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The Best Burger Joints at Disney World

Burgers are one of the most popular and most common menu items at Disney World, but there are a few places that are worth going if you are looking to find the best burgers in the park. When it comes to finding the best burgers anywhere it can be more about the burger joint, which often makes all the difference and adds to the entire experience. At Disney, the atmosphere and decor in the restaurants really enhances your experiences, so this list is all about the best burgers and burger joints that can be found in Disney World.
These are the best burger joints at Disney World to frequent when it’s a burger kind of day.

Beaches and Cream

Beaches and Cream makes the list for its great burgers, nostalgic beachside diner atmosphere and delicious milkshakes to have with your meal. Fans love this place and everything is perfectly greasy and right off the grill, just the way a great fast food burger should be. At Beaches and Cream it’s all about the cheeseburger and onion rings, which are less expensive than other sit down restaurants.

Le Cellier

For an entirely different sit down dining experience, Le Cellier offers a burger on their steak menu, and it’s delicious. While definitely not a burger joint, this makes the list because it is a beef joint and they understand what it takes to make a great burger. The angus chuck burger is impeccably made and complemented with cheddar that you will return home to search for.

Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Tavern

Have you ever wanted to dress a burger a certain way, but never found a place that offered the options? Or, never had the options in front of you to choose from? Pecos Bill’s has a burger bar filled with burger toppings for guests to create and build their own burgers with, and it’s truly incredible. You can choose from salsa and avocado to a huge array of cheeses and vegetables.

Liberty Tree Tavern

Liberty Tree isn’t known as a burger joint, but the burger is one of those overlooked options, that folks in the know always order. The angus chuck option is dressed with bacon and cheddar cheese or mushrooms and provolone cheese, both of which are incredible and become the favorite burgers at Disney World for all that try them. You have to grab this menu option during lunchtime though, because it is not a dinner option.

SciFi Dine In

This joint makes the list for its great burgers and total overall ambiance. The SciFi Dine In is a theater and a restaurant, where you get to choose a car to be seated in and watch a movie as you are being served. The cool thing is that the entire setup is indoors, though it feels like you are back in the fifties, outside and fifteen again. The All American Picnic Burger has been getting rave reviews since it was added to the menu.

Where do you head for your burger fix when you’re in Disney?

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  117 Responses to “The Best Burger Joints at Disney World”

  1. Yup, going back this summer and want to try a few new restaurants out at Disney so am keeping these in mind as we do love a good burger here! 🙂

  2. We are going to Disney for the first, yes first time, in March and I love burgers. Thanks for the list. Only thing more helpful would be to tell what park they are in… but no worries I’m sure I can figure it out. 🙂

    • Laura, Le Cellier is in the Canada area of Epcot; Sci Fi is in Hollywood Studios (and I can confirm it is a REALLY good burger there! .. it is not on their dinner menu, only lunch, but if you ask they will make you one for dinner anyway!); Beaches and Cream is at the Yacht/Beach Club resort and both Liberty Tree and Pecos are at Magic Kingdom. All are table service restaurants where you will need a reservation, except for Pecos, which is a quick service/walk-up restaurant.

  3. Wow I haven’t been to Disney World in quite a while! I wonder if any of these places have veggie burgers?!?!

  4. OMG I wish I read this three months ago when we were there. It was our first time and this would have been handy.

  5. I’ve been wanting to go to Disney for a while! I would love to take my kids maybe in another year or so. I will definitely check out these burger places when we go!

  6. Wow these burgers sound amazing! Now if they all had turkey, chicken or vegetarian options I would be very excited.

  7. I’ve never been to Disney!!! I want to go with my family some time soon! Will for sure check out some of these burger joints!

  8. We want to take a Disney trip so bad! I’ll definitely save this post so that we know the best places to eat!

  9. I’ve never been to Disney World, but I am bookmarking this list for future reference. My family is a huge fan of burgers.

  10. That looks yummy, so tempted. I’m going through a lifestyle change and this is tempting.

  11. That burger looks mouth watering. We would definitely be trying them out when we go to Disney World.

  12. That is a nice looking burger,makes me hungry. I will go there one day. 🙂

  13. These all sound so good! I will have to look them up if I make it to Disney World. We are Disneyland people. 🙂

  14. I honestly can’t remember if we ate at any of these on our trips there. I know we stopped for burgers, I just don’t recall the name of the restaurant. I do remember the burgers were FIRE though! Mmm Mm!

  15. We have eaten at Sci-Fi, Pecos Bill and Liberty Tree . . . All great options for burgers! I totally agree! We will have to try Beaches next!!

  16. I’ve only tried the SciFi burger so far and it was great! I’m sure I’ve been to Liberty Tavern, but I can’t remember what I ordered. Burger next time!

  17. I don’t think we have ever eaten in Disney World. Every time we got hungry we just went back to the hotel and called room service. The crowds were driving us crazy.

  18. I have not been to Disney for years and then we did go for hamburgers–If I get to go again I will definitely head for the SciFi Dine In. Sitting in a car watching a movie–ah those drive-in movie days!

