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To celebrate the back to school season, Santander Bank, N.A. today announced a new “Soccer Scholars” sweepstakes in partnership with the New England Revolution as part of the Bank’s sponsorship of the Major League Soccer team.

Between August 28 and September 19, 2014, parents are invited to submit 100 words or less highlighting their child’s finest academic accomplishments from the 2013 school year using the sweepstakes nomination page, With every entry, the parent will be entered for a chance to win a spot for his or her child in an exclusive soccer clinic led by Revolution Academy coaches and New England Revolution players in the Dana-Farber Field House at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, September 28.

The fifty “Soccer Scholars” winners will be randomly selected to participate, where the children, accompanied by their parents, will engage in various soccer skills, drills and scrimmages and interact with professional soccer players.

To enter, visit Parents who are residents of the six New England States (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT) can submit an entry from August 28 to September 19, with a limit of one entry per child. Contest ends on Friday, September 19 at 11:59 p.m. To be eligible for the “Soccer Scholars” sweepstakes, children must be between the ages of seven and 17. Winners will be selected at random.

I am a proud mom and I am definitely going to be entering my boys in this contest.  The hard part is going to be narrowing it down to which accomplishment from each of my boys that I want to showcase.

**Masshole Mommy was provided four tickets to a New England Revolutions game in exchange for sharing this information. All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way**

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  1. This sounds good! I am going to enter all three of my children! They love soccer.

  2. That sounds like a great opportunity. I am going to share this so I can help spread the word.

  3. This year Grant is a first time coach of Ryan’s soccer team and they’ve won their first two games. What a great sweepstakes by NE Revolution and Santander Bank! I have to enter Ryan for sure!

  4. Got excited to enter for Emma, but then I realized it doesn’t apply to NY residents, but good luck to all that enter 🙂

  5. My oldest loves soccer, this looks like fun!

  6. I think it is so nice when a company gets involved to help make a positive change. Good luck – it would be fantastic if your sons win!

  7. I like soccer a whole lot more than football.

  8. Our kids played soccer when they were younger. I like when company’s get involved to make positive changes.

  9. What a cool program for little soccer players! That’s a great opportunity for them.

  10. Awww man! Wish I could enter! My kids all love soccer and they would love this!

  11. Well I have no children of my own, but I think this is an awesome contest never the less. Good luck to all of you who enter.

  12. This is such a great program for young soccer aces

  13. I hope your kids win! I can only imagine their wide-eyed, open-mouthed excitement if they did! Woohoo!

  14. Sounds like an awesome sweepstakes, our family loves to play to soccer so I’m definitely going to be entering, thank you!

  15. My kids are soccer freaks. Even my little one in a wheelchair who can’t play loves watching.

  16. sounds like a great sweepstakes – hope you and your kids win it. GL 🙂

  17. What a cool way to give back! Kids that play sports always look up to the famous player. What a great way to use that adoration for good.

  18. My daughter recently expressed interest in playing soccer- just out of the blue one day. I am definitely going to enter this contest! I know my daughter is too young, but maybe for my son.

  19. I used to love watching soccer in high school (and when I filmed sports for the newspaper website.) My husband thinks our son is definitely cut out for soccer in a year or two!

  20. What a great opportunity and sweepstake. I will share this with friends who have kids that play soccer.

  21. How cool! I am sharing this with my sister and law. My niece plays soccer and would love the chance to be entered for the clinic.

  22. This sweepstake sounds like a lovely opportunity! My daughter used to love to play soccer!

  23. We are a soccer family. This sounds like a wonderful program and sweepstakes for those who love the game like us!

  24. This is such a neat opportunity! It’s great to see active kids acknowledged and rewarded for their hard work.

  25. I love my kids and each of their little accomplishments mean a lot to me! I am excited to enter them as well!

  26. This sounds great! Big soccer house here. My 2 oldest boys love watching and playing!

  27. Soccer is such a fantastic sport. I hope you win the sweepstakes 🙂

  28. We are soccer family and we lived in the northern states we would be entering. Good luck in your entry.

  29. What a great opportunity. Soccer is a great sport for kids to learn. Teaches teamwork and gives a great workout.

  30. This sounds awesome, my boys are the hubby are big soccer fans, I just cant get into it though lol

  31. What a great program. Good luck – I hope both of your boys win!

  32. This sounds like a fun little contest! Good luck!

  33. What a great contest. I wish they had something like that in Kansas City.

  34. Aw, too bad no NYC, I would have definitely told my nephews to enter, they are super into sports and all things athletic!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  35. Sounds very cool! Good luck to your boys! I hope they get it!

  36. What a great opportunity. I’ll have to share with my soccer friends.

  37. Good luck to everyone who enters the soccer contest. It is a fantastic opportunity!

  38. What an exciting opportunity. I don’t live near, but will share with friends that do.

  39. This is great. Wish I lived in one of the states mentioned. Good luck with your entry!

  40. I’ll definitely need to share this with my up north friends and family. I know a few kids who like to play soccer.

  41. We are a family of soccer boys! Love this opportunity; thanks for sharing.

  42. Sounds great to me! Good luck to you with your contest entry. 🙂

  43. What a great opportunity for these kids and a definite push in a positive direction and future down the road.

  44. Oh this is awesome! My 8 year old is in his fourth year playing soccer and my daughter played soccer for five years, she’s hoping to get back into it soon. I love this sweepstakes, so worth it for those who enter. Love the push on academics being important in addition to sports!

