Jun 012011

My family and I headed out to the big apple this past Saturday for the weekend.  We had a wedding on Monday (Chris’s brother), so we decided to make a long weekend out of it.  We left early (6 am) on Saturday morning and made it to our hotel by 10 am.  It would have been sooner, but we had to stop for a few potty breaks along the way.

Once we were at the hotel, it occured to me when I saw the concierge desk that the last time I was down there, I had gotten discounted tickets to the Empire State Building & since that was our plan for the day, I stood in line to talk to her for a grueling 10 minutes or so.  Curious as to why it was so grueling – well, I am going to tell you anyway.  The guy who was talking to her was also a masshole.  I know this because he had on a t-shirt from Monty’s in West Bridgewater (it’s a motorcycle shop).  Anywho, this idiot apparently decided that he just had to have a Celtics visor and had the girl calling all over the city to see if she could find one.  I guess it didn’t occur to him that he wanted one before he left Massachusetts?  Of course, she couldn’t locate one.  Shocker.

So, I managed to get our tickets and we set off on the walk over to the Empire State Building.  It was a MUCH longer walk than I anticipated, but once we finally got there, we thought we were rockstars were able to blow past most of the lines because we got our tickets in advance.  Once we were up at the top, we quickly found out that it was PACKED!  I am not sure what the capacity of the observation deck is, but they must have reached it that day.  Even if it wasn’t so crowded, we probably wouldn’t have stayed that long because it was hotter than hades that day.  We worked up a nice sweat just walking there, but then with the sun beating down on us, we were ready to leave about five minutes later.

Once we were done, we grabbed a quick lunch & then walked in the sweltering heat over to times square.  We didn’t have a plan in mind other than I wanted pictures of my boys there, so that was reason enough for me.  And did you notice the sign that says “Fleet Week” in the picture below?   Well I had no clue it was Fleet Week until I got there, but was very pleasantly surprised by all the men in their sailor uniforms. 

Again, it was really, really hot and super crowded, so we visited the M&M store which was nicely air conditioned for a while and then headed back to our hotel to actually get checked in (remember, we arrived at 10 am and check in isn’t until 3).  I’m pretty sure we all sweated off five pounds each that day.

This was our room at the Skyline Hotel, located in midtown on 10th & 49th.

Once we were all checked in – we hit the pool and were in for the night.  We were exhausted from all the walking we did in the brutal heat.  We had a full day planned for Sunday (which I’ll tell you all about tomorrow) and hit the hay early.  I mean early – we were all in bed at 7 pm.

  5 Responses to “The Massholes Take Manhattan Part 1”

  1. Did you ride the ferris wheel inside Toys R Us? My boys were mortified when they stuck us in the “My Little Pony car.”

    That said, the kids are dying to go back. I was planning it as a “family moon” for us to take with the kids when we get back from our honeymoon, but alas, the MA school system has foiled my plans by sending the kids back to school BEFORE labor day. 🙁

  2. You should have messaged me, there are some awesome eateries for the kids. I lived in Manhattan for three years, worked there for almost 10. Problem with the city is it’s super hot in summer and super cold in winter. Best times to visit are fall and early spring. I don’t miss the summers in the subway. Oy, the stench of sweaty bodies.

    Skyline is a nice hotel, I know someone who stayed there. I love that part of the city. Not too far from my fave funky diner: http://www.vynl-nyc.com/

    Fleet Week is such a trip. Every Memorial Day weekend the sailors are there. So weird to see them on the subways and roaming the streets. Looks like you guys had a fun time 🙂


  3. Can’t wait to hear about day two!

  4. following you from the hop hope you follow back , Totally cool blog you have !!!!!

  5. Oooo, fun! That’s so cool that you were there during Fleet Week. I’m such a softy for that kind of stuff. Hubb’s is prior Navy. So, did you notice the sign on the tower that says something along the lines of: “Do not lift children.” Good plan, no?