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“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Dover International Speedway. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation at the conclusion of the program.”

I don’t know about you, but I like to keep my kids busy.  Especially on the weekends.  We all work hard during the week and deserve to have a little fun on our days off, right?  Too many times, though, I find that we end up doing the same things over and over again. Going to the playground, the movies, trampoline parks and museums are fun, but sometimes we want something a little more exciting.

How about going to the AAA 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race at the Dover International Speedway on October 4th? I am.


If your family are thrill seekers, and don’t mind a little noise, the Dover International Speedway will be hosting the AAA 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race this October. Fans and their families will experience thrill and amazement as the world’s best drivers rip around the Monster Mile competing in the first knockout race in the 10-race chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup!

Beyond the race itself, there are plenty of other opportunities for families to grab some food, have some fun and enjoy the festivities! Here are a few of the things that my family plans on checking out while we are there:


  • Time: 8 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
  • Free, interactive displays will be set up in the FanZone (located outside of turn 4),
  • Featuring games, free sampling, live music and more.
  • Some focal points include a number of partners such as5-Hour Energy, AAA, M&T Bank, Lucas Oil, ACME, Camping World, Comcast XFINITY, the NASCAR Foundation, the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience, Toyota, USO Military Village and more!

Monster FunZone

  • Time: 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
  • This family friendly environment is full of fun and popular activities that everyone can enjoy!
  • Located outside of Turn 4
  • Attractions such as racing simulators, face painting, prize drawings, moon bounces, show car displays, interactive games and rock climbing, and much more!

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

Official 2016 qualifying event for the annual Fourth of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest will take place on Sunday at 12:45 in Victory Plaza.

Shouldn’t watching a hot dog eating contest be on everyone’s bucket list?  Plus, if you want to take your family to the race, they are offering $10 junior tickets.  Kids ages 14 and younger can go to the Sunday NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at the Monster Mile for just $10. Junior seating sections are set in all four turns of the one-mile, concrete oval, and include seven alcohol- and tobacco-free sections.

DOver speedway

Be sure to enter the Monster Mile Sweepstakes so your family to win tickets to the big event!

Dover International Speedway AET

You can follow the Dover International Speedway on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with their latest news and updates about this race and more.

I am super excited about making memories with my family at the Dover International Speedway’s AAA 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in a few weeks.

Have you ever been to a live race? What was your favorite part?

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  1. I am sending this over to my brother as he is a huge Nascar fan and definitely letting him enter now. Thanks Robin!! 🙂

  2. All the boys in my family are Nascar fans including my nephews. They would definitely want to see this.

  3. We had a chance to go to a NASCAR race this year but in conflicted with a family event. Never have been to one and it is on my bucket list!

  4. What a blast. We have seen NASCAR twice in Las Vegas-the races are always a good family day

  5. Sounds awesome. Dover is a great track. Fun to watch on television and even better live!

  6. That’s cool! We’ve been to Daytona several times – always a fantastic time, for sure!

  7. That sounds like so much fun! I think our boys would love to go to a NASCAR show. All they’ve been to is that Monster Truck show.

  8. That looks like a lot of fun. I know my husband would be all into going.

  9. Why is it that I love hot dog eating contests so much? It cracks me up to see these teeny tiny people putting away zillions of them. The whole event sounds like so much fun! A little something for everyone.

  10. I haven’t been to a Nascar race yet but I have been to go carts races before, which are also fun to watch. I wouldn’t mind checking out the hot dog eating contest in person. I’ve only watched them on tv.

  11. The event must’ve been so exhilarating! My son would love seeing NASCAR drivers in action! What a wonderful experience.

  12. My son loves Nascar. We went to Nascar event in LA and He was so happy.

  13. Nascar races are so fun to see in person. You all will have a great time!

  14. Wow, these seem like so much fun. I can imagine the anticipation is electric. 🙂

  15. We call it Nap Car because we always fall asleep during it lol. My husband went to Indy last year with his dad and said watching it live is so much better. It’s a real rush to watch those cars whiz by!

