Jun 102011

There are all sorts of things that I see going on over on Facebook that make me scratch my head.  You know, those absurd chain status updates or a friend request from a complete stranger.   So, I took it upon myself to make up a list of ten things that not only completely annoy me, but probably the majority of the general public, too.  Let me clarify, though, that these “don’ts” that I’m going to list apply to personal Facebook pages – not Facebook Fan pages.

1.  Don’t send me a friend request if you don’t actually know me.  Facebook isn’t about networking (at least for the majority of people on there) – it’s about reconnecting.  Why would I want a complete stranger to know what I’m up to or have the right to see pictures of my children?  In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t put my kids adorable faces here on my site and I’m clearly protective about who get to see my kids faces online. So if you don’t know me either in real life or talk to me on a regular basis through other forms of social media, save your energy because I’m never going to add you as a friend.

2.  If I have met you or should know you somehow, but for some reason I don’t recognize your name and your profile picture is a photo of your dog (and not your face) – you’re not going to be my friend on Facebook.  Even if we do have friends in common.

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May 182011

Are you on Twitter? If you’re a blogger, you should be. Even if you’re not, you should be. It’s a great way to get to know new people, whether they’re from your local area – or the other side of the world.  Not only that, Twitter is a great tool for sharing your blog posts with the world, so if you blog and you’re not on Twitter, check it out. I was actually on Twitter before I started my blog and it was because of some of the amazing people I met on Twitter that inspired me to start writing.

Granted, there is not necessarily a “correct” way to use twitter, however there are definitley some shenanigans that go on over on Twitter which drive me absolutley bonkers.  And that prompted me to make this handy list of some Twitter Don’ts….and Do’s.

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Nov 062010

Do you Skype? Even if you don’t you’ve probably noticed that Skype has pretty much taken over the world with their free international Skype-to-Skype calls, video chatting, instant messaging, and reduced Skype-to-phone calling rates. My company uses Skype for department meetings (since most of us work from home and it’s the easiest way to get us all in one place) and I have a personal account, but don’t use it quite as much. I have a webcam on my laptop, but I always feel a little uncomfortable using it. I tend to tip the screen back a bit, so I think the person I was trying to chat with, would end up staring at the photos on the wall behind me, rather than me.

But the folks at Skype realized how impersonal starting at the little webcam really is and have come up with a line of cute accessories to help personalize your interactions with others! One of them is the FREETALK Buddy Cam! He’s a friendly face for free Skype-to-Skype video calls, but he’s much more than a pretty face. He’s cute, he’s clever and totally flexible. Set up is effortless – just plug him in to a USB port. He fits on to any screen or desk and within seconds he’s ready to send great images.

I received a FREETALK Buddy Cam of my own to review and I honestly really like it. It wasn’t necessarily the “friendly face” aspect as much as it was just simply easier for me to use. It was a piece of cake to set up, which is good for someone like me (who doesn’t read instructions and just figures it out as I go) and he really was ready to use in just a few seconds. I literally just took it out of the box and plugged it in. It’s made to attach to any surface, so you can place it where ever you like! It comes with a cable, so you don’t have to feel compelled to attach it on to your laptop or anything. Easy peasy.

The Buddy Cam comes in three different colors (green, blue and pink) so you can get one in your favorite color. It’s also compatible with Mac and Windows PC (XP and above). The Cam has 1.3 mega pixel hardware with a 5-element glass lens and can capture snapshots at upto 640×480 pixels, too!

Thanks again to the folks at FREETALK for the chance to review this nifty little toy. I think the FREETALK Buddy Cam is a pretty impressive little gadget. It retails for $19.99, so it would be a perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite Skyper.

**I received a sample product in order to provide a fair and honest review. All opinions expressed are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way. No form of monetary compensation was exchanged**