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While we were in San Diego recently, Chris and I decided to go on the San Diego Ghost Tour in Old Town.  Chris’s brother & his family live in the area and they were kind enough to watch the gruesome twosome one of the nights so that Chris and I could go out sans kids.  They did the same thing for us last year and we wanted to go on the ghost tour while we were in  Old Town, but it ended up raining that night, so we never got to go.  This year the weather cooperated and we got to take the tour.

If you don’t know this already, I love ghost tours.  I have been on many of the tours here in New England and when I get the chance to go on one in a different city, I am all over it.

The tour left from Old Town at 9 pm and our first stop  was the El Campo Santo Cemetery.


san diego cemetery collage

Even though there were far less headstones, there are actually 477 buried there.  This is how many of the grave sites are marked:


Yup, that’s how they know where all the bodies are buried.

One thing that I found really interesting was that the cemetery used to be much larger, but they built San Diego Avenue back in 40’s right over some of the grave sites.  Word is that as many as 18 bodies are buried  underneath the street and sidewalk.  There are markers along the sidewalk on San Diego Ave to mark where they think the bodies are.

Poltergeist anyone?

grave markers on street

Next up was the Whaley House.  According to the Travel Channel’s America’s Most Haunted, the house is the number one most haunted house in the United States.  We were not allowed inside, so we spent some time outside the property while the tour guide told us the back story of the house.


whaley House

It’s supposedly haunted by a whole bunch of people, including Thomas Whaley, who was the original owner, but we didn’t see him that night.

If you watch the show Ghost Adventures, our last stop may look familiar.  It’s the Cosmopolitan Hotel. The Cosmopolitan is a hotel and restaurant located in Old Town San Diego and it’s actually registered as a National Historic Landmark.

cosmopolitan Hotel

We spent some time in the hotel bar, which is supposedly haunted, while the tour guide gave us the history on the building.


Here I am sporting my cool new San Diego hoodie that I had to buy in Old Town that night because the temperature dropped and I was freezing.


I can barely stand to look at this picture, but this is apparently a replica of an outlaw’s head that used to be on display inside the hotel back in the day.  I honestly can’t even remember what the tour guy said as to why the head was in a jar on display inside of an eating establishment because I was so grossed out that I just stopped listening.  I took this picture with my eyes closed because I was gagging at the sight of it.

Not too shabby for a picture taken blindly, huh?


Last, but not least, we spent a few minutes in the dining room of the hotel.  It is supposedly haunted, but again, we didn’t see anything.

dining room

At the conclusion of the tour, we were able to see photos, video and hear audio that Michael, the tour guide, captured in and around the places we visited.  That way we could decide for ourselves if what we heard or saw were something paranormal.

It was a really cool tour and I am so glad we were able to go during this visit to San Diego.

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  1. I love ghost tours too…pretty interesting history, even if you don’t see a ghost. The head in the jar is VERY creepy!! Great shot with your eyes closed! lol

  2. So you didn’t see any spooky ghosts, huh? I don’t do those kinds of things because I would pee my pants if a ghost ever appeared!

  3. Sounds like an interesting place to visit and was hoping you’d share that you saw or heard something from the haunted.

  4. That looks like a fun and interesting place to visit. I probably would only go during the day – as i would be too scared to go at night.

  5. That sounds creepy and utterly fascinating.

  6. How fun… I don’t know why, but I love a ghost tour too. I would like to see something or hear something if I went… but I guess that doesn’t happen most of the time.

    • I would like to see something too. It is like going whale watching and never seeing a whale. 😉

  7. Oh man! Bad enough I missed you in San Diego, but I also missed this one! There is so much to do in Southern California, we may all have to go back!

  8. We did one ghost tour on a vacation once…actually a ghost walk. But it was pretty cheesy, cheesy enough to have us cracking up. 🙂 Glad you got to take a tour in San Diego.

  9. Great tour I had a lot of fun and I got to take some pictures of orbs. It was very interesting to learn the dead bodies are buried underneath the street there.

  10. This would be really cool! I almost did a Ghost Tour in New Orleans but we didn’t have time. Other than that my only ghost experience was visiting the Villisca Axe Murder House a few towns over.

  11. This is so fun! We did a ghost tour in Savannah and it was so creepy! Glad you had fun!

  12. I must say – you are visiting some very cool places. Would love to tag along with you!! Ha!

  13. I spent a lot of time going to New Orleans growing up and always wanted to do a ghost tour there. This looks like so much fun!

  14. eww the head is creepy. Not into the Ghost tours but really interested in the history side of grave yards. Amazing that there are a lot of places that have been built over graveyards. I heard a story about a famous landmark here in Melbourne that is build over top graves. Not sure where it was now.

  15. very interesting!! so much history there, sounds like a great trip!

  16. Very cool. How awful about the sidewalk- too creepy!! I love ghost tours from the old wars.

  17. I love ghost tours, and from your post I have learned more about San Diego; a city I have only visited once. Thanks for sharing this!

  18. Yet again you make me feel like I so need to do more. what a fun thing to do!

  19. I’m So Totally Into This I’ve Gotten Tons Of Orbs In Pictures At My Home Would Love To Check This Out Bet It Was Fun But Creepy!!

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  25. I love visiting haunted places. I find it very fascinating. However I find it extremely disturbing that there was a street built over the graves of people resting in peace. Not so peaceful anymore. 🙁

  26. How fun! I’ve done the ghost tour in Plymouth, but that’s it! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  27. I don’t think I could go on a ghost tour! Too creepy!

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  29. There is a ghost tour in our city (Asheville, NC) that we went on a few years ago. My husband loves ghost tours!

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  33. I’m a screamer so probably not the best person for this. I’d scare the living haha

  34. Jealous here! I love going on tours like that! When I lived in Savannah, GA they had a lot of tours of that nature. Here, not so much. There was a lot of Civil War, old houses, old churches, old cemeteries, and Spanish moss in Savannah, so it added to the spookiness.

  35. Wow! That looks like so much fun. I never done anything like this. I would be scared during it even though I don’t believe in ghost. A fun scared!

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  38. Looks creepy but I can tell you had a great time. Have a terrific weekend!

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  40. A little too creepy for me lol. My mom would love it!

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  43. What a cool tour, I don’t know if I am brave enough to go though. I’m a scaredy cat.

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  52. Looks so creepy especially the head in the jar. I don’t do ghost tours but it’s nice to know about it here on your post.

  53. I love doing ghost tours as well! I think it is so fun to learn about the history of a city mixed in with the stories. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  54. ew! Creepy! Sounds like you had a good time.

  55. I love tours like this!! there is one in my hometown – and I grew up right next door to a supposedly haunted house. I have been inside and I can definitely say: Chills!! I have no idea if I even believe in ghosts and such – but I looked to get spooked out by the stories.

  56. My sister in law would enjoy something like this. She’s done one in St Louis.

  57. That looks fun! I’m with you on the head in the eating establishment though…eww!

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  71. So did you see any evidence of ghosts in Michael’s videos?

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