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When I was a kid, I feel like I barely heard about St. Patrick’s Day. Sure there is a big parade in Boston (that my parents never took me to see despite my incessant begging) and in school we’d all wear green – but that was about it. It seems like as the years have passed, this “holiday” has picked up steam and nowadays, people go all out. So I am jumping on the bandwagon, too! I decided to make some Minty M&M Cookies, which are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day because of the colors of the M&M’s! And c’mon, who doesn’t love a warm M&M cookie right out of the oven? Yummers.

Anyhow, they are super easy to make and will make for a nice surprise for the kiddos one day when they get off the bus.

Here’s what you need:

  • 3/4 cup salted softened butter
  • 1/4 granulated sugar
  • 3/4 cup packed light brown sugar
  • 1/2 Tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 1 Egg
  • 2 Cups all purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 teaspoon cornstarch
  • 1 1/4 Cups Mint M&M’s
  • 1/4 White M&M’s (optional)

Here’s what you do:
1. Preheat your oven to 350° in line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
2. In a large mixing bowl beat together your softened butter, sugar, and light brown sugar until light and fluffy.

3. Then quickly mix in your vanilla extract and egg.
4. In a separate mixing bowl, combine your flour, baking soda, and cornstarch and mix.
5. Now mix your flour mixture into your butter mixture until you have a thick cookie dough (it might seem crumbly at first, keep mixing).
6. Slowly fold in your M&M’s.

7. Form your dough into small cookie dough balls and place onto your baking sheet.

8. Bake for 8-10 minutes and let cool.

Of course M&M cookies are good any time, but I felt like getting a bit more festive with these ones.

What is your favorite kind of cookie?

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  1. yummy! these look so good. I’m thinking I will make these for my bf… he is such a sweet tooth and m&m cookies are his favorite! Thanks so much for sharing! Can’t go wrong with cookies!

  2. Yes, they look so good. My son missed out on the thin mints this year, this sounds like a nice alternative.

  3. Those look super yummy. I make themed cookies for every holiday (it’s a great excuse to make cookies!) I can’t wait to give this recipe a try.

  4. I’ve never seen a prettier cookie. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t eaten breakfast yet or what, lol. I didn’t do anything for St Patty’s Day last year so I really need to this year. I can’t wait to try your recipe.

  5. Those look so yummy! Everyone in my family will love these. Any time you add M&Ms to cookies, you’ve got a winner.

  6. I love M&M cookies any day of the week and I love the minty green M&M’s for St. Patrick’s Day. I’ll have to make these for sure.

  7. Seriously?! Oh man! I am totally making these! I am drooling just thinking about making these! I LOVE mint and this is going to be at the top of that list! YUM!

  8. Those look so good! Dumb question, though. I thought Mint M&M’s were only at Christmas? If they are out year round? I am in trouble lol.

  9. Yum! What a fun idea for St. Patrick’s Day, sure beats the idea of attempting green eggs that’s for sure.

  10. I definitely need to try these! They look so yummy! I bet they’d be perfect for my daughter’s class party!

  11. Always nice to change up the cookie dough and add mint and Saint Patrick day M&M. Everyone would love eating these.

  12. I was thinking about making matcha cookies – green sugar cookies. These look fun too! Maybe I’ll have to try both.

  13. Totally much more festive with the green M&Ms, for sure! Love when candy companies offer fun themed items for different occasions!

  14. These look so good! What a great idea to use these mint M&Ms! I love them!

  15. Great idea! This recipe is easy enough to follow and I am thinking of making these cookies to give away to friends at work on St. Patrick’s Day. I am sure they’ll love these minty cookies!

  16. These look so simple! I might try them with pink ones and see if I can use them for my daughter’s birthday

  17. Those look so good. We made M & M cookies at Christmas. This would be a good way to do them for St. Patrick’s Day.

  18. Yeah, I would love these. I would love the mint M&Ms by themselves. That sounds tasty all on its own.

  19. I love adding m&m’s to my cookie batter too. I didn’t know their was a minty one. Now I need to head to target to try to find them!

  20. I’ve been thinking up ways to get festive for st patrichs day. I like this alot simple yet so good!

  21. What a fun St. Patrick’s Day dessert idea! I love mint M&Ms.

  22. I haven’t met a M&M cookie that I didn’t LOVE! This recipe lokos and sounds so delicious. I would love to try these cookies – I know the kids would love it too.

  23. I love anything minty flavored and I love M&M’s. Are you sure you didn’t make these just for me?!

  24. Totally forgot the St-Patty’s was well on its way. Gotta get my green on! The celebrations are soon approaching and your cookies look like the perfect sweet to munch on!

