Jan 212014
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If you know me in real life, then you already know of my love affair with Dunkin Donuts.  Not only do I get a caramel coconut coffee on a daily basis, I am kind of obsessed with their white hot chocolate.  Seriously, I am at a Dunkin Donuts every single day.

Well, recently while Chris & I were in the area (Quincy, MA), we stopped into the the very first Dunkin Donuts shop, which opened in way back in 1950. Now, Dunkin Donuts is international, but this is where it all began!




The downside of this location was that it doesn’t have a drive-thru, so you have to go inside.  No surprise,  it was exactly the same on the inside.


They did have a few tables in there that you could sit at, but since we hadn’t seen a DD’s with a counter before, we sat there.



We both got white hot chocolates and as usual, they were incredibly delicious.  If you haven’t tried one, you should.  White hot chocolate isn’t available at all their locations, but if you see it on the menu – get one.   Seriously.


The thing is, since there is very limited seating in there because it’s such a small shop, there is a 20 minute time limit for tables or spots at the counter.


Chris and I were feeling rebellious that day, so we stayed for 21 minutes.  Take that, Dunkin Donuts.

FYI, this location has been renovated several times over the years, but it was retro-renovated in 2011.  I like the retro look and it seems appropriate, right?

Wanna go?  This shop is located at 543 Southern Artery in Quincy, MA.

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  97 Responses to “The Original Dunkin Donuts”

  1. The retro look does seem appropriate, considering. And lol at the 21 minutes.
    My favorite thing about road trips is I know I’m going to get a DD fix. 🙂

  2. Waiting for their peanut butter hot chocolate to come out

  3. Love it! And I think DD coffee beats the buck of star hands down.

  4. We love Dunkin Donuts, too and the White Hot Chocolate is the best. I loved seeing the original DD though and maybe someday if I ever get back in this part of the country would totally try to locate and stop at!! 🙂

  5. My sister-in-law is a frequent patron of Duncan Donuts. On her last visit we had find a Duncan Donuts so she could ease her withdrawal.

  6. Hari OM
    Gotto admit am not a donut fan – but you got me on the hot chocolates!! Here’s a link to MY PLACE today. Have a great week. YAM xx

  7. I’m so jealous I can’t eat sweet stuff wish I could though like your smiley photo 😉

    Have a dunkintastic week

  8. I’m not really a big fan of Dunkin Donuts or any other coffee place. But then I’m not real fussy about my coffee either, plain ole black gets me up and goin’. 🙂

  9. We don’t have dunkin donuts around here so it’s a bummer. THe caramel coconut coffee sounds very enticing!

  10. Super Cool! I like that they made it back into a retro feel… and a 20 minute limit? There are people at my local DD that sit with their laptops and are there for hours!!

  11. It sounds like you have a sweet tooth like me. I’ll keep your favorites in mind the next time we’re in the States. We didn’t do too many real American things when we were there in June-July 2013, but Disney World was a must and that is real American. 🙂

  12. So cool! We don’t visit ours often as we are fans of another coffee shop but the kids like their donuts.

  13. Whao..the original dunkin donuts. We do have dunkin donuts over here in Singapore but the kids and I are not really into it.

  14. So I saw the word donuts in your title and came running right over…..and then I discover there is also caramel coconut goodness!!!? I now hate Tim Horton’s boring double double. I love coconut — I’d put that @##% on everything 🙂

    love the retro look – it’s perfect.

  15. This is awesome! I didn’t even know the original store still existed. I love the retro look and the fact that there is a time on seating. I use the drive thru as often as possible because there are rarely seats when I go inside- kinda like that horrible place named Starbucks.

  16. I had no idea that the original was right there in Quincy. How cool is that? I love the caramel latte. I have a couple on the weekends. 🙂 So glad you guys weren’t thrown out for hanging in there for 21 minutes. lol (Must try the white hot chocolate!)

  17. Oh man how cool!! I love that whenever it was renovated they didn’t make it all modern looking.

  18. I like the retro look, it make me think of time were everything was more simple.


  19. I live relatively close by so I should probably go over just so I can say that I’ve been there once, right?

  20. I think we had one here but it closed down.

    I did get the chance to try a few things last time I visited. Loved they had them in the airport and got a few tasty treats.

    I think I may be happy they are not close or I would be there everyday and NOT stay thin like you my dear!

  21. I’ve had dunkin donuts only ever twice. I just recently bought a bag of the coffee to make at home. Not too bad.

  22. I have never ever tried Dunkin Donuts… #problemsofCanadians 😉

  23. So Duncan Donuts was started the year I was born-maybe that is why it is my absolute favorite–I go at least once a week on the way to a client. I actually worked in a Duncan Donut once-think it was the early 70’s-I lived in Boston at the time and it was my second job (I worked for an Ins Co in the daytime. I have not seen their white hot chocolate around here but will surely try it if I do.

