Jun 032014
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newport cliff walk

On Mother’s Day, Chris and I decided to take the gruesome twosome for a walk along one of Newport’s most famous attractions – The Cliff Walk.   The Cliff Walk is a 3.5 mile path along the gorgeous coastline of Newport, RI.  The Cliff Walk runs behind several of the Newport Mansions and it’s an absolutely gorgeous place to go for a walk.

We started the walk at the beginning, which was right next to First Beach on Memorial Drive .  At that point along the path, it’s paved and pretty easy to navigate, but there are some rocky, unpaved sections further down along the path.

newport cliff walk1

About a mile or so into the walk, we came to the first of the mansions along the trail; The Breakers – which is the largest and most famous of the mansions.  At that point, the boys were completely done with the walk and were begging to go back.  After a quick pit stop for a picture in which neither of them would cooperate for, we headed back to the car.

newport cliff walk the breakers

Here are a couple of the pictures I snapped along the way. The view is absolutely amazing isn’t it?

Newport cliff walk 2

The Cliff Walk is free, but depending on where you park, you may have to pay for a meter.

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  155 Responses to “The Newport Cliff Walk – Newport, RI”

  1. We are taking the boys there once a week over the summer now.

  2. Gorgeous pics! We are definitely going to have to check the walk out. We’re always looking for fin things to do and this sounds like something we would enjoy. Thanks for another great post!

  3. Hari OM
    That sure is a place of beauty you have there…and you had SUNSHINE!!! I have apparently moved to one of the most beautiful areas of Scotland but it has a micro-climate which ensures 27/30 days of rain… YAM xx

  4. Now that looks beautiful there it’s a treat for me seeing a blue sky we don’t see many in London in fact it’s raining as I type LOL

  5. Love the photos, I so want to get up to Newport.

  6. Your boys and mine would get along so well 🙂 I tried taking them on a walk last week and the oldest started complaining in less than five minutes……Having multiple boys is fun!!! The views are gorgeous, love the photos!

  7. SO gorgeous! Newport is a really beautiful place. Your boys are too cute!

  8. Looks like a lovely place to visit, seems as you all had a great time.
    Enjoy the day!

  9. This looks like a wonderful path. One that I would absolutely love to take one day.

  10. How fun! I’m so glad that Summer is upon us that we can get out and enjoy the weather 🙂 Looks like you guys had a fab day!

  11. That’s absolutely GORGEOUS out there! Their faces are completely cracking me up though. lol

  12. I haven’t been there in years, but this makes me want to go back soon!

  13. Lovely place for a walk. I shared a walk today too 🙂

  14. That looks like a beautiful walk! Flowers, water, mansions – looks fun to me!! Sorry your kids didn’t enjoy it that much!!

  15. i used to love going there, but have not been since having kids (my oldest is 12…its been a lonnnng time) i was recently told that there are some dangerous spots for the kids, like fall off a cliff dangerous? did you find any “danger zones?” i would really love to take them this summer

  16. That’s a really neat outing! I hope the boys will be strong enough to the whole thing with you guys one day. It looks like from these photos that you should time it right when the flowers are in bloom. Take care!

  17. This is beautiful! I wish we had something like this where I am. LOL at the boys expression, sorry they didnt enjoy it.

  18. The views are amazing! That is a great place for a walk.

  19. What a beautiful spot! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  20. Great photos,I would love to do this walk such beautiful views,I would just keep on walking as far as i could my kids love walking too so i think they would enjoy it.

  21. Beautiful shots! Love that last pic of the boys – they do look exhausted… 🙂

  22. Beautiful..I love going to places like this.. Love how ‘over it’ your kids were with the pics.. funny.

  23. Oh my gosh! What scenery! I think I could just sit at that cliff and really relax! Beautiful pics!

  24. I love to be along the water. It makes for some wonderful scenery to look at (and photograph) and this area looks amazing!

