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The date was October 29,2001 and I was in Las Vegas on my honeymoon with my ex-husband when we made a spur of the moment decision to rent a car and go see the Grand Canyon.  It was something that we both had always wanted to see and we figured we had a perfectly good chance while we were out west, so why not? We asked around (remember that was way before smartphones existed) and were told it was anywhere between a four and five hour drive to get there.

We got Mapquested directions to the Grand Canyon from the concierge at the hotel we were staying at, picked up our rental car and we were off.

I have to be honest -it was a really boring ride.  We drove for nearly four hours with nothing to look at but “brown”.  If you’ve ever made the drive, you know exactly what I mean by that. There was a house every few miles or so or a random cactus, but other than that – there was nothing to see. Until suddenly, out of no where, we saw this:


It was like one of those slow motion scenes out of a movie. My ex was driving, I was in the passenger seat and both of our heads almost completely turned around (think the Exorcist) to see it as we drove past. My ex and I looked at each other, he slammed on the breaks and drove back because we both knew we would regret it if we didn’t stop there.


I know it’s hard to tell, but in addition to some sort of “Prehistoric Park” & a campground, there was a diner on the left. It was just about lunch time, so it seemed like it was meant to be that we stopped there.

I actually took the menu home with me that day and yes, I still have it.


I had a Bronto Burger.

As we ate, we were able to see the “Prehistoric Park” out back and it was literally a life sized model of Bedrock. We were pleasantly amused and we happily paid the few dollars they charged us for admission.




You could go inside all the houses, but back then I didn’t take 40,589 pictures of everything like I do now, so I only have a few.

Yes, that’s me in Fred’s car.



Just for kicks, here are a few of the pictures I took at the Grand Canyon.




And here I am (back when my hair was still curly) with my ex:



The Grand Canyon was breath taking. Would I do a four hour drive to go see it again? No. We were there for all of about 20 minutes when we had decided that we’d seen enough & wanted to go back to Vegas.

I’m not sure if Bedrock is even still there – afterall, it’s been  13 years since I was there. I spent about 17 seconds googling it & didn’t see a website, but there are reviews of the place on Yelp.

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  1. Never been there but it is on my bucket list

  2. This is so damn funny, Mrs. Depp. I have always wanted to see the Grand Canyon!

  3. The photoshopped photo of you and Johnny Depp made me laugh (loved it) and seriously looked like a fun place to visit!! 🙂

  4. That is an absolute riot. I do love me some Flintstones.

  5. Well, the Grand Canyon is ok and all that but….. Come on now, you HAD to stop at Bedrock! So much fun and love that you still have the menu.

  6. I would have slammed on my brakes or thrust the car in reverse if I drove past that as well!! That was an ingenious idea for putting a place like that smack dab in the middle of nowhere–real marketing talent there. I kind of hope it is still there and didn’t go the way of the dinosaurs!

  7. I have been to Las Vegas… Many, many times but never made it to the canyon. One year when we took my Daughter and Grandkids, they went but I needed a break from kids and stayed with my Hubs.

  8. Same here, never been, but would love to see the Grand Canyon. What a cute little area you stumbled upon. There was that moment of anticipation when I thought, am I going to see the ex? Scroll down…..and YES! There he is! He looks very familiar! lol

  9. I wonder what is left of it today. Love those little houses, I want one!

  10. Oh my goodness, I would have loved to have gone here it is to kitschy! And it is right up my alley, I love to visit unique fun places.

  11. It’s still there, one of my SILs (the wicked witch one, hehe) went a couple of years ago. I think that place is cool!! And your ex looks startlingly similar to Johnny Depp (not as handsome as Chris though!). 🙂

  12. I so would love to go.

    You look great with curly hair.

  13. They have a Bedrock in South Dakota to. I’ve never been there, but I do know they have one. My uncle lives there, and I always wanted to go. Sadly HA HA my parents never took us.

    It looks like it could be fun, but more fun with kids that know about the Flintstones.

  14. Oh my goodness that is awesome! Our favourite amusement park used to have a Bedrock too and I loved it! Love your pictures!

  15. OMG! I wanna go! I wanna go! I have been to the Grand Canyon. Such a beautiful site, but I think I would be way more excited if someone offered me a trip to Bedrock!

