Jan 092014

While we were in North Conway, NH last month, we drove right into this covered bridge that crossed the Saco River.



It’s not something you see every day, so I figured I’d ask Chris to pull over so that I could take pictures.



There are several covered bridges in New Hampshire. Some of them you can still drive through and some you can’t. This bridge happened to be one that’s still in operation and I tried to snap a few pictures inside the bridge, but because we were moving (and there was a line of cars behind us), they came out blurry.  Sorry about that…..I tried.



Oh, and here are a few fun facts about the bridge.  This bridge was built in 1890 and originally cost $4000 to build.  The bridge is 224’9″ long with clear spans of 103’4″ and 95’4″. It has an overall width of 30’4″ with a roadway width of 18’3″ and a minimum vertical clearance of 13’7″. It is posted for six tons.

Want to go see it for yourself?  It’s located one-quarter mile north of  Route 16 on N.H. Route 153 in Conway Village.

  76 Responses to “The Saco River Covered Bridge”

  1. I’ve driven over that bridge before! Very cool.

  2. Very cool, Robin and loved seeing all the pictures you here today 🙂

  3. i love covered bridges. i don’t recall finding one yet that i could drive through!

  4. What a great place, I love looking at this pictures. Don’t think I’ll ever get there (living at the other end of the pond), but I’m living vicariously through its virtual representations. Btw when I saw the last pic, I almost said – wow i see a ghost – was probably the reflection from the lens 🙂

  5. I know there is one pretty close to us in Amherst. I love covered bridges and this one is very cool. Hard to believe that it cost a mere $4,000. (Less than the cost for braces these days!) lol

  6. That bridge looks pretty cool. I love New Hampshire and can remember as a child my mom and dad would take us there often. Neat places there.

  7. I love bridges like that. Some director somewhere should use this one in a movie. It’s cool!

  8. Pretty! We’ve got a covered bridge right here in town. Tourists flock to it.

  9. We have one in Frankenmuth that I always take pictures of too. I like the look of the covered bridges. 🙂

  10. I have a thing for covered bridges. I’ve really got to get up to North Conway someday. My husband loves it there!

  11. I think there’s something so romantic about old covered bridges. We don’t have anything like that here, but I always love seeing them in photos!

  12. Those used to be called kissing bridges because you couldn’t really be seen if you stopped and kissed your beau.

  13. Whoa, that is a fabulous structure! And I wonder how much it costs to maintain it, too? $4000 was a bunch in it’s day because the wages then was something like $100 a month or some such amount we can’t relate to now, huh? Yes, your Mom and mine were from the same school, but now I sincerely feel mine would accept my look. (after much teaching, tho) Have a fab day with those cute little sons!!!

  14. I love these kinds of bridges! We don’t have them in Florida, but when we head for the mountains next weekend I’m sure we’ll see some!

  15. What a beautiful covered bridge. I especially like the picture you took as you were riding through! 🙂

  16. Your pictures turned out great Robin- The bridge has such a classic look 🙂 I will sure visit this place one day if I happen to pass by the area 🙂

  17. i remember as a kid living in NH and going over cover bridges they were the best

  18. I would love to visit the bridge. It looks like a great subject for practicing my photography skills. I like that you included fun facts about it. I think it is interesting that it cost $4000 to be built.

  19. I have seen covered bridges before but none quite as long and wide. That was actually a pretty good pic as you were driving over the bridge.

  20. Beautiful pictures! I’ve never seen a covered bridge this big before. Looks amazing!

  21. I love covered bridges. They have one in New York where I used to live

  22. Love it! I wish I could see it in person. That would be a perfect spot to get pictures taken at. Don’t you think?

  23. This is so quaint-looking! I remember driving under one in rural Minnesota when I was a kid and being so afraid that it would fall in on us. 😉 I agree with Kristin that it would be a great background for a family photo!

  24. I’m not sure if you’ve ever read Stephen King’s son, Joe Hill, but he has a great book that involves a covered bridge called NOS4ATU. Creepy.

  25. I love covered bridges, we have a bunch around here. Your pics turned out great 🙂

  26. I can’t remember being on a covered bridge any time recently. $4K was a lot of money for that time! Heck, it’s a lot of money for me now.

  27. That is 1 of the things on my “to-do list” someday is go see some covered bridges all around New England & take photos.

  28. I love covered bridges. They harken to times past, you know. I wonder what it would cost now to build it?

  29. I love covered bridges!! A girl friend and I used to go down to New England area once a year and go find covered bridges. I have some great pictures of ones in Vermont since we most often went there because….skiing! Such a beautiful area though too.

