May 272015
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**My family received tickets to see the New England Revolution at no charge in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way**

Recently, my family got the chance to head over to Gillette Stadium to watch the New England Revolution take on Toronto FC.  We were all really excited, especially since this was our first Revs game ever.

In case you’re unfamiliar with who the “Revs” are, the New England Revolution are our professional soccer team.  They play at Gillette Stadium, which is the same stadium that the New England Patriots play at.

My family was hosted by Santander Bank and we got to watch the game from the Santander Bank suite – along with a few other Boston area bloggers and their families.  The Revs mascot, Slyde, even stopped by to say hi to us during the first half of the game.

NE Revolution Game in Santander Bank Suite

Before the game started, we got to go down to the field and watch the players warm up before the game.

NE Revolution Practice on the Field

Before we headed back upstairs to the suite to watch the game, we all lined up to watch the players make their entrance on to the field. It was fun watching the kids all line up to give the players high fives as they made their way past them.

NE Revolution Players entering

It was amazing watching the game from the Santander Bank box and it truly made it a memorable experience for our family.

ne revolution game from santander box

How would you like to experience a Revs game with your family?  If you have a student who’s doing well in school, you might wat to consider nominating them for the Santander Soccer Scholars program.

For the second consecutive year, Santander Bank is teaming up with the New England Revolution to honor dedicated students, ages 6 to 17. Parents are invited to submit 100 words or less highlighting their child’s finest academic achievements from the 2014-2015 school year for the chance to participate in a VIP match day experience. This year, Revolution forward Charlie Davies will serve as the official player spokesperson and face of the campaign.

Each Soccer Scholar student winner will receive:

  • 4 tickets to a designated match
  • 1 parking pass
  • Photo opportunity/meet & greet with Charlie Davies
  • Opportunity to be ball kid/participate on Revolution dream team (dependent on age)

Parents, Santander Bank wants to reward your student for all of their school accomplishments!  To enter, use the entry form to submit a recent school accomplishment for the chance to win an exclusive match day experience.

HOW TO ENTER:  Start by filling out the nomination form. All eligible entries received during the Contest Period will be included in the drawing for each Prize Period, subject to entry limitations.  Entries must be submitted by someone 18+.  Sweepstakes closes on October 1, 2015.  Click here for official rules (PDF).

Who would you nominate?

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  130 Responses to “Santander Soccer Scholars Program #SoccerScholars”

  1. Sounds like a great opportunity to experience a Rev’s game. Glad you and your family had fun!

  2. What a great giveaway and we want to see our local team hopefully soon now, too 🙂

  3. That must have been so much fun and I’m sure your boys got a big kick out of high fiveing the players as they came out on the field. I do love that the team is trying to get kids to excel in their schoolwork!

  4. Looks like a great day with the family! So happy to see businesses embrace local scholars and support sport at the same time. Go Revs!

  5. What a fun experience for you guys to have! The program sounds amazing as well – good opportunity for kids to keep their grades up!

  6. What an amazing experience! I think it is really cool that Santander Bank wants to reward students for all of their school accomplishments.

  7. I bet the boys really loved that! How fun!

  8. Looks like you guys had so much fun! The scholars program is fantastic for kids.

  9. Very cool that you got to experience this with your family! How fun that the kids got to line up and give the players high-fives!!! Too cool!

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  12. This looks like so much fun and that scholarship is amazing! What lucky kids!

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  14. Looks like fun! We’ve never been to a professional soccer game. How fun to have a suite!

  15. I love playing soccer but it isn’t something I can do any longer. I also enjoy watching it. This would be right up my alley. I hope that you had fun. 😉

  16. Looks like a fun game and a good opportunity to spend time with family. Thanks for sharing!

  17. My grandson is a HUGE soccer fan so he would absolutely love something like this! Thanks for the great post! 🙂

  18. Looks like that was a fun day out. My kids would love to see something like this.

  19. How fun! We have a MLS soccer team not too far from us, but it’s been years since we’ve seen them play live. I would love to go back!

  20. What a fun family day out. Looks like you enjoyed it!

  21. It looks like a great day for family fun. I can’t believe how close you were to the players!

  22. The boys must have had a blast. That looks like a really fun time.

  23. What a fun experience! And fabulous seats in the box to enjoy the game from. Wow.

  24. This is such a great opportunity for the kids! We lived near Atlanta when my kids were in school, and they got tickets for every grade period that they made all A’s. We had a lot of fun going to watch baseball in person.

  25. This is an awesome way that Santander is giving back. Soccer is such a fun sport and allowing kids the chance to win based on their accomplishments is wonderful.

  26. I love that they are recognizing young scholars like this! Too bad we live too far away. I’d totally enter my girls!

  27. What a great contest! Looks like your whole family was enjoying the game!

  28. What an amazing experience for you and your family!!! I love watching our Seattle soccer team!

  29. Aww looks like you and the boys had a great day out! I always wonder if my son will like going to things like this when he’s older, right now he doesn’t even want to kick a ball! 🙂

  30. Thank you for allowing me to learn something new as I have not heard of this program before! It is great to get children involved in soccer at such a young age!

  31. Looks like you and your family had a great time! It must have been awesome!

  32. Looks like a fun time. I like the program never knew about it before.You boys are too cute by the way.

  33. What a neat experience! Such a fun way to spend a day as a family, rooting on your favorite team.

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  40. So awesome! What a fun time. My oldest is soccer obsessed and would flip to do this!

  41. I don’t live in the area, but I would nominate my 17 year old son. He has a language processing disorder which made learning to read and write very difficult. This year, he successfully complete AP US History with a grade in the top 25% of the class!

    Kudos to the Revs for encouraging academic excellence!

  42. What a great giveaway!! It officially feels like summer, right?! I love soccer.

  43. Looks like you guys had a fun time. We have never been to a soccer game – we should check it out.

  44. What a fun opportunity for you and your family! Soccer is big in our area, at least at the high school level. It’s such a fun sport to watch!

  45. awesome!! It looks like your family had a great time!! I bet your boys felt like rockstars!!

  46. What an exciting experience for your kids! My son played soccer for the first time this spring. He loved it.

  47. I am almost ashamed to say that I have never watched a soccer game in person before!! Looks like y’all had a great time!!

  48. I would nominate my son who is heavily into sports and working out daily. He’s a very sweet and hardworking 20 year old.

  49. Wow! This is pretty cool! I love that it’s rewarding kids that are doing great and encourage them at the same time! What a great experience.

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  53. How exciting, it looks like you had an amazing view of the field! I wish soccer was a bigger focus in youth athletics- I see the MLB and NFL doing so many promotions with youth, but soccer is such an engaging and team building sport too!

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  62. What a great event and day! It looks like a fun thing to do with your children.

  63. Did I read that right the revs played against Toronto? Toronto is the place I was born and raised. I think it’s awesome you guys got to get picked to go. Rewarding kids who work hard in school is a great way to encourage kids to keep going.

  64. What a great time your family had! My kids would love to go see a real soccer game. What a nice reward.

  65. That looks like a great family day out! I bet your boys loved it!

  66. How nice of Slyde to stop by and visit the booth! Professional sports are always a treat to see up close and personal – and it is hard to beat free, complimentary tickets. The Soccer Scholar event shows the community spirit of the team. It will be a great opportunity for some lucky families.

  67. What a great experience! I would love to do something like this with my family. A Revs game sounds awesome!

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  83. My boys love soccer. i bet they would really enjoy this – what a great time!

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