  16. That is such a cool place. Also mad props to you for the Johnny Depp head LOL!!

  17. That is just too cool. I would love to visit a place like that. We loved watching the Flintstones when we were kids!

  18. Lol I know exactly what you mean! I’ve been to the Grand Canyon before, I didn’t get to see Bedrock though! Very cool!

  19. LOL at Johnny Dep! Anyway, how cool that you have gone to Bedrock. My daughter’s watches the Flintstones sometimes and would’ve gotten a kick out of going there!

  20. I am pretty sure that it’s awesome that Johnny Depp is your ex boyfriend! LOL. Didn’t know there was an actual Bedrock!

  21. LOL this is too funny but so cool. I had no idea this even existed…if I am every over that way I don;t want to miss it.

  22. I love these photos. This place is so close to what the town looked like in the cartoon. It looks like you had a wonderful time.

  23. How cool! I would have loved to stop and play in those houses, too! We went to The Grand Canyon when I was a kid back in the 80’s. I must say – I LOVED it! Of course, we went for road trips every summer and I was used to spending long boring hours in the back of the van. I would love to go back again someday because all I really remember is how tiny the donkeys looked from the observation deck!

  24. Oh my goodness! I hope Bedrock is still there! That is so awesome! That is such a fun random pitstop destination! Amber E.

  25. Oh my gosh that is amazing!! I used to love the Flintstones as a child – I want to go now lol would be nice to think it might still be there. x

  26. What an awesome tourist trap. Too bad most kids nowadays don’t know who the Flintstones or the Jetsons even are!

  27. Love that you went to Bedrock, Yabba Dabba Do. PS I didn’t know you married Johny Depp.

  28. OMG – I can’t even believe that place exists! I so have to go there with the family….sounds like the perfect family stop!

  29. wow! I didn’t know that was an actual place!!!!!!! How neat!!!

  30. So cool! Sometimes when I’m in Vegas I think of going to the Grand Canyon, but now that I know it’s a 4 hour drive, I’m pretty sure that thought won’t enter my tequila’d head again. My friends took a helicopter ride while we were there once. I was doing something else – can’t even remember what, but it wasn’t that! Now Bedrock?! Yes. Slammed on breaks and all!

  31. It’s just like that time I took a 2-3hrs coach ride to Taj Mahal and only stayed for 1hr. The journey to the destination is such a kill-joy!

    But glad you managed to stumble upon Bedrock! I would love to visit it too if we manage to go see the Grand Canyon 😛 I love the Flintstones!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  32. What a cool place I would love hanging out in bedrock. Oh and your ex(Johnny Depp) is my fantasy hubby..lol I hope to see the Grand Canyon one day.

  33. Too funny! I would totally stop somewhere like that with the family and have a ball. 🙂

  34. That looks like fun… I bet the kids would have loved it when we were out in Vegas. But I also think if it was still as good… I’d have found something on it when I was searching for things to do.

  35. From Ms. Depp to First Lady — not bad in one lifetime. LOL
    Vegas is definitely on my bucket list – it seems like a place you just have to see to believe. And of course all the sights, which would definitely include Bedrock if it is still there because that is so cool. And of course a Bronto Burger was the only choice really.

  36. The grand canyon is so cool. I do remember Worrying about the kids falling over the side though…sigh. I LOVE the Bedrock pictures and story.

  37. Wow! I did not know this even existed! What fun for kids.

  38. That place is a must see! LOL. I think my husband and I were there many moons ago. It looks very familiar and we have made that drive before. Cute post and I think I am in love with your ex.

  39. Omg hey Robin! This post is very timely LOL. I’m actually going to Vegas next week (for the first time) and planning to visit Grand Canyon too (hopefully). Can’t wait. Love the pictures btw!

  40. How funny! What a pleasant surprise to pop up on such a boring drive.

  41. This looks wonderful. I used to live in AZ so I am sad I missed this.

  42. I love the idea of doing a TBT blog post, very cool. Looks like an interesting place!

  43. The Grand Canyon is gorgeous!!! Ithat would be a hoot to see th

  44. I wouldn’t have been able to resist the Flintstones either! I want to go to the Grand Canyon someday. I just haven’t made it that far west yet.