  24. It’s cool that you got to stop at the original Dunkin Donuts. I’ve never had it myself.

  25. we love dunkin donuts so good i love their boston cream donuts they are my downfall every time

  26. Now that is a shop I would love to visit! I love the authentic look and shoot! Donuts! yes please!

  27. That’s really cool! If I’m ever in the area I will have to visit, I love a good donut.

  28. My son loves donuts. There is no better than fresh Dunkin Donuts.

  29. This is so cool! I miss the “time to make the donuts” commercial. 😉

  30. White hot chocolate?!? My mouth is watering. If I wasn’t snowed in, I would totally go get one now.

  31. Nom Nom!!! Sounds yummy! I love the retro feel as well.

  32. I wish there was more locations in my area. I am also very fond of their white hot chocolate.

  33. I think I could eat a donut and have a hot chocolate in 20 minutes. I’m just gonna have to visit there someday!


  34. I love visiting original locations. I also love when the décor matches the time period like this retro look… fun!

  35. Now i want a boston creme donut and an ice coffee.. i used to live in MA and i didn’t know that was the first one..

  36. You know what?! I don’t think I have ever been in a Dunkin Donut… The two of you look very happy though 😉

  37. I miss the old time to make the doughnuts commercials!

  38. I must admit I only get their coffee and never try anything else. i will have to try the white hot chocolate. And I LOVE the retro look, just the coolest location.

  39. I love the retro look!

  40. I had a chuckle at your rebellious staying of 21 minutes! You bad girl. 😛
    I do love the retro look, and I am sad to say I haven’t been to a Dunkin Donuts in YEARS because there are none anyplace close to me. It’s actually been about 11 years!
    :/ We have a Krispy Kreme, about 30 minutes away.. but no Dunkin Donuts. *sigh* Right in the childhood memories…

  41. Very cool. In the San Francisco Bay Area, we don’t have one and I have never been to one. It looks like a great place to go and being that it is the first one. Super cooll.

  42. hahahaha you’re SUCH a rebel! I love the old signage! What a cool place to stop! I’ve got one near us so I’ll have to try the hot chocolate!

  43. There is Dunkin Donuts in Quito and it’s the best. The donuts are incredibly good. I always buy donut holes, they are my temptation, lol

  44. We don’t have Dunkin here in Canada. It’s always one of our first stops in Florida!

  45. Wow. Actually, I love Dunkin Donuts – even if there are a lot of donuts store here – there is just something about their donuts that I find so yummy.

  46. And yet another thing ya’ll have and we do not. I loved DD when I lived in Virginia. Kentucky really needs to step up their offerings in some areas I am beginning to believe.

  47. I love DD. I saw one off the highway the other day and did a quick exit, glad to see the coem back.

  48. SO neat! We have several Dunkins in the city where we live, and even one in the neighboring city where I work! All pretty new, though.

  49. I love the retro look! I’d go just for that reason!

  50. That is so awesome!! We LOVE DD coffee. They once had this chocolate donut with chocolate icing..and some chocolate icing on top. Pretty sure it had chocolate inside. My WHOLE family(parents, siblings, and us) adored it. But it was just a seasonal thing and they haven’t brought it back. 🙁

  51. How cool! We have several in our area which were unexpectedly closed due to the owner not paying his franchise fees, but thankfully someone in a city close by grabbed them and they were officially opened last month. Ours do not have a drive thru and are limited in space, but no time limit since ours are so small not many decide to stay to eat….I usually do depending on the day.

  52. I love DD I have not been in years but I would LOVE to go and have some of their yummy goodness!

  53. I believe there needs to be support groups for those of us addicted to DD! I think it is funny that they have a 20 minute time limit.

  54. LOL!! What a cool experience! Its always fun to go to the original place!! In Canada, we don’t have Dunkin donuts, we have Tim Hortons….but I feel your love!

  55. That must have been a cool experience!

  56. I loved Dunkin Donuts sadly there are no more left where I live.

  57. wow so 1970’s retro I like the look, I know that was fun stopping by there

  58. We love Dunkin Donuts.. I go there everyday..love that place. White chocolate is my favorite..

  59. wooow…back to 1950…I just notice that! we have so many DD outlets here and love their cheese-sprinkled donuts!

  60. I am not sure if there is Dunkin Donuts in Canada, but I know there is none where I live. I always wanted to try them when I see commercials 🙂

  61. I love finding the history. I have been to the original Starbucks and found out where Sonic was started. That is cool that you found the original Dunkin Donuts that is the place that you love.

