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Teaching your Children to Help Out Around the House


Does it seem like your house is never clean, despite wasting your day away picking up? Chances are you have kids! Children tend to be messy, both when playing and even eating. It can be frustrating as a parent to be responsible for all this mess, especially if your children are getting older. Instead of following those kiddos around, constantly picking up their messes, try getting them involved in the cleaning process instead. Here are some great tips you can use to help teach your child to help out around the house.

One Toy Rule

Start with the one toy rule. Not sure how this rule works? Basically, each child gets to start with one toy to play with. It can be any toy in the house, but that’s the only toy they’re allowed to have out. Once they’re done playing with their toy, they need to put it away before they can grab something else to play with. This will help keep your house clean and toy-free so that there’s not an overwhelming mess by 9 am.

Chore Charts

If you’re trying to get your kids help out around the house, don’t forget to break out those chore charts! There’s a reason parents have been using chore charts for years and that’s because they work. Put your chore chart somewhere your kids can see like the refrigerator. Each day, your kids will need to complete the assigned task before bed. If you use a dry erase board and magnets, you can easily switch chores each day.

Rewards & Consequences

Your kids need to know that you expect help from them. If they do their part, there will be some type of reward for that positive behavior. The reward can be anything, including earning a trip to the park or getting a small piece of candy. Alternatively, your children also need to know that there are consequences for not doing their part. Those consequences can be something as simple as they don’t receive their allowance for the week. Regardless, use rewards and consequences to help encourage your children to help out around the house.

Set an Example

If you expect your kids to pick up after themselves, you had better believe your kids will expect the same from you! Even when it seems like they’re not paying attention, your kids are watching you all the time. If they see you leaving dishes on the table or throwing laundry on your bedroom floor, they’re going to follow your example. Because of this, set an example of your expectations with your actions. Pretty soon, your kids will be helping out around the house without you even having to ask.

Use GREAT Cleaning Products

I recently discovered a new-to-the-US cleaning product company called Orange House. It was founded 15 years ago by a horticulturist that saw the irony in cleaning her home with products that weren’t safe to touch with bare hands. All of their cleaning products use 100% cold-pressed orange oil as a base, which makes them incredibly safe, amazingly effective… and they smell great, too.


I was sent some  liquid laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, all-purpose spray, kitchen spray and bathroom spray to use around my house and I have been very happy with them.

I love that Orange House doesn’t use any toxic or harsh chemicals, colorants, dyes, brighteners or fragrances to their products – so they are completely safe to use with your bare hands.  They are definitely products I feel good about using in my home.

Keeping your home organized and clean can be a task, but you and your family are definitely up to the challenge. What are some tips you have for teaching your kids to help out around the house?

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  1. It’s so important to teach kids to help out around the house. I always tried to make a game out of putting up toys before getting out another one. Plus, it helps them feel responsible and that they’ve accomplished a goal when the toys have all been put away.

  2. I love this. I think it’s so important to teach the kids the value of work and helping out around the house as early as possible.

  3. I am so all over this one! I’ve been teaching my kids to help out around the house since they were little. They live there, too. They gotta work! LOL

  4. Orange House looks like a great line of products. I’ll have to get some of this. We’re almost out of our regular cleaning supplies, and I’ve been looking for something better.

  5. My five year old loves to help clean up the house except for his own room! But he is making a great example to his little sister.

  6. These are great tips! I especially love the one about setting an example, when we lead by example they tend to follow and want to help!

  7. We’ve been having our kids do chores since they were old enough to carry their toys. It’s great for teaching them the value of work and being part of the family.

  8. I so believe that kids need chores and it is never to early to start. My boys having been folding laundry since they were 3.

  9. I think it’s important to teach kids chores early as it helps them learn responsibilities and sets a great foundation for them. I bet the orange scent from the products would be lovely too!

  10. I really need to get my child to help more around the house. Your always hope that they’re just willing to do it, but we all know that’s not gonna happen. I need to get a chore chart set up for him. He is nine years old so I know he can do stuff.

  11. My kids always learn best by example. Cleaning around the home definitely encourages them to help me

  12. We had to use a clear system of rewards and consequences with my younger brother and sister. Nothing else would get them motivated about helping out in the house!

  13. Chore charts are great. They really helped get my kids involved in the cleaning process when they were young.

  14. These are some great ideas to try and get kids helping around the home, I used to hate doing chores when I was younger. x

  15. I love these tips!! So important to help your kids learn how to take part in the house hold, will pay off when they are adults.

  16. Sounds like a good product. Our house is anything other than clean and organized, but I try.

  17. We are currently in the process of making a chore chart for our kids. They need to learn to help around the house and there is so much for them to do.

  18. I always appreciate cleaning products that are safe and natural. We do a simple work before play rule around here, so if our kids want to enjoy their weekend, they better get those chores done fast.

  19. I like your ideas. Things become much easier when everyone does their part. Using safe products is always helpful!

  20. When you use products like this, you can be comfortable letting your kids help out! I need to find this!

  21. I totally need to read these tips since my son and I are about to move to our own place and we really need to work together as a team. I have never heard of this products before and now I wish we have them available in Indonesia!

  22. I love the smell of orange, I was trying to find a store near me that sells it but cant find anything on the website, it must be mail order only?

