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Taking the Hahvahd Tour

I’m a Boston girl.  Always have been and always will be. It’s no secret that I love living here and whenever I meet someone who is not from around here, as soon as they find out where I’m from I inevitably get asked the same question: “Can you say park the car in the Harvard yard”?  Seriously – it happens every single time.  It fun to play along, though, because we know how cool our accent is around here and we love to bust out the Boston whenever we can!

For the record, there are no “R’s in that statement whatsoever.  It’s paaaahk thuh caaaaaah in the Haaaahvid yaaaaad.

Even though there are no R’s to be found, there is tons of IQ at Harvard and my husband Chris and I learned all about it when we took the Hahvahd Tour last weekend.

Harvard tour18

The award-winning tours of America’s most prestigious University are led by current Harvard students. Harvard student guides greet you right in Harvard Square. which is where the tour leaves from. The tour is scripted to be an entertaining, theatrical experience – you’ll have fun learning about Harvard!

Harvard tour3

Throughout the walking tour, the guides will tell you stories about famous alumni, Harvard traditions, and tell you about what it’s like to live and study at Harvard (because the guides are students, too, remember?). You’ll also hear a little about some of the lesser-known Harvard folklore like legendary pranks and school secrets (like when students go running naked through the Harvard Yard).

Harvard tour9

After we left Harvard Square, we passed through the Johnston Gate, which is the entryway to the famed Harvard Yard.

harvard tour 17

Harvard Main Tour Stops Include:
Harvard Yard – including Old Yard and New Yard.

Harvard tour5

Historic Buildings – Memorial Hall, Sever Hall, The Widener Library and the Harvard Lampoon.

Harvard tour12

The famous John Harvard Statue.

Harvard tour8

Surrounding Neighborhood of Harvard Square – including the Plaza, Winthrop Park and Mt. Auburn Street.

Harvard tour6

Tour Themes Include:
Harvard History – including the untold stories and lore of Harvard University
Harvard Culture – stories and tips from current students about what it’s like to live and study at Harvard
Famous Harvardians – learn about the most famous people to attend Harvard (JFK, FDR, Bill Gates, Matt Damon and Mark Zuckerberg)

Harvard tour11

One of the things I found to be most interesting on the tour was finding out that the John Harvard statue is basically all wrong. First of all, it says John Harvard was the founder of Harvard even though he wasn’t.  It has the wrong date that Harvard was founded on the statue and  guess what, there is a very high probability that it isn’t even John Harvard since no one actually knew what he looked like when the statue was made.

The tour starts at 1376 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA (outside the Main Harvard Red Line Subway Station at the Cambridge Information Booth) and the tour ends at 57 JFK Street, Cambridge MA (The Harvard Shop). The tour runs 7 days a week from 10 am – 4 pm, March-November and the walking distance of the 70 minute tour is less than one mile.

Harvard tour19

The Hahvahd Tour costs $9.95 per adult when you book online. Seniors and students are $8.50 per person when booking online and children are $7.00 per person when booking online.

If you are from the area, you already know this, but if you’re not from around here – parking is tough in Cambridge.  I would highly recommend taking the T (subway) to the Harvard Square stop on the red line or Ubering.  Seriously, save yourself a headache and don’t drive there.

Oh, and you probably noticed that we were holding umbrellas in the photo above. It was raining cats and dogs the day we went on the tour, so if you haven’t figured it out yet – they run the tour rain or shine. If there is a major storm they will cancel, so if that’s the case be sure to call ahead or check the website.

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  11. How cool was this. I do enjoy a good tour especially if it includes history.

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  14. My family lives in Connecticut and I visit often. This would be a fun outing for us. Some of my nieces and nephews are doing the college tour thing and this one sounds like fun!

  15. Now I want to hear you say that! Make a video! My husband took the Harvard tour too and brought me a sweatshirt and sometimes on college day at work I wear it and make the kids think that is where I went to school at.

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  20. I love the Boston accent. It’s always cool when you hear Matt or Ben doing an interview and they sound all Hollywood – and the all of a sudden a certain word and it’s like “oh hello Boston, nice to see you!” LOL
    I think we did a tour like this during my high school field trip to Boston. I remember being on the Campus – which is beautiful. It was so long ago though I’d love to revisit.

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  26. I lived in Boston for about a year –but they hadn’t started doing that tour yet or I would have surely attended. Yeah–parking is horrendous in Cambridge–but you know what is worse? Those circles you drive in–I actually lost a wedding party in one of them–nope never found the wedding–barely made it back to where I lived at the time!!

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  61. I remember the last time I was in Boston, I met a friend and we had lunch near Hahvard. As were we parking, I looked up and there was the naked tushy of college student. Apparently he forgot the window was wide open.

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