  25. I need to get over your way. You have some beautiful places to visit.

  26. Great family activity– I love the Cliff Walks…last time, I did them in the rain 🙁

  27. I’ve always wanted to go to Newport and do the Cliff Walk. Maybe someday!

  28. HA! The gruesome twosome 🙂 What a beautiful place to spend your day. Thanks for sharing your pics.

  29. This looks absolutely gorgeous. I would love to visit!

  30. That is so beautiful! I would love to go on that walk!

  31. The views are amazing. I’d love to have scenic walks like this here. Or at least closer. Very beautiful.

  32. Oooh, why can’t that be where I live? It looks lovely — especially to walk down the part with the trail of flowers.

  33. That is a killer view! My boys get like that to. I’m always thinking, “What! You guys always have energy. Now when we’re out in a beautiful spot you can’t enjoy it?” LOL At least you got some good nature shots.

  34. I have never been there but it looks like a beautiful place to walk and site see.

  35. I would love to do the NewPort Cliff walk! It looks absolutely gorgeous there!

  36. What a great way to spend mothers day – and gorgeous views too!

  37. That does look like a fantastic and fun place to walk!!!

  38. Oh wow – I would love to spend a day exploring the Newport Cliff Walk! I bet it was just stunning. It’s hard to get kids of any age to cooperate for pictures, especially after a little bit of physical exertion, isn’t it? 🙂

  39. I have been wanting to go hiking with my husband, but he never wants to. This looks like fun!

  40. I would love to take this walk. I’ve never been. It reminds me of the marginal way in Maine. I love that pic. of the boys. Too funny. Would an ice cream truck at the end change their tune? I know it would for my two. 🙂

  41. Oh I love nice walks with pretty views. Your kids will appreciate nice walks when they are older. 🙂

  42. That looks awesome. I would love to go there!

  43. What amazing views and spring flowers to boot. Thanks for all the lovely pictures to look at. Enjoyed my visit

  44. Looks like a beautiful place! I will have to remember it if we are ever in the area!

  45. wow the walk looks amazing! what a great post, thanks for sharing.

  46. I love the looks on their faces – too funny. I have actually made that walk. To see the “cottages.” HA! And that bridge – into Newport. I thought I’d die. OMG!

  47. I wouldn’t mind making that walk every day! Gorgeous!!

  48. I’ll bet the cool breeze and the sounds of the waves make it irresistible. I love the gardening on the path, too.

  49. So beautiful! I want to go there right now!

  50. I would love to live close to a place like this!

  51. What a nice looking place to go.. We were thinking of going there this summer..

  52. That looks like a beautiful place to go on a walk! We love going for family walks. Have a great day!

  53. That is so pretty! Looks like a great hike too!

  54. Yes, my son loves a good walk! Looks like they had a ball.

  55. Wow. That’s a great looking place to go for a walk. And, it still has a sidewalk if you need to bring a stroller which is nice.

  56. That is a breathtaking view, although I would be afraid to get too close to the edge.

  57. Gorgeous photos (and views!) We have a few hikes/historic walks locally that we need to try out this summer.

  58. This looks like such a beautiful hike. The views are absolutely breathtaking and it’s a wonderful place to enjoy some outdoor air and spend some time with the kids.

  59. That is beautiful. I love the view. Nice pics too.

  60. That is absolutely gorgeous. I love going on nature walks!

  61. Lol!! The kids faces are priceless!! I think Newport is beautiful!!

  62. That is a real beautiful walk. It would be a great place to exercise daily. Your two little ones weren’t too happy, LOL.

  63. It’s so pretty and green! I miss green living in the desert!

  64. What a beautiful walk. Those are lovely pictures!!

  65. I’ve never been there but that would make a good summer day trip!
    Beautiful photos..even the one with the two grumpy boys lol.

