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Snowboarding Tips

**I was invited to a complimentary day of snowboarding at Wachusett Mountain as part of a media event.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way**

For years I’ve wanted to try my hand at snowboarding.  I can ski, although I haven’t done so in a number of years, but for whatever reason, I had never given snowboarding a try – until last week.


I was invited to spend the day at Wachusett Mountain Resort in Princeton, MA.  I had the option to ski or snowboard, but I knew right away that this was my chance to have a go with the snowboard, so I jumped on it. Plus, I was going solo, so my husband wasn’t going to be standing there laughing at me, which was an added bonus.

Fun fact:  “Wachusett” is the Algonquin Indian word for “The Great Hill”.

As you know, winter is not over yet, and thanks to the copious amounts of snow we got here in the Boston area this year, there is still plenty of time to spend at the slopes.  In case you want to try your hand at snowboarding, I decided I’d go over some tips for snowboarding with you today.  You can never be too “safe” when it comes to snowboarding and I definitely learned a lot while I was out there on the bunny slope last week.

Bundle Up

It’s safe to say that if you’re going to go snowboarding, you should probably bundle up! Bundling up allows you to stay warm while you adventure out into the snow.

Falling Will Happen

No matter how great you want to be at snowboarding, there is a great chance you’ll fall. Don’t get discouraged if you fall, get back up and try again!

This is me after I had fallen for about the 403rd time!

This is me after I had fallen for about the 403rd time!

Strength Training is Important

If you plan on snowboarding on a regular basis, then strength training is semi- important. You’d be surprised at how many muscles it takes to snowboard.

Learn How to Fall

Since falling is a part of the sport, learn how to fall appropriately. If you fall forward, learn to fall on your knees or even your forearm or elbows, so you don’t break your wrist.

Wachusett-Mountain-on the ground

Safety Gear

I’d say one of the most important things to pay attention to when learning how to snowboard is to wear the proper safety gear. A helmet and goggles (because you will get snow in your face) are necessary. Although you may be falling in the snow, snowboarding still makes you fall hard and you may be more prone to injuries.

As I mentioned, this was my first go on a snowboard, so I thought it would be a good idea to take a lesson.  Just because I know how to ski didn’t mean that I would be able to strap on a snowboard and go. Snowboarding may not look complicated, but it’s important to know and understand what’s going on out there before you start. Pay attention to the instructor and have fun!

Luckily, Wachusett had me covered.  Their ski school has the largest ski school in Massachusetts (200 instructors) and they have programs & lessons for all abilities (newbies to advanced training clinics).  At Wachusett you can take a class lesson or even get a private or semi private lesson if you are more comfortable with that.  Over 10,000 beginner ski school lessons are taught annually at Wachusett!

I was in a beginner lesson with three other adults and absolutely loved my instructor, Anthony.  He genuinely cared about teaching us the correct way to strap on the board and how to fall the right way.  I was impressed by how patient and helpful he was.

So now that you’re ready to take a lesson, you need gear right.  No worries because Wachusett has a complete rental shop featuring more than 2000 pairs of Head shaped skis and more than 800 Head Snowboards.


At Wachusett, they have 22 trails and 8 lifts and in case you’re wondering, if they get super busy, they will cap off the number of tickets they sell for the day – so it won’t be so crowded that you wait in line for the lift for hours.

Ok, so you’ve been skiing or snowboarding all day and it just occurred to you that you’re staving.

There are quite a few eating options at Wachusett.

  • Black Diamond Restaurant
  • Coppertop Lounge
  • Mountain Cafe (The cafeteria can serve up to 500 burgers an hour during a busy winter day and an average of 300 gallons of chili are sold each week!)
  • Balance Rock Coffee Shop featuring Starbucks Coffee
  • Waffle Cabin – indulgence at it’s best!
  • Bullock Lodge Cider House – serving hot apple cider and donuts
  • The Core- serving snacks, pretzels, candy and more.

While I was there, I got the chance to stop into Bullock’s Lodge for a snack.  It’s located trail side, so if you’re up on the mountain and suddenly get the urge for an apple cider donut, stop in!  I had one and it was to die for.  They also have some other snacks and you can get a warm drink there, too!

Bullocks Lounge Wachusett

One of the things that impressed me the most during my time at Wachusett was the sense of family and community there.  I have been to other ski resorts over the years and I’ve honestly never experienced that feeling anywhere else.  Throughout the day as I would pass employees, you’d see them chatting with each other, talking to other guests, offering help to people in need or even picking up litter.  It was really nice to see.  As a parent I loved the family oriented atmosphere there and it is definitely a place that I would want my children to experience for their first time on the slopes.


