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Picture this.  You and your other half are sitting on the sofa bingeing on your favorite Netflix show one night when one of you falls asleep. What do you do?  Stop watching or carry on and pretend that you didn’t notice the snoring coming from the person next to you? Netflix recently conducted a survey of more than 30,000 couples who stream, and according to the results – more and more people are opting for the latter.  The survey revealed that 46 percent of couples who stream together around the world have “Netflix cheated,” aka watched a show before their significant other has had a chance to watch it.

I guess Netflix and Cheat is the new Netflix and Chill….

The thing is, according to the Netflix survey, cheating is rarely done intentionally. Approximately 80% of professed Netflix cheaters don’t plan on watching their shows without their partners….it’s just too tempting for them NOT to watch.

If you have a second, check out this video that Michael Bolton made about it (it’s pretty funny). Even he’s a Netflix cheater.

The top six shows that tempt streaming adulterers include The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Stranger Things and Marvel’s Daredevil. Hey, they are all just too good to stop watching sometimes.

If you lack self control like I do & are guilty of Netflix adultery, you’d probably better start practicing your shocked face and saying “OMG! I can’t believe he just did that” – otherwise your partner will figure out your little indiscretion in no time flat.

Ok, so now it’s time for you to fess up.  Have you Netflix cheated?  If the answer is yes, please tell me what are you bingeing on.  My hubby and I are on the lookout for new shows, so we’re taking suggestions.

Note: I am a member of the Netflix StreamTeam.  As part of the #streamteam, I have received product and complimentary service, but all opinions are 100% my own. 

  78 Responses to “The Couple That Streams Together Stays Together! The Truth About Netflix Cheating. #streamteam”

  1. Hilarious! I loved the video with Michael Bolton. And yes, I confess, I cheat all the time, if he’s going to fall asleep, well… tough!

  2. Haha, my husband and I stay honest. But if he deploys, I tell him I’m watching the show and he’s cool with that, because he’s able to watch the show over there too. Then we can discuss it at least!

  3. My boyfriend is so guilty of this – but then he reasons, fairly enough, that I’m the one who fell asleep so technically its my fault. But he always lets me catch up before we move onto the next episode!

  4. We both are guilty of this cheating but we always find time to make it up and be prepared for that second chance. lol

  5. HA! I’ve read this somewhere as well. I think it’s quite funny but it’s also true, we feel bad when our SO watches an episode in advance or in secret if we’re following the series together. It’s definitely counted as cheating, although a funny one at that!

  6. My husband and I have given up trying to stream things together. I constantly fall asleep about ten minutes after an episode has started, so that means I have to play catch up before we try and watch the next episode together (and then I fall asleep again!). We just stream at different times now.

  7. I love watching Netflix with my hubby. Right now we are watching Last Man Standing and it is so funny. We have watched a lot of shows together.

  8. It feels bad when you watch ahead so you always keep it a secret! Guilty as charged right here. I think it’s also unfair if you do watch ahead though. This infographic says it all.

  9. So funny. You think they are talking about one thing, but yes, you do sometimes cheat when it comes to shows!

  10. This is so interesting! I do this to my lover all the time, but shhhhh don’t tell her.

  11. I love this. It is very interesting to see how things just happen to get watched by accident.

  12. OMG. I am cracking up! I don’t have anyone to Netflix cheat on, but if I did? I totally would lol!

  13. Since my husband is out of town during the week we only stream on the weekends. So I guess we watch what we want and save the best for the weekends.

  14. haha its true, the couple who strems together, stays together! that make sense! lol. it’s our hobby

  15. My bf started a new season without me and I was devastated! lol I felt so betrayed even though it’s only a show…lol Netflix and cheat is a real thing lol

  16. OMG so true! I have def dont this a couple times when my husband wimps out and goes to bed early! Then I pretend i didn’t see the episode i watched by myself!

  17. Michael Bolton is surprisingly funny! I love him in that Lonely Island video when he praises Jack Sparrow! I think Netflix and Cheating is real and it’s super annoying!

