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If you follow along here regularly, you probably already know that I have a five sisters in law who have had eight babies between them within the past five years. I miss not having little ones around the house and love that my sisters in law keep having babies so that I can get my fix on a pretty regular basis. In fact, my newest niece is only six weeks old and I was so happy when I got to meet her last weekend.  She lives two hours away in Connecticut, so I don’t see her, her big brother or big sister as much as I wish I could, but I take what I can get.

My boys are 8 & 11 now, so there aren’t as many toys around my house as their used to be, but back when they were smaller they had more toys that any of us knew what to do with.  My mom would shower them with toys every time she saw them, so you can only imagine the amount of toy clutter we had in our house.


If you are looking for some really cool educational toys and you are also tired of the clutter, you’ll want to check out Le Bundle. Le Bundle is a personalized toy rental subscription that supports early learning for children 6 months to 4 years of age.  They offer a unique variety of educational toys that you normally won’t find at most common retailers.


I love that Le Bundle is personalized, meaning that parents have the freedom to choose the toys they want. But, if you want the surprise factor they also send expertly recommended toys that are appropriate for your child’s age. Bundles are shipped the same day that you place your order.

You’re probably wondering about how long you can keep the toys for.  Well that depends on your membership plan that you choose when you sign up. However, if you wish to keep your bundle longer, they totally understand and will never force their members to stay on schedule.  So now you’re probably thinking: “What if my child falls in love with one (or more) of the toys and I want to keep it”.  No problem! They provide their members a 20% discount on the retailer price.


There are two plans to choose from, Bundle Joy and Bundle Delight. There is no contract, so you can skip any month or cancel at anytime. With Bundle Joy you may select 4 toys every 8 weeks for $19.99. Bundle Delight allows you to select 4 toys every 4 weeks for $24.99. Shipping is always free both ways, whether delivering to you or returning toys to Le Bundle.

Le Bundle’s goal is also to minimize the wait time between two bundles, so they do not wait for your bundle to be actually received by them to ship you the next one. As soon as you return the bundle, UPS sends them a notification and they will then ship your next bundle right away (before receiving the previous one).


Le Bundle features a “No Germ Promise “. The operations team ensures that toys are extensively cleaned and sanitized before sending them out. All sanitizers are child friendly, EPA-approved, Bleach free, and 100% organic.

And in case you didn’t catch it up above, Le Bundle has FREE shipping both ways. They will put a prepaid UPS shipping return label in the box with your original shipment. Simply put that label on the box after packing your bundle up when it’s time to return it and drop it to the nearest UPS box. Don’t sweat it if you lose the label, either. Just send them an email and they will send you an electronic version of the shipping label.

If this sounds like something you’d like to try out, you are in luck. Le Bundle is offering the first month FREE to all users.  So what are you waiting for?  Give Le Bundle a try today!

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  1. I didn’t know about them, but have used Pley, which is a similar type of company, but will totally have to check them out now, too 🙂

  2. This sounds so cute! I have a 4 year old who would love this. I will look into it!!

  3. Le Bundle sounds like a great service. I’m a big fan of these rental services I’ve been seeing around. It really saves on space in the home, and it keeps play time fresh.

  4. The 20% off might be reason enough to try it for a few months. The toys often take up such a space, that being able to use them and send it back is worth it!

  5. The idea of renting toys is a great one. I’ve heard of renting Lego sets to. I think it’s wonderful!

  6. How cool is this. I bet my sister in law would love this for my niece. Sharing this with her as i think it is a great service.

  7. What a great idea. It would be nice to have new educational toys for the kids to play with at regular intervals.

  8. I love subscriptions like this, especially for kids who might get bored of toys pretty quickly like mine did. This is a great way to constantly have a good supply of educational and fun toys without breaking the bank. I also love the no germ promise.

  9. I have never heard of this but it sounds like an interesting concept. New toys are so expensive so this is a money saver for sure.

  10. What a great way to rotate imaginative play. I would have loved them when my kids were little. I wonder if my brother would like a gift subscription.

  11. This is a great idea! And you know how expensive those toys can be and they only play with them for a short time. What a great way to save money

  12. What an amazing service! Kids tend to grow and learn so quickly, that buying toys for every stage and age can cost a small fortune.

