Feb 182014
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We’ve had quite a bit of snow this winter one of the things the kids really enjoy doing when we have snow is to go sledding. While we were in Lincoln, NH recently, we drove past a nice looking hill and decided to stop and sled for a little while. I’m glad we stopped because the boys (all three of them) had so much fun.


JD sled

ND sld

with chris

Oddly enough, this was the first time we’ve gone sledding this winter and it’s not because we haven’t had snow – because we have. I guess we just haven’t had time. So, until next time……

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  1. The jump at thAt hill was huge. We need a tabong

  2. I used to love to go sledding when I was young and so did my Dad. When I was real young he would lie down on the sled and I would lie down on his back and down we would go! At that time we had wooden sleds with metal runners and handle bars that almost could steer. Boxes were good too if you didn’t have a sled which is probably where the idea for the type your 3 boys were using originated.

  3. Whao..they look like they were having so much fun.. Happy WW :

  4. It looks like they were having a blast!. It’s going to warm up this weekend, so if you want to go again you should go before all the snow melts!

  5. Looks like you have found some fun in the snow.

  6. Not been sledging for ages in fact i have not seen snow for a while further up north from us has snow my youngest has never even seen snow 🙁 maybe time to travel and have a snow holiday lol.looks like everyone had fun in your pics.

  7. We have had a ton of snow, too and also haven’t done sledding oddly enough. But looked the guys had so much fun and happy to see it!! 🙂

  8. Sounds like much fun, and while I do remember enjoying some sledding some years ago. I am more of a Beach Girl… 🙂
    Have a lovely rest of the week!!

  9. Sledding is totally fun. It’s one of the few things I love about the snow. 🙂

  10. Looks like a great hill for sledding. We might do that tomorrow. We are supposed to hit the Lego movie today, but the boys both had that evil stomach bug last night! What a way to start Feb. vacation! 🙁

  11. Looks like you guys had fun! That’s what we should go do. Go somewhere to go sledding for just a weekend. I think the boys would enjoy it as much as yours!

  12. We’ve only been a few times because it has been so cold. We’re hoping to get back out this weekend. Looks like everyone had fun!

  13. Now that looks like great fun, I have never been sledding before you could say I am sledless 😉

    Have a snowtastic week ahead 😉

  14. i’ve never been sledding! tear. but falling, oh yes. an expert.

  15. Sledding is the best kind of snow fun. Thanks for visiting and linking on Amanda’s Books and More! Tina

  16. You know, we haven’t gone sledding yet either. And we have plenty of snow too. Since today is a snow day I’ll have to take then out sledding. Looks like you guys had a blast! 🙂

  17. So, after all there are good positive points of having snow, right ;)?

  18. Looks like everyone is having a great time! My boys LOVE to go sledding!

  19. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I really loved sledding when I was a kid. Now we don’t have any snow, so can’t do it anymore.

  20. I love sledding, so much fun. Looks like you all had a great time!

  21. Haven’t been sledding in many years. That hill looks kind of like the one my kid used to call hernia hill.

  22. Great pictures! It looks like a lot of fun! <3

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  23. What a perfect sledding hill! I don’t remember the last time I went sledding. Looks like so much fun 🙂

  24. Yeah see like you I would be taking the pictures. Once upon a time I would have sledded as well. Then I got old and freaky about speed and hills and apparently according to my kids all the fun stuff lol.

  25. My fave winter activity! Looks like lots of fun 🙂

  26. Sledding is so much fun! We’ve only gone a few times – I don’t like going if the snow is slushy and gross or crunchy and frozen!

  27. Sledding is a lot of fun. All of our snow is gone already and I haven’t taken my kids sledding yet this winter. Maybe we’ll get more snow so I can find a hill around here to take them to. Looks like all your boys had a lot of fun! Have a terrific Tuesday!

  28. I especially love seeing your big kid having a ball 🙂

  29. My girls would LOVE it! My middle daughter is afraid of anything mechanical (roller coasters/screwy amusement park ride, etc.)–umm…controlled…:) but, is always the first on a sled/doughnut/or just her belly down whatever snow/ice covered hill she finds. 🙂 We’ve had a ton of snow this year (that’s actually hung around) and we finally took the time to seek out a central Ohio “hill” last weekend…without driving for 30 minutes. It’s so much fun and–yep–I understand that it is tough to make time!

  30. Oh, how fun! I use to go sledding as a kid and I always enjoyed it. I need to take my kids to the snow this year.

  31. We love going sledding! sadly we just don’t do it enough because it is either too cold (yeah -30 isn’t good sledding weather) or they kids are in school when the weather is good enough to sled.

  32. those little round things are so FAST!!!
    seriously, I had a little Chevy Chase moment where I flew down the hill and sailed right across the road at the bottom, and up and over into the ditch on the other side.
    After I had just spent 15 minutes lecturing the kids about crossing the road!! nice mom.
    But then I found out they close that road in winter because it is impossible to stop; our hill is so huge and steep.
    Bravo to the hubby for getting in there! 🙂

  33. Fun! My kids love playing in the snow.

  34. We haven’t went sledding at all this year. It’s just been too damn cold to get out there and play in the snow!

  35. How fun! Delaware doesn’t have many places to go sledding – we’re one of the flattest states. I see trucks pulling sleds behind them in abandoned parking lots instead.

  36. Cool pictures 🙂

    Looks like kids and hubby are having fun. ♥

    that used to be an every weekend event for us when we lived in NH

  37. My boys would be in heaven!! Love those pics and the smiles 🙂

  38. Chris is such a big kid! Love that he’s a great playmate for them.

  39. My little one has not gone sledding yet. It’s been way to cold and on top of that we have been dealing with my health issues and I’m fearful I’ll fall flat and injure myself and end up with more health issues.
    Looks like fun though.