  66. Gorgeous little journey here, thanks for taking us1

  67. What a gorgeous hike! I really would love to go exploring and hiking on these cliffs! You got some good pictures.

  68. What a pretty place to take a walk! Wonderful way to spend family time.

  69. Not sure I’ll ever get to RI, but that looks gorgeous and a perfect family summer activity!

  70. The views are awesome. Looks like you all had a blast.

  71. This looks like a gorgeous place for a walk! The views are spectacular.

  72. Wow an awesome place. Love the cliffs! #WW

  73. Beautiful photography, you’ve got an eye for it!

  74. Oh such a beautiful walk! And LOL at your nickname for them hahaha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
    Join in: Wordless Wednesday

  75. Gorgeous photos! I would love to go to Rhode Island.

  76. The boys do look tired. I bet they slept great! I like your Mother’s Day celebration… unconventional and fun!

  77. Wow that looks like a pretty place! I would love to visit.

  78. I love my homestate of Texas BUT I have to admit, that view is amazing! What a great place just to appreciate nature!

  79. What gorgeous views! I could seriously die happy there.


  80. That would be a gorgeous walk, what a beautiful place!

  81. Oh my goodness, how beautiful. I love taking walks with the family, especially to places like this. It is the best bonding experience…

  82. What a gorgeous walk! I would just love to bring my camera.

  83. The flowers and sunshine look nice. What a beautiful day!

  84. What a beautiful place to visit. The daffodils are gorgeous!

  85. Aww, so sorry the boys were giving you a bit of hard time, but I have totally been there with our girls, too. Hugs and just glad you got some lovely pictures before you had to leave 🙂

  86. I’ve never been there. What a great view!

  87. What a wonderful place to visit! Looks like you boys got a bit tired there, lol

  88. sounds like a great walk and time of family bonding – great exercise too!

  89. I think you had an amazing trip with great photos, love being along a beach, what fun to see the mansions.

  90. those are some stunning views. I could walk that every day with my camera.
    I think I’d probably leave my own rugrats at home if I wanted to take pictures though. isn’t that always the way? you think they will love an outing, and then they end up hating it.

  91. I’m glad you stayed on the correct side of the cliff when you walked.


  92. this looks like a wonderful place to visit, loved your pictures…thanks for sharing

  93. Lo e your kiddos expressions. Mine would do the same thing. That mansion and those views are gorgeous!

  94. Beautiful pictures! My kids would have done the same thing!

  95. The Newport Cliff Walk looks so pretty. I’d love to visit sometime.

  96. Gorgeous photos! It seems like you and your family are always on the move and doing fun stuff! Jealous!

  97. What a wonderful place to walk! Cliffs especially impress me because Delaware is so flat.

  98. Gorgeous! Would love to go there too! We’ve vacationed in Maine and have seen some of the New England Coastline and it’s amazing.

    When we lived in South Florida, there was a walk on the inter coastal behind old money mansions. We could rent bikes and ride with the kids in seats on the bikes. Florida was flat and they enjoyed the ride! We took lunch and they never complained of being tired.

  99. What a gorgeous view. I wish we had something like that here in Indy!

  100. Amazing Views. I have New England on our bucket list to do when we visit my daughter in Boston. I’d love to come in the fall when the colors are bursting 🙂

  101. That looks absolutely gorgeous! What a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the day!

  102. we have plans to venture to newport later this summer. we may just take our own walk on the cliff walk

  103. What a beautiful place to go walking! I’d love to live near that – we’d go there a lot!

  104. That’s beautiful! I’d love to go there with my family. Maybe we’ll arrange that sometime!

  105. It is so gorgeous there! Have I told you lately how jealous I am of all your lovely views in your state?

  106. Wow this is beautiful, I would love to return to RI soon!

  107. Cracking up at the gruesome twosome! That view is gorgeous!

  108. You’re right, that IS such a gorgeous view! Too bad you had to stop so soon-I bet it’s just as gorgeous all the way through 🙂 Just another place to add to the must-see list!