If you are tired and just want to take a break and warm up for a little bit, the base lodge has a nice warm fireplace.  If that’s not enough to warn you up, the Balance Rock Coffee Company sells Starbucks coffee (and other fancy schmancy hot Starbucks beverages) & those are sure to warm you up. Yes, Starbucks!

Buy your tickets online or at the ticket booth when you get there.  If you plan on visiting often, a season pass may be a good option for you. Plus, there are locker rentals available if you need them, a ski shop if you’re interested in upgrading your gear and at Wachusett, you can stay for some night skiing, too!

Thanks to the awesome folks at Wachusett for having me up there for the day.  I loved it there and can not wait to get my kids up there to learn to ski (or snowboard) in the very near future.

Wachusett is located at 499 Mountain Road in Princeton, MA 01541.

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  1. Got to admit not a snow person here, but still did look fun! 😉

  2. It looks like a ton of fun and you’re smiling!

  3. My son-in-law loves to snowboard, but after nearly killing my klutzy self years ago while skiing, I prefer to sit in the lodge in my killer ski clothing, sipping on hot chocolate and reading a good book. One of those delicious looking apple cider doughnuts would be welcome, too. 🙂 Looks like you’re having a blast!

  4. This is so awesome! My son loves snowboarding I am going to share your tips with him

  5. I have never been snowboarding before. Looks like you had a great time! I would love to go!

  6. I think it’s great you were brave enough to try snowboarding! I haven’t ventured out to try yet, but would consider it at a place like Wachusett. I like that they offer everything from rentals to lessons to good spots to eat!

  7. I’m pretty sure I could give you a run for your money on falling. I have been skiing, but the balance on this has to be drastically different so I expect a lot of snow face time.

    • I can guarantee I would be sitting un the snow more then I would be on my feet also! I have no balance whatsoever–but I do have a good sense of humor.

  8. It looks like you had a great time

  9. I’ve never tried snowboarding. Of course, I’ve never tried skiing at all. I live in the south, so there’s not exactly a ton of snow.

  10. I tried skiing once-on a beginner slope–I did not fall but had my eyes closed the entire time! I’m lucky I didn’t ram into the fence at the bottom! I can only imagine what I would do on a ski board! It does sound like fun and that does sound like a great place to learn (if you don’t mind not having your feet firmly on the ground at all times!)

  11. You know, I have never been snowboarding and I seriously doubt I have the coordination to do it but I could definitely snuggle up at the lodge with a good book!

  12. I have always wanted to go snowboarding! My cousin loves it and she is always talking about how much fun it is. I really need to get to the slopes in my area and try it out!

  13. I’ve got a snowboarding kiddo. He was great at surfing when we lived in Florida so I wasn’t surprised he was good on the snow too. 🙂 I’ve been on one, but I’ve never been on skis!

  14. Seems like a lot of fun – we don’t have snow here.. but I wish I will be able to experience this one day, hehe..

  15. Ahhhhhhh I remember the first time I tried snow boarding lol… I’ve been a skier all my life and figured snowboarding would be no problem lol… Boy was I wrong… Makes my butt hurt just thinking about it lol… Anyway….This looks like a cool ski resort :):)

  16. This would be so much fun, I’ve never been snowboarding before. I want those donuts. All of them.

  17. You know, that looks like a really fun time. I would have fallen too 🙂

  18. We live five minutes from Wachusett Mountain but since I am a horrible skier we usually hike up the mountain when the weather is warm. The view from there is amazing! Maybe if I learned the “correct way to fall” I would have liked it more! lol Great post!

  19. I used to go to Watchusett for downhill skiing. It’s in my neck of the woods too. Not sure I would have gotten on a snowboard. You are brave. Glad you had a good time.

  20. You look like you had SO MUCH FUN! I happen to not be a fan of snow sports, myself, I’m clumsy enough when I walk, but I will happliy wait in a lodge and read my kindle!

  21. That does look like fun! I’ve never went snowboarding, or skiing. I do both of these then ice skating. OMG that hurt my ankles, and I could not stay up.

  22. I’ve always wanted to try snowboarding too. Skiing kind of intimidates me as I don’t think I have the coordination, but snowboarding- I think I can handle.

  23. Hi Robin! Thank you for sharing your experiences and lovely pictures. Warm regards!

  24. I have never snowboarded or skied.. I am terrified of it. My husband wants to go, but not me.

  25. Great tips! I haven’t gone skiing in years. I’ve never tried snowboarding either. Looks like such fun!

  26. This looks like so much fun! I have never been skiing or snowboarding before, but want to try it out! Will have to keep this location in mind!