  13. What a fun company! That puzzle pictured above looks so fun a for a little one.

  14. How neat is this! I wish I would have had this service when my girls were little. This would have kept them entertained without all the wasted money on toys they lost interest in after a few short months.

  15. This is such a great way to test out educational toys before you buy them. Some toys my little cousins were not fond of ended up being donated within a month after I bought them.

  16. this sounds so cute! i have to tell my sister! she’ll be thrilled! thanks!

  17. Excellent!! The toys pile up so easily.. but I’m also such a sentimental hoarder and find it so hard to throw them away! This service would solve a real parenting problem for many I’m sure 🙂

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  18. It looks like they have some really cute products! I would love to check this company out!

  19. This is neat because kids get bored with toys so quickly. It’s good to have new ones to keep their interest. This is a great idea.

  20. Le Bundles looks like a great idea. Their toys looks really good and useful.

  21. While this is great for some people, this wouldn’t work for me because Madison would want to keep everything she received. Sounds like a great idea for those who would prefer to keep the toy clutter in check.

  22. This is nice for kids and I love to make purchases in bundles..

  23. I have not heard of this. I love that you get several and can keep some and give some away.

  24. Renting a toy is a fantastic idea. I will have to share this with my friends with little ones.

    • Me too, Ann. I think this is a great idea. Kids grow up so fast that they not only outgrow their clothes but also their toys. Renting educational toys is more economical.

  25. I think this is a fabulous idea. It costs a lot to constantly replace toys and children grow out of them.

  26. This is a very interesting concept that I hadn’t heard of before. I’m going to share it with my brother and sister who have children in this product’s target age range.

  27. It sounds like something that people can definitely benefit from. Great concept.

  28. These educational, sturdy toys stand the test of time. And I saw pics of you with the new sweet little one in your fam., on social media. So so so cute!

  29. I’ve never heard of Le Bundle before. Unlimited toys? The girls will surely love this!

  30. That is such a great idea. I love this move to rentable toys. My sister used to have a veritable graveyard of toys that the kids never used.

  31. Wow. These are really cheap toy rentals! I wish I knew about Le Bundle prior to having my boys. It would’ve saved me from the mess and all the headaches. Less is more, and if you can rent toys instead of owning them, it could really help keep any mom sane!

  32. These would be great for my sister from another mother to try out and use. She lives in the States and you gals have such a great line of subscription services there. Sometimes I wish I lived there too!

  33. This is the best idea ever! I can’t tell you how many toys my kids played with for a few weeks and then made their way to the “pile of forgotten toys”.

  34. This service seems like a great idea. It is a nice way for children to learn to re-use and recycle. It is also nice that children can have an unlimited supply of great educational toys.

  35. My kiddo would love this! He loves all toys, but really seems to like the ones where he learns something. He gets such a sense of pride!

  36. This would make a great gift idea for my nephews 🙂

  37. This sounds like a really cool program and I love the look of those toys! Thanks for sharing! This would be great for grandparents as well.

  38. What an interesting idea. I am loving all of the savings!

  39. Oh boy do I know toy clutter!! I like these! They are very Melissa and Doug like. I recently got to hold some babies. I’m like you though, I’m done, just want to get the smiles and giggles and give them back at this point. There’s more stages in life to enjoy for me.

  40. Wooden toys are awesome and I had no clue you could rent toys

  41. This si s anice resopurce for new parents. I wish I could have stumbled this when my kids were younger.

  42. What a neat concept. I’ve never heard of toys you can rent.

  43. This idea is amazing! We have so many toys that just get donated or tossed when the kids get to big. This is such a fantastic idea to reduce waste (and save money)!

  44. Toys can be so expensive it’s nice to know there is an alternative out there.

  45. This is the first I’m hearing about this, but my kiddos would love it! I would love to try out this program for them.

  46. This is a GREAT idea! Kids grow out of toys and even get bored so quickly with them that this would be a nice way to keep a good rotation going!

  47. I really like the concept of sharing toys. This is a great program.

  48. Le Bundle sounds like a great concept!
    I agree those little ones seem to grow up so fast…

  49. That’s a great service. My kids are just a bit too old for it but I remember how expensive the educational toys were. Not only that but how quickly they tired of them and wanted something new.

