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We all have one of those people who is impossible to buy Christmas gifts for. For me, it’s my dad. He already owns everything ever made (I wish I was exaggerating) and if he sees something he wants and doesn’t already have – he just goes out and buys it for himself. Sure, I can always get him gift cards and sometimes I do, but for Christmas I like to get actual gifts, especially for the super important people in my life like my dad.

Then it hit me. Verizon! Verizon has tons of great gift ideas, especially for people who love gadgets and tech. Who doesn’t love gadgets and tech?  Here are some gift ideas for those hard to buy for people that you can get right at Verizon:

Need a new phone?  How about the Moto Z Force Droid:

This phone is seriously awesome. It is Android N + Google Daydream ready. All you have to do is upgrade your Moto Z Force Droid to Android N OS, and then it’s ready for Google Daydream! Plus the Moto Z Force Droid has a next generation Moto ShatterShield™ display, 5.5 Quad HD display, guaranteed not to crack or shatter and a 21 MP camera that helps you capture clearer pics with laser autofocus and optical image stabilization!

Not to mention that the Moto Z Force Droid has up to a 40-hour battery + TurboPower charging!  The high-capacity 3500 mAh battery goes up to 40 hours and get up to 15 hours of battery life in 15 minutes.  How awesome is that? Oh, and it has a Fingerprint reader to wake and unlock your phone! Cool, right?

The Moto Z Force Droid is exclusively on Verizon with Droid services and apps.

Of course you can’t get a Moto Z Force Droid phone without a Moto Mod. But what’s a Moto Mod?

They’re magnets. Really strong magnets. All Moto Mods snap easily onto any Moto Z phone using integrated magnets. They fit perfectly and securely, and you can swap Moto Mods in a snap. Basically they are an add on for your Moto Droid phone. The JBL SoundBoost | Speaker is really cool for the music lover in your life.

Snap on the stereo JBL SoundBoost | Speaker for an instant concert experience. Stream without missing a beat on America’s largest and fastest 4G LTE network.

Other Moto Mods include a Premium camera and a 70″ projector.

For fitness lovers, how about these Bose SoundSport Pulse wireless headphones?

You can track your performance without missing a beat of your workout music. Bose® SoundSport® Pulse wireless headphones are designed with a built-in heart-rate sensor and can be used with many popular fitness apps. The sweat- and weather-resistant StayHear+ Pulse ear tips stay in place even during intense workouts. Wirelessly connect* to your device with Bluetooth and NFC pairing. Get up to five hours of battery life per charge.†

The Bose® SoundSport® Pulse wireless headphones are ideal for the long run. The lithium-ion battery provides up to five hours of power per charge. Plus you can easily control the volume, skip tracks and take calls with the in-line mic and remote. No need to reach for your device.

Speaking of working out…..

Check out the The Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband!

Never stop moving with the Fitbit Charge. You can wear it 24-7 to track your steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, and keep tabs on your sleep patterns too. You can also log your meals, scan the barcode on your labels, estimate your calories, even find meal shortcuts and an expanded food database.

Morning to night, the Fitbit Charge lets you monitor your trends by wirelessly syncing data to your smartphone and computer. So no matter where you are, you stay motivated to step up your fitness and beat your goals.

About the app
The Fitbit app allows you to view your progress and analyze your trends with easy-to-read charts and graphs. It also lets you record your workouts, share your stats and encourage (or taunt) and compete with friends. Monitor your status on the leaderboard, and even use it to log your calorie intake and meals. Log food fast with a barcode scanner, calorie estimator, meal shortcuts and expanded food database.

And of course, there is always the gift card option. You can never go wrong with a gift card and when you give someone a gift card, you can rest easy knowing that they can pick out exactly what they want.

This is just a small sampling of what you’ll find when you head to Verizon to do your shopping.  There is definitely something for everyone and if you’re struggling to find perfect gifts for everyone on your list, Verizon has you covered.

  100 Responses to “Shop at Verizon For Those Hard to Buy For People on Your Christmas List”

  1. I’ve still got some last minute gifts to get. I think I will be heading over to Verizon for that fitbit for my mom!

  2. I didn’t realize Verizon had so many great gift options. I love my Fitbit and it’s a great gift for family and friends.

    • I have been thinking about getting a fitbit. It’s okay to get Christmas gifts for yourself, right? Lol!

  3. I would love that fitbit charge. My dog ate the tracker on my last one when it was a week old. Great ideas!

  4. My daughter would love the headphones. She loves her music, and as she’s into independent musicians, I like the earphones so I don’t have to listen! LOL Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh wow, I didn’t realize they had all that! I think we even have a Verizon store in our little town.

  6. I like Verizon, but I am sad to say I doubt I would be shopping there for other people, it would be for myself lol.

  7. I’m sure my kiddos would love all the items you listed. Christmas is 6 days away.

  8. Tech gadgets are always great gift ideas for the holiday season. It looks like Verizon has so many different products for the tech fanatic on everyone’s list!

