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How To Save Money Without Coupons

Do you want to save more money on items for your household, but don’t want to spend time clipping coupons? There are ways to save money without spending your whole day with scissors and paper. Check out some of these ways to save money without coupons.

#1. Look at the Ads

This may seem like foreign language to some, but you can save money by looking at the ads in a newspaper. Some grocery stores and big box stores even have their ads online, which means you can look anytime you’d like.

#2. Save up for the Item

When you put an item on a store card, you may feel as though you’re saving money but there’s a catch. You will be paying interest on your credit card, which in return does not help you save money. You can save money without coupons by paying cash for items. Cash is king when you want to save money and not pay interest on anything.

#3. Buy Online

Although some people like to support the local economy, you can save more money by buying online. A lot of stores offer free shipping online and this can help you save something as simple as gas money. Know exactly what you’re going to buy and stay on budget. If you can’t trust yourself and think you will spend way too much money, get an accountability partner to ensure you’re not spending more money than you are supposed to.

#4. Know When the Big Sales Are

A lot of the big “couponers” save their money because they use coupons and shop when the big sales are happening. Wait until those big sales happen to start spending your money. Why should you hand over more cash than you need to? Shop smarter, not harder.

#5. Make Smart Shopping Choices

Spending money you don’t have happens when you are not making smart shopping choices. Getting past some of those bad spending habits can help you make smarter shopping choices. Buying an off brand product instead of the name brand product can help you save money. Buying what you need instead of what you want can also help you save money.

#6. Stock Up

Yes, you can save a lot of money by stocking up on items when they are on sale. Heed my advice though, only stock up on items that you are going to use. Don’t stock up on 100 cans of beets just because they are on sale. Be realistic about what you will need and how much of it. Items like toiletries are great items to stock up on when they are on sale.

Saving money without coupons is possible. It’s mostly about being realistic about what you need and sticking to your budget. Do you have any tips to add?

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  1. Great tips! When I find an awesome deal, I buy it in bulk. You never know when you’ll score those kinds of savings again!

  2. These are all great tips especially for someone like me who would rather stick pins in my eyes than coupon! I guess the only thing I would say is that we rarely buy name brand items– we will usually opt for the off brand ones and the quality is always pretty much the same!

  3. These are all great tips! In our family we were either stock up, or save until we can afford to buy it! We do not want to get in debt! We have nice coupons in years, I love the tips you put in here!

  4. Wow! This is amazing. Thank you for the tips. 🙂

  5. I didn’t know about this! Thank you for sharing these gret tips.

  6. This is a great list. I love checking out the ads from the Sunday paper. And also I download the apps for stores that I shop at if they have them.

  7. these are great tips fro saving money. I do always look for a good sale.

  8. Great tips. Paper products are something to stock up on when a good sale strikes. I mean, we’re always going to need to wipe our butts, so why not stock up – especially because when not on sale paper products can get expensive!

  9. Fabulous tips. I usually do all these for Christmas time but throughout the year I’m too impatient lol.

  10. I love saving money and food is one of the best places to save. I always stock up on sales.

  11. GREAT tips! Saving money doesn’t always involve coupons, you are very correct! Stocking up is huge in my house!

  12. Remembering the prices of certain things is really hard for me. My mom is GREAT at it. So she really knows when something is a good deal.

  13. I have a hard time coupling, so this is great for me! Totally agree with knowing when the big sales are!

  14. I have saved a lot of money without coupons, but shopping with coupons seems to give me that extra edge for more savings. I do agree if you want an items, save up for it so you wont’ go in debt.

  15. Love these tips!! I know there is a lot of things we buy we don’t have coupons for so it’s important to be smart about when to buy things.

  16. Checking the ads always works for us. We like to shop sales which can make a big difference in the price.

  17. I love to do a price comparison on Google. That way I can decide if I want to get it now or wait and save a little money. There’s an app that will tell you the cheapest an item has been on sale. I can’t remember the name of it though. 🙁

  18. These are all really great tips! I love saving money whenever I can!

  19. Love this! I wont lie I’ve never used a coupon. My husband does ALL the time but i cannot do it. I always forget my coupons so this will be SO helpful for me!

  20. These are some really effective ways to save. I do need to plan out all of my purchases more effectively.

  21. I try to save money on items I use frequently, so that when it comes to a piece or item I really want, the splurge doesn’t bother me too much. Other times, I will save up or stalk the item until I see it go on sale or get a coupon.

  22. More tricks to save money are always welcome, thanks a lot for the ideas!

  23. We make it a point to stock up on essentials during a good sale. It has really helped us save money.

  24. I have tried using coupons and it’s just not for me. This si great advice for saving without having to deal with coupons, thanks!

  25. If I remember correctly, sales at places such as Acme occur every 12 weeks. Same sales, I should say. These are great tips. Saving money is always a priority!

  26. I am a huge fan of online shopping and love that Amazon offers such great deals.

  27. I have to admit, I am a coupon queen. But these are great tips if you are tight on time! They can be a hassle.

  28. Yes! Knowing when the “big sales” are coming is key–I save so much money clothes shopping that way. I know that basically any holiday means savings as well, so I usually hold off if I can until a holiday to go shopping.

  29. These are great tips! I often find great deals just by browsing and shopping online – no coupons necessary!

  30. Great tips. I am a couponer myself so I would pair your shopping tips with some really great coupons. It’s a habit I cannot break. Thanks for the tips.

