Sep 292017
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My hubby and I love to snack on chips & salsa when we’re Netflix binging or catching up on some DVR.  It’s our first go-to snack and we love it because it’s quick and easy. The thing is, it can be tough to find really good fresh salsa in the grocery store. And by really tough, I mean basically impossible. Until now.  I recently had a chance to try some salsa from Nola’s Fresh Foods and I’m hooked!

Nola's Fresh Foods salsa is an authentic Mexican salsa. No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, no sugar and no oils & they're Vegan and Gluten Free.

Nola’s Fresh Foods salsa is an authentic, bold, fresh and all-natural Mexican salsa. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to any other salsas you’ve tried before. It’s a perfect snack or addition to your favorite meals (think taco Tuesday). Nola’s Salsas have no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, no sugar and no oils. They are Vegan and Gluten Free, so everyone can enjoy the best salsa ever. At Nola’s, they are committed to providing you with the best product on the market using only the freshest, all natural ingredients available. Nola’s Salsas are always fresh and flavorful.

Nola's Fresh Foods salsa is an authentic Mexican salsa. No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, no sugar and no oils & they're Vegan and Gluten Free.

Nola’s has two amazing salsas to choose from.  The first is their Salsa Fresca, which is a traditional tomato-based raw blended salsa that most people associate with Mexican food. The ingredients are simple and fresh with no artificial preservatives or added sugars. This salsa is a great condiment with a variety of dishes. The other salsa is their Fire Roasted Corn & Black Bean.  It is a very rich, full-flavored, smoky salsa that combines roasted corn, roasted tomatoes and fresh cooked black beans. This salsa is great addition to many dishes including quesadillas, fajitas, and pastas.

Nola's Fresh Foods salsa is an authentic Mexican salsa. No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, no sugar and no oils & they're Vegan and Gluten Free.

My friends at Nola’s sent me both of their salsas to try and we basically devoured them. While I like spicy salsa, hubby doesn’t. Both of the salsas are medium heat, but neither of us found them to be overly hot & spicy. We were both with how fresh and delicious the salsa was and like I said, now I am hooked and this is the only salsa I can eat.

I bet you’re wondering where you can buy Nola’s salsas? Check out “Locations” for your nearest Nola’s grocer, which includes Whole Foods and Star Market. If they are not in your area, send them an email with store suggestions.

Nola's Fresh Foods salsa is an authentic Mexican salsa. No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, no sugar and no oils & they're Vegan and Gluten Free.

Have you tried Nola’s salsa yet?  If you love authentic Mexican foods, try one of their salsas today!  You’ll be happy you did.

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  50 Responses to “Snacking Like a Pro With Nola’s Fresh Foods Salsa”

  1. Oh yum, this salsa looks delicious! I’ve always been a fan of chips and salsa–I’ll have to pick this up and try it out.

  2. This looks like a yummy salsa. I have not tried this brand, but I plan on it. This will be a great snack for family game night.

  3. That looks so good! Nothing beats a good salsa. It’s great with chips or on tacos. I even like it on my eggs.

  4. That salsa looks great! I love salsa on everything. I even tried it on pizza once. It was awesome.

  5. Now this sounds like a delicious salsa to enjoy – I have to admit I’ve never tried this particular one but I think I am going to have to change that

  6. I have not had the chance to give it a try and this post has convinced me, without a doubt! It looks perfect with chips! Especially during a movie night with the hubby this weekend! Love it.

  7. I do enjoy making my own salsas for the very reason that none of the store bought brands really taste fresh to me. Will add Nola’s to my shopping list to give it a try, it would be nice to have a ready made option when you just want a snack without the work.,

  8. I love salsas with or without anything else. Your post has made me crave salsa now. <3

  9. Yum! Love fresh salsa! I’ve never tried this brand of salsa but it looks delicious and I’d love to try it on tacos and with chips!

  10. I love salsa. It’s relatively healthy and so good. I’m not familiar with Nola brand. I’ll have to check Whole Foods next time I’m there.

  11. I have a hard time buying salsa, because of cilantro! There’s always so much of that in it. BUT the farmers market sometimes has it without and I pick one of every time. Fresh salsa is not easy to come by but so worth it!

