Jun 102014
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While we were at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in April, one of the things that the kidlets really enjoyed was the Condor Trail.  They have several California Condors on display on Condor Ridge at the Safari Park.

The California Condor is the largest North American land bird. This condor became extinct in the wild in 1987 (all 22 remaining wild individuals were captured) and through captive breeding, the numbers are back up and some California Condors have been reintroduced into the wild.

condor trail one

The ones on display at the Safari Park live in this enclosure:


Look at how big they are:

condor 2

condor 3

condor trail collage 1

Up by the enclosure, there were several docents there to answer questions and help educate people.  They had this fabric Condor “wing span” that they held up for my little man and my nephew to measure their own arms against so that they could get an idea of how big the Condor’s wings are.


And this is an actual puppet that they used to help the Condors with breeding and caring for their eggs.


While we were up on the ridge, the boys really enjoyed the view.


And lastly, the highlight of the boys visit to see the California Condors was by far the remnants of their breakfast that day.  Ick.

They were absolutely fascinated, though.


The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is separate from the San Diego Zoo and it’s located at 15500 San Pasqual Valley Rd in Escondido, CA 92027

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  131 Responses to “The Condor Trail at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park”

  1. These birds were huge and very interesting the boys did like looking at there left over breakfast. Boys will be boys

  2. That is so good they work to bring them back. They are so big!

  3. Love seeing wildlife so upclose like this!

  4. We were at the San Diego Zoo a few weeks ago and missed this exhibit. Darn. It looks amazing. I love the zoo but its so huge its impossible to see everything in one day.

  5. Wow, those things are huge (that’s what she said). How cool to be able to see them so close up.

  6. Very intersting. The Condor sure is one huge bird. If they ever start roaming our land, we will have to watch our pets and children very closely.

  7. Wow, those birds were so very large, but did look like a great place to visit. Definite
    Y enjoyed seeing the pics here today 🙂

  8. It is so good that they have bred and reintroduced some to the wild,It would be such a shame if they had gone extinct.I can not believe how big their wing span is.

  9. Wow. That looks like a really cool experience!

  10. yeah my boys would be fascinated by the breakfast on the ground too! yuck!

  11. Amazing birds…..what a great way to interact & learn.

  12. Those birds are amazing. I love that they have their own trail.

  13. It seems as the boys had a great time, does birds are very nice. That last picture well not very appealing …
    Have a lovely day!!

  14. Those sure are wonderful birds. Thanks for sharing.

  15. hahaha, thank you for the remnants picture. 😉 This does look like a fun trip. I like the (rest of) your pictures. 😉 I like the way you made the collage w/the big and small photos too!

  16. Looks like you had an amazing time and what a great place to visit! It figures the boys would be interested in the breakfast leftovers (hee-hee). Reminds me of a cardboard box from a refrigerator being the best clubhouse ever! 🙂

  17. Boys would be interested in their breakfast. I happen to like that they have a learning area.

  18. Those are huge birds..and I gotta say, not the cutest. Funny your boys like the remains of their breakfast. Ew.

  19. those are some ugly birds LOL. our little zoo has or at least had some condors on display last time we were there.

  20. Interesting birds! They kind of freak me out. lol What a neat thing to see, though. Very educational.

  21. This looks like your boys had a great time, my kids would love it just as much.

  22. Never been, but heard great things about the San Diego Zoo. Glad you and your family enjoyed the zoo.

  23. Looks Like Everyone Had Fun Lots Of Sights To See Looks So Cool Will Have To Take The Kids There!!

  24. wow what an amazing experience! I would have loved to have seen the baby condors, I am sure my daughter would have loved this.

  25. Oh my goodness, how cool! So neat to see them in person.

  26. How awesome, I want to take the kids down to San Diego and do the Zoo, lego land and Sea World. I miss living in SD

  27. I love nature attractions. It’s always so much fun learning more about the world we live in.

  28. That is a fun zoo. We took the kids there a few years ago. Cool photos! Have a terrific day!

  29. I’ve been a busy bug lately and haven’t had time to look through all of your fun adventures. I miss seeing what you and the kiddos are up to! Always something exciting of course 🙂 We are planning a zoo trip this Summer but with all this rain it’s been difficult getting there!

