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If you are new to Disney World, you may not have heard of Dole Whips before. Or maybe you have heard of a Dole Whip, but you’re not quite sure what one is and you’re wondering what all the buzz is about.

Well, let me clear this cult dessert up for you.

What is a Dole Whip at Disney World

What is a Dole Whip?

A Dole Whip is a non-dairy (lactose free) soft serve frozen dessert.  It is made from puree, which is then reconstituted with tap water and frozen before serving. The infamous frozen treat is available in three flavors: pineapple, orange and vanilla – and yes you can get orange or pineapple swirled with vanilla.  Pineapple is original flavor and definitley my personal favorite! A Dole Whip can also be combined with pineapple juice to create a float and word on the street is that they are awesome, but I have never personally tried one.

Where you can find a Dole Whip at Walt Disney World:

  • Captain Cook’s – Located in Disney’s Polynesian Resort, Captain Cook’s offers a self-serve Dole Whip machine.  Yup.
  • Aloha Isle – Located just past the entrance into Adventureland at The Magic Kingdom , Aloha Isle offers Dole Whip in pineapple, orange, vanilla or swirled (in a cup or a cone). You can also get a Dole Whip float made with pineapple juice or a fresh pineapple spear.   You can also get coffee, tea, or bottled water here.

Where to Find Dole Whip at Disneyland:

  • Tiki Juice Bar – Located in Disneyland, the Tiki Juice Bar counter serves pineapple spears, juice, Dole Whip floats and fruit bowls in addition to the original Dole Whips.

My family goes to Disney World every year and one of the highlights of our trip is getting our Dole Whip Fix. If you’re on a Disney Dining Plan, you can use one of your snack credits to get a Dole Whip.

Have you tried a Dole Whip yet?

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  110 Responses to “So, What is a Dole Whip Anyway?”

  1. Totally pinned, so I can make sure we try this when we do go to Disney!! 🙂

  2. We are going to try to go to Disney World next year I think… so I will have to make sure I get one of these because it looks delicious!

  3. I have heard of them and thought they were I’ve cream… I was right 🙂

  4. These look way too good! I would love any of the flavor combinations myself!

  5. It sounds to me like it’s smooth, creamy deliciousness. That’s what it is.

  6. That looks so good. I’d make the trip to Disney just for that! Well, not really, but I’d definitely have it while I was there.

  7. What a delicious treat. There’s nothing better than a good, frozen treat.

  8. I’ve heard of these but haven’t had one. They look delicious.

  9. Disney is our second home, but not gonna lie – have yet to try one of these. I just don’t see the appeal. Am I truly missing out? (Eventually, I’m sure I’ll be swayed, but until then, I’m more of a Liberty Square Slush Swirl girl.)

  10. Kind of sad the flavours are limited. Only one I would try is vanilla.

  11. It’s just too good to be just in the pictures I wanna eat it!

  12. That looks Dole-licious. The next time I’m at Disney World, I’m going to try that.

  13. Dole whip is my favoritest thing ever! I never leave Disneyland without going there to get a cone!!

  14. This is so delicious! So light and refreshing.

  15. This looks delicious!!! Man I really want to go to Disney

  16. Mmmmm…pineapple anything works for me! This sounds so refreshing!

  17. I haven’t heard of it. It sounds tasty good to me though. 🙂

  18. Pineapple is my favorite but you have to eat it very fast in the Florida heat.

  19. OH goodness that looks so yummy and perfect for all that walking and warm weather there.

  20. I’ve never tried one, but they do sound very refreshing and delicious! 🙂

  21. I’ve been to Disney several times but, have not had one. I must this year.

  22. I’m going to make a b-line to the Tiki Juice Bar next time I’m at Disney (in October). Can’t wait! Thanks for sharing! Yum!

  23. Shared on my FB so I remember why I am going to Disneyland or Disneyworld next year. It will be for the pineapple Dole Whip. I will sit down and savor every bite!

  24. That looks so good! I really want one!

  25. I was hoping you would say I could find Dole Whips locally. They sound really good!

  26. I get a Pineapple float at least once every trip. They are definitely my favorite Disney treat (even better when paired with a warm churro!) Ya know, in well over 20 visits, I didn’t realize they had ORANGE! I may have to try that, but pineapple will always be my favorite!

