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If you are looking for a salty and sweet kid-friendly trail mix, then look no further! This is a very simple trail mix with only four ingredients. Everything in this mixture is kid approved and any child should absolutely love this trail mix. You can even raid your pantry and toss in some dried fruit, or other fun snacks your child loves. It is a very versatile trail mix!  If you have never had M&M’s and popcorn together, trust me when I say that it is a very tasty combination! Then throw in the crackers and grahams, and it is heavenly! Very simple to make, hardly no prep, and a great snack option for you and your kiddo!

Sweet and Salty Kid-Friendly Trail Mix 

Here’s what you need:

  • 4 cups of popcorn (I used a Stir Crazy to make mine)
  • 1 cup chocolate Teddy Grahams
  • 1 cup Goldfish crackers (I used the baby ones)
  • ½ cup mini M&M’s

Here’s what you do:

1. Cook your popcorn according to package. You can make a bag of microwave popcorn or make it in your popcorn popper – whatever your favorite is, just aim for around 4 cups of popped popcorn.

2. Put you popcorn in a bowl, and then add in your Teddy Grahams, Goldfish, and Mini M&M’s. Lightly stir everything together and serve it to your little ones (or yourself) in separate bowls.

Store your leftovers in an air tight container or in sandwich bags.

Note: Feel free to add whatever fun sweet and salty snacks your child and you enjoy! It is a very versatile trail mix!

Sweet and salty snacks go over really well in my house, so we make things like this a lot around here.  We definitely get creative with our trail mix, too.  You never know what you will find in the mix when you stop by my house.

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  1. I’ll have to make this for my kids. Heck, I’d even enjoy it. I enjoy everything in it!

  2. This looks really tasty. A great idea for those days when you are in a rush also, and want some easy snacks to bring along with you.

  3. Only four ingredients? SOLD! I love popcorn, Teddy Grahams, Goldfish, and Mini M&M’s individually so I know I’d love them mixed together!

  4. I always love trying all the different varieties of trail mix. This one looks really tasty because I’m a sweet and salty kind of girl. I know the kids will enjoy it!

  5. That’s a great mix for the kiddos. Actually, it’s a great mix for grown ups, too. At least for me, it is. 😉

  6. That looks delicious. I have found that kid-friendly trail mix is usually a winner for adults, as well. I’ll have to make this.

  7. This looks like a yummy snack! I will have to make this for our weekly movie night.

  8. I would make this but I’m not sure I would share it! I might have to hide it from the rest of the family.

  9. My daughter loves all of those goodies, so I really need to try this. I am always looking for things to feed her while we are on the go.

  10. This would be the perfect snack for watching movies! My 3yo will eat anything with goldfish or Annie’s bunnies! And popcorn is always a hit with him!

  11. I would never have thought of Teddy Grahams for trail mix. I want to eat this myself. Pinning for later, after I go grocery shopping. 🙂

  12. After popping the popcorn this is a breeze to make. Heck the kids could make this themselves without my help

  13. I would’ve never thought to put goldfish crackers and Teddy Graham cookies in a trail mix with popcorn. I think I could re-create this gluten free since I recently discovered there are some gluten-free many gram crackers but I haven’t found any goldfish yet .

  14. I love anything that extenuates a salty and sweet combination of flavors so this sounds amazing to me. I guess I could share it with my kids too hahaha 🙂

  15. You posted this in perfect timing… I’m so glad I read this! We are having a going on a bear hunt party and can’t wait to Have this as a snack

  16. I don’t even have kids and I want to try it. This looks delicious!

  17. This trail mix looks so delicious! Not only is it kid friendly, but it looks adult friendly too! 😉

  18. What a great trail mix idea! You have just combined all of my favorite snack foods into one mixture!

  19. I used to love goldfish crackers and teddy grahams when I was a kid so I’m curious how they would taste together in the same snack!

  20. Forget it being kid-friendly (which it totally is) – but this is totally Me-Friendly as well! I love anything sweet and salty. I’m also digging the fact that you have those Teddy Grahams in there.

  21. Quick easy and delicious! My kiddos would enjoy this. Heck even I would! Perfect for a walk to the park or even with a movie!

  22. This trail mix not only sounds yummy, but its adorable! I love the kid themed version of this snack! How creative!

  23. Forget the kids, that’s my kind of snacking. Perfect for TV time or when I’m outside

  24. This sounds so good! And even picky eaters would enjoy it.

  25. I love this idea! My son loves popcorn and I think it will be fun to introduce him to sweet and salty! Thanks for the idea!

  26. My kids are huge snackers, but it is hard to find something they will both eat. I know they would both gobble this one up!

  27. I only recently began to appreciate how good sweet and salty can be together. I know if I make this my kids who are 12 and 16 would love this.

  28. This sounds like a good one for after school snacking. It has a good balance of sweetness and saltiness!

  29. I know this snack mix is supposed to be for kids, but I can not help myself. So much yum!

  30. I am a huge fan of anything that is salty and sweet at the same time, in fact that is my preferred flavour of popcorn! I like the sound of this trail mix x

  31. This sweet and salty trail mix sounds awesome for kids along with adults. 😛 I would not have thought to put the Teddy Grahams or Goldfish into popcorn. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  32. My kids will love this mix, though, I have a feeling that, my younger one will pick out and eat all the sweet ones first.

  33. I LOVE sweet and salty mixes like this. My girls might or might now have a hard time getting me to share when I try this recipe!

  34. This looks so good. I know my kids would really enjoy this sweet and salty snack!

  35. This is a great take on a sweet and salty snack. My kids would eat all the sweet pieces first for sure!

  36. Sounds simply and very delicious. I think this is especially good for kids as they can be especially picky with the tradition trail mix ingredients

  37. what an awesome idea. My daughter would love this! I never would have thought to use teddy grahams, but I remember loving them as a kid! I

  38. That looks amazing, to be honest. I think it’s definitely something that the kids would love to snack on. I’ve always liked sweet and salty snacks!