  31. Online shopping is so convenient, especially around holiday time! Last Christmas went so smoothly thanks to Amazon.

  32. My husband is so good at looking at the ads and stocking up. In fact it is time for him to make a big shopping trip for us as our pantry is looking pretty bare.

  33. Great tips especially #5…that is the one I need the most work on.

  34. We like the stock up method. Having a Costco membership saves us a ton of money on our groceries.

  35. I’m not good with coupons, too much work to cut and keep track of – and there are never coupons for the food that I actually purchase and eat. I check local ads mostly.

  36. I love coupons so much, but these are great tips to save even without them! Will definitely try all these!

  37. These are all great tips of ways to save money with coupons. Seems super easy too!

  38. These are very helpful tips, especially number 6. I make sure to stock up on items we use a lot when they are on sale.

  39. Very good tips! Buying in bulk always helps save a lot of money than getting them at retail price. When I am doing my shopping I take a long time to finish because I really work the aisles to look for deals I can take advantage of.

  40. We are feast or famine with spending. We either go days without spending a cent or splurge. Balancing is something we’re addressing as a family.

  41. It’s always easier to look for discounts when you shop online and you can opt to subscribe to your favorite stores too so that they will notify you when they’re having a sale. I think these are great tips for saving money even if you don’t have coupons to spare. Thanks!

  42. These are awesome tips! I’m all about saving money. I definitely agree with your tip about stocking up. When nonperishable items go on sale (like toilet paper, etc) I always stock up.

  43. These are some great tips! Clipping coupons takes so much time, and money. Paper and/or subscriptions cost!

  44. I’m not going to lie — I don’t really shop all that smart. I will definitely need to put some of these tips to use! Thanks for putting them all together.

  45. These are all great tips for saving money without coupons. It is an awesome idea to stock up on things when they are on sale and to be realistic about the items you are buying. Buying on line can really save you money too. Thanks for sharing these money saving tips.

  46. These are such great tips! I tell people all the time that they can save big if they just look at the ads 🙂

  47. I am the absolute worst when it comes to being frugal or saving money. Thanks so much for the great tips.

  48. Saving money without coupon is such a brilliant tips! This is really helpful.

  49. Yes, these are great tips to save on money. Whenever there are good deals It would be great to buy in bulk 🙂

  50. Great tips! I use all of these to save money for my family. I especially love stocking up on products that we use when I find them on sale, and would love to use coupons, but they are so time consuming!

  51. Coupons have always been so hard for me so I love these tips. Big sales are a must!

  52. Coupons are awesome, but you don’t really need them all the time in order to save money! These are cool tips! I always wait for discounts and sales, be it online or in malls.

  53. I love these tips because I’m not the best with coupons. Although I would like to be, I’m just to busy to remember them!

  54. I have had good luck using coupons to save money, these are great tips.

  55. Hi Robin, these are great money savings tips. There are some great apps out there like Ibotta and when I shop at Walmart I use their Savings Catcher.

  56. I honestly hate using coupons, I don’t have enough time for it. It’s a lot of organizing and checking, yadda yadda yadda

  57. These are such brilliant coupon tips on saving. Easy to follow and very very helpful. sure to make many grateful

  58. Buying online is perfect for me, especially for the Amazon grocery section where I can a lot of deals and discounts. Also, they deliver product fast and no shipping charges with “Prime”. All the above mentioned points are really useful and legit. Great tips!

  59. Ive been slacking in the savings dept with coupons lately, but i do love stacking sales with coupons and cartwheel at Target.

  60. I love great deals and love to save to splurge on what I really want!

  61. These are great tips. When we go to the grocery, we ended up buying more than expected!

  62. I am always looking for clearance items. That saves us a lot of money even without using coupons,

  63. Good advice. I always stock up when there’s a good sale going on too. if I don’t, I kick myself in the rear for not doing it.

  64. I never use coupons, I do as you said in your post: check the sales and stock up on what on sale. It’s worth going to more then one store for groceries.

  65. Great tips! I completely agree that regular daily purchases should not be put on a credit card.

  66. These are great tips! I like using my cashback websites.

  67. This is exactly how I shop. I have a hard time collecting coupons so I make sure to pay more attention to sales.

  68. You have allowed me to feel so much better about hating coupons. I now have the okay to improve my money moves without the guilt of not using coupons. Thanks!

  69. Black Friday shopping for electronics is the best for me. You will always save money around that time!

  70. These are some killer tips! I suck when it comes to actual coupons yet love saving money!

  71. I need to get better with tip #4 by really paying attention when things go on sale. I know about seasonal and holiday sales, but that’s about it.

  72. I think these are great tips! I rarely use coupons. I try to pay attention to the major sales to get some items a lot cheaper!

  73. So many great ideas! I am as frugal as they come. Thanks!

  74. I like coupons but it’s hard to get great ones here in Canada. What I find to work for me is singing up for my favorite online store’s newsletter. They always have great deals alert.

  75. These are such awesome tips. You don’t always need coupons to be able to score a huge deal.

  76. I love saving money and I believe in buying everything in bulk. I am a big believer in coupons and like you said waiting to use your coupon when there is a good sale is so important. Thanks for sharing.

  77. I’d like to add that looking at ads are great, however, clicking on them online out of interest is different and dangerous! For people who might not know, some links are dangerous and it might open up applications and extensions unnecessarily. Research about a product should always just start with reputable websites starting from Google to Wikis.

  78. Wonderful tips on saving money! I always keep myself updated on sales to be able to save money.

  79. I love tips on saving money so I really appreciate your post! I am certainly one to keep an eye of sales and special events of my favorite stores. It has definitely saved me a ton through the years!