  50. Wow! This looks fab, thankyou for sharing with us all! 🙂

  51. What a great way to have new toys for babies all the time! I know my kids used to get bored so new toys were a great way to entertain them.

  52. Bundle of Joy or delight keeps the clutter away…Rent toys to give back sound like a wise choice. Fulfilled the what’s next mom syndrome. Kids have more toys than they uses. Just sitting around the house taken up space.

  53. This looks like such a great idea. Great since babies are always growing and moving up in levels.

  54. I love the idea of a toy subscription like this!! I know my kids love when we get new toys so this would be perfect, plus I love that they are educational as well!

  55. These toys are so cute! I love them!

  56. Interesting, organic learning toys like this are really expensive-especially quality wooden ones. A rental service could really save a family during a time when little minds are so rapidly growing!

  57. These are really cute! What an awesome service this is for parents.

  58. I would love this for my soon to be 7 month old. For some reason she seems to be harder to find toys for than my 4 year old. I feel like I’ve lost my touch when it comes to choosing the right toys for babies.

  59. Oh my goodness, this would save so much money, I love it. I remember my kids spending like a week with a toy then moving on… this would have been great

  60. What a great idea, this saves you the trouble of buying and re buying toys for your kids, no more toy clutter!.=)

  61. What a great concept! I’m always wary of subscription boxes, because I feel like you’re at the mercy of whatever they choose to send, but being able to choose your own is a total win to me! I will keep this in mind for all my mama friends 🙂

  62. This is a great alternative to the subscription boxes that just seem to send things that will sit around time and time again!

  63. Well this sounds like an absolutely amazing invention! I have three little ones who are drowning in toys – or maybe it is me who is drowning! Every time I get rid of a bunch of stuff, the grandparents come along and drop more stuff off! I am definitely going to check this out!

  64. I have never heard of this service until now, but I love the concept! I’ll have to check them out. – HilLesha

  65. I have never heard of this, but it is such an incredible idea. I will have to check this out. What a great way for kids to learn without taking on rooms full of toys.

  66. This is so cool. Toy clutter bothers me more than anything. We are constantly going through toys here. I love that the toys are wood and educational. A lot of people I know refuse to buy all those light up and talking toys!

  67. I have never heard of a service like this! I would love to try it out, it sounds fantastic!

  68. I have 4 year old twin nieces and they would go nuts for these toys. I love that they don’t wait for your package to be returned before sending out the next one.

  69. Wow! Who knew that there was a subscription box that lets you rent toys! This is so helpful for parents who feel overwhelmed by toys, especially as your kids go through a variety of characters and phases. Thanks for sharing!

  70. The little ones grow so fastQ This is a great idea for our grandchildren. We have a closet full of things they never use.

  71. That’s an amazing solution to clutter, since kids normally just play with their new toy for about three days tops to a week. I love that the toys are very educational as well. That’s really an awesome subscription!

  72. Those are some really nice looking toys. My girls would probably love them. I love those eggs. How cute!

  73. will check this site out will recommend to my frends who have a younger kids

  74. Awesome concept! I love the toys you posted in this article. They would really help a child with sensory development and boost their intelligence. I will give Le Bundle a try. My grand children would love this.

  75. My kids get tired of toys so quickly! This would be a great way for them to get new toys whenever they want!

  76. This is a great idea for the kids. I will tell this to my sister

  77. Such a fun idea! I bet gifting a subscription would be an amazing present for parent friends.

  78. This is a great services1 I know several moms who might be interested in it, so I’ll share it with them!

  79. This is a great idea. Toys are so often used for such a short period of time due to interest and development of the child.

  80. Never thought that educational toys can also be rented. This would be perfect for my son

  81. This is amazing! Such a great idea. Glad you shared it!

  82. My goodness, my boys are 8 and 11 too but they, and their stuff, seem to have exploded everywhere. Love the little book though.

  83. These are seriously amazing toys!! My kids are still young enough to play with a few of them! I have to go find more!