  25. Growing up, we only wore green. That was the extent of our celebration. Really that was so we didn’t get pinched.

    These cookies look delicious.

  26. These look delicious. They would be a huge hit with my boys and they are perfect for St. Patrick’s day 🙂

  27. These look delicious. They would be a huge hit with my boys and they are perfect for St. Patrick’s day 🙂

  28. I love the mint M&Ms and these cookies look great! St. Patrick’s Day was never a big deal when I was young either, but we’ve made a big deal out of it for the last 26 years since it is my daughter’s birthday! I’ll have to bake up a batch of these to add to the festivities!

  29. I love making cookies with M&Ms! (Of course, I love eating M&Ms any time of the day, regardless if they’re in a cookie.) These are super cute and so festive!

  30. I love m&m’s and these cookies look divine! I don’t celebrate ST Patrick’s day but I have friends who do so this would be a cute gift for them!

  31. Oh my goodness, those look heavenly! I would love to try these! My kids would love to make these too. Perfect with the M and Ms!

  32. Those sure look really good! I love mint in cookies especially with chocolate chips. This is the perfect dessert for St. Patrick’s Day.

  33. I enjoy making fun holiday themed treats. This one sounds really yummy and perfect for kids.

  34. I am SO hungry. I have got to make a batch of these fun St. Patrick’s Day cookies. This is the perfect celebration in honor of my Irish ancestors!

  35. Those look so yummy and gooey I would love to have some with some milk. Loving how festive they are also!

  36. OMG OMG So So yum 🙂 I need to make these asap!!

  37. I decide to give up sugar and you make these awesome goodies! These look amazing and I would be all over them if…. Keep up the good recipes. I’ll share it on my FB page!

  38. This looks so delicious, and really easy to do. My family would love it!

  39. These look amazing! I never would have thought to add the mint.

  40. I need to make these with the kids asap! They look super tasty.

  41. These sound like the perfect St. Patrick’s Day cookies to me. I’m a huge fan of that minty flavor but I haven’t tried those M&Ms yet.

  42. How awesome are these cookies! I love the pop of color from the mint M&M’s! They’re really perfect for St. Patty’s not to mention that the kids will love these!

  43. These are absolutely adorable! I was thinking about doing something similar, but I like your idea better! They’ll be perfect for our St Patty’s day “party”!

  44. I am a huge fan of mint. I will have to get the ingredients I need to make these this week. They look so yummy.

  45. The mint M&Ms are on of my favorite. I just love the chocolate and mint flavor together. Putting them in a cookie for St Patty’s Day is inspired.

  46. St Pat’s Day isn’t celebrated here in SG but M&M cookies are always welcome!! I love how you can put in different colours to suit the festive season!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  47. One of my favorite cookies to make for all holidays! I split a batch of chocolate chip cookies and made half M&M for Valentine’s Day. Of course those were devoured first and everyone wanted more. St. Pat’s it will be the full batch!

  48. These cookies looks festive and perfect for St Patrick’s party. It also reminds me of the the Subway cookies. Love the yummy cookies!

  49. This is such a good idea! I love how different they are – the minty M&Ms must be the best! Definitely need to try this recipe out!

  50. These are by far my favorite M&M’s! So glad to see they are back this year, and you put them in cookies!!

  51. I absolutely adore Mint M&Ms. I pinned this recipe so I can make it for my kids.

  52. These look so yummy. Definitely a must try.

  53. These look so easy and would be perfect for a party idea! It’s neat because you can switch up the colors!

  54. These cookies look super yummy and perfect for St Patty’s Day!! Great recipe!!

  55. Those cookies look so delicious I am definitely bookmarking this post. We don’t normally do anything for St Patrick’s day but I have been meaning to start maybe st. Party’s day cookers can be a part of my new routine

  56. I’m partial to snickerdoodles. These look so fun and festive for the St. Patrick’s day parties coming up.

  57. These sure do look yummy. I didn’t even know they made mint M&Ms. I’ll have to see if I can find them here.

  58. Those look absolutely delicious! I love mint anything! I can’t wait to make these with my family.

  59. Yum these look delicious! I love anything with M&M’s but especially cookies! I will be trying them.

  60. What a clever idea! Mind you I don’t think we have just green M&M here in the UK? I think we only have the rainbow ones! At least from what I remember seeing. But these look so delicious – absolutely perfect for St Patricks! x

  61. These cookies look delicious! My kids won’t be able to stop eating these for sure!

  62. These look absolutely amazing! Gotta find myself some of those minty M&Ms

  63. very nice idea. it looks like my son will surely love it. he loves green!

