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For a fun summer outing with the family, visit Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA

Located in Sterling, MA, Davis’ Farmland is super fun farm experience for families with children under 12. Davis Farmland has over 100 breeds of animals that can be petted and cuddled with as well as North America’s largest sanctuary of endangered farm animals. They don’t just have animals at Davis Farmland, they have several playgrounds, hay & pony rides and an awesome splash park, too. There is tons of summer fun at Davis Farmland!

For a fun summer outing with the family, visit Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA

There is so much summer fun at Davis Farmland

My boys were both really excited to spend the day at Davis Farmland – especially once I told them there was a splash park there.  It was a hot day in July and they were happy about there being a way to cool off. We actually brought cousin Jonah, who was visiting with his dad, Uncle Keith, from San Diego with us for the day.  All three of the boys had a blast exploring everything at Davis Farmland.

For a fun summer outing with the family, visit Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA

The three boys loved mining for gems at Davis Farmland!

Cuddle with animals Davis Farmland’s Animal Showcase

For a fun summer outing with the family, visit Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA

Davis Farmland’s Animal Showcase is an awesome area to make memories with your kids. Inside the Animal Showcase you can pet, cuddle, and feed North America’s largest collection of endangered livestock breeds. How cool is that?  If you’d like, you can ride a pony, take a Safari Hayride out to the back pastures to meet their larger animals.

There the kids can be junior farmers by helping the farmers milk a goat, collect chicken eggs, bottle feed the babies, and groom the animals. There is also a reptile ranch, which was one of the boys favorite things of the day.

For a fun summer outing with the family, visit Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA

Explore Imagine Acres

Located between pony rides and the covered picnic areas, Imagine-Acres focuses on your young child’s imagination through interactions with kid powered fun, nature and learning through play. There the little ones can bounce, climb, pretend, and let their inner child run wild. Kids can explore sand and water play, play in the tool shed, and climb on play structures.

For a fun summer outing with the family, visit Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA

Boo Boo Stations are filled with first aid supplies and are located around Davis Farmland.

While there, kids can spend time in the ALL-NEW MooTown, USA! There they can make pizza in the diner, scoop ice cream in the ice cream shoppe, be a cashier, go grocery shopping, be a veterinarian in the vet clinic, go camping in the Cow-A-Bunga Campground, play in the farmhouse and tool shed in the Okee-Dokee Corral! There is so much to do in MooTown, USA!

Get wet at the Spray Park

For a fun summer outing with the family, visit Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA

Splash & get wet all summer long in New England’s largest, zero depth, water spray ground. There are two spray pads. One is just for toddlers and the other for everyone else. There are all sorts of misters, sprinklers and geysers imaginable. Cool off under the water tower or giant sunflowers, the kiddy car wash, the Slip & Slide and get bubbly in the bubble blast!

For a fun summer outing with the family, visit Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA

The Kiddie Car Wash at Davis Farmland!

For a fun summer outing with the family, visit Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA

The spray parks filtration system is the first, and largest of its kind. It’s a state of the art, computer controlled system designed to be the safest water experience for your family.

For a fun summer outing with the family, visit Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA

Play in Adventureland

For a fun summer outing with the family, visit Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA

Riding the “Goat Carts”!

Located next to Adventure Play & Spray—Adventureland will ignite the adventurous side of your child. Do the bunny bounce, crawl, slither, scoot, slide and ride your way to FUN! Slide down the Cow-A-Bunga Super Slide, Dig for Dino bones, build a cabin, scale to the peak of our summit climber, scoot around on the scooter bugs or take a spin on the pedal carts and explore age appropriate play structures.

For a fun summer outing with the family, visit Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA
Food, bathrooms, First Aid, and changing rooms are available between Adventureland and the Spray Park and near the entrance.

Know before you go:

  • Adults must be accompanied by a child 12 years or younger.
  • Hours & admission change with the seasons.
  • Davis Farmland offers several discounts. See here.
  • Davis Farmland is open on Easter, Patriot’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day & Columbus Day
  • They are open weather Permitting. Always call or check the “Are We Open” page before heading out.
  • If you are planning on letting the kids play in the splash park, bring a towel, waterproof sunblock and a change of clothes with you.

