Jan 082014
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When we were in North Conway, NH in November, we spotted this awesomely decorated snowman outside of the MWV Children’s Museum.  The boys loved it and we immediately ran over to it to take a picture.


As we drove away, we spotted yet another one:


It had this sign on it, which led me to think that there were more than just the two we had come across.


Sure enough, as we drove through North Conway Village, we spotted several more.





I decided to do a little research and found out that there are 18 snowman in total.  We only saw the ones pictured here – and yes, I had Chris pull over every time we saw one so that I could take a picture of the boys with it. If you’re in the area and want to check them all out, the complete list of locations can be found here.

Cool, huh?

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  1. It was our culture for the weekend

  2. Those are really cool. I’ve been in that area, but I’ve never seen them. Maybe they were there and I just didn’t notice?

  3. The Snow People are so adorable!!!

  4. That is awesome and seriously would have done the same pulling over to take pictures with them!! 🙂

  5. That really is cool! And the best part is–they don’t melt if it warms up–which I hope it does soon. I would love to see them in person but don’t really live close enough for a day trip there.

  6. Those are super cool!

  7. How cool. My kids would enjoy those snowmen too!

  8. Oh How fun! We had a similar “cow” one in my home town. It looks like your kiddos appreciated the decorated snow men too!

  9. That is really cool! I think the first one is my favorite. I love all the different colors.

  10. I love this!! We went somewhere right before Christmas and they had something similar – except they were a bunch of cows. 🙂 It was pretty cute to see! Happy New Year, friend!

  11. That is kind of along the lines of the horses we have in Lexington to represent the horse farms and industry here in Kentucky. Some of the statues are amazingly detailed and I love it when they have them out in town and I can get pics of them. The snowmen are so stinking cute though I would have kept driving to find them all…

  12. Quite a difference in the weather and snowmen now 🙂

  13. That is indeed cool! 🙂

  14. That’s pretty cool! We have a little beach like town close to where I live that switches out statues like this all the time. I think there is an art school nearby that donates the art for display. There were several carousel horses a few years back that were super cool, but sadly, some asshole decided to vandalize them. And I totally would have made my girls get out at ever sighting to pose for a photo too!

  15. So cute! Kinda like the cows in NY

  16. What cool snow people.

  17. How neat! The city we live in did this recently with swans! Pretty cool!

  18. Those are pretty cool! I’m pretty sure my fave is the one at the top.

  19. Those snow people are really cool. I must say I like the first one…psychedelic!!

  20. Haha, this is so cute. What fun for the kids to spot during the cold months. My town does something similar with horses to help promote local artists!

  21. How cute is this? I love the one that has the recreation of the building on him, he is cute!

  22. I swear, you come across the coolest stuff.

  23. Now that is so cool! I’d pull over too:)

  24. How cool! I was visiting Lancaster (I think) and there were cows all over the city.

  25. These look really cool! I like the idea of doing the snowmen for whole year to enjoy. And your pics and boys look really cute 🙂

  26. that is way more cool than the giant apple, goose and chair that we have around here.
    seriously. A.Goose!

  27. what a cute thing to do! so many people are dealing with real snow now though, eek!

  28. That is such a neat idea. I would want to drive to find all of the and I would have to stop and take photos.

  29. I bet it was an artist project in the area. I think my favorites are the top one and the one in front of the big white building. We had something called Jane Doe’s here. An artist got a small mold. Then they could do whatever they wanted with it. Companies would come and look at them, and sponsor the bigger one to be made.

  30. This is so cool! What a fun “hunt” to go on. I totally would have pulled over for each one too.

  31. That is cool. I love how they are all different. Glad you got pictures with the kids with them. Nice memory to have for sure.

  32. I absolutely love those snowman. How creative and what a great way to dress up the area.

  33. WOW! Oh cool! I have never been to NH. I hope your family had a blast and I can just imagine at everyone one you saw “STOP, ANOTHER ONE”. The wheels squealing and so forth haha!

  34. We used to live in Erie, Pa and they have fish that they put up like that…. not for Christmas but for the summer. I think they cost a business a pretty penny to purchase them.

  35. Oh those are humongous and beautiful snowmen. I’d love to see them in a parade.

  36. That turned into a great treasure hunt of snowman! lol

  37. I’ve never seen it done with snowmen before, so that’s really fun! I love seeing how differently people decorate the same shape!

  38. awesome! we’ve seen the cow parade, and a pig parade, but not snow people. they are cute!

  39. So cute! In San Francisco, we have huge hearts all over the city!

  40. Oh how ‘cool’ are they 😉 I would have to go and hunt them all out myself if I lived nearby 🙂 x

  41. How cool! There’s something like this in a town in Missouri we visited, except with painted canoes instead of snowmen.

  42. What a cool discovery! I love the first one. I’ve seen painted cows on tour before, but never snowmen.

  43. wow so cool, I have never seen snowmen painted in Indiana we had elephants they were neat!

  44. How fun! They are all so unique!

  45. cool snow people and i love how each one is unique and different

  46. Those are so neat and it’s awesome that you were able to pull over to get photos with them!

  47. These are so cute. Your kids must be so used to getting their pictures taken!

  48. These are so fun! We have an urban trail through our downtown, but everything is so scattered and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen all of the statues at each of the “stations.”

  49. These are so cute! Haha! I like how they are truly on a marching stance!

  50. How neat! And I love that you pulled over to take pictures of each one you saw…I would so do that, too! I mean, it’s not an everyday occurrence, right?

  51. Those are adorable. When it snows they must be really awesome to see among all of the snow. I have only been to that area of the country once but if we go back, we will make sue we visit.

  52. I love this!! Here in San Angelo there are ewes.. or sheep all over town painted with different themes. Love the snowmen!

  53. Those are really neat. I especially like the last one.

  54. This reminds me of one summer my family spent in Deadwood, SD and they had bulls painted. My brother and I tried so hard to find all of the bulls but came up 2 short.. got pictures with each of the ones we found! They also do that sort of thing here in Harrisburg, PA… But with cows!

  55. Those are so fun!! I’ve never seen these before.

  56. Yes that is very cool. My kiddos would have loved that, well at least the first three stops. Thanks for sharing your fun with us.

  57. That is such a cute idea!! I love snowmen. 🙂

  58. That is pretty cool. We live in ski country and we yet have to make one. My kids are very boring. 🙂

  59. These are super cute! My kids would have loved to check these out! I probably would have had to stop at every snowman too!

  60. Those are definitely some fun photo props. I would have been taking lots of pictures too!

  61. What a fun way for a community to get into the spirit. Love the snowmen, adorable.

  62. Oh what fun! We had cows in Chicago and Bulldogs locally in NW Indiana. The kids really get a kick out of them.

  63. Those are some pretty awesome snowmen!

  64. Very cool! Scranton did something similar a few years ago with mules. Snowmen are better than mules.

  65. Who needs stinkin’ cows? They have snowmen!