  45. That sounds like a great program. Hoping your kids win! I have been thinking about putting my toddler in soccer.

  46. What a cool contest! We start sports again this week…I missed it over the summer!

  47. Oh my gosh, my daughter would love this! She’s already saving all of her soccer pictures so she “can show people how long she’s been playing & can get a scholarship easier”.

  48. What a fabulous contest! I wish the best of luck to all participants.

  49. What a great thing… we are a big Soccer Family and this is perfect for us; thanks for sharing I had not heard of it yet…

  50. What a great contest. Good luck to those who enter.

  51. What a terrific idea to give the parents the homework per say on this one! I bet the kids would love something like this! Especially learning from the professionals in the sport!

  52. Great idea! So many kids love soccer! Great interaction!

  53. My son loves soccer. Great sweepstakes. Going to share!

  54. That is a great way to give back! Good Luck in the contest!!

  55. What a great way to give back! I love that there’s a chance for these scholarships from Santander. They used to be my finance company on my car before I refinanced.

  56. We have a santander bank right near us! How nice of them to help put up such a nice cause!

  57. What a great opportunity! I’m not in that part of the world but will RT for those that are.

  58. What a great contest…and kudos to you for getting your kids interested in soccer! Hope you have fun at the game.

  59. This is such a nice thing to do, kids who love soccer are going to be happy!

  60. What a great way for kids to improve their skills and meet some great role models. I love it!

  61. This sounds like a great sweepstakes! I’m not in the New England area but best of luck to those who are and enter the sweeps!

  62. This is so awesome! I love that it encourages both academics and sports.

  63. My daughter loves soccer. Thank you for sharing this contest. I am entering

  64. Sounds like a fantastic opportunity. I love when big companies sponsor these types of thngs. Good luck to your kids.

  65. What a great idea!! So many kids love soccer and highlighting their achievements and rewarding them is an awesome thing to do!!

  66. I like sweepstakes like this that actually give to a deserving kid and not just a random winner. Kids need to be rewarded for their accomplishments!

  67. How exciting for the kids! This is a great opportunity for them to excel and reap the benefits of their achievements.

  68. Love it! Is it wrong that I really, really want my son to play soccer? I promise I won’t push, but I suggest it, right? 😉

  69. What a cool opportunity for the soccer fanatics! Hope the kids will enjoy it!

  70. Wow, that is just awesome… My cousins actually have a few little soccer players at home and they live in the New England area… thanks

  71. I’m not even in the New England states, but I would totally enter!

  72. Great opportunity for Soccer lovers! Thanks for sharing this fabulous opportunity.

  73. Sounds like a great opportunity! I don’t live in any of those states but good luck to all who enter!

  74. I wish that we could enter. What a great contest. All three of my kids are avid soccer players.

  75. This is an awesome contest. What a great way to give back.

  76. Sounds like an awesome contest. I would love to enter my son but we don’t live in a qualifying state. I hope your boys win.

  77. This is my kind of event and awareness! I think it is so great when parents get to share the accomplishments of their children! And what a fun reward! Good luck!!

  78. What a great contest!! I wish everyone luck who enters.

  79. What a great contest! I think things like this are always great. Whether they win or not, being nominated is an achievement in itself! Good luck

  80. What a great contest for parents and kids to participate in together. This is a great idea. Good luck!

  81. Awesome- sounds like a greatcontest! Thanks for the info!

  82. This sounds like a really great sweepstakes. What a great opportunity. Good luck narrowing down the accomplishments to showcase!

  83. It sounds like a great opportunity for young, talented soccer players. I hope your kids win too!

  84. That’s exciting! What a great opportunity for your boys! Good luck!!!

  85. This is a great opportunity to all the soccer families. Any child would be lucky to win such a prize. Thanks for sharing

  86. What a great opportunity. This will definitely encourage soccer loving kiddies to try their best in school.

  87. This soccer clinic sounds wonderful! And giving 50 kids the opportunity to win a scholarship is so generous. Good luck to your boys!

  88. How fun! Perfect for those who love the soccer game! 🙂

  89. this is a great thing for kids! i’m going to enter my daughter.

  90. This competition sounds great! I am happy you will enter your boys… Like you, I’m a proud mom and it’s always hard to choose what to “brag” about. 🙂

  91. How fun! We are HUGE soccer fans in our house!

  92. Sounds like a great giveaway for soccer lovers. I know someone who would love to enter this

  93. Ohhh, what a great opportunity! Our kids started learning soccer this year with Upward Sports at our church and loved it. No clue if anything much will become of it but look forward to seeing how they grow as players in the years to come!

  94. That’s a great opportunity! I’ll be sharing this!

  95. This would be great for our kids! Though hubby would prefer it be called “football” 😉

  96. This looks like a nice way to show appreciation to your child AND maybe get something awesome too.

  97. This is a great sweepstakes. My kids did great last school year so I can definitely highlight a few things.

  98. This is an awesome sweepstakes especially for proud mommies out there.

  99. We have recently started getting into soccer. This looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I will be looking into this for my boys.

  100. This sounds great. Will enter for my kiddos!

  101. What a cool contest! Too bad we live too far away…