Dec 202016

‘Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house, no child was complaining, not even a spouse. The gifts were unwrapped and toys played with care, while parents reveled in the peace and quiet in the air… Well, that lasted 10 minutes. We know it’s not long before the first “I’M BORED” escapes your kids’ lips during holiday break.

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve been in a slump due to the rainy day blues.  Instead of curling up into a ball and succumbing into boredom, there are dozens of different activities that you can do to keep yourself occupied.  Even if the weather is miserable outside, there is no reason as to why you should be miserable inside!  Below is a list of 4 great things that you can do to chase rainy day boredom away.

1. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

This is the perfect activity for families who have children that enjoy participating in activities.  A scavenger hunt is not only fun for the kids, but it is also fun for the parents.  Make a list of 20-30 items that the family will have to find throughout the house and the individual who finds all of the items first is the winner.  You can choose the prize, such as allowing the winner to pick what’s for dinner and desert that night.

2. Making Your Own Bath Soap and Bubble Bath

There’s nothing more relaxing than having the opportunity to slide into a warm bathtub while the weather is cold, wet, and rainy.  Why not consider making your own bubble bath to enjoy during your downtime?  There are dozens of interesting household ingredients that you can put into the formula to help soothe and relax your body.  Try using honey, eggs, and liquid hand soap for a nice soak.  

3. Make a Recipe Book

Recipe books have been passed along for many generations and who doesn’t love to cook once in a while?  Go on the internet and find some interesting recipes that you want to try throughout the week.  Print them out and make your own recipe book.  You can even try some of the recipes during your rainy day inside.  This is not only a great activity for both individuals and families, but it is also something that can be passed on through the family.

4. Camping Indoors

Be honest – you probably made a fort or a tent out of dining room chairs at one point in your life.  Imagine how amazing it would be to relive your childhood or to let your children have the experience for themselves.  Consider setting up a camp indoors by using chairs, tables, blankets, and pillow.  You can even place the tent in front of the TV and watch scary movies all night with your loved ones.

5. Binge on the all-new series DreamWorks Trollhunters on Netflix

Starting Dec. 23, Netflix and DreamWorks Animation Television will treat families to 13 hours of adventure, suspense and limitless imagination with the all-new series DreamWorks Trollhunters.

With ideas like these, you stand a good chance of keeping the kiddos entertained for at least a portion of their school vacation.

What’s your plan for the kiddos over school vacation week?

Note: I am a member of the Netflix StreamTeam. As part of the #streamteam, I have received product and complimentary service, but all opinions are 100% my own.

  90 Responses to “School Vacation Week Boredom Busters”

  1. These are really helpful tips! My kids are getting bored during their vacation week. Will try these for sure!

  2. When the grandkids are at my house and get bored, I bring out the blankets and let them make tents and tunnels all over the great room. These are all great ways to bust boredom.

  3. So many fun ideas. My daughter has been counting down the days until Trollhunters – LOL!

  4. Will share this with my many friends who will be looking for anything to keep the kids busy and entertained after the holiday rush wears off. Great fun ideas.

  5. Kids love a scavenger hunt, especially with Sammy the elf gone. We’ll also be watching lots of Netflix.

  6. Thank you SO MUCH for this post. I love it when my girls have the week off for the holidays, but about three days in, they become bored, grouchy Smurfs.

  7. My kids love Scavenger Hunts. The Easter Bunny does them. 🙂 I should do one over the break.

  8. These are great ways to keep the kids occupied when they’re home for the week. It can definitely get boring, but these ideas will keep them entertained.

  9. My son gets out of school tomorrow and I am trying to think of ways of entertaining him. I will definitely be using a few of these suggestions.

  10. These are all great ideas for when school is out and the kids are bored. I love the idea of camping indoors!

  11. These are some great ideas, I remember getting bored during school holidays so easily when I was younger.

  12. These are some great ideas, I remember getting bored during school holidays so easily when I was younger.

  13. These are awesome ways to keep the kids busy! I can’t believe how quickly “Mom, I’m bored” has come out lol.

  14. This is great. My son is in prek but goes to a public school so he actually has school vacation versus having a toddler in daycare. These ideas will definitely help him out since he’s a very hyperactive little boy.

  15. These are great ideas for boredom busters! I love the scavenger hunt idea, so fun and a cheap way to involve the entire family!

