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It’s called the Marshfield Hills General Store.

Steve Carell and his family spend their summers in the town of Marshfield, Massachusetts (on the south shore), which is about 25 miles south of Boston.  In 2009, he bought the store to save a piece of Americana.

Carell told the Boston Globe in an email: “This is much more of an emotional investment than a business one….I saw an opportunity to help to preserve a little piece of history. I also felt that places like the Marshfield Hills General Store represent a gathering place, and give people a sense of community. These spots are growing more and more scarce. I hope to keep this particular one alive and well.”

Located in the heart of Marshfield Hills Village on Boston’s South Shore, “The General” has been the epicenter for this historic neighborhood for over 150 years. In 2009, actors Steve and Nancy Carell, both Massachusetts natives, bought the property and restored this treasured landmark to its original glory and stocked it for its 21st Century clientele. Step inside and experience quintessential New England charm.


It’s a typical  small town shop and it’s stocked full of pretty much anything you might ever need.  Seriously – they have a little bit of everything in there.







They even had some fresh baked good in there such as cookies & muffins. Chris grabbed me a peanut butter cup cookie and honest to god, it was one of the best cookies I’ve ever had in my entire life.


The Marshfield Hills General Store is located at 165 Prospect Street in Marshfield Hills.

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  1. That is what she said

  2. How cool! I’m a big fan of Steve Carrell. Definitely may have to go check that place out!

  3. How in the world did I not know anything about this? I think I see a road trip coming up in my near future!

  4. That makes it even more fun (that Steve Carrell owns it). I like these kinds of stores too, they feel homey and happy. 😉

  5. Didn’t know this, but that is truly awesome and if I am ever in the area will have to check it out!! 🙂

  6. that is so cool! i had no idea

  7. Oh my gosh, this is such a cool place!! I love the look of the building and the old fashion aura.

  8. I love how Chris always has a funny comment on your blog posts! LOL! I think it’s amazing what Steve Carell did – I wish more celebrities with tons of cash would do things that help better their communities instead of spending it all on themselves.

  9. How neat – I wonder if he ever works there? Now that would be funny!

  10. I love stores like this. I love the ambiance and feel you get when you walk in. Love the candy area for me.. oh the kids also.

  11. See I love stores like that, reminds me of my great aunt’s place she was the first woman in 3 counties to own a general store/ gas station in her own name.

  12. This is awesome! There are so many cool named attached to Massachusetts. Even the rich and famous can’t get enough of us 😉

  13. No freaking way!!! I love Steve Carrell!

  14. That is such a cute store. I have a place similar near me on the beach. It has just about EVERYTHING!

  15. LOL! That is too funny!! I love that someone famous took the time to save a piece of history!! I love the olden day feel!

  16. How far is it from Whalburgers.. I could make it a twofer. 😉

    • Maybe 45 minutes. It’s in the Shipyard at Hingham. His mother owns the classy Alma Nove restaurant caddy cornered to Wahlburgers.

  17. That is really cool! Good for Steve Carell for preserving a piece of history.

  18. I think I remember reading about this when he bought it. It looks like a charming store, and I bet the community is glad he stepped in to save a piece of their history.

  19. I was never a huge fan of his until I saw some of his more emotional movies .. and then I became a fan. I love him in the Despicable Me movies too. He’s the best! And I LOVE that he opened up a store like that. That makes me love him even more now! So cool that you guys get to visit!


  20. I think this is too cool! I am a huge Steve Carrell fan and I just love those types of stores. It’s such a throwback! That candy display is just the best.

  21. It really does have a little bit of everything in there! So neat that Steve Carell stepped up and did that; I love him already, but this makes me love him even more! 🙂

  22. It looks like a great place to go! I like that he spent his money to maintain a historical spot.

  23. Oh wow! That is AWESOME! That store looks like a fun little store to visit. I love little stores like this!

  24. Carell is such a great asset to the community there. Funny story… My brother did work on his house in Marshfield and when they billed him, they (Steve’s wife) gave my Mom the CA address to send it to. But since they have a PO box, it was returned to the sender (my Mom). We thought it was hysterical that THEY had given us the wrong address, as if to say they were not paying. 🙂 They did pay of course, and it was an accident… but it was really funny.

