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Snowman Donuts NOM

The holidays are filled with gift shopping, whipping up feasts that will please a crowd, putting up decorations, planning festive gatherings, cleaning up after the festive gatherings, making lists, and checking them twice. It can all be overwhelming, but the fun in the season is worth every moment of making magic.

These Snowman Donuts are incredibly easy and quick, so you can get back to making three different kinds of mashed potatoes to suit your guests’ desire. They require no baking, but just a little imagination that will have your family wanting to join in.

You Will Need:

*Powdered sugar donuts – You can make your own by frying up some pre-made biscuit dough. Just use a small circular cookie cutter to create the shape. Double-dip them in powdered sugar and let them cool. Or, you can buy a bag. I won’t tell.

*One small piping bag of white-hued frosting

*Candy orange slices

*Chocolate chips (Regular M&M candies work well, too.)

Snowman Donuts Collage

To create these delicious and quick Snowman Donuts…

1.       Cut candy orange slices in half, lengthwise.

2.       Snip the halved candy orange slice at an angle to create a triangular shape.

3.       Squeeze a small amount of frosting into the center of the donut.

4.       Place the trimmed candy orange slice onto the frosting, gently pushing the candy into the donut.

5.       Using a tiny dot of frosting on the back of the chocolate chips, adhere them to the top and bottom of the donuts.

6.       Line up several donuts to create a full snowman, or simply create faces using one donut for feeding a crowd.

Snowman Donuts How To

Get the entire family involved and let the creativity loose. Use different types of candy to decorate your snowman. Brew up a pot of coffee or coco to dip your creations in before devouring them for a fun, indulgent breakfast or warm up after playing in the snow.

Snowman Donuts

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  134 Responses to “Snowman Donuts”

  1. Adorable and totally going to do these with my girls. Thanks Robin 😉

  2. I must need some kind of glasses because I thought all of those snow men were on ONE donut! I was like who makes black donuts and where is the hole???

  3. Super cute! I don’t think donuts last long enough around here to dress them up. Haha!

  4. These look so cute Robin! I love doughnuts and my boy has never had one so I think I’ll have a go at making these for us to enjoy on Christmas Eve. Such a fun twist on a normal doughnut. Thanks so much for sharing this simple yet so adorable looking food DIY! 🙂

  5. These are cute, Robin. Pinned ’em for some easy weekend fun w/the kiddos. 🙂

  6. That’s a really cute idea LOL And fun for the kiddos, too!

  7. What a fun Christmas treat. I can’t remember the last time I had a powdered donut.

  8. those are really cute! would also be cool too leave out for Santa 🙂

  9. What a creative, yummy, and adorable idea to make these snowmen with donuts. I’m going to have to try this for the kids as they love powdered donuts. I’ll tell them the snowman is Olaf and the’ll really love them, lol. Thanks for sharing and for the easy instructions.

    • Just came back to get an ingredient list. Thanks so much once again for sharing. Now, if only I’d stay out of the powdered donuts long enough to make these…

  10. these are so precious. I did one similar and stacked the donuts. Who doesn’t love eating these, ya know? Great craft for Christmas morning oh and breakfast too. LOL 🙂

  11. How cute!! I have got to make some of these for my kiddos!

  12. What a simple but adorable idea! I love it 🙂

  13. How fun! I love this idea. Very cute.

  14. I love powdered dounuts to begin with. To add such a fun and cute idea to it is amazing. I’m sure my boys would love this or at least my oldest would. My youngest has a food allergy but i’m sure he would love to make them anyways just not eat them 🙁

  15. I love that! So cute and I bet you could easily make them look like Olaf too!

  16. ooh these look so cute and delicious! 🙂 i’ve never really tried making my own doughnuts because we have a krispy kreme that is literally walking distance from us.. whenever we see the red light turn on, we always stop in to buy one.. and then get the sample one. hehe

  17. These are so cute!
    My kids and I would enjoy doing this!

  18. I absolutely love these-they are adorable and easy to put together.

  19. Oh how cute… and easy too. I used to bring cute appetizers to Christmas. Now it seems like too much work. I could whip this up in no time. Thanks for the idea.

  20. Oh sooo cute!! My kids would love making these.

  21. Aww, these snowman donuts are so adorable. My boys would love decorating and eating these.

  22. Those are cute, and they look easy to make.

  23. These are so cute, Robin! I’m not sure I’d want to eat them- give them names, yes, eat them, no. 🙂

  24. SO doing this one!!! looks like a great Boxing Day breakfast. LOL

  25. This is such a fun idea! Maybe our Elf can make these for the girls sometime this month!

  26. Aww that is such a cute idea. I think my daughter would have fun making one.

  27. These donuts made from biscuit dough remind me of my childhood. We didn’t make them like this though. But, I’d love to try them like this. If for nothing else than the trip down memory lane.