  18. This cracks me up! My husband and I don’t always agree on the shows that we want to watch so this is not a huge problem for us. But I do know some friends that have had this problem.

  19. My wife would have serious words with me!!! She is huge into streaming shows, we tend to do mass streaming of a whole series.

  20. Call me the cheater …. and I stand up to it LOL!

  21. The whole idea of this amuses me – it just sounds so ridiculous!

    I haven’t cheated ever – but I have been cheated on, and it hurt. It hurt so bad I sort of lost interest in watching TV with that person entirely lol.

    Wanna talk about first world problems. Humans these days are a mess – me included.

  22. I get the feel of netflix cheaters especially on interesting series. Sometimes, you want to watch a show as soon as its available.

  23. I’m so guilty of this when my husband is at work. Then when he goes to watch a show I’m like nah I already watched he gets so mad, but I cant help it.. its hard not to!

  24. So good! My husband and I are both in fact, guilty!

  25. My husband and I are not guilty. I don’t have Netfix so we don’t watch it. Would love to subscribe and watch all the great shows on there.

  26. Funny… not sure why they put a label like “cheating” on this. I call it staying informed. If my S.O. fell asleep during a binge I would just assume she wasn’t as interested in it as I was. Although, I would act as if I hadn’t seen it when she’s ready to catch up.

  27. I can’t believe we havent tried NEtflix yet. I have heard such great things about them. I really want to get rid of cable – the prices are outrageous every month!

  28. We love to binge watch shows when we can. We never watch it without the other. Netflix has so many great shows and movies we are set for a long time.

  29. OMG I love this topic! My hubby would say I’ve cheated with him on netflix for the first season of Fuller House but I learned my lesson…boy did I! Love this blogpost!

  30. I heard that breaking bad is the show to watch. That is on my agenda to start from the top of the series and catch up.

  31. Too funny. While I admit I’ve watched a show if hubs fell asleep I haven’t watched any of our shows without him! I did watch Stranger Things on my own because he said he wasn’t interested but then he heard all the hype and wanted to watch it after I was done.

  32. Lol, my daughter admits to Netflix cheating when she can’t wait for her spouse to get off to see what ever it is she’s dying to watch. I live alone so it’s not cheating for me lol.

  33. NEVER!!! We don’t watch the same things, so this isn’t an issue. However, I found it hilarious that there was such a thing!

  34. My son and I like to watch shows together on Netflix. I have been tempted to watch it without him, but I don’t know to get to Netflix through his game system that we stream it from.

  35. I am the one who falls asleep… and hubby always watches more! Good thing I get to go back and catch up over the weekends!

  36. Netflix cheating – haha that’s hilarious! I do not have a SO but it’s happened when watching a series with my sister – she did not wait for me!

  37. I’ve never tried to cheat on watching Netflix lol but it looks fun. I know a friend who always cheating, she is probably guilty about this.

  38. I must confess. I am guilty of this. My husband and I were going to stream a few shows together, but I have to wait on him to get home from work before I can watch them. It was too much. I had to watch. Lock me up and throw away the key!

  39. I am a reformed Netflix cheater. My husband used to get so mad.

  40. My husband and I are a Netflix couple and I am happy to say we have never cheated! Go us!

  41. Lol, I know this temptation too well. Sometimes I just want to know what happens next, and I get sucked into the show…

  42. Wow, that’s crazy! As hard as it is to wait my husband and I wait to watch shows together, even when one of us is traveling and sometimes have to wait a LONG time! We’re currently binging on Shameless, so good!!

  43. Oh yes. I am the biggest cheater of all. lol. He works all the time and I just cannot wait. We binge so much, like, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Criminal Minds, and Supernatural.

  44. We’ve just started our subscription trial to Netflix and I guess I have to be careful huh?! Lol! So far, we’re loving it!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  45. So I have definitely Netflix cheated! I have done it with The Walking Dead and when we were trying to catch up on Always Sunny episodes he he

  46. HAHA…what me never! I actually used to do this all the time but rewatching constantly got boring.

  47. I love Stranger Things. We regularly fall asleep on each other and do carry on watching. It’s almost expected that we will. Kind of funny to think of it as cheating but guess it makes sense

  48. Ha ha!! So funny. I have a two and four-year old.. I wish I had time to Netflix cheat! I don’t watch much tv anymore but will one day again soon!