  30. That looks so romantic. I wish they would do bridges like that still today.

  31. you know what that bridge look like, Have you ever seen bettle juice where they dies at, & also that bridge looks like the bridge in the movie of Mouth of Madness

  32. I would have pulled over to take some photos too! That’s a really neat bridge.

  33. It’s a tad too far for this Michigan lady to visit but I do love old bridges in Allegan Michigan there’s a old bridge it’s kinda covered but not like this one. bridges are fun except the The port huron/sarnia bridge I hate crossing that one lol

  34. There aren’t many covered bridges in Ontario. We found one outside St. Jacob’s a couple years ago and took tons of pics!

  35. Love love love – I love to see pictures of places I’ll never get to see in person. How cool – I pretended I was with you!!!

  36. I love covered bridges. We have a bunch here in Vermont too.

  37. Not sure if I will get to see it however it is a beautiful bridge and deserves to be photographed. Great shots and appreciate hearing about it. Thanks

  38. beautiful! I love turn of the century architecture!

  39. I LOVE covered bridges! There was one near where I grew up and we took a lit of family pictures there 🙂 Its popular for wedding photos too… I’m going to have to see if I can find my pictures!

  40. There is just something about covered bridges that I adore. They are so nostalgic!~

  41. thats really beautiful. I saw a few during my drive in amish country and they all caught my eye

  42. I say great pics! I love old covered bridges like that and they are becoming more and more extinct. It feels weird to go through one if you have never been. Try it sometime. Thanks for sharing!

  43. Gorgeous pictures! I would have pulled over too. I wonder if we have anything like that in Missouri.

  44. I love covered bridges. So cute!

  45. What a beautiful piece of historical architecture. Thank you for documenting this.

  46. I don’t think I have ever been on a covered bridge! What a great place to visit. It looks so serene and peaceful.

  47. you make me want to put the kids in the car and head to NH!! haven’t been in a few years 🙁

  48. So pretty – it’s so rare to find bridges like that. They always look so elegant.

  49. That’s a neat bridge! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fully covered one.

  50. Cool bridge!! I used to see a lot on the east coast but not in NorCal!

  51. That’s really pretty! I love old covered bridges.

  52. Those kind of bridges are pretty, from the outside. I never drive through them because they creep me out, lol.

  53. Those type of bridges make me want to write a fictional story about them.

  54. That is an absolutely gorgeous bridge! I would definitely want to visit it! Great photo destination for sure.

  55. Very cool! There is a covered bridge still in use in my area, but this one looks a lot less rickety…

  56. That’s a lovely covered bridge. I would love to see that someday.

  57. I love driving over covered bridges! It’s like a trip to the past.

  58. I am so completely obsessed with covered bridges. Thank you for sharing. I too have to pull over for pictures when I see them – which is rare.

  59. It looks like one of those bridge that they would use for scary movies 0.0

  60. I haven’t been over too many bridges and don’t particularly like them. I’m always afraid that something is going to happen when I’m crossing. 🙁

  61. Looks very cool. Did it ever come out in any movies?

  62. Wow, that place is fab – I especially like the last photo.. I’m not sure if you read about angels – but those things they say are like orbs or a sense of angels are there or something – well, it could be camera thing only but who knows, not that it was scientifically proven.. hehe just a thought.

  63. I use to fear bridges! Until I moved to Texas the roads here are bridges lol but this one is so much more eye catching!

  64. There’s definitely something magical about a covered bridge! I’m not sure I’ve happened upon one in years and years.

  65. So cool! I’ve only ever seen one covered bridge, I love them!

  66. This reminds me of the bridge in that movie, Bridges of Madison County. It’s so quaint and a lovely place to take photos.

  67. We’ve been over, and through this bridge too! I think it is so pretty and has such rustic charm!

  68. I love seeing and pictures of old structures. This one looks so charming and someday hopefully I would like to see it in person.

  69. That’s a beautiful old bridge! I don’t think I have ever been on one quite that old.

  70. Covered bridges like this always remind me of the movie/book The Bridges of Madison County. There was one by where I grew up and it always seems so old and dangerous to go across.

  71. I love seeing old bridges like this. Too far for me to drive to see but I enjoyed your pictures.

  72. That’s really interesting, we have never been to NH. I love old bridges, especially ones with such detail.

  73. How much would it cost to build today? I personally think next time you put an “I am a tourist, see my work at massholemommy.com” sign in the window and hold up traffic to take pictures.

  74. Neat! I’ve never been on one!

  75. I love looking at them (there are plenty of them in Indiana), but I just don’t like crossing them. Many of the ones in Indiana are so old that I’m afraid that they’re going to give out any second.

  76. That’s a really cool bridge to see. There are so few of them in great shape to actually use now days.