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Winter can be long and very chilly depending on where you live. These cold weather hacks will help keep you warm, save you money and much more.

When the temperatures begin to drop and the sun goes down earlier, you know Winter is upon us. Winter can be long and very chilly depending on where you live. Below I am going to share some awesome cold weather hacks to help you survive this winter. These hacks will help keep you warm, save you money and much more.

Window Insulation Kits
To eliminate any unwanted drafts in windows, buy window insulation kits. They are a film you apply to your windows, and it can save you around $15-$18 per window for the winter. It helps keep those winter drafts from blowing in.

Ceiling Fans
If you have ceiling fans, turn them so they run clockwise. This will take the warm air that rises to the ceiling and pushes it down to you.

Door Drafts
If you put your hand at the bottom of your door and find a cool breeze flowing in, roll up a towel and place it at the bottom of the door. It will help block the cold air from getting indoors.

After you cook your meal, leave the oven door open after you turn the oven off. It will release all that hot air into your home and help heat it up some. Be cautious if you have young children though, as they could get hurt.

Shower or Bath Time
After you take a bath don’t drain the water right away. The heat will rise from the warm water, heating the house and offer humidity that you need. If you shower put the bath stopper in and let it fill up. Winter months can be so dry, that extra humidity is good for your home.

Windshield Wipers
Put old socks on your windshield wipers and stick them up in the air. This will prevent them from sticking to your windshield after a snow.

Key Holes
If your keyhole to a door is frozen shut, put some hand sanitizer on your key and wiggle it in. The hand sanitizer will melt the ice inside the keyhole.

Park Facing East
When possible, park facing the east. This will help the snow melt faster and warm your car up during the day.

Gas Tank
Make sure in the winter months to keep your gas tank at least half full. If it gets too cold for too long and your gas is really low it can freeze.

Wool Insoles
If your feet get cold in the winter, take an old wool sweater and cut out insoles and stick in shoes. Just take out your current insole to use as a guide. This will help keep your feet nice and warm.

Shovel Hack
Have to get out and shovel snow? Apply a thin layer of cooking spray on the shovel, it will help the snow from getting stuck on the shovel, and make it easier!

Defrost and melt ice on your sidewalks and drive with this mix. Take 1/2 gallon of hot water, 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol, and 1 tablespoon of dishwasher soap. Splash onto the drive to melt that ice.

How do you prepare for winter?

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  62 Responses to “Survive The Winter With These Cold Weather Hacks”

  1. These are awesome pieces of advice for cold winter weather! If I lived in a place that got really cold, I’d probably use all of these, but I live in CA!

  2. That ceiling fan tip is a good one! I was so puzzled about why you’d need to use it in winter but that actually makes a lot of sense!

  3. I live in Florida, so a lot of these aren’t really needed for me, but I do change the direction of my fans, and make use of the oven for some added heat. I remember moving back to FL from NC and had an ice scraper in my car and one of my friends was shocked when I told her i had to scrape ice of of my windshield some mornings.

  4. I am sooo not ready for the cold weather. These are all great tips, especially the ones about parking east and socks on wipers. Will have to keep those in mind.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these! Our winters don’t get as cold down here, but it’s still feels like a tundra compared to our summer.

  6. We don’t have too much cold weather down here, but when we do, I need all the help I can get! When it snows, the world stands still here in the south. 🙂

  7. I’m going to need all those tricks! Can’t stand the cold and NYC can be freezing too ..

  8. These are some great tips! I always forget about changing the direction of my ceiling fans. I love the keyhole trick! I haven’t heard of that one before.

  9. I used to live in the mountains, and I’ve still honestly never heard of some of these before. I’ll be keeping them in mind!

  10. These are great tips. I do some of them already because I hate to be cold. Granted, in Texas it doesn’t get THAT cold, but it can still get chilly in the mornings. Like today.

  11. These are really great tips! Living in Florida I don’t have to worry about most of these things. But we do use the ceiling fan tip, and the open oven door!

  12. These are good tips for sure. I never knew that fact about the gas tank. It’s definitely a fear of mine to run out of gas on the side of the road!

  13. Great tips but fortunately our cold weather days are few in this part of the country. However, we do ward off winter’s chill by keeping the oven door open after baking.

  14. Great tips it is so important to keep your home insulated to save those heating bills. I will remember those tips to keep the car starting and running when it gets cold.

  15. Great tips and ideas for being prepared for old man winter coming soon. Plus saving money is always a plus with some of your ideas.

  16. There are some great tips here as I’m remembering growing up in Chicago with horrible winters. I don’t see much winter anymore, but always use the ceiling fan tip when I can.

  17. I love the idea of leaving the oven door open. Might as well make use of that heat! I always forgot to turn my fans the other way too, so thanks for the reminder!

  18. Posts like this make me grateful for living in a warmer climate LOL. I do prepare for winter but I’m very happy that I don’t need to worry about something like my keyhole freezing. You have some really good tips here though.

  19. We are lucky to not have the cold as much. But when living in Oregon was most definitely important to cut the drafts and scythe to keep warm and save money

  20. These are great tips! I remember my dad telling me while growing up to keep gas tank half full and I love to keep oven door partially open for warming the house about too. I want to try the ceiling fan trick! Never knew that! I love the snow and winter but yes we have to prepare and keep our home warm.