Davis Farmland is located at 145 Redstone Hill in Sterling, MA. You can click here to purchase tickets online or buy them when you get there.

Summer fun at Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA

I am so thankful that we fit a day of summer fun at Davis Farmland into our schedule.  I can’t wait to bring the boys back to do the corn maze they have there in the fall!

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  67 Responses to “Summer Fun at Davis Farmland”

  1. This place looks and sounds like so much fun!! I’ve never been to Sterling, MA, but I’m definitely going to put this spot on the radar for a family trip next summer!

  2. That’s looks like a ton of fun. Goats! I love goats. I think the kids would have a blast there.

  3. This looks like a lot of fun. My kids (and my wife and I) love petting zoos. You can’t beat fuzzy animals!

  4. What a great day for the entire family. The kiddie car wash and the cow-a-bunga super slide look like a lot of fun.

  5. Surely one fine place for summer break! My kids love animals.. and if they can safely pet them it will be great!

  6. Oh wow what a fun looking place to get to go to and explore, I would absolutely have loved to have gone somewhere like this when I was younger.

  7. The hayride to the back pasture is something my kids would love! I wish we had something like this closer to us, especially with a splash pad!

  8. My son would absolutely love Davis Farmland. All the animals, slides, and the splash pad! Looks like fun for the whole family!

  9. There definitely seems to be plenty of fun to be had at Davis Farmland. My kids would especially love the spray park, that’s IF they could get me away from all of those adorable animals!

  10. The kids would love to come here and it’s so close. I never heard of it but putting it on our list for the summer!

  11. I love the boo boo station! I wish this was closer this would be perfect for the nephews!

  12. This looks just like the kind of place my kids would love to visit. I don’t know what they would like best, the petting area or the water!

  13. It is fun to find a place that is different, animals, big slide and food and it is really a great day. My kids are older so it wouldn’t be good for us, how sad.

  14. Davis Farmland looks like an amazing place to spend some time with a family! We have some similar farms in my neck of the woods.

  15. Davis Farmland looks like so much fun! We love going to farms around us, but they don’t have all of this fun stuff to do!

  16. That place looks so much and filled with so many activities! My nephew would have a blast visiting (and might not want to go home lol!)

  17. This looks like such a fun experience for the kiddos. I would love to get into the kid’s car wash myself. How fun!!

  18. I think kids love any activity with animals. I know even my 5 month oldwould have a blast. Hes in an animal stage!

  19. Aww, I’m loving the cute animals you can interact with. The attractions in the Spray Park look like fun too!

  20. That looks like an absolute blast. My kids would love to go there if we are ever up that way, it looks like there is so much to do and learn.

  21. We went to a similar place like this in Kansas City. It was a lot of fun. I know I enjoyed it.

  22. This looks like a fun place to go with the family. I love the “goat carts,” how funny.

  23. This looks awesome! There are so many animals and a place to cool off making it a perfect place to spend the day. We will have to keep this in mind for vacation.

  24. What a charming place to visit!! So much for children to do and the spray park looks likes fun!

  25. Wow what a great place! My nephews would go crazy. I love the variety of activities available and the animals.

  26. This places looks so fun and so much to do! Wish we lived closer or there was something similar near us. Will pin for later just in case we happen to be visiting one day.

  27. I’m just gonna admit that I want a turn in the Kiddie Car Wash. Looks like a place that’s packed with all kinds of fun for the family!

  28. I am ashamed to admit it, but I have never petted a goat. That’s something that I have always wanted to do. I want to pet one soon. I will have to get to a farm like this so I can.

  29. Looks like you all had a blast! That foam bubble pit looks Amazing.

  30. It’s nice to expose kids to farm settings as they get to appreciate animals and nature. Davis farm gets extra fun with their slides and other attractions.

  31. This seems to be the combination of our petting zoo and splash pad. My little guy will have so much fun!

  32. This looks like so much fun! I cannot believe all the activities they offer there, wish some fo the farms that we have close by offered all that!