  16. What a blast..I have never been to a race..

  17. How fun! I’d love to take my husband to a nascar race. Always a lot of action.

  18. I especially love going to Nascar races. My Hubs not so much, but he does go with me when I want to go. Fair trade since I do things with him that I really am not fond of either.

  19. We love attending events like this one. It might have something to do with having a house full of guys and me being the only girl.

  20. I haven’t watched a race live, ever. It seems so exciting with the heart-racing events that transpire while the drivers finish their laps.

  21. My dad is a huge racing fan, so I’ve seen my fair share of races! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Wow! That sounds like fun. They have a lot to do there besides the race.

  23. This sounds like so much fun. I would love to attend a race. My dad and I have always talked about going to the Daytona 500.

  24. Now that definitely is a unique place to go to. I am hoping to visit Kidzania next week with my son. I’m sure he will enjoy it but I know that I will have fun taking his photos and making sure he will have memories to look back on when he’s older.

  25. One day I do intend to watch a food eating contest! However, Nathan’s Hot Dogs are so yummy, and they’re too good too eat that quickly!

  26. HAHAHA we’re going too. This is in my backyard, literally, we’re about 45 minutes away. Maybe we’ll see you

  27. The racing simulators in the Monster Fun Zone sound perfect for the younger ones, wait for the grown ups too lol I would love to do that myself! Sounds like a great family time and like you said something different for a change.

  28. I would love to attend a Nascar race. It’s on my list. I hope you have too much fun that day!

  29. We like going to Nascar races – especially Daytona! What a fun thing to do as a family.

  30. I love hearing the sounds of the engines when watching racing in real life, I prefer it in person than on TV. Thanks for sharing this fun event!

  31. My husband’s family loves Nascar. It’s always on TV at family gatherings.

  32. I have gone to a few Nascar races. I really enjoyed myself.

  33. We moved to NASCAR country (NC) 14 years ago, and I still have not been to a NASCAR race. The local racetrack is more than enough for me. Be sure you take ear plugs! The roar is ridiculous!

  34. I’ve been to several NASCAR races and they are a lot of fun even if they are loud! Great giveaway too!.

  35. I’ve never been there, that place looks cool and I’m sure my family would have fun of we’re go to visit there.

  36. Oh wow, that looks so fun! I’ve never really experience anything like that.

  37. Wow that’s a packed stadium! My husband loves NASCAR. His favorite racer is Dale Jr. But tomorrow starts football season and I will lose him to that on Sundays. We’ll have to wait til NASCAR comes to PIR.

  38. My nephew is a huge fan! This looks so fun and I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to experience this.

  39. This looks like such a fun event. I have never been to a race, let alone a Nascar one lol. I’d love to see one in person. Thanks for sharing pics and great moments.

  40. My husband watches Nascar and is a big fan !!! That is in his bucket list to see a live race !!! I entered !! Thank You

  41. This sounds like a ton of fun! I have never been to a motor speedway! I wish I lived closer, so I could enter the giveaway!

  42. I think I like the Nathan hotdog eating contest for the kids. Sound like lots of fun on a lazy weekend …Nascar motor speedy racing to get the adrenaline and excitement going.

  43. Fantastic for you to head to the Monster Mile at Dover with the family! I’ve been to several races. My very favorite was at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. There’s so much to do and see. I know your kids will love it. I’m committing to the Toyota Savemart 350 at the Sonoma Raceway (California) 6-26-16.

  44. That looks like a great family day of fun. It has been a long time since we have been to a motor speedway.

  45. Isn’t this super awesome? I;ve never been to the speedway, but it sounds exciting!

  46. I have been to the Honda Indy in Toronto and really enjoyed it. This Nascar event looks like it will be a blast!

  47. This looks like a blast! We have always wanted togo to one of these!

  48. I have actually never been to a live race! Imagine that – I may have to add it to my bucket list. I don’t really have an official bucket list, but this probably would be cool. I’ve been to horse races – that’s a bit more my style, but it’s good to seek out new adventures.