  27. I see everyone talking about Dole Whip and it makes me so jealous. I live smack dab in the center of Kansas, so I am miles upon miles away to get to try it! Enjoy some for me next time! Sounds so tasty!

  28. I have been hearing about Dole Whips for years but I have never tried one. Next time I’m at Disney, I’m definitely trying the pineapple Dole Whip.

  29. I love those! We used to have an annual pass at Disneyland. There was always a line for those outside the Tiki Room!

  30. I have not heard of Dole Whipes. But they sound so delicious. Can’t wait to check them out next time I visit Disney World.

  31. Pure deliciousness. There’s a shop around here that got permission from Disney to sell the Dole Whip. I can get my fix in 15 minutes instead of the hour drive to Disney.

  32. This looks completely amazing, can’t wait to try!!!

  33. Now I want to go to Disney! A Dole Whip sounds so very good right now.

  34. Do you know I had no idea what a Dole Whip was until now? I want it. Ohemmmgee I want it. I would definitely used bottled water if I were doing it myself but I sure would make these babies. Yum. Disney is amazing.

  35. These sounds great and I love that it’s lactose free. I hope they make them available elsewhere too. I don’t know if I’ll ever make it to Disney but I’d love to try these.

  36. Oh my gosh that sounds SO delicious! I have heard SO much about these! I would LOVE to be able to try one, one day!

  37. I have never even heard of it but now I totally want one… ha! They look delicious

  38. Can you believe I have never had one. It’s a crime, I know. Excuse to go back?? 😉

  39. I’ve even heard of alcoholic dole whips but I’ve had to try one! I must find one!

  40. Oh my gracious! These look divine! What a great idea for an afterschool snack.

  41. This is almost cruel, reading this but not being able to eat it!! I crave Dole Whip possibly every single day…….except I want mine in the pineapple float form. We make sure to go back to MK and get one just before catching our plane each time we visit!

  42. reason number 298734 that it’s the most magical place on earth!

  43. My best friend left for her yearly Disney World trip today! I shall have to text her to eat a Dole Whip for me. ;D

  44. I had this last year when we went to Disney World. I love it and so did my kids.

  45. What sort of crazy doesn’t know what a Dole Whip is?!? 😉 I didn’t know they were lactose-free, and I’m pretty happy about it!

  46. I have never had one of these at Disneyland! But I will for sure next time! Yum!

  47. Whoa! That sounds GOOD! I wonder if they have these at Disney World too? I didn’t see or hear of them last year when we were there, but that’s where we’re going next year. I need to try one!

  48. I have never even heard of these but they sound amazing!

  49. i puffy heart dole whips. especially the orange. YUMMY

  50. Dole Whip is so delicious! I remember as a little girl, going to one of the local ice cream stands here with my grandma – one of their special features was Dole Whip once a week. Yum!

  51. I sure haven’t tried one yet, but you can bet I will! Those look tasty!

  52. I’ve been once and forgot to try it. I will be back to and I won’t forget!

  53. ooohhhh those look yummy! I’m not sure about the pineapple but the orange looks good!

  54. I always wondered what Dole Whip was! It sounds delicious and now i want to go to Disney to try it.

  55. I haven’t heard about them until recently, and now I can’t wait to try one. They sound amazing!

  56. I’ve been to Disney several times. I never had a Dole Whip though! On our next trip, for sure.

  57. I can’t believe I never knew about this. I would love some! Yum! Captain Cook’s here I come!

  58. A Dole Whip Float sounds heavenly right now. I know where I’ll be heading next trip.

  59. I would have loved trying one, especially the pineapple flavor. Wish this was posted before our trip to Disney last month :).

  60. This looks so good! Not sure if I can eat a whole one though! That thing is HUGE!

  61. Oooh I wants it very much!!!
    But gosh I don’t know when I”ll be visiting Disney!
    Just looks YUM!

  62. one of my favorite flavors in the world is pineapple. I always make sure I grab a dole whip when I’m at Disney. Going later this year! Can’t wait!

  63. Oh that does look delicious. Haven’t been to Disney in years but if I was, I’d definitely get one.

  64. I want this now. I’m got to get myself to Disney, soon!

  65. I have never heard of these! Now I want one!

  66. Those look so delicious. I haven’t been to Disney in a while

  67. Those look delicious! I’d love to try every flavor. The next time we got to Disney World, I’ll be all over that!

  68. One of my fave Disney indulgences! Gotta get one 🙂

  69. When I read “So What is a Dole Whip”?? My answer would be…”a little slice of heaven” MAN those things are good, brings back memories!

