May 192014
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One of the things that we knew we wanted to do when we visited Hollywood was to get a map of the star’s homes and go out & stalk a few of them.  Chris saw this along the side of the road as we were walking and bought one:



After we had lunch and walked around looking at the walk of fame, we sat down to look at the map and see whose house was located nearby to where we were.  Once we had a plan, off we went to take a ride though the Hollywood Hills to see some celebrity homes.

Chris got a little too excited to see that Paris Hilton lived right off of the Sunset Strip.  Sadly, she wasn’t outside that day.





But then we were off to see Dane Cook’s house.  He doesn’t live that far from Paris, but it looks like he’s in the process of moving out, doesn’t it?



Next we went far up into the hills to see if Leonardo DiCaprio would invite us in for lunch, but the evil eye that we got from his security guard was enough to chase us away.


And go figure, Keanu Reeves wasn’t home either.


I snapped a bunch of pictures as we drove though the Hollywood Hills. Some of the house up there were unbelievable.





















One thing that surprised me was how narrow all the roads up in the hills were.  We had some trouble navigating the car in a few of the really tight spots – especially when a car was coming in the other direction.

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  103 Responses to “Stalking Celebrities in the Hollywood Hills”

  1. I was surprise we didn’t see any paparazzi or Paris and I was sweating driving through those narrow streets.

  2. Totally made me think of the scene early in the movie in Pretty Woman where the guy is standing in the street selling maps to the stars homes! But seriously sounded like fun, even if you didn’t get to see any celebrities 🙂

  3. I didn’t realize that all the houses were so close together. And no gates? That’s shocking.

  4. Some of those houses look like they’re one big rainstorm away from sliding down the hill! Some cool houses though. Leo D. was home but he just wanted to invite you in for lunch. He didn’t want to make Chris wait in the car.

  5. Oh how fun is that? What a cool adventure and wow, the houses are incredible! I’d love to stalk.. ahem check out where some of these stars live!

  6. This looks like a BLAST!!! How fun. I so want to do this!! What beautiful homes, too.

  7. The entire time I was looking through this post, I was singing Hollywood Night in my head. “And those Hollywood nights…In those Hollywood hills…” Love me some Bob Seger!

  8. That would be so fun! One day I’ll get to Hollywood!

  9. I loved visiting Hollywood when we lived in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills was beautiful with the streets lined perfectly with matching trees. We drove past some star houses but I don’t remember the details – I think it was part of a tour. I had my picture taken with Paris Hilton one time.

  10. Eeek! I’d be scared my house would slide right down the hill!!! I’ve never been to LA… looks like a fun time!

  11. Paris and Leonardo are neighbors…hmm, wonder if they’ve ever visited each other. 😀

    Sounds like a fun trip!

  12. Keanu’s home looks like a box on the hill from the outside. I’m sure it’s magnificent indoors though.

  13. Ok- I am jealous! That is just too much fun.

  14. You’ll have to come to ATL – we have SO many movies and shows shooting down here you can get a stars map, too!

  15. hohoo..Robin, I will do exactly the same if I got the chance to visit Hollywood..we will, hopefully, though not in the nearest future I guess :)..TFS..those houses are hugeee :p..

  16. Cool experience! Think if I had all the money they do I’d like somewhere much different. They probably have houses all over the world though so no biggie for them, right?

  17. You guys are stalkers. LOL. It does look like fun. In some other life I want to be a private investigator.

  18. Haha, how fun! I would so do this!

  19. This would be pretty fun to do. I always think I’m not celebrity obsessed but on the few occasions I actually met some celebrities, I was completely star struck!

  20. This cracked me up. 🙂 Fun way to spend the day!

  21. It looks like you had a lot of fun! What great pictures!

  22. I would probably stalk also. Those are some interesting looking houses.

  23. I could not imagine driving in those narrow areas. I left that up to my husband when we went. WE did not go Hollywood house hunting but it looks fun. How I would love to peek in some of these houses.. I also wonder how old they are. Some of the houses look as old as my really old house.

  24. I have never been there and it looks beautiful…so hilly compared to Illinois…the houses are really cool, the architecture is gorgeous. I am so glad you shared your photos!

