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Did you know that Cranmore Mountain was named #1 in New Hampshire for Off-Hill Activities by Ski Magazine?

My family recently stayed in the North Conway, New Hampshire area and going snow tubing was high up on our list of things we wanted to do while we were there. We’re not big skiers, but we definitely wanted to make some time to play in the snow.  That’s why we all love snow tubing: tubing is a family friendly activity that requires no special skills or equipment.

My family has been tubing at many different places over the years, but this was our first time at Cranmore.  We loved it there. Cranmore’s Tubing Park is 10 lanes wide and they have a magic-carpet style surface lift to help people up the hill (which is much easier than walking all the way up, trust me on this).

The Cranmore Tubing Park is located at the base of Cranmore Mountain, between the main base lodge and Cranmore Fitness. Tickets can be purchased at the Artist Falls Lodge, which is on the right as you pull in.  Here are the hours of operation if you’re planning on going tubing at Cranmore yourself.

A 2 Hour Tubing ticket is $29 and all ages are welcome. Children under 42″ are free with a paying adult and a waiver must be filled out for all participants. Children 42 inches and taller must ride solo; and children under 42″ must ride with an adult. They also offer Last Blast Tubing (Last hour of operation) for $22. Tubes are provided as part of your admission price.

Cranmore also has a Mountain Coaster, Soaring Eagle Zip Line and Giant Swing, so you can spend the whole day there and keep busy for the entire time. You can buy a Mountain Adventure Park Ticket for $29 and that includes unlimited rides for one person on the Mountain Coaster, Soaring Eagle Zip Line and Giant Swing. Or you can also purchase a single Ride Ticket- valid for one ride on the Mountain Coaster OR Giant Swing OR Soaring Eagle Zip Line for just $13.

We only did snow tubing while we were there, but the kids definitely want to do the Mountain Coaster the next time we go!

Cranmore Mountain Resort is located at 239 Skimobile Road in North Conway, NH 03860.

Have you ever been snow tubing?

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  81 Responses to “Snow Tubing at Cranmore Mountain”

  1. That sounds like something my family would really enjoy. We’ve taken ski trips before, and we love to tube. It seems like the perfect combination.

  2. Snowtubing is the best! I’ve done it a few times, and it’s freaking awesome. It’s like sledding on steroids.

  3. Oh my gosh I was looking for a place just like this! Unfortunately where I live they don’t have a tubing place I wish they did. I would love to take my kids there.

  4. I would love to go! We went skiing in December and it was so cold.

  5. One of my favorite childhood memories is snow tubing in the mountains. Looks like your family had a blast!

  6. I’d definitely have to do some tubing! Their coaster and zip line could be a lot of fun too. This place sounds cool

  7. We really wanted to go snow tubing this winter and just never got to do it!!! WHat a fun time!!!

  8. I can honestly say that I have never been skiing, tubing, etc. I live in Kansas and so it is a big drive to get to a mountain, LOL. This looks like a blast and makes me want to plan a trip to do some snow tubing.

  9. This looks like it was such a fun time. I have never been somewhere like this before.

  10. I love to use tubes at water parks. This looks like a similar kind of fun!

  11. My kids would love to go tubing. It has been years since I went. Cranmore Mountain looks like a great place to go.

  12. A trip to Cranmore Mountain would be a huge hit with my family. It is fun to get outside in the fresh air and have fun as a family.

  13. Love snow tubing – individual and family tubes. You’re right – it doesn’t need a specialized skill but it’s a great way to have fun outdoors during the snow weather!

  14. Love snow tubing – individual and family tubes. You’re right – it doesn’t need a specialized skill but it’s a great way to have fun outdoors during the cold weather!

  15. That looks like a lot of fun. My girls got to go snow tubing during school this year. They had so much fun with it.

  16. I haven’t tubed since being a kid. It looks like a good time.

  17. Glad you had fun. I’ve never gone snow tubing or skiing. I’m not really a fan of snow. haha.

  18. That sounds so much fun! Such a great way to enjoy snow! My kids will surely enjoy here!

  19. My family loves snow tubing! We don’t get much snow here, so this would be a fun family road trip. Looks like your family had loads of fun.

  20. Oh my goodness!! This looks like so much fun. I wish that it snowed more in SC.

  21. Hey there,
    I’ve never been snow tubing but it sounds and looks like a bunch of fun! 🙂
    Tried out skiing once but failed hard… :’D

    Marie // ❤

  22. That looks so much more fun than skiing or sledding to me lol. I am pretty sure I’d do that, but on a smallish hill!

  23. That looks like tons of fun! My daughter and I have never seen snow before!

  24. I love any outdoor activity involving snow, as long as it is only for a few days. I love living in South Texas and never dealing with it!

  25. We almost never get snow here in middle Georgia but we have a weekend festival with fake snow and snow tubing which is loads of fun. It looks super cold in your pics but also looks like a fun time.

  26. Looks like tons of fun. I have kids ranging in age from 13 to 6, it’s nice to find an activity that everyone can do and have fun with at the same time.

  27. This looks like so much fun! I’ve only ever gone water tubing but I definitely want to cross Snow Tubing off my bucket list ASAP.

  28. Seems really a beautiful and fun place! You and your family sure had good time here!

  29. We live in the South and get NO SNOW! But, this looks so fun! Maybe we can take a “snow” vacation.

  30. I have never been skiing or tubing, but my older daughter would LOVE this. She learned to ski through ski club at school.

  31. I’ve never been snow tubing but hopefully I will have the chance. It looks like great fun!

  32. Wow that looks like such fun. Don’t have this in the UK!

  33. Snow tubing is always fun and a great way to spend the day outside and playing in the snow. I am at the point where I will leave the snow tubing to the younger crowd.