  9. These are all great gift ideas! They would work for anyone. I would love to receive any of these products from Verizon!

  10. The Soundsport Pulse wireless headphones sound really cool. These would all be great holiday gifts for tech lovers.

  11. Will be showing my techie son this so he can advise me on some gifts to buy for certain family members.

  12. These are great gift ideas for anybody! I would love a new phone but unfortunately it’s the season of giving lol.

  13. These are great ideas for some last minute gifts. I haven’t been in a Verizon store in a while but should check it out!

  14. These are some awesome ideas for the techie! My husband love quite a few of them, especially the nice earbuds.

  15. Wow these are some great gift ideas. Personally, I like the giftcard idea, because that way the receiver can decide themselves what they want. Might just get one for my hubbie.

  16. Oh cool! I had no idea Verizon sold all that stuff. The speaker booster looks pretty cool. Thanks!

  17. These are all great gift ideas from Verizon. I actually bought a new phone for myself from Verizon for Christmas that I love. It is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with a case of course. Thanks for sharing the gift ideas.

  18. I got my husbands gift from their! A new cellphone case (love their military discount on cell phone accessories!) and a JBL speaker for deployment.

  19. Moto Z Force Droid was also a perfect gift for my dad, a friendly user phone that has a 10x optical zoom, Insta-Share Projector and a SoundBoost | Speaker where my Dad can enjoy his 60’s hit songs.

  20. I need to get those ear buds for my daughter. She’s always watching shows on her phone, and it would be nice if SHE were the only one listening. LOL

  21. My dad is definitely one of those “hard to buy for people.” I think he would like many things that you have listed, though!

  22. I never thought to get a gift from there. That’s a great idea!

  23. These are GREAT gift ideas! I have a few people I still have to shop for and I was at a loss on what to get them! Now I know!

  24. I have a lot of friends and family that are hard to shop for! I think a lot of them might like the stuff. I’m definitely going to check it out.

  25. They just built a Verizon store near me. My teen would love some of these gifts.

  26. I never would have thought to buy my gifts at Verizon! Most of those are on my family’s list!

  27. I’ve never thought of these items when thinking what to give some people in my list. These are awesome picks!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  28. My husband has been wanting a Fitbit and i think this is just the place to get it! We have Verizon for all of our services so i know i will get quality from them.

  29. These all look like great gift ideas. I will have to go and see if I can find something for my dad at our local store.

  30. Thank you! Verizon is a great option for my last minute gifts. I didn’t think about this and I don’t know why.

  31. You are right! Who doesn’t love tech gadgets. I need to run to Verizon

  32. Ahhh I’d love a Fitbit! I’ve been thinking about getting one for ages but I just can’t justify buying it for myself haha – especially when we’re this close to Christmas.

  33. Ahhh I’d love a Fitbit! I’ve been thinking about getting one for ages but I just can’t justify buying it for myself haha – especially when we’re this close to Christmas.

  34. This is a great gift selection for any tech lover! I could really use some new headphones.

  35. Wow, I never considered shopping at Verizon for Christmas presents but boy, does it make sense! You’re right, it is a great place to find something for those hard to buy for.

  36. That’s a cool shopping list. I wouldn’t have thought about shopping at Verizon!

  37. Now these sound like some awesome last minute gifts, I have to admit I’m still floundering over what to get some people!

  38. These are great gift ideas! I have a few people that I want to give gifts to that have everything as well. Hard to find them something they do not have already.

  39. My husband is the same in buying everything he wants himself. I bet he’d like one of those FitBits from Verizon since he’s trying to get back into shape.

  40. I run a deal group. Some of these items have been very popular among the members this year. Great gift ideas for sure!

  41. The Moto Z Force Droid would be a great phone for me. I am planning on getting a new one after the Holidays. I will have to check it out.

  42. These are great gift ideas for those hard to shop for people. The Moto Z Force Droid looks like a great phone. I need to get new headphones soon. The Bose® SoundSport® Pulse wireless headphones would be fantastic.

  43. I would love to find the Bose SoundSport Pulse wireless headphones under the tree. These are great gift ideas. A Fitbit would be amazing as well.

  44. These are all such great ideas for Christmas shopping. I would love to have a new cellphone or fitbit.

  45. My boyfriend would love those headphones. He commutes to work via bus/train and uses headphones the whole way.

  46. I have a Fitbit Charge and would love to get the new Fitbit Charge 2. Great gifts!

  47. I think these are all great for just about anyone. The Fitbit is one of my favorites. I have one and I love it!

  48. I am getting a new Fitbit for Christmas! I had the original Charge but it finally died after two years.

  49. I recently just made the switch to Verizon for several different reasons. I appreciate how helpful they always are!

  50. These will be great for some of those hard to shop for people on my list! Thanks so much for sharing.

  51. All great gifts! We don’t have a verizon but we do have a similar store that has the same gifts. Love the new fitbit charge!