  49. Ow!! This is cool I’m sure my kids would love to visit there.

  50. My husband and my boys would absolutely love this!

  51. Looks like fun, I’ll admit I’ve never been to one of these because of the boring go-in-a-circle-racing. But now that I see there’s other stuff to do, I may just give it a try!

  52. That was definitely something out of the ordinary! What a great idea!

  53. No thrill seekers in my small family but I am sure those who are will love this!

  54. It sounds a lot more family friendly and entertaining for the kids than I would have guessed. It’s great to see that there is a fun family aspect to the activity! Enjoy the adventure.

  55. Thanks for the giveaway – I would love to win a trip to the AAA 400!!

  56. I have never seen a big race like that… I bet it is super fun. It is a bucket list item for me:)

  57. I have never been a big racing fan until I went to one. It was more fun than I thought!

  58. This looks like a fun even for those who love to watch nascar racing, I am not one of them but am sure a lot of people are.

  59. Great event for nascar fan, including my son! He will go crazy for it

  60. This is a great fun event! For sure it will be a jam packed one!

  61. Yep, that’s definitely more exciting than the normal day to day events. And you’ve got a giveaway. Sweet!

  62. Car racing has never been my thing–too crowded–too noisy for me. I know plenty of people who would love to see this and those people know they would never get me out of MY car!! I’m sure you and your family will enjoy it all–have a great time!!

  63. What a cool sponsor program. My ex use to want to be a race car driver.

  64. I actually live in Daytona Beach and they have the NASCAR races here as well. It’s actually really cool.

  65. Gosh! This looks so fun and adventure. Definitely my son will love this kind of adrenaline as he is a fan.

  66. I would love to take my kids to the races. I think they would both enjoy the live action!

  67. Love this!! Entered to win and if not, will definitely be watching. Like our family says, true sports have a steering wheel! 🙂

  68. We’ve never been! I need to take him Nascar and Monster Truck. I know my son would love it. I can’t believe the crowds! Great pics.

  69. Wow that looks really fun. The Hotdog eating contest sounds pretty cool too. I can’t believe the amount of people in your picture.

  70. I’ve been t the Daytona 500 and not gunna lie…. NASCAR is just not my thing lol… Cars driving in circles… Yawn….Everything souronding the event was super fun though! So I guess if your not a fan like myself, there is still fun stuff to do 🙂

  71. I have never been to a live car race before! My son LOVES cars and I bet he would have so much fun an event like this!

  72. This sounds so fun! I would love to watch the hot dog eating contest!

  73. I definitely go out of my way to keep my boys as busy as possible. I can see how this would be a good time.

  74. This would totally make a fun-filled day. My kids would definitely have enjoyed the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest. I’m sure they’ll enjoy watching the cars race as well.

  75. This would definitely be out of the box for us! What an amazing way to spend some quality family time together that’s totally different! I know your family will have a great time! I’d love to see a hot dog eating contest! lol

  76. I have four boys and they would go nuts to attend this, lol.

  77. Nascar was look great and have a lots of fun being there. i would love to take my hubby there because he a huge fan of race.

  78. must be an experience to watch NASCAR..we went to Daytona and enjoooy the NASCAR stadium there..coool..

  79. My husband and son are huge NASCAR fans and they would really love this. I would probably stay behind and enjoy the quiet lol.

  80. What an exciting event! Haven’t been to a live race before. I wish to go sometime.

    Mhar Sefcik

  81. I’ve been to a variety of sporting events, but NASCAR or anything race-related has not been one of them. This is a great opportunity for a fan!

  82. I didn’t even know they had an event like this. I bet it would be a lot of fun for the kids.