  30. That is one big, scary bird, although the breakfast remnants give it a run for the money. Total boy stuff here! lol

  31. Hari Om
    What amazing birds… great to be so close too. YAM xx

  32. I don’t think that I have ever seen a condor before. How fascinating!

  33. They are a very interesting looking bird!!

  34. How fun for those little guys. I would love to take my son there!

  35. These totally freaked me out when we went. I kept my son very far away, LOL

  36. Looks like a great place to visit. Would love to see a Condor up closer.

  37. My oldest son and I would be into this kind of this exhibit. We both find these types of things interesting.

  38. My daughter would love these. Love to find out about all animals.

  39. This looks like a great place to visit, though I could do without seeing the remains of the condor’s breakfast.

  40. Their wing span is insane!!! I can’t even imagine!

  41. Absolutely fascinating! I would love to see one of those condors in flight–that is some wing span. They really do look something like turkeys -wonder if there is a relationship there?

  42. Those are really big! Birds sort of freak me out(I think from seeing The Birds movie).

  43. I would love to see an Condor. I didn’t know too much about them. They are magnificent. The little men look like they are having soo much fun. Thanks for all the photos.

  44. I’m not going to lie, those birds are kinda scary lol. Looks like the boys had fun!

  45. HOLY Smokes! Yeah not sure I’d be a fan to see those birds up close.

  46. Wow what some amazing birds – think I might be a bit scared if I actually saw them up close and personal! x

  47. Wow the condors are so huge! The remains aren’t the most appealing things I’ve seen.

  48. This looks like amazing famiy fun time for all! Love the puppet!

  49. This looks like a fun and educational place to visit! I think my kids would enjoy this!

  50. I think my husband would’ve been way more excited than your boys in spite of the ick factor, he’s been dreaming about San Diego Zoo since like forever.

  51. Oh my goodness my son would love this place. I will have to try and find my way there when we are out in CA in a few weeks.

  52. Ewww at the breakfast leftovers. Right up little boys’ alleys though!

  53. You’re making me really miss the San Diego Zoo. When I was a kid the Safari Park was called The Wild Animal Park. I have so many great memories there. I hope to take my kids and husband one day so they can experience it all for themselves.

  54. Not gonna lie- giant birds kinda creep me out! Looks like a great learning experience though!

  55. Eek, what bizarre birds! I don’t think I’d want to stumble across one in the wild, but am glad they were saved from extinction.

  56. Wow, those are some mighty big birds! It’s so awesome that they were able to bring an animal back from the brink of extinction like that.

  57. I don’t like too many zoos because of the enclosures, etc., however I really liked the way the San Diego zoo did things! There were some fascinating exhibits there. That condor trail looks so cool!

  58. This looks like fun! I have a little boy that would love to visit.

  59. Leave it to boys to like the grossest part the best! Ha!

  60. I had no idea they were completely extinct in the wild at one point. I have seen shows telling how the birds born in captivity were fed by puppet.

  61. Great pictures! I think we spent half of my kids’ childhoods at the San Diego Zoo!

  62. We have always loved visiting those bird parks. WE used to volunteer at one and it was an amazing learning experience.

  63. Glad the boys liked the zoo. I saw the condor size at our Brookfield Zoo in IL. Incredible

  64. Wow, thanks for showing those good ole remnants! I think those birds are cool, but scary.

  65. I did not realize condors were that big! What a cool way to learn about condors and nature!

  66. Wow. That would be amazing.

  67. That looks like a fun and interesting trip! I could have done without the the leftovers photo though!

  68. Those birds are HUGE!

  69. That is so cool. You got some fantastic photos of the birds. Thank you for sharing.

  70. I went to the San diego zoo as a little girl and I think that is where my love of zoo’s came from! I only went the one time but I still have such fond memories of it. I haven’t ever been to this park though. I didn’t know that they were endangered and worked so hard to get their numbers back up. That is fascinating and wonderful!

  71. That is so cool! You have the most amazing adventures. 🙂

  72. That looks like a great place to visit. Awesome pictures.

  73. This place looks really awesome.

  74. Wow they are big! Looks like a great time by the family!

  75. My son loved the condor trail too! My mother works at a raptor center in MN so it was cool for him to see the birds he’d learned about from her at the Safari Park. Your boys are super cute!

  76. Looks like your boys had a blast even when they saw they leftovers from breakfast. Yikes! What a cool experience (other than the leftovers)

  77. Wow, they are huge! Must’ve been a neat experience for the boys!

  78. what cool birds and it looks like a fun day!

