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Edaville USA is a modest theme park located in Carver, MA with cranberry harvesting and railroading as its two main themes. It is a really fun family attraction which features about a dozen or so amusement rides including a Ferris Wheel, carousel, bumper cars and more. Each admission includes a five mile train ride through the cranberry bogs on their property. It’s one of New England’s largest displays of Christmas lights and our family looks forward to going every year.


**My family received complimentary admission to Edaville in order to experience the Festival of Lights for ourselves.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way**

In fact, I grew up going there with my parents, sister and brother and I am happy that it’s still around for my own children to enjoy.


In addition to the vintage amusement rides, Thomas Land opened this year & there are several more rides to enjoy in that part of the park.  Plus while you’re at Edaville, you visit with Santa in one of our indoor play areas (photos cost extra).


My boys love the amusement rides,  but there are height limits on many of them.  This year, my little guy was finally tall enough to ride them all without an adult (thank god for not having to spin this year).




Trains typically run on an hourly schedule and honestly, I suggest doing that first. While everyone else will be oohing & ahhing over the lights, you can get on the train ride while the lines aren’t so long.  The later it gets in the evening, the longer the line for the train gets and the more likely you’ll be left standing there waiting in line when you can be off enjoying the rides or getting a hot chocolate.


Plus, if you need to leave the park early for some reason, you don’t want to have missed the train ride, because 1.  It’s fun and 2. It comprises most of the ticket cost.


If you get hungry, Edaville has several concession stands, which is a great option for treats like fried dough or hot chocolate. They also have a cafeteria where you can get things like drinks, burgers, fries and hot dogs, but it can get busy when it gets close to dinner time. I would suggest bringing a few snacks with you when you go – just in case.  In my experience, hungry kids are cranky kids.


The most important thing you need to know when you head to Edaville is to make sure you bundle up! You will be outside the majority of the time (with the exception of the train ride or if you head into the indoor play place or cafeteria).  You can always take off layers, but if you go un-prepared, you will freeze.  Trust me on this.  I went in with four layers and I was still cold.




Oh, and just a little fun fact. Massachusetts is one of 5 states that grows cranberries. The other 4 are Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington and New Jersey.


Thinking about heading there yourself?  Admission is $29 per person and tickets can be purchased online by visiting their website or at the park entrance.

All park rides and attractions included with admission.


Edaville USA is located at 5 Pine St in CarverMA and the Festival of Lights is going on now through January 1!

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