  16. I don’t ever remember being “bored” as a kid or my Mom planning a ton of stuff for us to do on breaks from school. It seems like kids days are way more planned out than they used to be.

  17. I certainly here my kids utter those words. I’ve got all kind of activities to keep them busy. When I can I seek out fun outside of our home.

  18. The scavenger hunt sounds good. Or maybe that’s a good time to pin other people’s pins that pin yours on pinterest. I used to start missing my friends at school. These are great ideas.

  19. This is super helpful. We are currently 2 hours into the first day of the school holidays and my daughter had just told me she is bored!!! OMG!!

  20. This is super helpful. We are currently 2 hours into the first day of the school holidays and my daughter had just told me she is bored!!! For goodness sake!

  21. These are all awesome things to do during a school vacation to keep boredom away. We used to camp indoors during winter break at school when we were younger and my boys did the same thing. Thanks for sharing the boredom buster ideas.

  22. Perfect timing! Today my two kiddos get out of school. We watched a few holiday movies on Netflix yesterday and my daughter binge watched Fuller House already so I will have to add Troll Hunters to the list! A scaveger hunt sounds fun too!

  23. Binge watching some Netflix while its snowing and bowing out sounds ideal – with or without kiddos! I need to do this sometime soon!

  24. Thanks for sharing these ideas. My kids are always really good for the first couple of days of their break, but after that they become monsters. LOL

  25. Trollhunters looks like an amazing show. We stumbled on it the other day while we were looking for something to watch, and my kids and I are already planning to watch it all in one day.

  26. These are such great ideas! Once the novelty of time off wears out, it’s boredom, right?

  27. Wonderful ideas for keeping the kids busy during the holidays. Can’t wait to give some a try.

  28. Great tips! Will have to try the soap and bubble bath with my daughter. She would have so much fun with that activity!

  29. no kids in my house but I am still tempted to do the troll hunt 🙂 I love the camping indoors idea. We are doing that on Christmas eve, falling asleep in front of the fireplace!

  30. Making a recipe book would be tons of fun! My kid are really looking forward to Trollhunters too!

  31. I already planned some of the things from here. Thanks.

  32. These are fun ideas to bust boredom. We love camping indoors. I have some new games lined up to play with my son, and we’ll probably see one of the many new movies in theaters that he’s been looking forward to seeing.

  33. These are all great ways to keep the kids from being bored. I need to plan a scavenger hunt for my little niece and nephew.

  34. I feel so bad when my kids get bored. I love the recipe book idea because my kids are always in the kitchen with me.

  35. My kids are going to have to binge that Trollhunters show. I had no idea it was even a thing but maybe they know?

  36. Making a recipe book is such a great idea and I’d of never thought of that. I also am going to try DreamWorks Trollhunters on Netflix. We’ve got Netflix going 24/7 just about.

  37. I remember when I was kid the anticipation of Christmas and I felt like the week was forever! Boredom came very easily haha! These are wonderful tips and tricks!

  38. When we were kids we used to do indoor camping and that got us through the boredom.Such love ideas

  39. Thank you for these great ideas! My son is so boring right now and I don’t know what to do.

  40. Love these ideas. My son would like camping indoors for sure.

  41. Thank you so much for these helpful suggestions. My kids have only been off for a few days and are already driving me nuts!

  42. Keeping them busy is my plan. They have plenty, but I am sure they will get bored. We plan to hit the snow for a couple of days so they will have fun this break.

  43. A scavenger hunt is a fantastic way to keep the kids entertained. I will have to plan one for the Holidays.

  44. I try to plan some fun activities out of the house when the kids are out of school. We have a few Museums planned for next week.

  45. These are great boredom busters. I will have to give a scavenger hunt a try. I think they will love it and it will be fun to plan.

  46. We are planning a movie outing next week, and then my boys will be spending time at nana’s! Hopefully their new toys will hold them over before they go back to school/daycare.

  47. Thanks for the ideas! My girls love scavenger hunts and making things. They also love a good Netflix binge. We’ll add Trollhunters to the queue!