  27. I have honestly never been snowboarding. Or skiing. But it’s on my bucket list!

  28. I tried snowboarding once and ONLY once, you’ll never catch me on a board every again! It was a day filled with a few failed & hard going attempts at getting me to stay up on the board to make it down the mountain. At one point I fell so hard when I got back home I had a lovely large bruise on my side & top of one cheek that I think resembled Australia. It was a super frustrating day for me. I ended up walking down the mountain & basically calling it a day. Going with a group of people, including one friend who practically grew up on a board & few Marines, because lord know guys can do everything well given a few hours! I would have been smarter to start on the bunny hill alone or even better find an actual instructor or group that could have given me some pointers & the basics of how it all works! Also, skipped the helmet & goggles. Come to think of it back then late ’06, I don’t recall seeing many people, if any wearing helmets, save for little kids of course.
    Glad you enjoyed your time on the slopes being a boarder. And now I want an Apple Cider donut or any donut for that matter 😉

  29. I loved seeing all your pictures. It looked like so much fun! I’ve never been skiing or snowboarding before…..but they are both on my bucket list 🙂

  30. This looks like a really great place to spend a day on a mountain! Those sugared donuts look so delicious, LOL! I always love the cider, cocoa and warm treats that you can get at ski resorts!

  31. snowboarding looks like so much fun! I’ve always wanted to try it out

  32. Your such a brave woman. I’ve done snow tubing before and screamed like a big ole baby. My kids love to snowboard. We have actually been to that location a few times before moving to Florida.

  33. I love snow and as long as one is open to try something new even snowboarding can be fun 🙂

  34. Raised in the snowbelt pre-snowboarding, I never learnd how to!

  35. Thank you for this post. I hope to get over my fear someday.

  36. I’ve never been snowboarding but my boys love the snow and going snow tubing. I’m sure this would be a very popular vacation idea for our family.

  37. I would love to learn to snowboard! I’ve never been snowboarding or skiing.

  38. I used to belong to ski club in school and we would go every weekend. Never tried snowboarding, but I bet it’s just as fun, if not more than the skis!

  39. This is one hobby I’ve never done before. I need to add this to my bucket list! You make skiing look fun 🙂 Great post!!!

  40. SO much fun! I want to go snowboarding, but I am SUCH a klutz. I’m afraid I’d break a leg.

  41. I might have to finally try snowboarding. It looks so cool and much fun too!!!

  42. Yep, falling is a guaranteed thing! Haha, just brace for it, don’t be scared and you’ll be fine. I remember my first time snowboarding but it gets better after that first fall.

  43. I can totally use these tips! I have only skied once and it was a lot of fun. I’ll have to try snowboarding though.

  44. One of my favorite parts of skiing was the treats at the lodge! Looks like your lesson went well and you had a good time.

  45. This looks like a beautiful way to spend the day. I have always wanted to try snowboarding.

  46. I haven’t been snowboarding in ages! We love to ski in our house!

  47. I love your spirit about getting back up again.
    Glad you had fun and also tried something new!

    I’d love to learn to ski and snowboard too!

  48. Those are some great tips. i tried skiing when I was younger and am definitely up for trying snowboarding.

  49. I have been snowboarding a few times (years ago) and it was a blast. We almost took the kids this past weekend!

  50. It looks like you’ve all had such a fun time skiing and snowboarding. I wish I enjoyed the snow a little more so I can do this for myself, but it’s definitely not something for me.

  51. This looks like so much fun. Too bad my daughter shares my lack of coordination. One of us would surely get broken…lol

  52. I have never been snowboarding and CO has quite a few places to do so and you know we’re famous for our ski slopes in Aspen. 🙂

  53. I have tried snowboarding it was very hard next time I need to take lessons.

  54. I’ve always wanted to snowboard, but seeing as how I’ve never done it before, I’m sure there would be a lot of falling. It kind of makes me feel better to know that other people fall down a bunch, too, though.

  55. Fun as it looks, I’m not sure if I’d be able to muster up the courage to try snowboarding. I’m too accident prone! ~lol~

  56. This looks like a fun place to ski and snowboard! I tried snowboarding once and I almost ran in to a tree! I’ll stick with skiiing

  57. These are some great tips. I want to go snowboarding once the kids are older.

  58. I finally tried sledding, now i have to work my way up to this.

  59. Was there a fireplace and bar in the lodge? That is exactly where I would be holed up with a good book! LOL

    Way to go my sporty friend, I for one do not like risk during vacation! Take me to a warm sandy beach, pass me an umbrella and fresh catch of the day seafood and I’m Golden!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  60. I remember the first time I ever snow boarded! Whew not only was it a work out but I was on my butt half the time! Haha My girls belong to a snowboarding club and they LOVE it.

  61. I’ve never been skiing or snowboarding but I want to go one day!! Great pics!!

  62. I want to go snowboarding SO bad! I think I’m going to make it my goal for 2015!

  63. That looks like so much fun and what a great resort. Snowboarding is on my list of things to try. We need to take a winter vacation to see and play in the snow.

