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Have some fun this year and take the stress of buying gifts out of the mix. Make some simple DIY Christmas gifts that everyone will love.

The holiday season can be a magical time of year. But when the thought of gift giving comes to mind, it can add some stress into the mix. Have some fun and take the stress of gifts out, and make some simple DIY Christmas gifts that everyone will love. These gifts are great for neighbors, family, co-workers and anyone else you want to give a small gift to.

For me, homemade gifts show you took time and thought about that person. I have gathered some of my favorite gift ideas for the holidays! If you have kids, they might even want to join in and help make these gifts!

15 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas 

Magic Reindeer Food| This is an adorable gift that kids will especially love. You create a little mix of ingredients and sprinkle it outdoors for the reindeer to eat while Santa drops present off. Comes with an adorable printable.

Nail Polish Swirl Coffee MugsKnow someone who enjoys sipping on coffee or tea? Head to your dollar store and pick up supplies for this simple craft, and create a one-of-a-kind mug.

Rib Rub| If you have someone who enjoys grilling, make a homemade rib rub that will be the perfect blend of spices for their juicy ribs!

 Pancake Mix | Create homemade pancake mix and put in a jar, add a little decoration and give to a loved one. These are so affordable to make and really fun and unique!

Hangable Doorknob Goodies| These are great for neighbors, go through your neighborhood and add a little goodie bag to doorknobs, and let them find the surprise when they come home. Very affordable to do.

Rose Sugar Scrub| A great pampering gift, nothing is more relaxing than a sugar scrub and a warm hot bath. This is very easy to make and smells heavenly.

Glitter Planters| These are absolutely gorgeous to decorate your home with. Make these for a loved one and put a little plant inside or even some candy. They can re-use it each year.

DIY Photo Blocks| I love personalized gifts like this! These blocks are adorable and a great way to decorate and I love the personalized pictures. 

Christmas Potpourri| This one is so fun as well, make a fragrant potpourri to give out. It even comes with a free printable you can use to dress up the packaging. 

Simple Christmas Treat Cups| A simple treat cup to fill up with candy or baked goods and hand out to friends and neighbors.

Giant Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows| Have a friend or neighbor who loves sweets, make this delicious giant dipped marshmallows. This will win their hearts and put them in the holiday spirit.

Cinnamon Pine Cones| Nothing smells more like Christmas than the smell of cinnamon pine cones. Make some up and give to a loved one or neighbor in a fun basket! 

DIY Lip Scrub| Lip scrubs are perfect for dry lips in the winter months, so create this affordable and easy scrub to give away, and keep some back for yourself! 

Crochet Face Scrubbies| If you crochet, you might try your hand at these. Give with the lip sugar scrub and you have a perfect gift. 

Slipper Boots| Take an old sweater and create these fun slipper boots and give to a loved one, to help them stay cozy this winter. 

Which one of these homemade Christmas gifts is your favorite?


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  27 Responses to “Simple DIY Christmas Gift Ideas”

  1. Thanks for sharing this list. I love creating homemade gifts for my friends and family. Looking forward to trying these crafts.

  2. Love the nail polish swirls mugs. Homemade gifts are the best and should be highly valued by the recipient than a store-bought gift.

  3. These are all great homemade gifts. I love the mugs. DIY gifts are always the best and I see a few I want to do for family and friends.

  4. What a great list! I’m all about simple ideas. I’m not the best at DIY, but I think I could do a lot of these.

  5. We have made several of these over the years and always enjoy making and giving homemade gifts. The nail polish coffee mug is something new and I would like to try that.

  6. These are wonderful ideas. I’m a big fan of homemade gifts. Aside from being super affordable, they are also so much more personal.

  7. I kind of like the DIY Christmas ideas. It’s so much more personal and people can give you exactly what you love instead of what the store decides that you love.

  8. Babushka is loving them all! Most of them would be good gifts for any time, not just the holidays. Will be pinning this one.

  9. Love all of your simple DIY Christmas gift ideas. I am going to have to try the swirl nail polish mug! So cute!

  10. What a great list of DIY gift ideas. These would be ideal for arts and crafts year round for the teens in our church ministry group.

  11. All are so cute, but I especially like the Hangable Doorknob Goodies. Don’t know why, but those caught my eye and looks easy to make.

  12. I think it would be really cool to work on a couple of treats for a loved one. A lot of these would definitely work well for a gift basket.

  13. What a lovely list of DIY Christmas Gift Ideas. I honestly love little gifts like this, hopefully, I can make some of them this weekend.

  14. Love the succulent pots you decorated. I would like to try the cinnamon pine cones.

  15. Oh these are great ideas! I still have time to make some and give them as gifts to friends at work! Thanks for putting this list together!

  16. I love all of these ideas. I think diy gifts are the best. I see some that I would really love to make for some friends/family too.

  17. I love homemade gifts! These are some great ideas for kids to make.

  18. I love making DIY gifts for teachers and other community helpers. You have some great ideas here!

  19. My grandma always gave us little bags of “reindeer food”. I like it that my husband’s aunt does it now on Christmas Eve.

  20. Homemade and DIY Christmas gifts are so great. They really show that you put thought and effort into giving. I love these ideas.

  21. These are some fun diy gift ideas! I’d take any of those. Hint Hint. Ha! I need something for my sister in law, one of these is going to be it.

  22. I love your ideas! Those are perfect DIY Christmas gifts, would love to make those on holiday!

  23. I love making sugar scrubs for gifts!! I could some of these other gift ideas as well, thanks!

  24. These are all fantastic ideas but I love the cinnamon pine cones the best. I’ll have to make some for my home as well.

  25. I love homemade Christmas gifts. It’s awesome to make them and so cool to receive them. You gave me great ideas like Rose Sugar Scrub!

  26. I do the homemade pancake mix also! It’s a great way to bless someone with homemade goodies over the holiday season

  27. I would love to get any of these. I am going to try to make homemade lotion this year.