Oct 212013
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There are all sorts of things that I see going on over on Facebook that really make me scratch my head.  You know, those absurd chain status updates or a friend request from a complete stranger.   So, I took it upon myself to make up a list of ten things that not only completely annoy me, but probably the majority of the general public, too.  Let me clarify – these “don’ts” that I’m going to list apply to personal Facebook pages – not Facebook Fan pages.


1.  Don’t send me a friend request if you don’t actually know me.  Facebook isn’t about networking (at least for the majority of people on there) – it’s about reconnecting.  Why would I want a complete stranger to know what I’m up to or have the right to see pictures of my children?  Sure, I put my kids faces on here, but you guys don’t get to see everything….some stuff is for Facebook friends only. So if you don’t know me in real life or at least talk to me on a regular basis through other forms of social media, save your energy because I’m never going to add you as a friend.

2.  If I have met you or should know you somehow, but for some reason I don’t recognize your name and your profile picture is a photo of your dog (and not your face) – you’re not going to be my friend on Facebook.  Even if we do have friends in common.

3.  Don’t update your status every ten minutes.  A couple of times a day is more than enough, trust me.  Any more than that, I’m going to “hide” your updates and maybe even unfriend you.  It’s happened.

4.  Stop reposting this crap as your status:  ”If you don’t repost this status word for word within in 13 minutes and 17 seconds, you’re going to be responsible for the death of 20 orphans.  Then the devil himself will come up from hell, eat your soul for lunch and then puke it up – all over your house and then you will have to spend eternity cleaning up the remains of your barfed up pitiful soul”.  KNOCK IT OFF.

5.  dOnT wRiTe lIkE tHis.  What are you, 12?

6.  If you live in Wisconsin, stop inviting me to your events, ok?  Obviously I’m not going to hop a plane for granny’s 95th birthday party.

7.  If you are a close friend or a relative of mine and you have major, life-changing news – TEXT ME OR EMAIL ME.  I don’t want a general broadcast status that is going out to all your friends…and me.  I deserve better and expect, at a minimum, a personal text or an email.

8.  Don’t tag me in crappy old photos from my childhood.  I don’t need anyone seeing what I used to look like and frankly, what even prompted you to take the time to upload it?  Upload your own ugly teenage years for all your friends to laugh at, but leave mine buried – where they should be.  If I want to be tagged in a photo, I’ll do it myself.

9.  Please try to watch your spelling & grammar in your status updates AND when you write on someone else’s wall.  It makes you look like a dope when your post is filled with spelling and grammatical mistakes..  And I know that you all know how much run-on sentences drive me absolutely insane by now, right?   Besides, if you’re a 30-something year old adult and can’t tell the difference between there, their and they’re by now – you should be ashamed of yourself.

10. Don’t post photos of your Friday night debauchery.  Really, no one wants to see that and it just makes you look bad.  If you’re my age, you shouldn’t be acting like that anyways, but even if you are only 19 – chances are you will regret posting that picture at some point in time and once it’s public – it’s public.

 End of rant.  What drives you crazy?

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  46 Responses to “Ten Facebook Don’ts”

  1. I hate those cut and paste statuses – especially the “I will unfriend you if you don’t do this” – seriously??!! I also hate getting multiple game invites from the same people over and over and over again.

  2. Good points. I don’t need all the status updates, especially about what they had for breakfast, lunch or dinner – lol

  3. I hate the stupid, childish updates that some people find as just normal for their lives. Seriously, might crack my up momentarily, but then I just think how truly dumb they are once that wears off!

  4. I hate sick people. I don’t give a shit if you are under the weather. Fix it, move on. And don’t update me throughout the day that chicken soup did not work. And depressing whiny pants. Or that you pooped and ate corn. And rants that make you look stupid. Wait, scratch that last one…I’m doing it now.

  5. I get a lot of random friend requests and I never accept them either.

  6. lolol werd! i am probably guilty of at least one of these faux pas — maybe more — but yes so true! i never get the need to invite people to events that live half a country away??? i get them ALL the time and it irks me when i am looking for an event in my feed that i might actually attend! and the grammatical errors — ugh! a typo is one thing but some people need to address this seriously! my major facebook peeve is when people treat it like their personal diary — start an actual blog or something — i do not need to know a blow by blow of your every move, who pissed you off, how runny your nose is, what you ate for breakfast and what you’re wearing! ( i have a close friend who is ridiculously guilty of this!)

  7. I really relate with 6 7 and 8. Funny post! Thankfully, I’ve never come across #4. 🙂

  8. I get about 20 new companies or starting bloggers wanting me to share stuff on my page. I appreciate the info, it’s just not possible to share it all, and I consider contacting me via Facebook impolite. The should be e-mailing me.

  9. I never really read what comes across my facebook. I have no idea what people post. I just use facebook for my blog. I had all my family stop following me so they wouldn’t get all the crap I share.

  10. Using “your” for “you’re” happens all of the time and it unnerves me.

  11. I had to take my sister off my favorites list once because she updated her status so freaking much! I wanted to kill her!
    I’ve missed your blog mama. Can’t wait to be able to catch up this week 🙂

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  12. I would add people who post cryptic messages.
    Posting things like ” my life is over” or ” worst
    day ever” . Then they say it is private, when
    someone asks what is wrong! Really!!!

  13. I hate finding out important things about my family and friends on Facebook first.Whatever happened to picking up the phone, or at minimum texting?! Yeesh.

  14. i quit facebook, i miss it sometimes but overall glad i did. Spent too much time on it. I got tired of certain people’s posts and I always felt bad de-friending. I hate when young girls post bikini pictures of themselves all over the place.