  109. Beautiful, you always share such gorgeous places. I want to visit the east coast so bad!

  110. Lovely family! I hope these are the little things our kids will remember when they are old. That Mom and Dad toook time to walk with them and smell the flowers despite their busy schedules

  111. that is a beautiful time to spend quite and fun moment with the family. I like the view too, looks refreshing 😉


  112. looks like an awesome place to walk! My husband and I would love it – my kids would probably quit after a mile too – lol

    beautiful views 🙂

  113. Thanks for sharing the trip. You took some beautiful pictures.

  114. Looks like a really nice place to take your family on a walk. Thanks for sharing!

  115. That is so pretty! Your boys don’t look like they were so excited about the view though. (I remember my mom trying to make me look at the “pretty scenery” when I was a kid!)

  116. Beautiful!! Love posts like this. Such a sweet post.

  117. I really want to make it up The New England way one day and explore. I can see through you posts that there is a lot to see and do.

  118. I am so jealous, getting to have a place like that to explore that is that close to the ocean. That is the perfect place and I want to visit.

  119. My Brother-in-law has been trying to get us to do this. He raves about the scenery

  120. Those are some great photos. That was such a nice way to spend mother’s day!

  121. I totally want to go! The view is beautiful, we may have to make a pit stop on our way to Maine next week!

  122. Goodness, that looks beautiful! Poor boys LOL And did you walk that in your flip flops?!

  123. What a beautiful place to visit. The views are breathtaking and perfect for taking some great family photos!

  124. This looks like a beautiful place to take walk, I really need to visit there!

  125. That view is absolutely amazing. I am scared of heights though – but I hope if I ever get the chance, I can actually get up the nerve to look!

  126. What a beautiful place. I love the greenery and definitely think it’s a great place to take photos

  127. What a lovely place to go for a walk. Gorgeous scenery!

  128. What a beautiful view. I would love to go on a little stroll with my hub there. It’s definitely worth paying the meter and then some!

  129. What an awesome place to go for a walk– I really need to plan a drive to New England this fall.

  130. Wow what a great walk! My son would go nuts trying to climb the rocks.

  131. What a beautiful view. The boys didn’t look too thrilled about the walk or the photo!

  132. Gorgeous! I have not been to that part of the country yet but I when I do go, I will have to remember this place.

  133. Is this close to your home? It’s gorgeous. I’d walk it everyday. Not sure my kids would do the whole thing though

  134. Looks great! My kids love going for walks around parks and I think they’d love this! Gorgeous

  135. New England does have some beautiful spots to just walk–of course I think I would have been sitting with your son’s refusing to go another step!

  136. Wow what a beautiful looking walk <3 so many views x

  137. I love to see pictures of families enjoying the outdoors! Looks like a great place to go to!

  138. Looks like a GORGEOUS place. I hope I can visit it someday.

  139. Wow that is beautiful. What a nice place for a walk

  140. Looks like an awesome place for stroll!

  141. Everytime I see the kids faces, it makes me laugh out loud! I know it’s an awesome place and my kids would do they same!!

  142. Ha! The look on your boys faces was so funny. We have a 3 mile art walk that I’ve been wanting to take my family on but now I’m thinking maybe just my husband and I. The view is beautiful though!

  143. Poor kiddos, they look tired and ready for a nap! lol My son would have be like “Why I always have to walk?!” Kids!

  144. That is a gorgeous place. I love nature it always makes the perfect backdrop!

  145. That is such a beautiful place to spend Mother’s Day! I love the rocky beaches of New England.

  146. This is beautiful! If I ever go to Rhode island I will visit here.

  147. I have always wanted to do that! What amazing views.

  148. That looks like a park we have here. Beautiful views from all around!

  149. That looks like it was a gorgeous walk. I would have wanted to stay and take pictures for hours 🙂

  150. what a beautiful area. I’d love to visit there and schedule a walk with the family.

  151. Parts of it looked scary 🙂 Were they partitions/gates so kids don’t fall? I think I would worry the kids would fall (Yes, I am a worrywart!)

  152. Wow so pretty, totally worth paying a parking meter to experience.