  28. Do you want to build a snowman. . .? OK, I had to do it. Looks yummy!

  29. These are cute. My kids love those little powdered donuts.

  30. How cute. This would be neat to serve to little ones.

  31. These are adorable – I tend to see them as figurines of sort rather than a donut, haha! My niece would probably think the same I guess since its so hard to eat something really cute, lol! I like the idea of snowman donuts though – perfect theme of sort for this season and holiday coming up.

  32. Those are so cute! My boys would love them.

  33. These are some good looking olaf donuts, I am a lover of donuts but lately been staying away from donuts lol but I can have some after christmas as there is enough sugar to give me diabetes over christmas .

  34. Oh my gosh the Snowman Doughnuts look so cute! I am a Doughnut lover but I’ve been counting calories lately. Although, I really want to have some those Christmas themed doughnuts for my cheat day for the holidays.

  35. Oh wow you did a really great job. I want to eat those right now.

  36. Oooooh these are SUPER cute! Love how easy they are to make!

  37. This would be perfect for a classroom treat!

  38. Lol. This is genius! I have powder donuts right now. I am making this for my son as a snack when he comes home later! Thank you.

  39. These are very cute and easy peasy! (I wouldn’t make them from scratch….store bought are just fine!) 😉

  40. These are great. What an easy craft and yummy treat for afterwards.

  41. These are so cute. My kids would love this. Thanks for sharing!

  42. This is cute!! I bet you could sub in bananas instead of donuts and the kids would love it too! Love this idea!

  43. How cute are your donuts. They are so creative!

  44. What a great idea! My kids will love ’em. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  45. Ha, ha, ha, those are adorable. I love them and totally need to make these for my kids.

  46. I’m always up for donuts! Thanks for sharing this. It’s super cute.

  47. We have got to make these. My kids love those donuts and they would enjoy making little snowmen out of them. Thanks!

  48. Looks quick and easy to do! What a great idea! <333

  49. You’re the devil! All I needed was an excuse to have donuts, and now you’ve given it to me! =D

  50. I love that they are simple yet totally adorable!

  51. I never thought donuts could get any better but you just raised the bar.

  52. Soooo cute and creative! I love the look on the one where hes half eaten ahha! My kids would get a huge kick out of this!

  53. Aw this is such a cute and creative idea! I bet kids would go nuts over this 🙂

  54. These are so cute and made of a few of my favorite ingredients. (Donuts are an ingredient, right?) I am so going to make these for my toddler.

  55. Those are so creative and a great way to add some fun to the morning meal. I am going to try this with my kids.

  56. That’s a cute way to serve up some mini donuts this holiday season. Of course, my boys would prefer having multiple snowmen.

  57. You have the best ideas here! Really. This blog is always interesting and entertaining too. These are adorable and so easy to make and share this time of year.

  58. What a super cute and super easy. I like that!

  59. This is such a cute and yummy idea. I can’t wait to make these for breakfast on Christmas morning.

  60. So cute! Those donuts will definitely cover your hands with lots of “snow”. hehee!

  61. Oh my gosh girl! This is such a cute idea!

  62. yum! I love these little donuts 🙂 Your snowman is too cute!

  63. This will be perfect for playdates at our house. So simple!

  64. I love this idea! I am getting the ingredients do kids can make and share with classmates

  65. These are so cute! My daughter would love them.

  66. I love to bake anytime of the year, but these will be great for Christmas parties!

  67. We love donuts. But those are too cute to eat. I think I’ll just display them. LOL.

  68. These snowman donuts are too cute! And now I am wanting some powdered sugar donuts. I haven’t had any in years!

  69. Donuts made into cute snowmen? Count me in! =D

  70. Aww, how cute! This would make a great snack on Christmas morning or Christmas Eve night.

  71. Hehe we make these in our home too!!! I think hubby and I might enjoy them more than the toddler 😉

  72. Oh that is so fun and cute. Easy edible decor.

  73. This is such a cute idea! I like things easy and fun like this.

  74. Such a super cute idea that simple but so fun. Exactly what I like!

  75. I should so make Brita our elf make these for the boys next week. How fun! Thanks for sharing.

  76. These are super cute little snowmen! My son would love them.

  77. Such a cute idea! The perfect Christmas Eve project/dessert!

  78. These little snowman donuts are absolutely darling! Very creative idea – thank you for sharing! I will have to repin them!