  25. No way! That makes me love Steve Carell that much more. So cool! And I want one of those peanut butter cup cookies.

  26. How awesome! I really like Steve. He seems like a nice guy.

  27. I haven’t seen a real live general store since I was very young and then they were scarce. I am happy to hear that at least one is still alive and kicking. Now I can just hope that one of these days I can take a road trip up there.

  28. So very cool! I love Steve Carell. And this looks like such a cute store.

  29. This sounds like a store I need to go to. I love the old time atmosphere! It kind of reminds me of Cracker Barrels Stores.

  30. I realize that he’s just a person but GRU owns a store! How cool!

  31. Thank you for sharing this. That is just the kind of place we like to visit… homey, unique items, and such a local flavor. 🙂

  32. Penny Candy!!! OMG – you hardly ever see that anymore. Do Americans accept toonies? because I could get a lot of candy — hopefully. 🙂
    What a awesome thing for Steve to do.

  33. I saw this story on the news and ever since I’ve wanted to find it! Lucky you for visiting – and who can pass up a peanut butter cup cookie?

  34. What a neat store to be able to visit. I have always wanted to visit a general store!

  35. That’s cool he bought that!

    I heard him say in interviews he was originally from MA

    maybe he can be found in the store sometime 🙂

    nice pics 🙂

  36. Okay, this is really awesome! Way to go Steve!

  37. This is so cool, I never knew he was from there. It looks so charming and quaint!

  38. I’m glad to see celebs doing things like this. Great use of part of his fortune

  39. How cool is that – its so nice seeing celebs doing something to help communities. x

  40. That’s so fun. My husband wants a general store

  41. That’s so cool! What a great guy Steve Carell is!! 🙂

  42. I love these kind of stores! Singapore is developing so fast too and a lot of old places we used to frequent are being demolished. Later today I’ll be going to see one of my old hang-outs. It’s going to close and be demolish this Sunday 🙁 If I had the money, I’d make a lot of emotional investments too.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  43. I can’t believe that he owns a local store like that. He’s awesome and this makes me like him even more.

  44. Thats what she said! I love him I absolutely love him. Knowing what he did with preserving the piece of history and making an emotional investment makes me admire him all the more. thank you so much for sharing

  45. Oh how I miss general stores like this in Northern NJ. I remember a few of them being around when i was growing up but we called them “variety” stores.

  46. I liked reading this. One of our happiest memories is a trip we took to “The World’s Largest General Store.” This helped me relive a very nice memory

  47. I just love old fashion general stores. When we find one I can spend hours in there wandering!

  48. What a neat store….old and new. I have my glass art in a few local unique shops in Wisconsin. The local shops by us I shop at all the time. If locals don’t shop there — the businesses will go under. This sounds like a shop that would be on my daily route!

  49. I love small town stores like this. I hope to visit one day!

  50. Love your whole site. Love the looks of this store,I live in a small town so I love little shops.

  51. Wow, they really do have a little bit of everything there! Neat store, and great that it was purchased and restored!

  52. so cool. i love that it’s still a mom & pop looking store though, nothing commercial.

  53. Who knew? that’s really cool that he did that and the store looks like it has a lot of good items! If I’m ever in that area I’d definitely stop by.

  54. I think Steve Carell is an amazing actor, and also a great human being in general. It’s so nice to hear that he actually bought this store and kept it going.

  55. This is so neat. I love that they are trying to preserve a bit of America history. So many overlook the places like this. Having his name attached surely draws in customers that probably would’ve overlooked it otherwise.

  56. I love those little jars in the hutch. It’s great the the Carell’s have preserved this store it does have a value higher than it’s bottom line.

  57. I am huge fan and his store looks adorable.

  58. Oh what fun. I know that we could spend some time in that fun store… thanks so much

  59. I love Steve Carell and I love little general stores, so this will be a must-visit for me! Who knew?!

  60. What a cute little store! Kudos to Steve for helping to preserve a part of history. I wish more people would do that,

  61. That is sooo cool. I wonder if he ever stops in to check on things?

  62. What a cute store.

  63. That is so awesome! I like Steve Carell even more now! I love that he is helping to preserve history sites like this. We used to have a lot more country stores like this but they are becoming harder and harder to find. This place is definitely a store I would visit while traveling. -Amber

  64. Yes, I’m so glad he’s hanging on to a bit of Americana there. I love stores like this!

  65. Oh my gosh, that looks awesome! I love small shops like that.

  66. I love that Steve Carell and his wife did that. It is so important to keep our history alive and well. If you want to understand today, you have to keep yesterday in our memories.