  49. OMG Michael Bolton is so funny! The only time I cheated was to watch Fuller House with my daughter.

  50. Guilty! I watched a few episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend after my husband fell asleep. We both love it.

  51. My husband is usually so busy as he travels a lot and I know I am one of the reasons for such statistics of Netflix cheating! It is only on the weekend we are able to match it up!

  52. I totally have cheated when it comes to Netflix before! I spend a lot of time at home while my husband is at work so it’s hard not to. Then again, he does the same thing so I don’t feel too bad lol 🙂

  53. Luckily I don’t have anyone to Netflix cheat on, but I can see how it would be tempting. As much as I like to watch shows alone, it is fun to watch it with someone else and get their reactions.

  54. I cheated many times from my husband, i watched a lot at home during his work time! haha!

  55. Lol. I am the one who falls asleep easily. It’s ok with me if he’ll continue to watch it as long as he’s not a spoiler and wait for me until I am done watching.

  56. Too, too funny & not sure why I should care if my husband watches something before me. We barely remember to watch 2 or 3 movies a month & often give up when we can’t find something we really like.

  57. My hubby and I stream together. It is our regular weekend activity. However, I am not sure if he cheats because there are times I am away on a trip on a weekend. He might not have cheated, but who knows? 🙂

  58. I used to have Netflix and enjoyed it a lot. I kind of miss haviong it. I should get it again.

  59. My husband and I are both pretty good at not cheating. Although, I watch more shows than he does.

  60. Lol luckily my husband and I wouldn’t dare netflix and cheat lol we are on the same page and watching without each other is definitely a divorceable offense!

  61. This is hysterical to me. My husband has no clue how to find the netflix browser on our TV it cracks me up, so I don’t have to worry about him getting ahead. It’s me that just can’t wait LOL!

  62. my husband and i loves Netflix a lot. I am guilty for cheating sometimes ! i watched alone while he is away haha lol

  63. This is too cute. My husband and I love watching Netflix together and would never think about watching an episode without the other! LOL

  64. My husband and I watch Netflix every single night to fall asleep. There are so many good shows, we literally never run out of things to watch.

  65. This is so hilarious!!! I absolutely Love it!! LOL.

  66. Hahaha! My mom often falls asleep when we’re watching FRIENDS on Netflix and we “cheat”. But she knows (otherwise I wouldn’t be commenting). 🙂

  67. This is awesome, and very true! Unless my husband and I have agreed to ONLY watch it together, I will continue watching something after he is asleep… or even while he is at work! He does the same if I am out. As long as we don’t watch ahead on the shows we watch together… all is right in the world.

  68. I finally got Netflix streaming and both my husband and I are addicted! Were not quite to the cheating stage, but I’m sure it will be coming! Haha!

  69. This is such a great post, I’m literally LOL!!! My husband and I totally watch the same shows every night!

  70. This is pretty funny! I am not sure if I have been cheated on before but hey I might have slipped before 😉

  71. I’m fairly certain my husband watches all our shows without telling me! But I honestly don’t have time to watch TV so I’m not a cheater!

  72. Yesss! I love a good date night in with my hubs, some wine and Netflix of course. Binge fest baby!

  73. OMG this is so spot on haha!! Adam caught me “cheating” once and he held a grudge for far longer than I anticipated haha #neveragain #alwaysNetflixtogether

  74. I have totally cheated on my husband with shows, lol. But, in my defense, he totally sleeps through most of them. So when he wants to watch them again, I have to sit through the same episodes over and over. If I wait for him, I’ll never get to see a new show.

  75. I have been cheated on in a relationship before and it sucks. Of course this was pre-Netflix. Maybe if we had Netflix we would have stayed together? HA!

  76. I LOVE some of the shows on there! It’s really a better deal than having cable.

  77. I love to binge watch shows. Then I pretend that I don’t know what is going to happen next LOL.