  52. I am sorry I didn’t ask for a fitbit for christmas because now I want one!

  53. I hadn’t considered heading to Verizon to do my shopping, but it totally makes sense. We are all tech geeks so they’ve got something for all of us.

  54. These are all great gift ideas. I’ve been wanting to get a FitBit for awhile now.

  55. Verizon has some great stuff! I got my husband a Fitbit for Christmas. I have one and enjoy it.

  56. I hadn’t thought about shopping at Verizon for Christmas gifts. Sounds like a great idea though! Loving those headphones.

  57. All of these are really great gifts, I would totally love a fit bit! That is a great gift!

  58. What a great ideas! I’m in love with these! I’m sure I would enjoy FitBit next year

  59. Great gift ideas for the holidays. I would love to get a Moto Z Force Droid.

  60. You are so on point. I love Verizon because they not only have phones and cases, they have so many other great devices and accessories that make great gifts.

  61. this are perfect idea for Christmas gift,. im sure my husband and my son will love Verizon, we used to have one before and will sure get another !

  62. Verizon is amazing! My husband would love it for sure! I’ll make sure to get this one.

  63. These are all amazing gift suggestions! My loves gadgets but I’m having a hard time choosing a gift for him. Thanks for this!

  64. These are some great gift ideas. I have people in my life who are impossible to buy gifts from because, as you said, they already own everything or they are very hard to figure out. I think everyone would be happy to get a Fitbit as a gift.

  65. These are some great last minute gifts. Coming from someone who was recently given a Fitbit recently I cannot recommend them highly enough!

  66. This is a great way to choose gifts! Love these suggestions!

  67. This is a great way to choose gifts! Love these suggestions!

  68. This is a convenient way to get the last minute gifts. Thanks for the ideas.

  69. I have to agree that Verizon has something for everyone, even the pickiest of people. When in doubt, I always head to Verizon.

  70. Wow, that new Moto phone really looks classy. I love integrating everything into Google so any Android phone is a real plus for me. I might just pick up a Verizon card soon.

  71. Well, you can’t really go wrong with a phone and a good set of earphones to match! I’m sure anyone who receives these items will be really happy! Tech is definitely a great choice for a gift.

  72. We don’t have Verizon in my part of the world but if we did I would get the Fitbit for my dad for sure

  73. I have never been inside Verizon store. I had no idea they had so many products that would make wonderful Christmas gifts! I think I should buy those wireless headphones for myself!!

  74. These are excellent ideas for the holidays! i just bought my brother that fitbit!

  75. I use Verizon but wish they weren’t so pricey. I guess you get what you pay for though!

  76. These are some great gift ideas. Especially the gift card. People love gift cards because the they can buy exactly what they want.

  77. All these looks so tempting! I’m going to get the fitbit to keep myself more active. My new year resolution LOL!

  78. That new phone looks very tempting for an early Xmas present. Verizon’s services are always top notch, I wouldn’t mind hooking up a line with them anytime.

  79. Tech gear always a hot gift item. There really isn’t anyone that doesn’t like a new gadget.

  80. Oooo so many awesome gift suggestions!!! I never thought about Verizon!!!! Looks like I need to make a trip!!

  81. I didn’t know that Verizon had things like FitBits. I will have to stop in there. My husband likes gadgets.

  82. Love this list! I had a lot of teenage boys on my Christmas list this year so we did wireless headphones!

  83. Those are certainly some awesome gift ideas. I’d take the Fitbit myself! Santa, are you listening? Haha!

  84. Who knew Verizon had so many great things? Truly there is something here for everyone!

  85. We have a newly opened Verizon at our place so we might check it out since we are planning to switch to them.

  86. The Fitbit and the Droid are awesome gifts! I wouldn’t mind the headphones either lol. Thanks for all of the great gift ideas!

  87. This is why I really think that Verizon is amazingly cool!

  88. YAY! This is definitely a great list! Fitbit would be something I’d like to receive and gift to friends and family. Will definitely check what Verizon has to offer!

  89. awww, how cool! These are awesome gift ideas. I would love a new fitbit. Thanks for sharing!

  90. My husband wants one of those VR headsets! The headphones and the fit bit are also great choices. It’s a one stop shop at Verizon!

  91. These are excellent gift options. I do have to say that tech gifts are so awesome, especially given they change so frequently and tech moves so fast! Adaleta Avdic

  92. that fitbit looks really cool! and that bose too! i just bought my sister a bose headphones too for christmas gifts! great for everyone

  93. Fitbits are the perfect Christmas gift for those trying to lose weight and for techies!

  94. Tech gifts work for just about everyone. I really like the idea of the speaker you can attach to your phone.

  95. Every single item on here looks great for me, I am not hard to buy for 🙂 Awesome choice Thanks Robin!

  96. I am planning on buying the fitbit charge 2 for my daughter this year.

  97. I have a fitbit. it is the best investment you can get for your healthy lifestyle.

  98. I usually buy all my gifts way in advance, but sometimes I have unexpected gifts so I end up getting them something. These are great choices and you can never go wrong with a gift card.