    The small town I grew up in had a small store called “Art’s General Store.” It was simply the best. I have fond memories of buying penny candy there and I remember how our family would just have a tab that my parent’s paid once a month. We would be able to go shopping for our mom for food items and no money ever exchanged hands. I don’t think we see that anymore or if we do, it is called a credit card.

  67. That is so awesome. I love when celebrities lend their finances and names to causes like these. You KNOW that store sees so much more business now that his name is attached to it.

  68. Steve Carell is one of my all time faves! It’s great that he has the time and resources to undertake a project like this.

  69. Yeah, I saw this on Chronicle and wanted to go check it out. Looks like a nice little store. They do have everything, candy for the kids and a little wine for Mom…lol. Too bad you didn’t see Steve himself, although I don’t imagine he is there too often in the winters anyway!

  70. That is so cool! It’s great that he saved a little piece of history like that. Plus, it looks like everyone could find something they wanted!

  71. It Reminds Me As A Child Going To A Store Like This For Penny Candy Love & Miss Stores Like This!!

  72. WTG Steve on saving this place! I love his movies. But this is great for the community. It reminds me of the Laura Ingalls books and how they went to the General Store. Never throw away a piece of history– and a place where everyone can come together.

  73. How cool and what a neat story. Love Steve Carrell!

  74. I had no idea! I think it would be really cool to visit. I wonder if he’s ever spotted there.

  75. Such a cool, “classic” store. And SO random that Steve Carrall owns it, haha!

  76. what a cute and quaint store, reminds me of an old 5 and dime!

  77. How cool and what a beautiful general store reminds me of a hallmark movie.

  78. That is very cool. It looks like a fun store!

  79. That is so cool! I really like him~ he seems so genuine.

  80. That’s one cool store – to have everything you need – definitely a must visit, one.

  81. I think they had a great idea to preserve that little bit of history. I wish I could visit. I wish more could be done to preserve some part of history in every state. We have a view places like this down here in Georgia. I love history.

  82. That is pretty cool. I wonder if they ever pay the store a visit.

  83. I love Steve Carell, and this is such a cool place to go and check out!

  84. Oh, this is fantastic! I do adore Steve Carell! And this store looks like such a neat place to visit!

  85. What a great post and such a unique little shop! I love him for this ♥

  86. That’s so wild! That’s something I would never, ever have guessed… Steve Carell + Massachusetts = General Store… good stuff 😉

  87. Looks like a great classic store to visit and shop! I wish things like those were in my area.

  88. I love Steve Carrell even more now! I never would have imagined he owned a general store. I think it’s so cool that he bought to save it & not to turn it into something else that’s mainstream.

  89. That is so cool! Kudos to Steve Carrell for saving the general store 😀

  90. Steve Carell is such a cool guy. I wonder how often he goes there to check on the store. You said he stays the summers there… hrmm… Very cool! I love what they’ve done with it!

  91. That’s so random that Steve Carrell owns this general store but I love the story behind him buying it. It looks like it has pretty quirky offerings that are much more homey than a traditional gas station or little market.

  92. This is awesome to preserve a place like this. Love it!

  93. That is the cutest cutest store – my hubby is fascinated with this area, he would love a little place like this.

  94. How cute is that building? Plus, they look well stocked on wine! 🙂 My kind of place!

  95. Wow, that looks like a really cool store. I would love to visit someday.

  96. That was very nice of him! I wish more celebrities would do something like this.

  97. How cool! It’s nice to know that even famous actors care about little things like this! I love stores that have bits of everything and feel like a flea market when you walk inside!

  98. That sounds like a really cool spot! I love places like that.

  99. They are a thing of the past more and more daily. We used to have a really big one here and it eventually closed. I wonder if people will buy enough there for him to keep it going long term.

  100. I just love Steve Carell! He is the bomb.

    Oh, and I have to throw in the obligatory, “That’s what she said.”

  101. Bet you didn’t expect this type of traffic on your page!! Congrats on making the front page of Reddit! 🙂