  15. Good points

  16. Too funny! #4 cracked me up. I also hate it when people don’t have a photo of them as their profile pic. So annoying!

  17. OH yes FB has become a beast … ugh.

  18. Great list. I hate the photos, like if you love your mom, don’t if you don’t. Like if you hate cancer, don’t like if you don’t. That crap drives me insane.

  19. I don’t pay much attention to FB. But yeah, what’s up with the friend requests from people I don’t know??

  20. Another great list. I only use it for the blog. I actually have you listed on my junk FB that I use for blogging and giveaways, so while I see some of your posts, not all of them. I am going to add you to my real FB account and take you off that one so you don’t get hit with the ad crap I put up. I’ve been meaning to switch over my blogger friends to my real account, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  21. There needs to be facebook etiquette classes.

  22. I agree about people tagging photos of me it drives me nuts. That’s why I have two facebook accounts, one of which is my actual name etc that only a very limited number of people know. That way I can keep my facebook life separated and not have to deal with as many annoying updates etc 🙂 I love your list, too funny!

  23. I actually had a request from a high school kid (not even my sons age) the other day. I ignored it because I thought it was the weirdest thing ever! Hahaha! I’m so annoyed with people inviting me to things that I’m no where near. And three days before it’s to happen. If I win the lottery, I’m paying someone to keep spam posts off my mom’s status. Every time I talk to her about it she only stops for about a week so clearly I just need someone to stand behind her and say “no, no, no”.

  24. I had to crack up at the invites thing. I get that all the time and I just shake my head in bewilderment.

  25. I have several folks on my friend list who post nothing but depressing “whoa is me” status updates every day. They get hidden because who has time for that crap! I also ignore most of the friend requests from people I went to school with but never talked to. Also, the random friend of a friend of a friend ones that I seem to get — why do they even ask?

  26. I’m tired of seeing people do like 5 selfies a day. ENOUGH already!

  27. Well said! These things drive me bonkers too!

  28. I don’t like cut and paste statuses.

  29. i agree people seem to air everything on there when it can be said over the phone, and don’t get me going on the strangers wanting to be friends palava, above all I can’t find my way around Facebook either LOL

    Have a likefastic week 🙂

  30. You are so funny! Can I add one? How about, don’t update your status that, if I can see it, I made it through your cut of all your overly dramatic and depressing Facebook friends that you can’t stand any more. What should I feel…honored?! LOL

  31. LOL! I agree with everything you listed. The one thing that drives me crazy is when people post their drama on FB for the world to see. Or the encrypted messages about something in their life or their feelings and don’t really have the balls to tell the person how they feel. Ranting about a “family” member etc nothing starts a fight faster than that because let’s face it most people think message like that are about them even if they aren’t.

  32. haha good points! What really ticks me off is when I get friends request from complete strangers.. A definite FB don’t!

  33. Mine is, please don’t invite me to play a game! I have no time to play games! And I have a caveat to the stranger friend request. Since I live in such a small town people friend request me that clearly know everyone else in town and I’m bound to run into to them somewhere at some point, church, school, grocery store, and so even though I don’t know them YET I’m likely to so I friend them 🙂

  34. I got a little chuckle out of 8. I honestly don’t understand why people upload old childhood photos (Facebook isn’t really an online scrapbook). Another thing that irks me is when someone posts cryptic messages, biblical scriptures, or quotations that I know are directed at me. I’m most likely to ignore people like that, because I’m not into drama. That’s another thing: Facebook is not a journal or Dramabook. I feel like if there is something that I said or did bothered someone, I’m always a phone call away. Enough of me ranting! 🙂

  35. This post made me giggle a little. Especially about updating every 10 mins….annoying I hide those as well. LOL

  36. That is so funny! I think the updating every ten minutes is what gets me or political rants. I may agree or disagree but I don’t share my opinions with everyone.

  37. My pet peeve is all those game invites. Seriously stop sending me game requests. One more request from Candy Crush, Farmville etc and I will unfriend you!

  38. I’m guilty of posting lots of pics on Facebook of events/gathering I’ve attended. Other than that, I’d say I’m fairly sane compared to some Facebook fanatics. I have quite a few Facebook rants too. In fact, I may have to write up my own post. Thanks for the inspiration.

  39. Some great tips for Facebook. However for me FB is also a place to network and connect with other people that I am working with (or that are in the same interest group with me (e.g. I’m making handcrafted jewelry so many of my jewelry peers are my ‘FB friends’).

  40. I HAAAAAAAAAAAATE CUT AND PASTE! However I do most the rest LOL

  41. This is amazing! I can’t stand 4 and 5 because they make my skin crawl!

  42. I have a cousin who is all over her baby daddy on FB. I LOVE YOU POOH BEAR! Thanks for kissing me awake this morning! I can’t wait until you see what I’m making you for dinner, wink wink.


  43. ooo yes, I have over a thousand Facebook friends but I know all of them (they are my college friends, high-school friends, junior high friends -> I even have my primary school friends there!) but those who I don’t know I don’t approve their friend requests. Not really comfy either to update a lot of FB status, somehow I feel update often on twitter is more appropriate than on FB (I don’t know why ha ha…maybe it’s annoying too but oh well..I am addicted!).

    I really love this post Robin! I may want to do my own 10 things FB don’ts too..this is fun! 😀

  44. I was getting those game invites and finally figured out how to stop them. (I’d tell you, but I forget). FB is a time sink so I try to stay away. Punctuation and grammar are big in my book.

  45. #4 drives me crazy!!!

  46. I loathe game requests. I do not play Facebook games and will not play Facebook games. The end.