  39. I would love to make this especially on movie night. I bet the kids will enjoy it just as much as I will! It’s so easy to prepare!

  40. I really appreciate all the snack ideas that you share because it’s easy to put together! I don’t have kids but I do have nieces and nephews that come by from time to time and it would be nice to serve them this.

  41. Wow very simple to make and looks for the whole family. Just be careful on eating much of those kettlecorns because it could easily damage your teeth.

  42. Sweet and salty snacks are very tasty. My daughter and I would love something like this. wouldn’t have thought of using teddy grahams with popcorn. I will have to try this out.

  43. oh wow this looks sooo good! DELISH! would love to have some!

  44. This looks easy to make and great for movie nights. My kids would love this (think I would too!)

  45. I love this sweet and salty trail mix idea. I love popcorn and the baked goldfish crackers. I would probably be picking this from the mix first. LOL. I also like trail mixes with lots of nuts.

  46. Wow! This is new! The ingredients are definitely child friendly and visually appealing since you use teddy grahams and fish crackers. I guess this a kids’s version of a salted caramel in a trail mix form.

  47. Wow! I’m sure the kids will love this. We use to have trail mix in our house. It’s time to revive the tradition! 😀

  48. A trail mix for kids is a sure winner. I’m so sure that a lot of your mom subscriber will surely copy your recipe. Very creative and yummy recipe.

  49. What a fun idea for a kids snack! I know my kids would love the sweet and salty combination.

  50. This looks great and is nice and simple to make. My Mom used to make a homemade snack mix for my brothers all the time. Her approach was similar, she’s toss everything she had in there. They loved it.

  51. That looks so good! Anything that is good for on the go is always a win! This would be perfect for entertaining!



  52. I like the ingredients you mixed together. This trail mix would be great to take along when the kids spend some time playing in the park. This will give them the energy they need to be active!

  53. I love the teddy grahams in there! This is perfect for our end of the year kindergarten party!

  54. I love salty sweet treats. My family is fond of anything that involves pop corn. I am a teddy gram fan. We need to make this soon.

  55. This is a good-looking snack mix.
    I really think the combination of sweet and salty to be a winner for snacks.

  56. Yum! This will be perfect for our girl scout troop when we go camping in a few weeks!

  57. This is so fun! My kids love Goldfish crackers and sweet and salty flavors are always a hit in our house.

  58. What a cute idea! My kids love popcorn and I’m always trying to find different snacks to keep them guessing. Looks like all of their favorite foods in one bowl!

  59. My teens will surely love this fun treats! I’m going to try this for them.

  60. Oh this is a cute idea! I will do this for them. They will surely love this!

  61. Whenever I take my little one to the zoo or the park, we always have to bring a snack. I always find myself craving our trail mix. This one looks so yummy and filling!

  62. What a great idea! I would have loved this as a child. Maybe I will make some trail mix for my niece. She loves smarties.

  63. Awesome recipe! I love anything that is Sweet’n’Salty.

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  67. that looks like an amazing snack. personaly i love all of those options as do my kids. i’ll have to try this.

  68. This looks really good. My daughter loves popcorn. She saw the pictures & wants me to make it for her for school.

  69. You have all my sons favorite treats in one spot here! We’ll have to make this for our next movie night – he’ll be so excited!

  70. Sweet and salty is my favorite combination. This trail mix needs to happen immediately!

  71. Gosh I loved Teddy Grahams when I was growing up in Canada! Glad to see they are still available! Yummy trail mix, this!

  72. This is a great idea. It seems a really perfect snack during movie nights. Love that trail mix of yours.

  73. This is exactly how I like my trail mix. The sweet and salty flavors help satisfy any craving.

  74. This looks so delicious and like something my kids would just love to eat. They would love to help make it too!

  75. This trail mix looks delicious! I love that it also has teddy grahams in it! This is such a great snack for kids!

  76. I love how simple and easy this is to make! My kids would love this as an after school snack and a movie snack too. I’d even eat this!

  77. My children and I love trail mixes, especially when on the road or hiking. We have never tried it with popcorn before, but I love the idea!

  78. Ooh I never would have thought about mixing these but they look amazing! My son is looking over my shoulder asking when we’re making it!

  79. This sweet and salty trail mix looks so yummy! It will make a perfect snack for when I am out thrift shopping. Thanks for sharing.

  80. This is such a great idea for a snack mix! I would have never thought of incorporating either the Teddy Grahams or the Goldfish!

  81. First off, four ingredients?! I’m obsessed and I’m not even a kid, haha! I love trail mixes with popcorn, so delicious!

  82. As soon as I saw your pictures, I knew this would be a win for me and my family! I will definitely be trying this out .

  83. This trail mix is the perfect snack for kids. It would be a great treat to enjoy on family movie night on weekends.

  84. My kids would love this! Although, I think they would pick out all the teddy grahams and goldfish and eat them first.

  85. Oh Robin. I love coming to your page because you are always sharing some damn good tips and food. I always get hungry when I come to your page. <3

  86. What a fun-looking trail mix and I’m sure it tastes as delicious. My daughters will love this.

  87. Ha! It looks really fun to make and enjoy. I’d make it for my nephew and niece but I’d take a few handfuls too.

  88. Thanks for the recipe. I’m going to make this for my teen boys’ graduation party when it comes up in June. I think it will go over really well.

  89. For kids? I’ll gobble it up too! Nom Nom!!! We’ve had the BEST popcorn this year. Travis grew it. Just about every kernel pops.