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**Disclosure:  My family and I received a complimentary stay at The Cape Codder Resort & Spa in exchange for our honest opinions about our experiences.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way**

If you’re looking for a getaway on Cape Cod, Hyannis is the place to go.  Located mid-cape, Hyannis is one of the seven villages that make up the town of Barnstable.  I have been vacationing on Cape Cod all my life, and to me, Hyannis is the hub of the cape.  There are so many shops, restaurants and tourist attractions – all located relatively close together, which is why it’s the perfect destination for your Cape Cod vacation.

It sounds great, right?

So now that you’ve decided on Hyannis for your next trip, where do you stay?  That’s easy. The Cape Codder Resort & Spa!


The Cape Codder is conveniently located right in the heart of all the action, so you’ll be able to get to everything in the area quickly and easily.

My family stayed at the The Cape Codder Resort & Spa this past weekend and I am going to tell you all about it so that you will know why it’s the place to stay when you plan your next Cape Cod get away!

Check-in at the The Cape Codder Resort & Spa is 3 pm and we were there promptly at 3!  We looked online and knew there were so many things to do at the resort and we couldn’t wait to get going. The room that my family stayed in had two queen sized beds (which were very comfortable) many other conveniences such as wireless internet access and dataport for my  laptop, an in-room coffee maker, an iron & ironing board, and an interactive television system that provides access to digitally formatted movies, on-demand movies, an on-screen channel line-up and in-room check-out service!

our room

There several different options when it comes to rooms at The Cape Codder Resort & Spa, so if you want a room with a king size bed instead of two queens – just ask.  They also have rooms with fireplaces and/or Jacuzzis, so if you’re planning a romantic getaway, they have you covered.

As for us, the boys wanted to go outside to check out the Rainbow Falls Heated Outdoor Pool first. You’re probably thinking “isn’t it winter in Massachusetts right now?”.  Yes it is, but the salt water pool is heated to a nice warm 85 degrees, so you can enjoy swimming outdoors all winter long.

In addition to the actual swimming pool, there is a hot tub located at the front of the pool.


Because of the chill in the air and the fact that it was a little drizzly outside, there was some steam coming off of the pool, but I couldn’t resist showing you this photo with my oldest son photo-bombing the little guy and Chris in the hot tub.


After a while, the kids started asking to go check out the exclusive 8,200 square foot Indoor Wave Pool.  It’s so much more than a wave pool, though.  Aside from the 2-foot waves in the indoor wave pool, there is an 80-foot and a 50-foot water slide, waterfalls, a 24-person whirlpool, a cascading water umbrella and two saunas!  It’s hours and hours of water entertainment for the entire family!


water park


The Indoor Wave Pool is free for all overnight guests to use. As an added feature of their Pool, they use a High Intensity Ultra-Violet Light System (which is not required by state or local laws) that uses ultra-violet light to destroy living organisms present in the liquid being treated. Exposure to high intensity light destroys harmful bacteria, making the swimming water safer for everyone.

When you check in, they will give you a sheet with the pool rules and the hours, so you will be armed with all the information you need about both the Rainbow Falls Heated Outdoor Pool and the Indoor Wave Pool before you go!

Because we visited during the holiday season, we had a chance to check out their Enchanted Village.  Throughout the holiday season (until January 2, 2015), the courtyard of The Cape Codder Resort & Spa transforms into a winter wonderland with over 100,000 lights! From topiary animals to dancing lights, you can’t help but smile as you stroll through the courtyard and take in all the lights and displays.


enchanted village



Outside there was also a bonfire where people were able to roast marshmallows, which were available for purchase inside the resort) and sing some Christmas carols (weather permitting of course).

After we looked at all the lights, we decided to head in and see the big guy, who took time out of his busy schedule to hang out at the Cape Codder.   My boys told Santa that they both wanted video games and then they each got a candy cane as they left.


We also had the pleasure of listening to the Cape Cod Surftones sing some Christmas carols while we were there.  They were strolling around the property, but we got to listen to them sing a few songs while we ate dinner in the Hearth & Kettle Restaurant, which is inside the Cape Codder.


Speaking of the Hearth & Kettle, we had breakfast there yesterday morning.


The Hearth ’n Kettle serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, 7 days a week. Breakfast is served all day (Pancakes, French Toast and a few other items are only served until 3:00 pm, though).  Because we are early risers in our family (sigh), we were there right at 7 am when they opened.


The kids each got french toast with bacon, Chris had the Plantation Special which came with two eggs, bacon, sausage, toast and home fries and I got the Blueberry Pancakes (buttermilk pancakes, wild blueberries & blueberry syrup).  All four of us cleaned our plates.


I wanted to show you some of the gorgeous decorations that were up throughout the lobby area.



Later in the day, there was a working train that rode around through the village. My boys were mesmerized.


While I was staying there, I met with one of the hotel managers took me to see the Cape Codder Residence Club.

Without a doubt, Cape Cod is one of the most popular tourist destinations in New England.  With all the shopping, beaches and amazing restaurants, it’s no wonder that people flock there all year long.  With the Cape Codder Residence Club, you can own your own little piece of the cape.  There are 2 and 3 bedroom residences some of which feature things like gas fireplace and whirlpool tubs. If you’re looking to stay in luxury year after year, you might want to check out the Cape Codder Residence Club.

residence club

If that’s not your thing, no worries – the Cape Codder Resort & Spa has plenty of rooms for you to rent, so you can stay as little or as long as you want!

If you want to get a workout in while you’re staying there, The Cape Codder has an amazing fitness center with lots of state of the art equipment.  I didn’t have time to workout while I was there, but I did get a chance to check it out and I have to say that I was pretty impressed.  I workout pretty much every day and could most certainly get in a full workout in their facility.

Here are a few of the things they have to offer in the Fitness Center:

  • True 750’s Treadmills
  • True Ellipticals for a no-impact workout
  • Cyber Steppers 500S
  • Schwinn Stationary Bike
  • Schwinn Recumbent Bike
  • Free Weight Dumbell Station – weights up to 50 lbs
  • Changing Rooms: equipped with lockers, showers, restrooms and hair dryers

Oh, and do you remember when I told you about my wonderful experience at the Beach Plum Spa at the John Carver Inn in Plymouth (if you missed it, read all about it here)?  The Cape Codder Resort & Spa is one of the John Carver Inn’s sister properties, so there is a Beach Plum Spa at the Cape Codder, too!  The next time I stay at the Cape Codder, I think I am going to make an appointment for a massage!

There is also a small playground area outside, a beach volleyball pit and a game room at the Cape Codder. There are so many things right on property to keep you busy, you almost never have to leave.

So, the Cape Codder Resort & Spa sounds like a pretty nice place to stay, huh?  Well, I can tell you from first hand experience that it is. As soon as we drove away, my kids were asking when we could go back.

The Cape Codder Resort & Spa is located at 1225 Iyannough Road in Hyannis, MA (right off Route 6).

I can’t wait to go back!

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