  70. We tried these at Disneyland before an they are so good! I want another one now! Ha ha!

  71. I’ve never heard of Dole whip before, though I would love to give it a try!

  72. Looking forward to trying this next time we go!

  73. I think we did get one of those – we actually got a free one included with our plan – I remember getting one at the tiki juice bar – want one now! 🙂

  74. Never had a dole whip. Now wondering if this is something I can create here at home!

  75. oh that sounds great! I have seen those before, just didn’t know the name!

  76. This is perfect for me! I am lactose intolerant and would love to try a Dole Whip!

  77. I have heard SO MUCH about the Dole Whip and I salivate every single time I see one. I cannot even imagine what they taste like, but I want one. Badly. Must go to Disney, at least once, if only for a Dole Whip.

  78. Yum….can you get them anywhere else? They look delicious!

  79. Wow, I had never heard of these. They look yummy.

  80. Ohhh that looks so good! I think I would try the vanilla!

  81. I have never tried a dole whip before but when I go to Disney next I will have to try it for sure! Sounds pretty heathy and looks delicious!

  82. I’ve never been to Disney *gasp* and I’ve never heard of this…but I really would love to have both! 😀

  83. I can’t believe I’ve never seen them before but they look delicious! And dairy-free–yay!

  84. Those look so yummy! And yay for dairy free.

  85. those sound amazing. I love fresh pineapple so I’ll have to try these next time I’m there.

  86. I have been wondering what all the hype is about. Now I need to try one!

  87. oooh..I want one…haven’t tried them tho’ but they look soooo yummy …

  88. I never heard of a Dole Whip but the way it sounds I know I would love them. I would also love the float!

  89. I’m a Dole Whip addict! Get one every time I go now!

  90. OMg these dole whips are so good. Best treat on a hot summer day at Disney. Planning on getting one when we are down there for the Food and Wine Festival.

  91. I’ve never been to Disney, so I haven’t had the pleasure of trying a Dole Whip yet. Hoping to one day soon, though. (Go to Disney AND try the Dole Whip.)

  92. These look really yummy! I am so looking forward to going to Disney next month!

  93. Nope, I have not heard of it. It looks yummy!

  94. i have never heard of it but the tiki fruit bar sounds amazing!!

  95. Fabulous! My hubby can’t handle dairy and whines like a toddler when we eat ice cream in front of him. Finally something we can all enjoy together.

  96. I’ve never tried but I’ve seen tons of pins on Pinterest for this stuff! No plans to go to Disney anytime soon so maybe I will try one of the pins! They sound delish!

  97. Dole Whips look amazing! I can’t wait to try it!

  98. Nope! I have never tried them before and never even knew about it. I like that it is dairy free because it sounds like something I could try. Thanks for sharing! It looks really good though.

  99. I’ve never heard of this in my life and I’m surely not new to Disney World. By the looks of it, it sort of reminds me of an upscaled version of Pinkberry. I absolutely love puree so I’m sure I’ll enjoy this. I would love to try all of the flavors, especially vanilla! 🙂

  100. This looks delicious! The only thing that stopped me is tap water. I never consume that as it’s full of harmful chemicals, but otherwise, yum, I want some!

  101. yum yum yum this looks so good! I’ve never been to Disney 🙁

  102. I have never had them but heard of them. The next time I go to Disney I will have to order one.

  103. Yogurt aren’t so much of a big hit here in the Philippines but my family loves yogurt. They are healthy and delicious.

  104. I’ve never head of it but saw a pin on Pinterest. I made it and it was super yummy. We are headed to Disney in a few weeks and we should try it there!

  105. I read about this on Happy Herbivore a while back I think. She was telling of vegan options in Disney World. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  106. I have never tried a Dole Whip, but it’s something I wouldn’t mind trying if I ever visit Disneyland or Disney World. Not only it comes in flavors that sounds good, but I love that they’re dairy-free.

    – HilLesha

  107. Before Dole Whip ever hit Disney, they have always been available at the Dole Factory in Oahu, Hawaii. A must stop for us!