  79. We saw reminants one day at the zoo as well, the kids thought it was the highlight of the trip. hahaha!

  80. This looks like a lot of fun. Wish we had a big zoo like that close to here.

  81. My country national bird is the Condor lol, but birds freak me out, all of them but mostly carrion birds and pigeons. However the work they are doing by preserving and reintroducing a almost extinct animal to the wild is commendable.

  82. Wow. They have a huge wing span!! Cool that they’ve brought them back from the brink of utter extinction!

  83. Wow! Those are some big birds. I had some “remnants” of a bunny on my deck too long ago. I wonder what kind of big bird left it there. Probably not one of these guys though!

  84. That looks like a ton of fun!!! I bet your boys loved the “remnants” they got to see as well.

  85. It seems like you guys had an awesome trip!

  86. good lord … they are like a small plane! holy …. bird! My kids would have been fascinated by the breakfast remains too. Kids are gross. 🙂

  87. That is great that they are working and succeeding in making sure they do not become extinct. I would love to go to this zoo – maybe next summer.

  88. SO cool! I remember being fascinated by condors when I learned about them in school. Now I want to go check them out! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  89. Did you find dora and diaego lol sorry couldn’t resist

  90. Is a Condor’s wingspan really that large? Oh my goodness. I had no idea they were that huge!

  91. They are MASSIVE! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  92. That wing span is crazy! What a great learning adventure.

  93. What a great learning experience. Thanks for sharing.

  94. Wow, so close. And I agree on the ick. Boys…

  95. The big birds are just scary to me. My son loves them however, especially birds of prey.

  96. San Diego is not too far from me but I’ve actually never been. These are great! Birds that big scare me a little but they are also so fascinating.

  97. Oh dear. I’m glad they enjoyed! I’m terrified of birds, so I would NOT be visiting there LOL

  98. Such a neat experience. Didn’t realize those birds were so huge!

  99. Wow – those guys are huge! What a cool post.

  100. Wowza! That looks so cool! What a cool place to visit!

  101. I had no idea they were that big. The kids must have enjoyed that visit.

  102. What a great trail and it’s awesome that they had people present to answer questions and offer up education.

  103. Cool birds! I’m pretty sure I never saw one in person! Awesome info! thanks!

  104. Those condors really are amazing! They are SO big.

  105. What an awesome place – the boys must have loved this! 🙂

  106. Believe me, this is the first time I am seeing a Candor. I am sure it would be amazing watching them in real.

  107. The San Diego Zoo is a place I’ve wanted to go to for a while now, I really need to take a trip their soon.

  108. My kids would love to spend a day here!

  109. They boys looked like they had fun touching and feeling everything. I am sure they really enjoyed getting to see the breakfast leftovers 🙂

  110. wow…condor trails..they’re big :)…the leftovers were yucky, though…I guess my kids will enjoy visiting those animals in the zoo…soon :)….

  111. Those are some fantastic pictures!! The condor is so beautiful and scary at the same time!

  112. Those are some huge (kind-of ugly) birds! What a great leaning adventure for the kids!

  113. Those are really huge birds. Aren’t they scavengers?

  114. Boys will be boys and be interested in the yucky bits. LOL. But how cool they got to see and learn about Condors.

  115. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I’ve never been to San Diego.

  116. It looks like they had fun. Why do the birds have tags on them?

  117. Wow, this looks like so much fun! My little girl would love something like this!

  118. They are amazing to learn about but birds that big creep me out. They remind me of dinosaurs ACK

  119. Awesome trip! So much learning potential – love trips like this! That last picture is a bit yucky… 🙂

  120. I can’t believe you guys got so close to the condors. These are some amazing photos.

  121. Wow. That is so much fun! You always get to go to the most exciting places!

  122. Looks like you all had a great time. I love that your boys loved the aftermath of the birds breakfast. LOL my boys would do the same thing, they love all that stuff. HA

  123. This looks like a fun and interesting place. So I guess they were almost extinct right?

    We learned about the extinct do-do bird when we went to Mauritius.

  124. This looks like such a great place to visit. It also seems that your boys had a good time. I enjoyed your photographs.

  125. What a great adventure place! My boys would have a blast if we ever have a chance to visit there.

  126. Thank you for linking up with my weekly linky. I would have just loved to see the animals; We certainly dont see birds like that in my neighborhood 🙂

  127. I have a huge huge fear of birds. I am glad they are around but I am scared to death of them. I am not sure if I would be into this park but my kids might.

  128. That is not an overly pretty bird, now is it?

  129. I almost hate to know what they had for breakfast! ~lol~