  25. I would have LOVED celebrity stalking with you! So neat to see their houses!

  26. I visited LA years ago (my cousin lived there) and I remember the houses being built on each other. They were so close together! (I think the only big name I met while out there was Ludacris who happened to be at a club we were at.)

  27. Fun stalking trip, even if you didn’t have any sightings.

  28. Looks like a lot of fun. I love seeing all the places celebrities live.

  29. Oooh! Look at you two getting all paparazzi 😀 Love the photos, I am surprised by how squished together the celeb houses are! If i was a millionaire, I sure wouldn’t want to live like that, LOL!

  30. Oh, to be able to live in some of those homes! I love the picture of the hill with homes randomly dotting it all the way up/down-That’s so unique 🙂

    What a fun adventure you guys had!

  31. I’ve always wanted to do one of those tours or something. Though I think doing it on your own would be much more fun!

  32. How cool, Robin the paparazzi lol! Totally agree with another commenter that it reminds me of pretty women.

  33. How cool. I would love to go there someday and maybe be lucky enough to see a star.

  34. That is so cool. I totally would have driven through the hills too! Did you see The Bling Ring? It was filmed at Paris’ house in some scenes. I wonder if that is the same place! The pictures do remind me of the scenery in the movie.

  35. Wow! Those homes are pretty cool. My sister lives near that area. Have a terrific day!

  36. Those houses are amazing! It looks like they are literally on top of each other! And that is some gate that Leo has.

  37. LOL at how you told this story! I would LOVE to do this one day. Looks like so much fun!!

  38. One of my fave things to do while there, I always see celebs on the street but never by their homes!

  39. Other than the architecture of the houses, it reminds me of Germany! Lots of small roads on lots of hills! lol. But what a fun experience! And those houses…just blow my mind!

  40. Did Ellen invite you to dinner i hear she really sweat like that. I can’t wait to see some of this when we go in a few weeks.

  41. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Would have been fun to catch a celebrity.

  42. I have always wanted to do this just for fun!! Looks like a great day!

  43. hahaha sounds like you guys had a fun adventure at the Hollywoods Hills 🙂

  44. Too bad you didn’t scope out any celebs! That would’ve been so exciting. I would’ve loved just driving around and seeing all these fancy houses too, though!

  45. I would so love to do this someday. I don’t mind stalking people. Especially John Krasinski.

  46. I can’t believe how tight the roads are up there. This would be an awesome tour and my husband would be more than happy to stalk with me…if it included Paris Hilton.

  47. Wow they really pack them up there in the hills. A sighting would have been nice, but I still enjoyed your pics! Is Dane Cook originally from Boston?

  48. Oh that must have been the crème de la crème of your Hollywood adventure. I would love to take this “tour” oneday. Thanks for sharing

  49. Those houses are like right on top of each other! CRAZY! Also, I totally would have done the celebrity house hunting too 🙂

  50. Glad You Had A Fun Time Did This When I Was Little Would Love To Do It Again!!

  51. Sounds like you had fun, despite the lack of celebrity sightings. It would have been a neat drive!

  52. Why would anyone want to live there? It is so crowded and all the houses are on top of each other.

  53. This is sooo cool. I never been there and loved seeing your pictures… like a mini trip for me. Thanks for sharing and what an awesome trip

  54. How cool is that? Too bad you didn’t get to see any of the stars though!

  55. Wow, you little creeper! Just playing, I so would have checked out these celeb homes!

  56. I love Keanu Reeve’s house. So modern. Everything is so different than the architecture here in New England. I’m sure the weather was a nice treat too!

  57. What an awesome glimpse into another world! It looks like you had fun.

  58. Wow, the houses are a bit closer together then I would have expected. Looks like an interesting way to spend an afternoon!

  59. Some of those houses are very cool! Are the roads in that area one way maybe?

  60. I have never been to California before, wow they really built their houses upwards and off cliffs, etc, I have never seen anything like this before!

  61. Wow – I can’t believe you can get that close. Those are some amazing looking houses.

  62. I didn’t know that there was an actual map to the stars’ houses!! So cool, yet freaky for the celebs at the same time to be so out-there. I’d feel rather uneasy for strangers to just come and stare at my home!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  63. Leonardo has a magnificent gate! Too bad nobody was home. I would have been tempted to egg Paris Hilton though. She is such a twit.