  21. We just moved from Phoenix to a place that actually has a winter. These hacks will come in handy.

  22. Our California winters are usually mild compared to other parts of the country. But many of these great ideas can still be put to good use. If not at home they can be helpful while travling to colder places.

  23. This is really good advice. We’ll be running the fireplace for a few hours each night when it gets cold and I don’t want any heat to escape!

  24. These are such good tips! And it definitely feels like winter where I live, so will be using these! Thanks so much for sharing.

  25. Living in Florida I’m almost afraid to say I won’t be needing these tips myself! I do however have a lot of family and friends living up North that will definitely benefit from your tips. Totally sharing with them!

  26. I don’t realise sometimes how lucky I am to live in a place where our cold weather is mild and we never get snow! These sound like fantastic ideas to keep your family warm throughout winter!!

  27. I am not looking forward to the colder weather.It is a great idea to leave the oven door open after you are done cooking. Why waste all that hot air. I will have to give the socks on the wipers trick a try.

  28. It is getting colder and colder and these hacks are going to help us stay warm! Thanks for all the tips!

  29. Door drafts and window insulation kits. Why haven’t I ever thought about these??? Great hacks for the winter. Thanks for sharing because you have given me a few things to add to my winter to-do list.

  30. These are all great tips. I can’t believe winter is almost here. We have already gotten a bit of snow. Just a light dusting, but it’s something!

  31. These are all good tips. It is actually chilly here and I’m starting to realize that I need to get ready for winter.

  32. These are great hacks for the cold weather! And I just love that snowman!

  33. I live in Upstate NY, and our heating bills are awful, so these are much appreciated hacks for winter. I am NOT looking forward to cold weather!

  34. Man, I cannot believe the cold weather is already around the corner. I cannot wait for the spring already..can we fast forward?

  35. Awesome tips, thanks for sharing. I’d love to try that De-Icer mix someday and the ceiling fan trick is great.

  36. Great tips. This winter is supposed to be brutal

  37. It’s cold here, FINALLY, so I started my winter prep this past weekend!! These are all great ways to get your home ready for the winter!!

  38. I’m so not ready for winter. I know it’s coming and quick! Love the tip about the door breezes, if the doors aren’t sealed you’ll get a ton of cold.

  39. I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! Thanks for these useful tips!!

  40. A couple I’ve never heard of but thankfully here in the South we don’t have to worry about things quite as much. It was 31 yesterday and I’m already over winter.

  41. Wow! I hadn’t heard of all these techniques. I love the windshield wiper idea and the thought of letting the bath water heat the air and add humidity to the air. Great ideas.

  42. Your bath tip was a really good one. I told my husband yesterday that I was going to get a little space heater. So tired of being cold.

  43. I feel the cold so easily so if anyone needs cold weather hacks it is me haha! I like the idea of after a bath not draining the water straight away but leaving it so that the steam goes through the house!

  44. Thanks for the ceiling fan tip, I didn’t know about that so I would definitely do that.

  45. Very sound and practical hacks which will come in very useful. Liked the one about the fan the most, hope to give it a try,

  46. Cool tips for winter! I totally haven’t thought of some of the hacks before, like leaving the oven door open. Makes a lot of sense.

  47. I love that you do that with the oven too! No need in wasting the heat and energy, am I right??

  48. I miss being able to use the oven trick. Our two little rat children would definitely try to pull a Hansel and Gretel “witch in the oven” moment if I did that right now. 😉

  49. No, no, no! I am not ready for the cold weather! Regarless, it’s coming and these are great hacks!

  50. Fantastic tips! The window insulation kits and the taking care of the door drafts are a given, but the tip about the windshield wipers and parking the car facing east is something new I have learned today.

  51. I’m so not ready for winter, but alas we had flurries today. Thanks for the suggestions, I have some prep work to do before winter really sets in.

  52. That’s a great reminder to do something with your windshield wipers. Also I like to change to a heavier, longer curtain in the winter.

  53. My mother-in-law is a big believer in using the oven as extra heat in the winter. Sometimes she will find stuff to bake just to use it as a heater, lol

  54. These are great winter tips! Especially with the bad winters they say to expect here where we moved. Definitely going to try the sidewalk de icing trick!

  55. I live in California, so we are pretty warm all year around…warm enough not to have snow!! But when I lived in New York, I learned all about these tips and they are so helpful!!

  56. These are some great hacks. Using socks on your wipers is so smart. It’s easy to wear them down when they get loaded with snow.

  57. It’s a long hard winter here in Maine! These are all great tips to help me through it!!

  58. Living in Chicagoland brings many winter trials and frustrations. These hacks are great. I can’t wait to try the cooking spray on the shovel!

  59. Excellent tips! In Arizona it really doesn’t get cold where we are but because of that we are real wimps on cool days. Cooking with the oven is a great trick to keep the house warm.

  60. Thanks for reminding about the ceiling fans. I totally need to do this!

  61. I hate the winter, because I cannot stand being cold. However, these are tried and true tips to get through the winter season.

  62. I’ll have to try the cooking spray on the shovel trick. I’ve never tried that one before.