  23. Mine is always cluttery. The biggest problem for me is papers!

  24. I do get my kids to help out! After all, they live here too.

  25. I definitely need to lead by example. I have a tendency to let dishes pile up. The cleaners look great, I love orange scent.

  26. The one toy rule is a great one! My mom used to do this as well and while it didn’t always work, it often helped!

  27. My girls have a chore chart they must follow each day. I need to try these cleaning products. I love that they are non-toxic and smell great!

  28. It is so important for kids to help out around the house. They need to learn how to take care of a house and how to cook.

  29. This is so important but can be so hard to do. It’s almost more work to try to get them to help – but stick to it!

  30. It doesn’t need to be a huge reward for my kids to be willing to help out. I charge a quarter for things left out & pay the same when things are put away. Quarters add up & I’m happy to have help.

  31. Yes yes and more yes to this post. Nice way to get the word out and make kids know they have chores and that they are included and a part of the pack!

  32. It is good to teach our children to clean some light chores so when they grow up they know what to do..

  33. These are honestly such great tips especially the one that talks about setting an example. With my daughter, simply having a sticker chore chart was enough motivation to get her helping out. She adores stickers and looks forward to using them on the chart. It’s always great to get new tips though!

  34. These are great tips for teaching children to help around the house. Leading my example is indeed a great tip along with a chore chart. Orange House products I will have to check out for cleaning because they are not harmful for humans or animals. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  35. I can’t wait to make some chore charts when the baby gets older. Those cleaning products look fantastic. I’ll add them to our shopping list.

  36. My children definitely need some tips in this area. I like having them play with one toy until they put it away, like you mentioned.

  37. I think that a chore chart is an excellent idea. It is important to teach children basic life skills like cleaning so it comes in useful in the future.

  38. These are really great tips! Makes teaching kids to help with house chores more fun.

  39. This is a great idea! Charts will be very helpful to teach them to help with the chores.

  40. It’s important for me to teach my kids about doing the chores, not just because I need help but because I want them to learn those skills while they’re young. The kids these days doesn’t know how to wash dishes, iron clothes, or even mop the floor. I don’t want mine to experience the same thing.

  41. These are all great tips! However, I want to throw in there, sometimes no matter how you’ve raised your kids, you’ll always have that one kid who just doesn’t clean up. My oldest is 17, and she’s just messy. My youngest is the complete opposite, she’s a clean neat freak! lol. That 17 year old, one chore besides her bedroom, and the guest bathroom (which I always have to go in behind her to fix), is the dishwasher daily. Every night when I start to cook dinner, I notice things are just tossed about in the cabinets, sometimes not even where they belong. Ugh. But yes, kids should help around the house! 🙂

  42. Great tips! I’ve always found chore charts very helpful! Somedays my kids are jumping to help out and other days not so much!

  43. What a good post, I teach this with my kids when they already at 4 years old

  44. Don’t forget the clean-up song. It gets kids participating in chores from the start. My 3-yr old niece likes to help me do things, which is great, even if requires more work on my part. Definitely going to check out Orange House as I’ve made the move to using more natural products.

  45. I believe that setting an example is really important. My husband tends to be messy around the house and I am always reminding him that the kids are watching.

  46. These are awesome tips. My issue is consistency. I start with this like the one toy rule then after a, week it goes out the window lol.

  47. Its so important to learn from a young age to help out around the house and keep it tidy. I particularly like the one toy rule, it makes sense just to have one toy at a time instead of the whole toy box everywhere!

  48. It’s so important to keep kids busy around the house! My daughter is 4 so she’s still at that age where she thinks cleaning is fun, but once she’s older, you best believe she will have a chore chart and all

  49. Good luck with that. I think I tried just about every one of these tips with my daughter, but she just didn’t help out like I wanted and needed her to around the house. She is living on her own now and finding out the truth about cleanliness around the house. I think that might actually teach her something.

  50. Ahhhh yes the the age old question. how does one get them to clean. i love how you elaborated on the rewards and consequences plus added in the chores chart.

  51. This is so great and you are right, keeping kids busy is important. Gotta teach them to help out!

  52. Getting kids involved in household responsibilities is such a good standard to set. Can’t wait to check out Orange House products bet they smell great!

  53. I would love to try the laundry detergent. My kids have sensitive skin so I’m wondering if this brand would be ok for them.

  54. The one toy rule sounds like a great idea but I can’t imagine it ever happening in my house! lol

  55. I like that, although when I was a child I didn’t like it that much. My parents always made sure we helped around the house, even when there wasn’t a reward.

  56. These are great tips! My little one is a bit young for chores but I will keep these in mind for later!

  57. I’ve never heard of the one toy rule. I wonder how it would work in our house with my kids.

  58. Teaching kids to do chores and the values behind them can be tough, but it is definitely worth it. These are great tips!

  59. We’ve tried some of these, but they only work for a short time. I guess we need to try again and work on consistency.

  60. I have no kids yet but I am 100% on board of everything you have said on this post. I was raise to be neat and organize and that I want to pass on to my kids in the future.

  61. This is my goal this year with my children. I’ve been giving them lists and chores to do weekly!

  62. I love that my children will help us out around the house!!! Having a list for them to do is so important gives them the visual of what needs to be done.

  63. These look like great products and getting children to help is awesome. Learning at an early age is important.