  48. I haven’t heard of trollhunters yet. WE may have to try it out.

  49. Ahhh, just is time. They start their vacation tomorrow! Thanks so much for these, we will NEED them!

  50. These are all great boredom busters. Netflix always has such a great line-up of shows.

  51. Those dreaded 3 words will be gone in no time with your list
    We will be using plenty of Netflix!

  52. So Many great ideas!!! I hate to say it, but I’m definitely the mom who lets her kid binge watch more than they should lol…. so my daughter will get plenty of Netflix time

  53. These are some amazing ideas. I bet your kids will have a great time this break 🙂

  54. What fun ideas! If i’m being honest, I usually make my kids entertain themselves. They are 9 and 14 so they are capable. We do play some games and watch movies together, but for the most part, everyone needs to keep themselves occupied. Mommy usually reads.

  55. Keeping the kids busy is always a challenge during foul weather and school vacations. What great ideas you have to bust their boredom… the scavenger sounds like a real blast!

  56. I love all of these ideas. It can be challenging to keep kids busy, especially around the holidays when they have many days off from school. I love doing scavenger hunts. My girls love them.

  57. I love all of these ideas. It can be challenging to keep kids busy, especially around the holidays when they have many days off from school. I love doing scavenger hunts. My girls love them.

  58. Indoor camping is always a good idea. I loved that when I was a kid and so did my own kids. Now it is the grandchildren’s turn to have fun converting the living room into one big tent with tunnels made out of old boxes.

  59. These tips are really helpful! We are sure to try this! And this movie sounds fun!

  60. For me Netflix wins everytime but I do like the sound of making your own bubble bath. I love a good bubble bath!

  61. My kids last day is the 23 and they don’t go back until the 9th so we could for sure use these ideas! I have zero plans, so this is helpful!

  62. Some very good ideas here.
    I like your photos and the collage’s shape.

  63. I had not seen this new show from Netflix!! These are great ideas for vacation week boredom.

  64. I think number 4 would work very well with the right conditions, room and items involved. My kids are already interested in a lil’ bit of cooking so that makes me feel good about doing activities with it.

  65. This used to be a problem for me when the kids were so much younger! There seems to be not enough activities for them to do over the break! Lol. I think these are brilliant ideas. Some would keep them busy for a long time!

  66. As much as I am looking forward to them being off, I agree I don’t want them to be bored! These are great tips!

  67. A scavenger hunt sounds nice. It brings everyone and promotes bonding and cooperation especially when the gameplay involves teamwork.

  68. This is a lovely tips! I know my son is going to be busy this Christmas holiday constructing his lego. It’s a huge set! We also have movie plans and visiting friends.

  69. You have some really great ideas here! I love keeping my kids from boredom.

  70. I’ve never thought of doing a recipe book before. Cooking is one of my favorite things to do with the kids.

  71. I often make the kids think of something to do in their boredom in order to encourage creativity. This doesn’t always work out but I like trying!

  72. These are all such great ideas. I know that kids can get house fever when stuck inside all day long.

  73. These sound like such a good ideas for when kids are stuck inside all day.

  74. This is still something that I am concerned with! I always try to come up with activities to keep them entertained! I really appreciate this list!

  75. My kids usually just play when they’re on vacation. This would certainly be a very good option to doing something productive.

  76. What fun ideas!! I’m an adult and I still love doing scavenger hunts and going camping indoors with friends ^^

  77. Wow. Such lovely ideas. Just the right time. My girl will love them as much. Especially the indoor camping one 🙂

  78. My nieces would totally love putting together their own recipe book. They love getting busy in the kitchen!

  79. Some great ideas for keeping the kids busy! It can be a tricky time to find activites that they’ll enjoy but these sound fab. I especially like the idea of making your own bubble bath and recipe book.

  80. Awesome ideas! Especially making a recipe book. My daughter and I love to cook so this is right up our alley!

  81. Kids get bored so easily and then parents have to deal with it. These are all great ideas!

  82. I think kids need to spend more time outdoors and doing activities that require some sort of mental stimulation and/or exercise.

  83. I always go for the pampering option. For example, I was so bored today, I organize my apartment, gave myself mani/pedi/ hairstyle and watched my favorite movie while eating junk.

  84. These are great ideas! I love the idea about camping indoors that would be so fun!

  85. I found this awesome Christmas Lights/Decoration Scavenger Hunt to do with the kids walking around the neighbourhood — which is great for both entertainment and all that food we’ve been eating!! Like our picnic by the Christmas tree where they picked mostly different chocolates and cookies.

  86. It seems like the break went really fast this time. Maybe it’s because we all took a turn with the boys. Even my sister helped one day with them.

  87. I need more break :)…but surely we try to enjoy winter break by doing any things together, including watching new series..