  40. Oh wow looks like loads of fun 🙂 we’ve not had snow yet this year and my kids are so looking forward to it…

  41. That looks like so much fun! Every time it’s snowed here it’s been too cold to go sledding, or it’s too warm and melts off right away.

  42. It’s wonderful that you took the time to stop and enjoy 🙂
    hope you have more playful moments like these the rest of winter!

  43. That looks like a lot of fun! We never get enough snow to sled in around our house, which is fine with me, but the kids would love it!

  44. Spring has definitely sprung for us as all of our fruit trees are in bloom, and there are butterflies and ladybugs everywhere. I miss what little of winter we had.


  45. wow I remember being a kid in claremont New Hampshire and going sledding now snow freaks me out i’ve been in FL to long i’m a wuss about the cold

  46. My husband just took our boys snow tubing a couple of weeks ago. They had a great time just like your boys did.

  47. I have a dry sled in my garage that has been waiting years for some action. I guess I shouldn’t complain. Today was 70′ and sunny.


  48. Oh my it has been years since I went sledding and we never really got a good slope back then – it looks such fun! x

  49. That is so much fun in the winter. Our kids love sledding.

  50. I have yet to experience sledding! Certainly on my bucket list 😛

  51. Love your sledding photos, I havent been sledding since college.

  52. That looks like so much fun. We have not been sledding in a while.

  53. Great pics! Sledding is one of our favorite outdoor activities. Like you in Wisconsin we have gotten a lot of show this year! Sad part here is that the temp’s have been so cold – too cold to be out.

  54. This looks like so much fun!! I bet everyone had a blast! did you get on the sled as well?

  55. It’s been a few years since we went sledding but it was always a fun time! Looks like you had a great day!

  56. That looks like so much fun! I would love to do that with my kids. It might surprise you, but I have only seen snow once in my life (in person of course) and it was only about 2″ of it that randomly fell in Houston a few years ago

  57. That’s a good way to enjoy the snow 🙂

  58. looks so much fun! wish we have snow. tropical can sometimes be describe as humid. lol

  59. Looks like they are having so much fun! We have been sledding a few times already this winter and I am sure we go more before it’s over.

  60. That looks like a blast!! We rarely see snow, but we got some last week! The kids got to sled on some of our water toys…like the kneeboard. 🙂

  61. That looks like so much fun!!! I love the snow but am totally over it! Ready for Spring!

  62. Looks like your family had a lot of fun in the snow. I think I’d like snow better if it weren’t so cold. 😉

  63. It’s not so bad when the sun comes out, but I have to admit I’m ready for spring!

  64. Great pictures, and how fun for your kids! Having moved from New York to San Diego, it’s hard to remember those winters!

  65. Nice hill! We don’t have such a big one, but the kids have been loving it here in NY! Sledding is so much fun!

  66. All we have here is some lame man-made almost-a-hill….

  67. Aww that is the one thing that we miss about living up north…sledding in the snow! Looks like such a fun time!

  68. I remember having so much fun sledding when I was a kid! Not much opportunity for sledding in Hawaii, though, where I currently live. Just lots and lots of rain all ‘winter’ long.

  69. As a kid, that was the most fun thing about winter. My kids also loved it when they were young. We had a big hill right behind our house and they had a great time sledding on it.

  70. You certainly got enough snow up there for good sledding! I’m in Northeast PA and I feel like my backyard could host the Olympics right about now!

  71. We had 20+ inches of snow last week and I haven’t taken my kids sledding either! 🙁 I need to!!

  72. I Miss These Days When I Was A Kid Such Fond Memories Your Kids Look Like They Enjoyed Themselves, Thanks For Sharing!!

  73. It’s been a long time since I’ve been sledding!

  74. So fun! We’ve been sledding a ton this winter too!

  75. That looks like so much fun. Maybe If I did that with the kids I wouldn’t be so sick of all this snow. lol

  76. Great sledding pictures- it looks like you all had an amazing time!

  77. Looks like all three of your boys had a good time! I love that your husband is always out there with your little ones.

  78. We’ve had lots of fun sledding days lately. So much snow everywhere!!

  79. Funny enough, we’ve never been sledding with my son before. This is something we should try to do with him before the snow starts to melt! Looks like you all had a nice time!

  80. This looks like so much fun, wish it snowed in Florida!

  81. How fun! I’m happy that we got enough snow this year to actually do some sledding too!

  82. I love spontaneous moments like these! Enjoy life – when you have too much snow, go sledding!

  83. I miss sledding sometimes but I don’t miss it enough to move back north! These are great pictures and it look like you all had a ton of fun!

  84. Believe it or not, I have never been sledding before, but it looks like so much fun!

  85. I have not been sledding in years!! I think the last time was when I was around 10 or 11! I miss the freedom of sliding down a snowy hill at lightening speed!

  86. It looks like everyone had a fantastic fun time ;D
    We’ve not seen any snow so far this winter here in my part of the Bonnie Scotland but there may be some before spring arrives.
    Enjoy the snow and your weekend!

  87. Looks like super fun. We have had so much snow here in NY till I am ready for spring. Unfortunately there are not a lot of sledding opportunities for us. Looks so fun. Glad you all enjoyed it. Memory makers for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  88. My goodness, Robin you have a TON of comments here. I am very behind this week in getting to your posts. I’m trying to repent. lol

    Great photos of your men! Super wonderful snow for sleds, super good.

  89. Do you just keep sleds in the car?

  90. We have only been sledding once this year because it’s been so darn cold.