  34. Gosh, your kiddos are getting so BIG! That looks like a fantastic place to have some family play time, for sure!

  35. The tubing does look like fun!

    We have had some snow this year, but when it’s snowed it was super cold! The sleds only came out once.

  36. Oh man that looks like so much fun! My daughter would love it! We live in Florida, so no snow here, but she constantly asks me when she can see snow lol

  37. What a blast! I’ve never been snow tubing before but I know I’d love it.

  38. I’ve never done this before or gone skiing! I’ll have to add it to my bucket list it looks like so much fun

  39. This looks like such a fun family activity. I know my kiddos would absolutely love it. Putting this on the family adventure bucket list.

  40. Snow tubing sounds like so much fun. I don’t know how to ski but I could definitely try snow tubing!

  41. What a fun activity you had as a family! I have not gone tubing in a very long time. I wish I could do it again sometime. I have to wait for the next winter season though.

  42. I love snow tubing. My son and I would go to the Poconos every year after Christmas and spend a few days up there. Always had a blast!

  43. This looks like so much fun! I have never been snow tubing, but you made me want to so badly!

  44. Oh gosh! I think snow tubing would be so much fun!! Great post!!

  45. Now THIS could be the right thing for me. I love snow, but there is no way I want to go skiing, and probably no way I’d have the balance for snow boarding (although it looks so fun!). Snowmobiling could be fun though – and tubing I’m sure is a total blast!

  46. This must have been so much fun and to think, it’s just a simple exercise. One day I’ll be on snow.

  47. I am not usually much for outdoor activities when it is winter, but this looks like fun! I am actually liking the idea of doing some snow tubing!

  48. This is one thing that I have not done yet and I can not wait until I do! I know it will be so much fun. Maybe next year.

  49. This looks like so much fun. When the kids were little .. we took ski trips .. but never snow tubing. Who knew what we were missing?!

  50. The snow tubing is something I have yet to try because we always use sleds here. It looks like a lot of fun for the whole family too. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  51. This sounds really fun and awesome! I’m sure it’s a huge hit with the kids. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.

  52. It sounds like this place is packed with activities especially for families or anyone who’s up for some outdoor fun! I would love to give this a try. I’m sure my nephews will enjoy this one.

  53. I have not experienced snow tubing and I am hoping that I can join someday. It would be a new fun activity for my family and friends.

  54. i am scared of Snow tubbing. They have something similar with artificial snow at Georgia’s Amusement Park called Stone Mountain and they morph it into Snow Mountain in the winter. It looks scary I am a scaredy cat.

  55. I haven’t visiting to places with snow because cold places are a physical weakness for me. However, snow tubing looks so much fun. Am imagining this is it is played in sand instead of snow.. 🙂

  56. It looks like you had a great time. I know that I haven’t been tubing in years. I want to take my daughter but she still sounds a little bit afraid. I do hope we get to go soon though. It’s a lot of fun.

  57. Snow tubing I have never been into it. I wish to so it very soon it sounds exciting and thrilling. I do hope I get to go soon though. It sounds fun.

  58. I miss snow trips! They used to be soo much fun!

  59. I’ve been snow tubing in the mountains here in Virginia! This looks like you guys had a great time as a family!

  60. Wow, that was an amazing experience! The reason why I want winter is activities like that, but I’ve never tried it yet.

  61. It looks like you guys had so much fun! I have seen the tubing runs at the ski slopes when we would go snowboarding but we never did it. I think I might have to give it a try next time!

  62. Is it silly if I say that I have never heard of snowtubing before? On the other hand it looks s freaking cool, I wonder if they do it anywhere in the Uk?

  63. This seriously looks and sounds like a blast! We love doing this kind of stuff. I need to note this in vacation plans 😉

  64. This looks so much fun! Haven’t tried snow tubing before but I know my children is going to enjoy this.

  65. This looks like so much fun! I used to go snow tubing as a kid, but now I really want to try it as an adult 🙂

  66. Wow! You look both so happy. Take advantage of the most skiing and riding in New Hampshire, with unlimited access to Cranmore, Bretton Woods, Cannon Mountain and Waterville Valley!

  67. That sounds a real fun adventure. I would want to try it too.

  68. Now this looks like a ton of fun!! I will have to visit here next year with my children. They would love it.

  69. Snow Tubing in NH looks like so fun! You and your family look like fun is going to be in store! I haven’t done snow tubing since I was in S.D. I would love to go and visit this place; it would be so much fun for the family!

  70. This looks like so much fun….nice pictures too

  71. We miss snowtubing this winter! Last year we went to Pocono and have fun snow tubing the whole daaay

  72. I have never gone snow tubing, this looks like so much fun and I love that this is a great activity for kids to do in the snow that doesn’t require a lot of skill, like skiing does. Cranmore sounds like an awesome place to go snow tubing.

  73. I remember doing this when i was a kid. So much fun!

  74. Looks so much fun ! Do they offer safety first briefing to youngsters ?

  75. Omg how fun!!!! I haven’t been tubing in a few years! I will definitely have to do it next winter!

  76. Snowtubing is so much fun! We have a lot of snowtubing during the winter up here!

  77. This looks like so much fun! Would love to try it out some day. Unfortunately London is not blessed with snow that often..

  78. This looks like an absolute blast! I’d love to try this out sometime!

  79. You have the coolest adventures with your kids!!
    We’ve never had snow here, i wish I could experience it. This looks like massive fun

  80. Looks like a lot of fun for kids. I don’t think I would be brave enough to do this.

    Angela x