  33. That kiddie wash is so darn cool! My kids would love to check this place out. It has a little of everything!

  34. Davis Farmland sounds like a great place for my kids. It’s great that the kids can directly interact with the animals.

  35. The petting station looks really cut the foam and water stuff looks like so much fun x

  36. Aside from the up close experience with the goats, I think the kiddie car wash is a blast! My kids would love that! I did not know there were so many fun activities offered at Davis Farmland!

  37. My son would flip over this. I think that animals and kids just go hand in hand. I would love if we had something like this near us!

  38. My kids would love that place. I especially love that it has both dry activities and wet for the hot summer.

  39. What a fun experience for the kids! It’s awesome that they can touch and feed the animals! Would love to take my kids here!

  40. One of my most memorable summer vacations was when I bonded with my great uncle’s old dachshund when I spent one month at his house. Bonding with animals is one thing children should not miss. And goats are generally very friendly. This looks like a great place to make memories.

  41. I love little petting zoos. So cute. That kiddie car wash looks like fun, they should have it in adult size lol

  42. Petting zoos are so much fun even for adults I think! The bubble area made me think of a party in college that was filled with bubbles LOL!! Looks like a fun day for kids and adults 😉

  43. Gosh, what a fun day out this looks! There’s clearly lots to do at Davis farmland, and somewhere the whole family can visit. Plus that water park looks ace especially on a hot day!

  44. This looks like it was so much fun! My kids would love to do something like this too. Can’t wait to see the corn maze.

  45. Wow! This looks like tons of fun. My kids wouldn’t ever want to leave! What a great way to spend the day!

  46. I’ve never heard of this place but it looks and sounds like the kids would love it. We will have to add this to our visit list!

  47. What a fun place to be! We have maybe 3 more summer trips to plan for and I hope we could include this in our list. Thanks fro letting me know about Davis Farmland!

  48. Davis Farmland would be a blast for any kid! Spending time with all of those goats would be so cool!

  49. It all looks like fun, but the kiddie car wash is cracking me up. I know my family would love checking out the farm and then enjoying the water.

  50. That looks like such a fun place to take the family! I bet your family had a blast! Love the pictures you took!

  51. I bet my son will love this place when he grows up in fact last week we were at a petting zoo and he enjoyed it

  52. This looks like so much fun for kids! The animals are so cute and your kids look like they’re really enjoying themselves.

  53. That looks like a fun family place! Lots of activities, I see things on that list that I’d like to do!

  54. So many fun activities for families to enjoy. Gotta love the chance to be a junior farmer and then finish off the day playing in bubbles.

  55. Classic childhood memories right there. 🙂 I like those multi lane slides, and I love the bubbles!

  56. This seems like so much fun. We have a similar farm close by and last year we had our son’s birthday party there. not only did the kids have fun but the adults had a lot of fun too.

  57. This looks like so much fun! I love that there is farm animals and other rustic fun but also a great place to cool off with the water slide and splash pad, that makes it a great day for summer!

  58. I wish we have that here. This is great for kids to know how to deal and take care with farm animals.

  59. I bet the kids would love this! This is the perfect time of year to visit.

  60. This place looks so fun! I want to go through the Bubble blast myself! And I could stay for hours with my kids in a petting zoo.

  61. Wow. What an awesome place to take the kids to! It would give the kids a chance to get up close with the animals and still have some fun afterwards. I love the first aid boxes. That is a great idea.

  62. Omg how fun is this farm?!?! My daughter is all about animals. She would have a total blast here!!!

  63. What a wonderful place to spend the day with the family! That’s quite a combination of activities, too – splash park, animals, and (i’m guessing) at least a little education of sustainable living and addressing the issues of endangered species.

  64. This farm looks like so much fun! My kids would love going to a place like this!

  65. Oh, wow! Davis Farmland looks like so much fun!! We have something similar near to where I live and you’re got me wanting to take the kids over the summer holidays now 🙂

    Louise x