Mar 202014

You’ve all heard the phrase “One if by land, and two if by sea”.  Well, today, I am going to show you where it came from:  The Old North Church  in the North End of Boston.

The famous “One if by land, and two if by sea” secret signal is said to have been  orchestrated by Revere during his historic ride from Boston to Concord on the verge of American Revolutionary War. In April of 1775, Paul Revere told three Boston patriots to hang two lanterns in the steeple of the Old North Church -one lantern meant that the troops chose the longer land route and two lanterns meant the shorter route by water, leaving less time for patriots to react.

The signal was meant to alert patriots about the route the British troops chose to advance to Concord.





And the rest is history.

The Old North Church is located at 193 Salem Street in the North End of Boston.

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  1. Nice piece of history, next time we will have to take the tour

  2. I’ve walked past it 100 times, but I’ve never been inside. Maybe I’ll stop in the next time I’m in the North End for some dinner and Mike’s!!

  3. That is a beautiful church. I would love to see it .

  4. I would love to visit here! I love American history and Boston is definitely rich with it!

  5. So cool! I hate driving in Boston, but I love all the history that the city has!

  6. We’ve been by the church so many times and never really taken the time to really SEE it. We may need to take a side trip next time we’re in Boston.

  7. Very cool and very much remember learning about this back when I was in school 🙂

  8. I didn’t realize there was a tour here. That would be interesting to check out. It def. is a great piece of history right in our “back yard”.

  9. What a fantastic piece of American History.

  10. The history is pretty interesting. I love the architecture of old churches.

  11. You have no idea how much I love your posts! So much history – I hope to visit someday.

  12. What a cool church. It’s funny how you hear the expression but don’t think about it’s meaning.

  13. I love reading about historical facts from the American Revolution era. That is such a beautiful church – so cool that Paul Revere’s signal lanterns are in the steeple!

  14. How cool! I would love to visit this church for the historical significance. However, Boston terrifies me, lol.

  15. I have been here several times and I love that area. the first time I went was in grade school while doing a report on Paul Revere! I will never forget it!

  16. There is so much history where you live…and great places to visit. I visited Boston when I was a tennager – then I did nto realize how important our heritage was. We need to take a trip back to the area – I would really enjoy it!

  17. My daughter goes to college in Boston, and we’ve passed this so many times. Will have to take a tour before she graduates!

  18. I’ve been there! I’m a history geek. 🙂

  19. Great historical info again, dear Robin. I love those types of posts you do. Thanks!!! And have a great Thursday and hugs those little guys for me. Thanks for the compliment on my “primary colors” – with their lemony clutch. lol

  20. I’m such a history geek! And I never knew where that quote came from! Thanks for the lesson! 🙂

  21. Wow, I had no idea that’s where the phrase came from. Interesting!

  22. I actually had never heard that saying- but now I know it AND the meaning 😉 This looks like a really neat church.

  23. I was there in april, took a ton of pics too. loved it. boston hs so many cool places to see

  24. What a neat place to visit. I love visiting historical buildings!

  25. This is so cool! I would love to come to Boston and especially see where Paul Revere’s lanterns hung. Great bit of history there!

  26. I really love the pictures you take of the places you see. I love seeing anything with history. A lot of areas in the US is like that and I like that you are able to capture some good ones. Can’t believe you can still see the sign like that. Looks quite clear.

  27. Great pictures! I think I visited there on one of my Boston trips. I love visiting those historical sites.

  28. You have so much history where you live! I’ve heard that saying before but never knew the meaning. Nice little history lesson today!