  45. How fun is that? I’d love to go there!

  46. Oh my gosh! I had no idea such a place existed! It looked like fun! You did manage to get some really good photos back then

  47. The Grand Canyon looks so amazing! I want to visit so badly. But the photographs are nothing compared to your ex photo. I’m still laughing!

  48. What an awesome surprise that must have been. Such a cool place!

  49. I have always wanted to go to Vegas and one day I am sure I will. When I do go, I am definitely headed to see the Grand Cannon too! I always end up opting to go to Reno Nevada instead because I love Lake Tahoe, but I would love to see the Grand Cannon too!

  50. I certainly didn’t know Bedrock was near the Grand Canyon. I didn’t have kids with me when went, so not sure I would have stopped. …but I do now…how fun does that look!!

  51. Those little Flintstone bungalows are too cute! Hopefully the furniture wasn’t made of rock?

  52. The Grand Canyon is on my bucketlist, it has been for a while. I had no idea bedrock was close by. I’m excited for you and can’t wait to visit.

  53. Grand Canyon is definitely on my bucket list! But I’ll want to go when the kids will stay longer than 20 minutes

  54. I would have had to stop too. I wonder how far that is from me now that I am out west. My kids have never even heard of the Flinstones 🙁 I feel so old.

  55. This looks really neat! My family once took a cross country road trip- with an RV and everything- but I don’t think this was around when we were in the area.

  56. I would love to visit Bedrock one day. The Flinstones was one of my favorite cartoons growing up.

  57. That is super cool! I would want to go, I don’t want to make the drive if its not there anymore. You are so funny about not wanting to go again.

  58. I love the photo of you in Freds car! So cute!

  59. That is awesome and looks like a lot of fun.

  60. This looks like so much fun! I was trying to tell the kids that I work with about the Flintstones and they looked at me like I had three heads…Sigh! What are they teaching these kids these days?!

  61. What a fun trip. Bedrock looks so awesome!

  62. This makes me want to dig up my old photos. I was just talking to my husband yesterday about how we never took very many photos years ago. Thinks have changed! Thanks for sharing.

  63. Whoa – Now, that is just so cool – I wish I could have been there too!

  64. Whenever friends go to Vegas, they always do the trip to the Grand Canyon.

  65. Ah…the former Mrs. Depp LOL You should totally go back!

  66. That is so cool, and so funny!!! Being a lover of the Flintstones, I’d love to visit. We have a little campground here in our town and it’s named after Yogi bear and there’s a big giant sign of him out at the highway. We love that.

  67. Too cool! I remember going to Flintstone Park in South Dakota when I was a child. I’m not sure if it is still around, but I wouldn’t mind going back someday with my kids. That is if it is still around. 🙂

  68. Awesome! I had no idea that this place even existed! LOL. So fun!

  69. That’s so awesome! I loved this show as a kid, so going there would be a blast!

  70. I’m pretty sure the 4 hour ride was worth it just to see Bedrock. That place looked awesome!

  71. What fun! We went to the Grand Canyon but never discovered Bedrock.

  72. I cannot believe this place exists! I hate that is so far away:(

  73. These are awesome pictures. I was just in Universal and saw the Bedrock restaurant, and also found out some news about a new movie with the Flintstones! Thanks for this, I may need to borrow some of the pics!

  74. I’m cracking up over that pic of your “ex”! You’re too funny. I had no idea that existed, if I ever make it out that way i’ll have to stop by. The prices at the diner were really good.

  75. We visited the Grand Canyon in 2009! AMAZING!!! Nature sure is beautiful!

  76. I love the throwback pictures! My boys would love to visit Bedrock. If we are ever out west, I will definitely have to see if it still exists.

  77. Flinestones are cool. Pebbles…she’s my favorite character. Where are those cartoons now???

  78. That is hilarious! It reminds of a place we used to have around here that was The Land of Oz.

  79. I still love this tourist attraction idea. Did they have a Dino, too?

  80. How funny, I had no idea that even existed.. or did exist! Totally cute! But.. mostly I want to say.. wow your ex is hot.. LOL! 😉

  81. What a fun trip. I’d love a Bronto Burger.

  82. It is still there! We drove past it not too long ago on our way to the grand canyon! So funny!

  83. What?! This is for real?! This is so awesome, I want to visit.