  19. It make me sad that I am 22 and I still have not been able to go Disneyland yet lol. Sounds like great burger joints.

  20. I also am 32 years old and not once been to Disneyland yet. I have a 8 year old and inlwaws who live in Fl so There is still some hope left ! Those burgers look so yummy

  21. I would go to disneyland just to eat all those yummy burgers! Really you can’t go wrong with a burger, ok maybe if you’re vegetarian…. 😉

  22. Great list we have eaten at all these places so good. Cosmic Ray Cafe has really good burgers to. My son loves that place as well as ABC Commissary..

  23. I had no idea there were so many great places to get a great burger at Disney World! I am a sucker for a good burger 🙂

  24. I tend to like my burgers pretty simple no matter where I go. I have eaten at a number of those restaurants (not burgers). Love the giant sundae at Beaches and Cream!

  25. Unfortunately, we never made it to any of these spots, but glad to have the recommendations if we ever do go back. Three out of four of us love a great burger!

  26. Good info to have if we ever return to Disney. I love a good burger!

  27. Thanks for posting! My family goes to Disney very often so this will come in handy when we are craving a yummy burger!

  28. I have never been to Disney and never plan to but those burgers look really yummy. My family is a huge burger fan!

  29. They all sound great to me. I craved burgers when I was prego with Mica. With Isaak it was rootbeer.

  30. This is definitely a great list since we all know the food at these places are extremely expensive its nice to know which ones actually serve good food so you won’t be too aggravated with the bill.

  31. I still remember the last day of our Disney Trip when we treated ourselves out to the BEST hamburgers around! We were so hungry! I can’t remember the name of it though!

  32. All good recommendations! All I know is where I WON’T eat at Disney LOL

  33. I’m wondering which of the parks at Disney World these can be found? We are gluten-free and loved being able to enjoy burgers there with gluten-free buns! We had great burgers a few places in Disney World.

  34. I plan to visit Disneyworld with my family and when we do I will make sure to check out these places. Thanks!

  35. As long as they have veggie burgers then I am happy. I do love my veggie burgers.

  36. The angus chuck option at the Liberty Tree tavern sounds amazing! Yum. Now I am hungry…

  37. Don’t laugh, but I think this is great info to have before embarking on our next Disney World adventure! I know we have to check out Beaches and Cream! I’m all about a good greasy burger and onion rings are always my top pick over fries! lol

  38. I have not been to Disney yet I had no idea they had this many hamburger joint. They all look delicious to me so I may just have to go check it out.

  39. I love the idea of the burger bar at Pecos Bill Cafe. I know where I am going if I ever go back to Disney.

  40. I’m glad you posted this because after going to Disney so many times (we just got back again), I always find most of their food mediocre at best, with the exception of a few select places.

  41. this is great info – thank you!! I wish we had seen this before we went to Disney World last spring – we were bummed with the burgers in tomorrowland =(

  42. The only place I’ve eaten at was Beaches & Cream, and it was awesome! Now I’ve got a checklist of places I need to eat.

  43. Oh wow these look awesome, Id love to go to disney world!

  44. That is FANTASTIC! I had no idea you could get burgers like this at Disney. Thanks for sharing this.

  45. Definitely pinning this for our next trip. Nothing I love more than a good burger!

  46. They all look like wonderful places to eat, but I just know we’d end up going to the SciFi Dine In first thing. Maybe before any of the other attractions. My family is pretty hard core when it comes to Sci Fi!

  47. I love, love a good burger! These are all so mouthwatering! I want a burger now lol

  48. We always have burgers when we go to Disney. They have some of the best beef around.

  49. Never being to Disney but when I eventually do, your list would come in handy. Thanks!

  50. This is definitely a great list and I have to totally agree! I haven’t had the chance to try them all but the ones I have are great!! My girls live the Sci-Fi theater!

  51. Well I definitely want to go to Disney, now! I had no idea they had so many burger joints down there!

  52. Being a west coast gal, I have been to Disneyland plenty of times, but never Disney World. This amazing burger list definitely has me wanting to change that SOON!

  53. I went on a Disney press trip last year and they took us to the ESPN restaurant which they own, they have amazing burgers!

  54. I love Liberty Tree Tavern! I can’t wait to go back to Disney with all of my kids. The last time we went was when my oldest turned one – 7 years ago.

  55. And now I’m craving a burger! Thanks for doing all the taste testing for us! 😀

  56. As much as I love Disney and have been a fan since I was a little girl, I have never really felt a calling to go to Disney. But, damn, these burgers sound delish.

  57. No burger eating on this side of the town…..looks good though

  58. shared to my hubby in hopes he will remember this when we get there! I love a great burger!

  59. Oh how I hope I make it to Disney some day soon as I can find these places and try them out. It’s been SO long since I had a really good burger! Yum

  60. Those are yummy, we’ve been at Disney World last year.

  61. It’s been a long time since I was at Disney World, would love to visit again.

  62. I just shared that the best time to go to Disney World is in August. Maybe I can hit one of these burger joints when I get to go?