  64. These look like a perfect St. Patrick’s Day treat! I agree with you, there wasn’t much to it when I was younger (except that if we didn’t wear green we would be pinched), but my kids love preparing – especially thinking they will catch a leprechaun! My favorite cookie is definitely a chewy sugar cookie with a hint of lemon – yum!

  65. Yum! These cookies sound really great. I am sharing this!

  66. These look so tasty and super funky. Can’t wait to try them out for St Paddys!
    Katja xxx

  67. This is so adorable! I would love to try these cookies for my kids! They’ll surely enjoy these!

  68. M&M is my son’s favorite! seeing it on cookie will surely excites him!

  69. St Patricks day already! Man is this year ever going fast!

  70. great recipe! looks like very easy to make and is affordable!

  71. My daughter would love these for St. Patrick’s Day. Thanks for the great recipe.

  72. great post! not only for the kids! im sure my hubby will enjoy this too!

  73. These are so cute and really fit the colors – plus the mint chocolate will be a nice extra touch. My favorites are oatmeal raisin, or sometimes white chocolate chip macadamia nut (jeez, that’s a mouthful!).

  74. My goodness these look delicious! I love mint – I may be the only one in my household who does, but who cares! I think I might have to make these to help with that sweet tooth I seem to have lately. My favorite cookie is anyone that has cream cheese in the recipe. The cream cheese keeps them “that just out of the oven” soft even after they’ve cooled completely. What a great share!

  75. I love a good cookie with M&M’s and anything that has mint! I will have to whip some of these up with my kids for St. Patty’s Day!

  76. These look so good and easy to make great for st patty’s day

  77. These look like a lot of fun to make.
    They look great!

  78. Yum these look delicious! I would love to give these a try, great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day, they’d be perfect!

  79. Yum! Those look so cute and delicious! I will have to try them!

  80. These cookies look absolutely yummy and thanks for the recipe, definitely want to it out

  81. Really pretty site! I must try the cookies with my babies!

  82. What a cool idea to celebrate the holiday! I’ll have to make these with my kids – they’ll love them for sure!

  83. oo these definitely look like our jam! We love M&M’s so the cookies would go down a treat, although we would probably avoid the mintyness

  84. Ooooh these look so good. I’m on a week 4 of a 12 week diet though. Damnit why did this challenge fall right in the middle of valentines day, st patricks day and easter!

  85. I didn’t know they had these kind of M &Ms. You’re right though, M&M cookies are so good warm

  86. Your post shocked me a bit. I can’t believe it’ll be March in a week! Crazy how the first quarter of this year is going by fast!
    OK, after being shocked, I then gravitated towards your yummy cookies! must have them! Thanks for sharing!

  87. What a delicious idea!!! I love M&M’s in cookies, but the mint must be amazing!!

  88. These sound so yummy! I love that they are loaded with M&M’s. My kids don’t get off the bus yet, but they’ll love making them with me 🙂

  89. My kids love cookies like this. This is actually a fun idea for St. Patrick’s Day. I always let them cook something for the holidays.

  90. These look so yummy! M&Ms are good in anything though so that’s no surprise! Love the green for St. Patricks Day!

  91. All in green and they look sooo yummy..

  92. These look so good! I love chewy cookies with m&m’s!

  93. These look great. Do you think that I could make these gluten free? Would they taste the same?

  94. What a fun St. Patrick’s Day treat, I bet they are yummy! My boys would probably love making them!

  95. Oh my whole family would love these! They looks so good and so festive for the holiday. Thanks for sharing!

  96. I’m loving these St. Patrick’s Day Cookies. So easy to do and So yummy!

  97. Aaah, this looks so good! I just had ice cream for dessert and cannot eat any chocolate now.. but these photos increased my cravings A LOT!

  98. Since green is my favorite color, of course, these cookies appeal to me. Also, those Mint M&Ms are really good!

  99. How delicious! My favorite kind of cookie is chocolate chip with toffee bits. Cookies with M&Ms are good, too!

  100. Yum! These cookies look fantastic and totally perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! Mint also reminds me of spring, so that is an added bonus.

  101. YUM!! These looks so cute and I bet they’re so delicious!!

  102. YUM!! These looks so cute and I bet they’re so delicious!!

  103. These look absolutely amazing and very inviting too.

  104. The cookies look absolutely delicious. I have got to make these for St. Patty’s Day! 🙂

  105. Hmmm…this looks really good. I love M & Ms.

  106. I love St Patty’s Day just because of all the green. Nom Nom!