  64. This looks like so much fun! I was entertained just reading your post and looking at your pictures.

  65. Man they are packed in like sardines. I’ll bet parking is a b*tch

  66. I went on one of these tours once. We mostly just saw gates!

  67. all the money they have and no privacy! kinda funny!! those roads scare me

  68. I definitely want to do the tour if I ever make it out to LA LA Land for more than just a short connection on my way to somewhere else! LOL 🙂

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  69. I would totally love doing this. Sounds like you all had quite the adventure.

  70. How fun!!! I loved all of your photos. Those houses are beautiful and I can bet the insides are even more so!

  71. I think they would have all been waiting at their gates had they known it was you dropping by! I would love to go see some of the houses on vacation, my husband was just offered a job in that area though and living there is a whole other thing!

  72. So cool. You know fangirl that I am, I am Down! with this trip! LOL
    and I believe I probably would have parked at Keanu’s for a while. I mean, I’m Canadian – he kinda has to let me in. because we’re nice like that. ha.

  73. You took the trip of a life time at least in my book. I have always wanted to do the star stalking thing. very cool.

  74. You are so freaking lucky!! I would have stalked the celebrities too heheh Just to catch a glance, would have been too chicken to talk to any of them if I meet them in person. I definitely need to make a trip to Hollywood in the near future!

  75. They’ll build a house anywhere, no wonder there are mud slides. I’ll take the snow any day.

  76. I love that you guys fully immersed yourselves into the tourist roles. It would have been nice to catch a glimpse of at least one celebrity.

  77. I love this! It is totally on my bucket list, we are about to go to new york and I can’t wait to see if we bump into anyone famous!

  78. Wow, so that’s where they all live, huh? Crazy! I’d love to see this!

  79. Beautiful homes – I think checking out the homes would really be a fun time!

  80. Stalking celebs really sounds like a FUN time!! I would totally be up for that! Some of those homes look incredible. I’d love to see the inside of them!

  81. What a fun time! Those house’s are just amazing!

  82. Looks like you guys had a fun time! Thanks for sharing!

  83. I think it’s funny to see how the styles of homes change from area to area. Those homes are so modern! I love all the windows. To bad Leo wasn’t available for lunch. 🙁

  84. How fun to go see Hollywood “sites”. Too bad they weren’t there to welcome you in! 🙂

  85. My parents refused to do this when we went to LA when I was a teenager. I will never forgive them now. 🙂 Looks like fun.

  86. I love that you did this! It totally seems like something my husband and I would do. You guys are so fun!

  87. HA I love it! Looks like you had the adventure with this. I want to do a star “stalking” tour too one day. LOL

  88. That’s the thing about the Hills, it’s so tricky to navigate. I always think that I’d never want to actually live up there. I get why celebrities do though. We prefer our neck of the woods. It’s closer to the beach too! heehee 🙂

  89. It kind of makes me think of celebs as zoo animals but with better cages. It looks like you all had fun I would be out there doing the same thing.

  90. The houses in the hills looks beautiful! Sad no one was home, I would have stalked them too!

  91. Looks like a fun little treasure walk. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  92. I do not follow celebrities like some but this sounds like fun to take a peek at their homes!

  93. This seems like such a typically touristy thing to do. It seems like it was a lot of fun for the entire family, one of those bucket list items.

  94. The houses look so nice, but those roads look super annoying; I’d hate to drive there.

  95. LOL! Love the tittle! It actually looks a lot like Quito in the rich suburbs. The roads and the views are very similar, all hills and really hard curves and narrow streets.

  96. It is amazing they can even build those homes. Same with the homes in the hills up by Mullholand. And now you know when fires happen why it is so hard for firefighters to fight the fires in those areas.

  97. It’s crazy the way they build out there! We sat outside Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitts house for an hour before we got bored waiting to see them. Obviously this was awhile ago.

  98. Unbelievable houses for sure! Those roads are so narrow!

  99. Sounds like fun! I really liked the pic of Keanu’s home. It looked like a tree house!

  100. I went to Hollywood but I didn’t take one of these Hollywood homes trips. It’s so crazy how they build the homes – similar to the style we had back home as I grew up on mountains. Too bad some of the homes you can see are only the garage doors. 🙂 Looks like fun though!

  101. Are they REALLY their addresses?

    Cool houses, though.