  62. 21 mins lol…well to be honest i have never tried anything from them since they had not been here. but i have heard that at the end of last year they opened over here in London so i will have to find it and see what all the fuss is about :-).

  63. that’s awesome! i’ve never been there before. i went to the original krispy kreme in NC once. I love a good donut.

  64. How fun!! I can’t believe that was the very 1st DD!! I love the 20 minute time allowance.

  65. I miss Dunkin Donuts! My parents used to take us every Sunday after Church – kind of like a family tradition. It closed down in our town 🙁 Great pics!

  66. Lol, they have a time limit? That’s too funny. I loved our old Dunkin Donuts, but the new owners and new location, not so much. Those are the best donuts ever!

  67. Cool Retro DD. That’s what my kids miss around here, they don’t really have any here. My kids loved the jelly donuts. 🙂

    You are a rebel – 21 min!

  68. Oh wow, would love to visit, yum yum 🙂

  69. Not sure if we have them in Toronto.

    Here in Canada, Tim Hortons rules!

  70. «Louis» has never found a Dunkin’ Donuts on the “Left Coast”. He’s never seen one further west than Texas. So, e-mail ol’ «Louis» a dozen or so, willya? 🙂

    «Louis» thanks you for linking with his Wordless Wednesday post.

  71. «Louis» has added your blog to the blog roll in the left side bar of his blog…

  72. Wow, so cool!! You little rebel, you…I love that you stayed 21 minutes, ha ha! Thanks for linking up!

  73. I’m not much of a donut fan so I haven’t been to Dunkin in years, but Ogre tells me I’d like the 99 cent coffee now! The first location looks very cool.

  74. I totally agree with you, their white hot chocolate is absolutely delicious. For some reason, some of the Dunkin Donuts here in NY don’t always have it.

  75. You love DD and I love Starbucks….we both have something in common we both have a sense of community and we both love coffee…if I was in your area…I would love to go with you for sure!

  76. I love how they kept it in it’s original form. It’s charming to come across a classic like that!

  77. How DARE you stay for 21 minutes? I must try that white hot chocolate, and I think it’s really neat that you were at the original location!

  78. I am drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee with mocha and almond in it as I read this. I don’t go daily, but probably at least three times a week! How cool that you got to visit the original Dunkin Donuts!

  79. I love DD not for their coffee but for the egg and cheese sandwich and hash browns. Your retro Dunkin Donuts looks cool.

  80. Dunkin Donuts has caramel coconut coffee? How did I not know? That sounds amazing!

  81. Lucky you have an opportunity to visit first Dunkin Donuts, I never been but would love to. Here I cannot go anywhere with only snow around.

  82. I love “original” spots. I don’t like their coffee very much but I do love their donuts!

  83. How neat that you got to visit the OG Dunkin’ Donuts shop and it’s extremely rad that you stayed for 21 minutes. I’m not happy with you because now I’m craving a white chocolate hot chocolate and guess who’s also not happy because he just left to go get one. Hahaha! Mr. Sergeant.

  84. I love DD! I have their app on my phone, I used to go twice a day but I’ve since limited myself to once a week.

  85. Ok how cool that you visited the original site and it’s still open and serving people. It’s nice to have history like that. Even if you can only stay 20 minutes. LOL

  86. I miss Dunkin’ Donuts! When I lived in MA we would go there all the time. They’re finally starting to expand into the west, but the new stores just don’t have the character the older stores do!

  87. mcdonald’s here does have white chocolate! tsk

  88. I love Dunkin Donuts White Hot Chocolate too… It is out of this world delicious. What a nice surprise to see that the original interior design is pretty much copied everywhere else. I’d like to see that 20 minute rule added to the DDs in my area.

  89. That is so cool! Visiting the original must have been a thrill!

  90. I used to get a coffee from Dunkin Donuts every day when I worked as an architect. I will admit their coffee is the best!

  91. Oh that is pretty darn cool! Never knew that’s where DD all started. Glad though they did a retro-renovation seems fitting. Love the time limit too lol

  92. I knew they started in te area, but didn’t know where the actual 1st shop was… cool.

  93. I’m not really a coffee drinker (my husband is), but caramel coconut? I’m curious! That sounds amazingly good.

  94. Hubby and I love finding places like that as well. We love going to this retro dinner in Grand Rapids Michigan and there’s a few other retro type setting places we go to as well. I think I can’t wait until I get recovered from my health issues so I can enjoy a good cup of Dunkin donut’s again. I love getting the chocolatees oh I spelt it wrong but you go there often enough to understand what I’m talking about.

  95. That’s pretty cool. I have relatives in Quincy, but haven’t been there in about 25 years.

  96. I’m a fellow Dunkin addict, too! Love the stuff!