  64. How fun is that! There’s a ski resort about an hour drive from here but we haven’t tried skiing yet. But it is something that I really want to try.

  65. I would definitely try that but I would probably fall 100 times lol. This is something we haven’t done yet.

  66. I have fallen every time I’ve gone skiing and snow boarding. Heck one time I even crashed into a poll. I haven’t done it in some time, but I should try it again.

  67. This reminds me of my first time snowboarding too! I fell so many times I couldn’t get out of bed for a day ha! Glad to see you had a good time. Thanks for the tips! (Can’t believe you guys still have snow!)

  68. Thanks for these great tips! I love to snowboard, but I’m really horrible at it. =(

  69. How fun was that. Falling is always a possibility when I’m involved.

  70. I haven’t been skiing since I was a kid and snowboarding terrifies me but those sound like great tips!

  71. Skiing scares me!! I want to try but don’t know that I will ever get the nerve to do so!!

  72. I grew up and live in Colorado and have never been snowboarding or skiing but really want to go. Now that we have some extra money we will have to go.

  73. My kids would love to be out there snowboarding! Me on the other hand, I’d be in there eating some of that delicious food.

  74. I have never been snowboarding sadly. I have always heard to bundle up though!

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  76. It takes muscles you didn’t even know you HAD to snowboard. I like these tips, and the one about not giving up is great too. Good stuff!

  77. Wow Robin – how awesome to spend a day at Wachusett Mountain Resort – that would be so fun! I was a skier – but, never snowboarding – so these are great tips!

  78. This look like fun, but I wounld’t do it. I am a big chicken. LOL, the best part of your trip is the donuts. Yum!

  79. I can barely ski but This looks like something my middle child would adventure with. Glad you had nice weather.

  80. That is awesome. I would love to try this. Great tips. I will have to keep these in hand for when I get up the balls to do it.

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  82. LOL! I would have fallen a million times too. Snowboarding is such great exercise, it really works the whole body. You definitely deserve some of those sugar donuts afterwards.

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  91. Love your tips and what a great time! I wanted to go… but baby and boob must never parT! lol!

  92. Glad you having a nice time. Sounds like fun even with the occaisional horizontal position

  93. I have always wanted to try snowboarding. These are great tips
    I will have to give it a try while we still have snow.

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  102. Fun! I love that you had fun & weren’t afraid to fall! Even if it was 403 times!! haha. I love skiing and haven’t tried snowboarding. I really should give it a go!

  103. I’ve never snowboarded but oh how I miss snow and winter weather!

  104. Those donuts are looking yummy! I bet those are a great way to come in and get a snack!

  105. We love snowboarding! I didn’t make it this year which was a bummer but next year for sure and we are going to take the kids too

  106. Great tips! I’ve never tried snowboarding. Hopefully i’m better at it than skiing!

  107. You are so brave! I would love to try skiing or snowboarding but I am honestly scared of falling down and hurting myself. I am such a whimp.

  108. I’ve always wanted to go snowboarding and the last couple of years before leaving California, I was pregnant, so no go, especially for learning (and falling!). I would love to go to Wachusett Mountain.

  109. I have never done any skiing before I am scared. Maybe one day I will got to a resort with friends u look like u had a good time!

  110. Great tips!! I have tried a few times. I would love to do it again

  111. I have tried snowboarding twice and did not enjoy it. Skiing really is the one for me. But thank you for sharing your post. 🙂

  112. I like that you described the place as having a sense of community. It is important to be comfortable and at ease when one travels.

  113. I’ve never been snowboarding before, but I bet it would be a fun experience. However, I don’t really like falling in the snow and I have a feeling that’s what I would be doing a lot of.

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  115. My son started snowboarding this year. It is not easy. He fell a lot and even broke his glasses but he loves it

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  127. I have lived in Colorado my entire life and have never snowboarded…I can ski but snowboarding scares me! Those apple cider donuts look awesome

  128. I just learned how to ski with my family on a media event about two weeks ago and I’ve been writing about that and it was such an awesome event and I really really now love skiing which surprised me. I have been skiing every day this week but I have to tell you when I watch the snowboarders I am totally in all it is amazing to see little kids be able to do such a challenging sport so easily and so fast. So I am super impressed and amazed and in all of you that you’re able to do it as well it looks way too challenging for me especially with the number of times that you end up on your knees and that you fall and stuff. The ski hill looks fantastic I would totally go to it if I were in your area of the world.

  129. I haven’t snowboarded in years but it was always a blast! Great tips! I’m sure you and your family had a blast!

  130. Gord and I didn’t get a chance to go snowshoeing this year 🙁 First we had no snow and then it was so freakin’ cold!

  131. I hate when spring time allergies show up again! I will have to try out this product and see how it works for my family.

  132. I love how happy you look after falling. I would be falling a whole lot too!