  12. Fresh salsa is delicious! I love making tacos and nachos and this would be a great pair.

  13. Mmm salsa is honestly great. It can be used as anything and on anything. It makes a great condiment too.

  14. This salsa looks as though it would be great on tacos! I am going to have to give it a try.

  15. Nothing I love more than chips and a good salsa! By far my favorite food! I am going to have to give this a try!

  16. Yum! This looks delicious. I’ve never heard of this salsa! We are huge fans of salsa here though so we will have to try it!

  17. I love fresh salsa like this. I haven’t tried Nola’s but now I need to find it ASAP.

  18. This salsa is the bomb and I don’t mind having a stock of this at home! It looks so good! I’m sure it tastes amazing!

  19. I love salsa that tastes fresh and is packed with flavor! I can’t wait to try this one, it sounds so good! I have always loved chips and salsa and I’m definitely going to enjoy this one!

  20. Oh yum! This sounds really great, just like something we would love.

  21. Chips and salsa is my jam! Always looking for new salsas. I love the name of this one too!

  22. What flavorful-looking salsa! So perfect during football season. The next time I’m out at Whole Foods I’ll need to look for it. 🙂

  23. Nothing beats fresh salsa! We love to eat it when we binge watch Netflix too!

  24. I love fresh salsa!! I have not found one that I can not put down though, and for you to have is huge!! I now must try Nola’s Fresh salsa!

  25. Chops and salsa is pretty much its own food group here. This looks like a brand of salsa that I need to get to know!

  26. Looks really spicy to me, which is fine because we love spicy Mexican salsa. I will add this to my grocery list. This would make a really great tip for tortilla chips.

  27. I have not tried Nola’s fresh salsa. I think this would be great to have in stock at home for game days. Nothing like a good salsa and some chips while rooting for your favorite team!

  28. This salsa looks great & actually different than the usual one! Definitely the best companion for Netflix! 🙂

  29. It really is hard to find good salsa at the store. This looks really good and I will have to look it up try it next time!

  30. This salsa looks super delicious! We are big salsa eaters in our house and will have to check this one out!

  31. We love snacking on chips and salsa! This brand of salsa looks so good and fresh. It reminds me of what I get at the small locally owned Mexican restaurant. Yum!

  32. i love the packaging of this salsa and that alone i will buy it, lol! i also just visited NOLA and when i saw this article i just got even more curious! i love salsa and anything spicy so im sure i will love this!

  33. I love salsa and I can’t wait to try this one. I top my morning eggs with it. Delicious!

  34. i need some of this salsa in my life STAT! 🙂 my favorite snack in the entire world is chips and salsa!

  35. When I hear salsa my mind thinks of nachos and tacos to pair it with. That looks delish, totally would love to try that someday.

  36. Hey.. this is quite new to me, I have never tried Mexican food before, but It looks tasteful. I will definitely try it.
    Thanks for sharing!

  37. I haven’t tried Nola’s salsa yet but I have a feeling that’s fixing to change. I love chunky salsa with fresh veggies in it and I’m sure the Fire Roasted Corn & Black Bean would be a hit here.

  38. I havet tried this one but it looks amazing. Will definitely try it out

  39. I love nachos and dip so this salsa sounds great! There’s nothing better than snacking on it whilst watching a bit of telly 🙂

  40. I love the texture of this salsa and I’m sure that it has a great mix of flavors. Looks perfect for enjoying at sports’ viewing parties and gatherings.

  41. These look great. I’ll definitely have to tell my husband, he loves trying new salsas!

  42. I have never heard of Nolas Fresh Food Salsa before, but it sounds like a great party favorite!!

  43. This salsa looks like it tastes incredible! I really need to pick some of this up.

  44. Thanks for all the social loving. You can find NOLA’s at most Whole Foods in MA and RI.
    We’re always expanding!

  45. Oh yum yum! I love Mexican salsa. Would love to try this one! Dipping salsa with nachos is perfect for movie nights!

  46. It’s so hard to find good authentic salsa at the grocery store. Usually, they have that preservative or not fresh taste. These salsas from NOLA look amazing.

  47. I am definitely going to look for these salsas next time I go to Whole Foods. I’ve been looking for the perfect salsa to go with my Pumpkin Tortilla chips.

  48. Is this nola as in New Orleans? I heard they have such amazing food out there.

  49. Seriously, if my family could live off of one food for the rest of our lives it would be chips and salsa. We haven’t tried Nola’s but it looks delicious!

  50. This salsa looks very savory and yummy. I like to combine it with a little bit of fresh tomatoes and onions. Perfect for corn chips!