  84. What a deal! I love that the shipping is free and you don’t have to worry about germs. My youngest would love this.

  85. In theory, this subscription box may seem like a good idea, but I don’t know if it’s really that cost effective. I mean, why pay for something that you are not going to keep? I have a 4 yr old so I totally understand how expensive toys can be, how kids outgrow toys, etc. However, there are some of my daughter’s baby toys she STILL plays with at 4 that she had zero interest in when it was the recommended age on the toy. The toys she doesn’t play with we either donate or sell at mom-2-mom sales.

  86. I like this idea. I really love the eggexpressions. They really seem like some unique variety of toys. I love how subscription boxes have changed and expanded into a variety of things.

  87. I love this idea. They use toys for such a short time and then they never want to see them again. I hate constantly trying to buy and sell them. This would be great.

  88. The scrambled eggs toy is so adorable! And yes little ones get so distracted and tire easily of the same thing, its a great deal!

  89. I like this ‘Le Bundle’ premise…that you can just rent the toys. I wish I had this service when my daughter was in her younger years. I would have preferred to rent the toys that I like (mostly educational) and then not worry about donating or giving away of the toys.

  90. This sounds like an amazing idea, renting toys instead of buying! I have found with my girl that some toys can be hit and miss and renting them for a short time would be so much better than paying for something they will never play with!xx

  91. That sounds like a great service! Educational toys are always best and being able to rent them sounds amazing.

  92. This is really a neat concept! Learning toys are a wonderful tool for children but many of them seem to be lacking or overly expensive at the store anymore.

  93. One of my friends just had a baby and before the baby came he was already griping about the amount of toys that his family was buying. This is a great option for parents who want great toys for their children but don’t want the overflow of stuff.

  94. This is just absolutely genius! I love learning toys but I don’t want to spend tons of money always buying new toys so I love the idea of renting them and then having the opportunity to continually get “new to us” toys!

  95. this will be perfect for families and the kids. Good to know we have some choices to get great toys without breaking the banks

  96. This is the best idea…. because kids do get bored with their toys and this would always allow you to change it up! I so wish this had been around when mine were that age!

  97. These are awesome !!! I live the egg one that’s awesome for all ages even.

  98. Anything to get kids learning I am down with it. I always feel that toys should do double duty…

  99. what a great service and idea! I would have totally used this when my daughter was younger as I think its great. Will have to let my sis n law know about it though

  100. Sounds like a great alternative to save money on toys! I will definitely check them out

  101. This sounds great. My sister could totally use these bundle service.

  102. No germ process is brilliant!! If my kids were small too this would be so great for them!!

  103. this toys are great for kids to learn, my son would love it.

  104. I’ve recently heard about Pley but didn’t hear all the details. Thanks for the informative post! I appreciate it, and can’t wait to try it!

  105. Wow so many nieces and nephews, isn’t that just the best?! These are great toys, I love when toys are educational for kids!

  106. How cool! I’ve never heard of them, but I am definitely going to check them out!

  107. These look like some really awesome toys! It’s so different being able to rent them these days.

  108. How cool is this! I love the idea of getting new toys that are educational anytime you want.

  109. I love educational toys that aren’t dependent on gadgets and technology. That way it helps in a whole different way just like how we old timers have experienced. Nothing against apps and such but this is highly approved in my household.

  110. A rental company for toys is just GENIUS! I can’t tell you how many bags of toys we’ve taken to Goodwill after the kids have grown out of playing with them.

  111. I love that the turn around time is so fast! And that it helps keep clutter and excess out of my own home!

  112. Wow!! I had no idea this existed. What a great idea!

  113. Le Bundle sounds like a great way to have toys and avoid the clutter! I hope we have that kind of rental service here at the Philippines too!

  114. The first one I love, its genius. I have the same eggs lol, but for home decor hoe funny is that. I think teaching our kids about the their feelings is so important and the first one for me is a winner.

  115. The toys are so cute, i think all our kids love them if they see them. It’s better and so good if at the young age our children are expose now in any educational toys or shows.

    Thanks for sharing…

  116. Great idea you have here. Thanks for sharing.

  117. What an awesome service! I wish my kiddos were little enough to take advantage of it!

  118. Wow, this is an amazing concept! I think I would love to try this in my household. Surely it would be a great way to keep down the toy clutter.