  79. I made something similar last year for a kids cookie exchange party and everyone loved it

  80. So cute and simple! My kids would love this….they LOVE playing with their food!

  81. Now THIS is a breakfast worthy of Christmas morning. So adorable! You’re very talented.

  82. Those are just darling! Perfect for Christmas morning breakfast!

  83. These are so cute! I love how easy they are to make too. That is a huge plus for me.

  84. We love making snowman donuts! They are so fun and cute! Of course, the kids love biting his head off first.

  85. Genius! Those are so adorable kids would love them.

  86. This is such a cute way to serve doughnuts. The kids would love this.

  87. These are so adorable. I did some one time for one of my daughter’s party and put them in a stick and gave a carton of milk as a party favor.

  88. What a cute way to spruce up a snack! I think this is so cute and festive.

  89. What a cute idea Robin. So simple and yet kids would love it!

  90. I can so see my kids eating them right after I make em.. Looks so simple but yet fun for kids to do. Powder Donuts and Milk = oh so good!

  91. These are so cute Robin. I love something this cute that is this easy to make. My kids would love them!

  92. Those little donuts are so addicting! I love fun “foodtivities” like this to make snack time fun! These are super cute.

  93. These would make the perfect cookies for Santa. I am going to have to show this to the kids to see what they think.

  94. That is such a great idea – my daughters would love making those. They’re simple for little ones too – and we love our powdered donuts!

  95. So cute!! I don’t know if I would make it to the snowman. I would just start eating the donuts.

  96. That is super cute! And delicious I bet. My son loves doughnuts so I have to keep them out of the house

  97. Such a cute and easy idea! This is something I could do, too! 🙂

  98. I love these snowman donuts, they are so adorable!

  99. Such an awesome idea, I would love to make these!

  100. Girl you had me at ‘Powdered sugar donuts’!!! After hosting a twitter party seeing this post makes me crave a late night snack!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  101. These are super sweet. I love how easy it is!

  102. You always have such cute ideas. Love that this looks really simple too – and I’d totally be buying a bag of donuts. Shhh

  103. how cool! and what a pretty neat idea.

  104. Such a cute idea and so easy to do. My kids would throw away the orange slices though!

  105. That is so cute and so fun to make. 🙂 My kids would enjoy making easy Snowman Donut.

  106. This is so cute. My kids would love this. So simple to do and looks great.

  107. These are adorable. It’s Friday and I like to have an activity for the kids to do after school, I may just run by the supermarket now to grab everything I need for these. If I cut the orange wedges ahead of time the kids can assemble their own snowmen, which I think will be a lot of fun. Definitely going to make some hot cocoa, should be a perfect winter snack and activity. And I love powdered donuts too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  108. That would so fun for a work party. I never would have thought of this!

  109. these would be cute for a class party. easy portion control too LOL

  110. These are super cute and def osmething I want to make with my kids 🙂

  111. haha I thought those were marshmallows for a moment, that’s really cute!

  112. lol…these are too cute. I wouldn’t want to eat these lil’ guys. I had to laugh at the one with the one chocolate chip for a mouth. Ha!

  113. This is so cute. I cannot wait to go to the market tomorrow to make this for my children.

  114. These are adorable! I will have to make these for Christmas!

  115. These look almost too cute to eat but I know they won’t last 10 minutes in my house.

  116. Looks so yummy& cute and I love the idea! My kids are going to love this. Seems to be so fun and easy to make. Will have to try this with my kids. Thanks for sharing.

  117. We decided not to throw a party this year. Just us opening presents and staying in our jammies. lol Would be fun to make some snowman donuts. Looks easy enough!

  118. These are so cute. My kids would love making these. Easy and fun idea!

  119. Great idea and I am sure that kids would love it. They can even help to make these snowmen. Make and eat after, pretty cool! I never used pre-made biscuit dough, now I am curious to find it in stores.

  120. What a cute idea! This would be a fun treat.

  121. What a fun idea, for sure! I never thought of doing this, which is odd for miss creative over here. Thank you 🙂

  122. What an adorable idea. This would be something great for our elf to bring.

  123. What a cute idea! This would be perfect for christmas morning!

  124. What a great idea! They came out great.

  125. These are just fantastic! It’s also using my boys favorite kind of doughnut. I’m going to have to do this to surprise them. 🙂

  126. Those are so adorable! What a fun idea for kids, especially in the mornings!

  127. These little snowmen are so cute! My first thought was these would be a lot of fun for kids to make at a Cookie Exchange or Holiday party! Fun and simple!

  128. Oh that’s a very cute doughnut! Have you seen Krispy Kreme’s holiday doughnut? Their Snowman is adorable too! I don’t know how to make doughnuts so I just buy at KK.

  129. I haven’t had a donut for ages! That is so cute, though. 🙂


  130. How cute are those? You did a great job.