  29. Wow, i never knew that before! Learn something new every day 🙂

  30. I went on this tour in high school. I could use a refresher course inside!

  31. I love this place!!! One of my favorites to see.

  32. You get to visit so many cool places! My husband would love to visit the Old North Church because he loves history.

  33. Very interesting – can’t wait to tour New England with the kids one day.

  34. I Feel Like I’m Back In Elementary School We Did This Tour. Great Piece Of History We Had So Much Fun!!

  35. I love little tidbits of history. Boston seems so interesting to me.

  36. I love to visit and explore old churches. We have some in the city that are very iconic and well known.

  37. The church looks beautiful. I love looking around old churches

  38. Wow, great history and great architecture.

  39. HOw beautiful. I love visiting old landmarks and places of interest.

  40. You need to start a tour company! You’ve been to several awesome places lately!

  41. What a neat piece of history!
    I haven’t had a chance to go to boson yet but I’m hoping to check this out someday!
    So cool!

  42. I’ve never been to the East Coast, but I might finally make a trip out to Boston this fall!

  43. The more you show me all these places the more i want to visit.

  44. It’s so pretty! I definitely want to visit Boston one day – and hopefully I can see this church in person.

  45. I love this kind of historical stuff! Thanks so much for sharing.

  46. wow I love hearing about old history like this. Thanks for sharing!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  47. I’ve been to Boston… *counts*… three times? And I have missed this every single time. And I loves me my history. How does this happen?!

  48. This is a cool building. I saw this during my last visit to New England.

  49. Great history lesson! I’d love to see this building in real life.

  50. What a pretty old church! Rich in history too!

  51. I’ve been to Boston, but never visited that part! Love history!

  52. I really need to get better about my history. I want to be able to teach my son so he’s interested.

  53. Thanks for the touch of history. Beautiful photos and church!

  54. I would love to see this! So much history to soak up.

  55. I’m going to Boston soon so this is really cool! Thanks 🙂

  56. Wow– I’m so #JELLY! Totally love American History– that’s such an exciting site to see!! It looks like it’s been well kept through the years! I’m sure you could feel the “ghost” of the past there! So cool!!

  57. What a beautiful old church that has a ton of history!

  58. I am a big fan of historical places. That is a gorgeous church. Wasn’t it in National Treasure??

  59. Love this post series, have I said that yet?? The historic places never intrigued me as a child but now I love them.

  60. What a neat place to visit. I think a trip to the east coast will do my family and I some good! I love to learn new things!

  61. You are always going to see fun places. This is a beautiful church, I wish I could see it in person.

  62. You go to the coolest places! I’m a total history nerd though, I love it!

  63. You’re pics are always so good! I love to visit old churches so I’m adding this to my list.

  64. Thanks for the history lesson. Something to look forward to when I take a trip to Boston.

  65. That is awesome – what a great piece of history!

  66. It’s a beautiful place! I haven’t traveled much, but this church, I’m familiar with!

  67. I went here! It’s really neat to see, I love the town too. I think I may have pictures but it was when I was a teenager. Such a fun time

  68. That is an interesting factoid that I didn’t know. Thanks for sharing. I love learning new things

  69. What a beautiful church! It is definitely a historical place to visit!

  70. Nicholas Cage movie!! I just got that reference now. ha
    Guess I didn’t pay attention close enough in my American History class.

  71. Your articles make me really want to visit boston- so much history still standing today.

  72. That is such a neat church. Imagine the history!

  73. So much history! It would seriously be cool to live where you do! I am in PA and am in awe of the history here. Can’t imagine what I’d feel in MA.

  74. Definitely a beautiful church. Thanks so much for sharing!

  75. Ah, more historic building history – I love it!

  76. You sure have a lot of treasures in your area. This is a classic example!

  77. What a beautiful church! I would love to see it in person.

  78. I believe I have seen this church before. I love the story behind it. The next time I’m heading to Boston I’m going to ask you for a list of five places I have to go! You always find the coolest places in the area!

  79. there is so much history up there. It’s nice to embrace what’s local.

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  81. The pictures came out really nice! Thanks for sharing this bit of history with us!

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  84. It’s nice seeing a photo a “regular” person took after hearing about it for so many years.

  85. Such cool history! I have never been to Boston but would like to check it out one day.

  86. I learned something new! That is pretty cool piece of history right there 🙂

  87. I think I’ve been there. We did a class trip to Boston and if I recall, that was on the tour. Very neat place!