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Ride the Polar Express at Edaville

Inspired by the hit movie, this holiday favorite comes to life as you and your family take a ride on The Polar Express. Set to the sounds of the motion picture soundtrack, families are sure to enjoy their trip to the North Pole, complete with hot chocolate and cookies served on board the train.

My family had a chance to ride the polar Express at Edaville last week and I want to tell you all about it.

**Disclosure:  We received complimentary tickets to ride the Polar Express in exchange for our honest review.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way**

Our train was scheduled to leave the station at 6 pm, but we noticed that people were lining up early (like around 5:30), so we lined up, too.   There was a Thomas Christmas train running the same night, but they had the Polar Express riders on one side of the platform and the Thomas riders on the other.  It was clearly marked, so we knew exactly where to go. Plus, there were employees there to switch out our tickets from the printed ones we had to the golden tickets we needed to board the Polar Express, so they were able to direct people.

If you’re local and been to Edaville before, the Polar Express takes a different track than their regular train route.  I had been wondering about that part where the train goes through the parking lot, but no worries because they had it covered.   The “North Pole” was set up in a different area, so we rode away from the park, which made it a bit more realistic.


Everyone was able to board the train about 10-15 minutes before our scheduled departure. We were near the front of the line, so we picked seats in the second car.


Each car on the train had their own Chef to pass out hot chocolate.  Chef Debbie came around and passed out everyone’s hot chocolate before the train left, which is probably a good thing because it’s an old train and the ride was a little bumpy.


We all drank our hot chocolate and listened to some festive Christmas music while we waited for the train to leave the station.


Once our journey to the “North Pole” began, Chef Debbie came around and showed the kids pages from The Polar Express story book. The story was also being read over a loud speaker on the train at the same time, but it was too noisy on the train to hear it.


Upon arrival at the North Pole, Santa came aboard and greeted each child on the train. He gave each child their own sleigh bell, just like in the movie, to those who BELIEVE and he was sweet enough to pose for some pictures (even when he was looking over at my husband while I snapped one with my camera).



While Santa was coming around to each child, the conductor stopped at each child and punched their tickets.  It was nothing fancy like the words the conductor punched on the tickets in the movie, but it was still fun for the kids.


In all, the train ride lasted for about 45 minutes.  It took about 20 minutes to get to the “North Pole” & the same amount of time back. We also stopped for a few minutes once we reached the North Pole so that Santa could board the train.

Families are encouraged to wear their pajamas for the ride and join in on the magic of Christmas.  My kids didn’t want to, but most of the other kids on the train were in their jammies – as well as many of the parents.


Before we got back to the station at Edaville, chocolate chip cookies were handed out for everyone on the train to enjoy.

Thinking about heading there yourself?  Tickets to ride the Polar Express at Edaville are $47 each, but that does include all park rides and attractions.  Tickets can be purchased online by visiting their website or at the park entrance – although since the Polar Express sells out quickly, it’s recommended that you get your tickets in advance.


Edaville USA is located at 5 Pine St in CarverMA and the Polar Express runs on Mondays and Tuesdays now through December 29. If you are interested in checking out the Festival of Lights at Edaville,  you can find more information on that here.

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    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  6. We just went on the Polar Express train in Portland, Maine tonight and our family had an amazing time! It was a great family memory that the kids and grown-ups will cherish for a long time! Like your trip, we had hot cocoa, the story read to us, a visit from Santa, and went home with a sleigh bell!

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    I have to confess that I did wear my pajamas pants! We had so much fun.

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