  63. Those sound like some pretty good burger joints to go to at Disney World! I need to take my family to Disney World some day … would be fun

  64. I think, if I’am at Disney World, I will cheat on my diet lol, these burgers are looks so yummy.

  65. I’m not a fan of burger, but I love burgers when I’m hungry. I’ll give these burger joints a try.

  66. I don’t think I have ever gone for a burger at Disney but you can bet I am gonna try one on my next visit!

  67. the photo of your burger is mouth watering….I wanna try it

  68. My husband and I were really missed burgers at Disney, I bet all of these.

  69. My kids and I love burger! Thanks for sharing the list, can’t wait to visit Disney World

  70. My friend Christine goes to Disney every year. I will share this with her for the next trip. Thanks for the heads up.

  71. I have never been to Disneyworld and I am SO looking forward to possibly going this year. I will have to hit up that Beaches and Cream place!

  72. I never been in Disney but i am going to save this because my two boys was a huge fan of burgers.

  73. My friend is going to Disney next month. I will have to share this great list with her.

  74. The Liberty Tree Tavern is DELICIOUS! OH I want to go there now

  75. This is definitely something that I would love to try. Thanks for the list of restaurants! I love burgers!

  76. That’s awesome that you’ve compiled a list. I’m ready for a Disney trip!

  77. These all sound like great burgers and places to find burgers at while at Disney World. SciFi Dine In sounds like it is a very very interesting and extremely fun place to eat at.

  78. I don’t eat a lot of burgers but when I do, I want a tasty, fancy one. Looks like I couldn’t go wrong at any of these places.

  79. Oh! These sound yummy! I don’t remember exactly where we went when we ate at Disney Land, there was a diner we liked in Cars Land I remember.. I’ve never been to Disney World though.

  80. These are great suggestions. I will be sure to check them out if I ever make it to Disney 🙂

  81. Disney has awesome food! I love the burgers in Frontier Land. Especially the toppings like the mushrooms!

  82. This is a good topic and nice list.
    Burgers and other cheaper food options are usually not at the top of one’s mind in WDW.

  83. what a nice names of burgers, would love to try the sci fi

  84. I would love to try all these burger joints. My family is a huge fan of burgers.

  85. Sci_Fi Dine-In Theater is my kids favorite place for burgers in WDW! We love Pecos Bills too!!

  86. We have been to DW a couple of years ago but we tried not to dine nside the park, it’s quite expensive lol. The burger looks good though.

  87. This is so awesome. Please tell me that you got to try every burger at Disney World to write this post!

  88. I’ve been to Disney many times and never tried any of those! This is awesome! Thank you for sharing it!

  89. When we went to Disney, we ate outside of the park to save money. The restaurants inside are just so expensive to eat at with little portions. It looks like they have some great options though!

  90. I have not been to Disney since i was a little girl. I would love to go again with my kids. The The SciFi Dine In would me my first choice to try.

  91. You’ve just got me wishing to go to Disneyworld now! all the food sounds amazing!

  92. I have never been to Disney World but want to go so bad! I love a good burger joint though!

  93. Robin I have bookmarked this one as Disney is on my bucket List AGAIN this year…Thank you so much for sharing and now my mouth is truly watering fir a juicy burger eishhh! 🙂

  94. Burgers are such a favorite American pastime in food. I love these options and hope to visit Disney some day to enjoy them!

  95. Thanks for the list! When we visit Disney World, we’ll know exactly where to eat!

  96. We ate at Liberty Tree last winter and it was great..thanks for the list of good places to grab a burger in the parks.

  97. Thanks for this list. My family or burger lovers. We will definitely be looking for some of these places on our next vacation.

  98. I love Disney and there are so many choices and always so much fun for the family!

  99. I always love trying out different varieties of Burgers & Disney World is one of those right places to get the best for you. Beaches and Cream & SciFi Dine In would be my choices of all these.

  100. Those sound like great places to get a great burger. I will have to check them out if I ever make it to Disney.

  101. I wish I knew of these joints when we were there last year. Well, I am going to check it out the next time we go there.

  102. We had pizza the last we were there :)..but surely more than happy to enjoy this burgers on our next visit..Ooow I can’t wait 🙂

  103. I haven’t been to Disney in so long! I recently heard about the Sci-Fi cafe having the best burgers and I see you have them on your list too! You’re making me hungry!

  104. I don’t think I’ve ever had a burger while at Disney. I will have to remember these next time we go though.

  105. Hopefully in the next 3 years I will get to visit Disney world. Waiting for my kids to get a little bigger.

  106. My family and I have never been to Disney World, but I’ll have to keep this in mind for my husband. He loves hamburgers!

  107. I don’t think we’ve tried burgers from any of these Disney World locations! My son would definitely need to try these

  108. Ok Le Cellier I swear is like the best for all food at Disney! From a locals perspective, that’s a local favorite with all locals so that tells ya something 😉

  109. I love burgers so this will be a helpful list to take with me when we visit Disney this year! Thank you!