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While it doesn't have to be spring to get your clean on, you can use these tips to clean you home. Check out these spring Cleaning Tips To Help You Purge and Get Organized.

Spring is always a great time of year to really purge and get your home organized from the year. Maybe it is because you can open your windows and let that nice crisp fresh and cool air flow through the windows to give you the motivation you need. I have some ways you can work on Spring Cleaning to help you purge and get organized for the year.

While it doesn’t have to be spring to get your clean on, you can use these tips below to clean and get organized any time of the year that you feel the motivation.

Clothing Rule
What I like to do is if I have’t worn an item for over six months I really give it a good look. If I am unsure I give myself six more months to start wearing it or when I hit that next cleanse mark I donate or toss it out. Another thing I like to do is turn my hangers all the same way. Then as I wear the item I turn the hanger the other way, so I know I have worn that item. It helps keep me aware of the clothes I have not worn, and I can debate if time to donate.

Cabinets and Drawers
Take some time and go through some drawers or cabinets that might be overflowing with goodies. Set aside things you will want to keep and toss things you don’t ever use or maybe forgot you even owned. This is a good time to create a pile to save back for a yard sale as well.

Containers and Labels
Next step when I begin working my way through cabinets is buying plastic containers to store items and I create labels. That way each item has a home and a place so each member of the family knows where the items go. This helps me stay more organized through the year.

One Room At A Time
Make sure to tackle one room at a time. This will give you a feeling of accomplishment when you can check off a room of being done. Plus it will help keep you on track so you are running all over the house. If items belong in a different room put them in a basket or box and set in the corner, so you stay focused on your room and don’t get distracted as you take items to the room.

Kid Toys
If you have kids you know they accumulate like crazy. Try and buy some totes and then rotate out toys in their playroom. This way all their toys are not all over the floor all the time, and when you bring down old toys they feel like they won the lottery with new toys.

Garage Sale or Buy Sell Trade Group
Consider taking the items you no longer want and having a garage sale or hop on your Facebook pages buy, sell, trade group and sell your items on there. It is a great way to gain some money from the items you no longer want. It helps give you the motivation to get rid of things. This is great for kids as well. Let them know they get to keep the money on items they get rid of.

Make sure to go through your cupboards and pantry and look at all the dates on your food. Some items might need to be tossed because they are expired. But foods that are expiring first in front so you know to get those items used up first. I like to wipe down all the crumbs from each cupboard as I go.

Go through your makeup, hair care, and even medicines to ensure none are old or expired. Then work your way through the cupboards and toss out things that are not being used and taking up space. Don’t forget to wipe down the walls to get rid of any cobwebs in the corners.

I would love to hear some of your best spring cleaning tips!

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  28 Responses to “Spring Cleaning Tips To Help You Purge and Get Organized This Year”

  1. You are so organized and making me so jealous. I don’t always clean springtme but go on periodic purges. I have a whole toy bin that i like to give to the nieces and nephews which works well for toy excess.

  2. I keep saying every year, “This is the year I get it done” when it comes to purging while Spring cleaning. Your post has given me some great ideas and inspiration to carry it out this year!

  3. Spring cleaning is the worst for me, but it has to be done. Your list reminded me I need to clean out my drawers.

  4. I’ve got the main levels of the house in decent shape, but I need all the help I can get with my basement. I was supposed to start spring cleaning it Monday, and now we’re almost half way through the week and I haven’t found the strength to start.

  5. Oh gosh, how I would love to spring clean. My place is a mess right now and those tips are great.

  6. These are really great tips! I really need to try these!

  7. These are really awesome tips! I can’t wait to start doing these!

  8. I try to do a little at a time, which is a more efficient way for me to get things done. These tips you shared are a big help. Now if I only had more sets of volunteer hands that would be nice.

  9. One room at a time is the only way to spring clean! I’m easily distracted so I make myself stick to one room at a time. I’m just about finished with spring cleaning for this year. Yay!

  10. I can’t get into the mood of Spring cleaning yet as we are still getting snow!!! However these are great tips, I actually cleaned the bathrooms last week and that felt good.

  11. ooh thank you sooo much for the tips Robin. I desperately need it especially as we’re heading back to Indonesia this summer. I really have to sort tons of things 🙂

  12. I always do one room at a time as well. Usually start with the closet and drawers. Next is the dusting and cleaning of the entire room. Last are the windows.

  13. I’m slowly going through everything! Today I’m actually getting rid of a bunch of clothes. I’m going to drive to Goodwill and the kid consignment store. The toys are the next project! My daughter has so many she doesn’t even play with anymore.

  14. I’m going to use this post as my checklist! You definitely have it all worked out and I need something to organize my house. This will be perfect.

  15. Love your tips! I’ve already started! One task at a time! My office ready, heading to my closets next!

  16. Spring cleaning is something that I have to get better at. I love your tips! Can’t wait to implement them.

  17. It really does help to do one room at a time and not get distracted by other projects. Even with the kids, I like to kind of compartmentalize their cleaning projects – even making a pile of stuff they need to go through. These are all great tips!

  18. I sell stuff all the time on buy sell trade groups. I get rid of something and make a little cash and don’t have to worry about setting up a garage sale…I can sell it on my time. I have a giant box in my garage I need to go through.

  19. I think it is so important to do one room at a time. I definitely try to focus on one room just so I don’t drive myself crazy, multitasking and getting stressed about all the cleanup that needs to get done.

  20. Great tips. Not only do I do one room at a time, I focus on one area in the room until is clean.

  21. Very good tips for Spring cleaning. It’s really important to check our medicine supply if there are any expired stuff. The same goes for everything else in the house. Great tips!

  22. I always go through the kids’ clothes during the spring season. It helps me know what things that I need to buy for the spring and summer for them and what I do not.

  23. I love your clothing rule. I keep telling myself to do that but instead of 6 months, I drag it out for a year or two. I am really going to hold myself to applying that rule when I bust out my summer clothes because there are like 5 skirts in that pile that I haven’t worn in ages. Thanks for the post.

  24. I love cleaning the house whenever we’re about to welcome a new season. It just feels so refreshing once you’re done and the whole house is cleaned! These are great pointers!

  25. Very good tips here. Just getting used to the ‘toy’ situation in my household. My daughter is a nightmare for throwing toys about the place and leaving them where she likes it 😀

  26. I really need to go through my kitchen cabinets! I have so much that is overflowing!

  27. I so need to do this! I have been lazier about cleaning lately with my work schedule, so after April 17th – I’m taking these tips and putting them to use!

  28. Such great tips on organizing things. Right now, I am thinking of the labeling part of my boxes so that my storage area will be more organize too.