphere.

    When I moved to MI from OK and ate out I learned the hard way that up here when you ask for mayo you really get Miracle Whip.

  115. I am a HUGE fan of DD! BUT I like the frilly coffees too. 🙂

  116. Too funny! I thought the way you spelled regular in your title it some fancy coffee. The drive through girl was cute. Heaven forbid someone would just order, “coffee black please” They would have no idea on that one either.

  117. that’s great lol. i love me some coffee to. i was in FL for the entire month of Feb and there were times they had no clue what I was talking about (i’m from WI).

  118. I don’t think we have a DD out near us but I’d be a large regulah. Thank you for clarifying, they need to do this with more places. If I get it in town I have to have at least 3-4 of each. Home I can do it myself with a splash of homemade creamer and 2-3 spoons of sugar (depends on my mood).

  119. I am not a coffee drinker but my parents get the most complicated coffee orders ever. Luckily they only go to one location and they go there a lot so I’ll I have to do now if tell them I need so and sos orders which makes my life so much easier.

  120. Isn’t it weird how coffee can be so different in different places?! In NZ we have a HUGE coffee culture, so I was a bit shocked at the difference when I was in the US recently!

  121. lol i love this post!! It sucks that California doesn’t have a lot of Dunkin locations. I heard that a couple weeks ago they just opened a location in Los Angeles and the lines are so long. I’m more of a Starbucks girl for their lattes and fraps but nothing beats a good DD Caramel Black Iced Coffee.

  122. That is so funny! I always thought that regular coffee meant black coffee in the US. I don’t drink black coffee at all and love mine with cream and sugar; so I always ask for cream and sugar. Haha!

  123. I’m a coffee addict, too 🙂 We don’t have a Dunkin Donuts in Canada, though!

  124. Ha! Good to know! I wouldn’t have known what a “regulah” was either.

  125. That is definitely good to know – my mom loves coffee too.

  126. I love their coffee!! I bought their grounds and make it at home. It’s all I make. I love it so much. I also drink a couple of cups a day!! I too am an addict. 😉

  127. lol…I have to spell out exactly what I want on my coffee, and don’t leave anything to chance. We have 3 Dunkin Donuts very close to one another where I live. It’s crazy that they would make another one, but they did. I guess it’s a popular franchise!

  128. I too am a coffee addict. I have one in the morning I make myself then an iced coffee, regulah, in the afternoon. I miss dunkin so much! None around here, we have to settle for mcdonalds or Tim hortons.

  129. Regular over here, is a size thing! So complicated deciding what you want. And I don’t even drink coffee

  130. Oh dear! I sure know nothing about ordering coffee. Not a big coffee drinker or I just don’t drink it at all. I have a different kind of drink in the morning and it is made of ground up cacao beans. But anyway, thanks for sharing. You never know we might end up somewhere where they have DD and we might want to order up some coffee. I now know what to say. LOL

  131. i’ve heard that phrase before. I think it’s popular in diners around here too

  132. I’m in NY and when I order a regular it’s assumed that I want it medium w/milk and 2 scoops of sugar.

  133. Alas, I don’t drink coffee … I never developed a taste for it. I wish I did so I could be a kool kid too.

  134. There’s no Dunkin’ Donuts location anywhere near my location. I have purchased Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in the bag and have made it from home. Must say I like the flavor of it. I drink my coffee black, nothing added.

  135. Sometimes regulah coffee are the ones that perks me up when I’m sleepy. It stimulates my mood more than flavored ones.